ericsysminif I have an upstart script, and i want it to stop respawn when i do a initctl stop <service> what should I change?01:22
ericsysminit correctly on failing restarts itself, but when running a stop, it still restarts itself01:23
ericsysminis this something I should use a PID for?01:23
JanCit should not restart when you use stop01:28
JanCmaybe it crashes when you try to stop it or something?01:28
JanCor something else restarts it?01:29
ericsysmingive me a few removing the respawn value to see if it works without respawn in the file01:31
ericsysminwhen i remove respawn, it stops as it should01:32
ericsysminand stays stopped, so it's definitely having respawn in the service01:33
ericsysminthat causes it01:33
JanCdo you have a pre-stop script or something like that?01:34
ericsysmini do have a pre-stop script which does cleanup if you "stop" the service01:35
JanCmost likely something goes wrong in there01:35
JanCsomething that returns a non-zero exit status01:36
JanCat least, that's my guess01:36
ericsysminah ok01:39
JanCremember all scripts in upstart are run with "sh -e"01:39
ericsysminnothing exiting with non-zero01:49
JanCare you sure it's okay to clean up _before_ stopping the service?01:52
JanCsome services might crash if you try that (clean up in post-stop script then)01:52
ericsysminomg lol dur, that is probably it01:53
JanC"cleaning up" is more or less what post-stop is for usually  :)01:54
ericsysmintypo on my part01:55
JanCwhile pre-stop is often used to stop the service process if that requires a special command01:55
JanCor sometimes to cancel the stop01:56
ericsysminyea, it's a post-stop style script02:05
ericsysminit would most definitely break it if running02:06
ericsysminJanC, thanks for your help man02:51
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ericsysminhow would i create a list of vars that are used throughout my upstart file?23:46

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