sonofallAynone know how to get the wifi working on fresh install?01:13
sonofallusing broadcom01:13
sonofalli don't see "wifi in the connections" tab01:13
sonofall02:00.0 Network controller [0280]: Broadcom Corporation BCM43228 802.11a/b/g/n [14e4:4359]01:15
sonofallgot it01:18
ubottuHelp with Broadcom bcm43xx can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs/Driver/bcm43xx01:18
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Chontoi am downloading my first linux distro today to put on my pc at work05:28
Chontois xubuntu good for first timers?05:29
glitchdLookingForAHand, ive got 2, whats up?05:30
Chontoonly 2?05:30
Chontoyou're practically disabled05:30
glitchdyou seem slightly mutated..05:31
LookingForAHandLegit though, I've been having a lot of trouble with the Xubuntu installer as of late. It keeps spitting out an error that ubi-partman has crashed.05:31
Chontoi prefer the term 'differently abled'05:31
glitchdLookingForAHand, so download another xubuntu.iso and remake the usb.05:32
LookingForAHandlmao I've been doing that for ~2 weeks now05:32
glitchdhow are u making the usb then?05:33
LookingForAHandI also tried using dd on another Linux system but that didn't work at all.05:33
glitchdyour probably not making it correctly in unetbootin then if it continually gives the same error05:33
glitchdagain you didnt use dd correctly then05:34
glitchdi made a usb with dd today05:34
glitchdwhat command did u use with dd?05:34
LookingForAHandYeah I've tried doing it with several diff. ISOs, using UnetBootin in Windows and linux, dd, even sticks that used to work aren't working anymore.05:35
LookingForAHandI used dd if=xubuntu-16.04-desktop-amd64.iso of=/dev/sdc1 bs=4M05:35
glitchdi would rename the iso to just xubuntu.iso and i would try changing sdc1 to sdc instead05:37
LookingForAHandAlright thanks fam05:37
LookingForAHandI'll give that a shot, see what that turns up.05:37
LookingForAHandFingers crossed.05:37
glitchdhope it works for ya05:37
glitchdyou can try booting it on the computer your on just to test it before u take it to work05:38
glitchd*you should try05:38
xanguaWhat release?05:48
xanguaOh 16,0405:49
Chontothat lol05:49
glitchdLookingForAHand, by chance are there any other devices plugged into the machine that gives u the error?05:50
xanguaWhat PC? UEFI?05:51
Chontoi'm trying to download xubuntu and have gotten glitter all over the place05:55
Chontoidk what i did wrong05:55
xanguaTrying? Thought you were installing05:57
Chontonah still downloading. literally just began 5 mins ago05:58
Chontocleaning glitter now05:58
xanguaDownloading? Re downloading?05:59
Chontofirst download. i decided to dive into this yesterday05:59
Chontoso i can just load the 1.2gb iso onto a usb drive and boot from it?06:11
Chontolookingforahand mentioned unetbootin06:11
INeedAHandHereIt worked06:12
INeedAHandHereThanks dudes06:12
Chontoall you had to do was rename the file?06:12
INeedAHandHereAlso flash the image to /dev/sdc as opposed to /dev/sdc106:13
Chontoi'll be crossing that river shortly. noted06:13
INeedAHandHereYou're getting ready to install Xubuntu?06:13
Chontoyup. first time with anything linux06:14
INeedAHandHereYou'll like it. Xubuntu is pretty easy to use.06:14
INeedAHandHereIt's also hard to break, but somehow, I find a way to do so around this time of year06:14
Chontodownloading a bunch of cheat sheets and got the official docs. no idea what most of this stuff is but i'm sure it'll be handy06:14
Chontoyeah lots of folks recommended it06:15
INeedAHandHeret be afraid of the terminal06:15
INeedAHandHereIt is your friend06:15
INeedAHandHereYour dude06:15
Chontoyour bromanski06:15
INeedAHandHerethat thing06:15
Chontoi've been messing with pc's since i was a kid. i can build 'em but i've only ever used windows06:15
Chontonow i got a desk job and lots of free time06:15
INeedAHandHereI'm actually getting ready to do my first build here real soon06:16
Chontoso why not learn \o/06:16
Chontovery nice06:16
Chontogoing all out? :D06:16
INeedAHandHereT h e  m o r e  y o u  k n o w06:16
INeedAHandHere$500 dollar budget, I'm po'06:16
Chontoayy you gotta start somewhere06:16
Chontoinvest in a good case and mobo and everything else can be replaced over time06:17
INeedAHandHereAlso I hope you don't have an AMD graphics card06:17
Chontohaha... i do :x06:17
INeedAHandHereOh... fug.06:17
INeedAHandHereAMD drivers are jank on linux.06:17
Chontoreally... interesting. why?06:17
Chontoso many people use em06:17
INeedAHandHereIDK. Amd doesn't really care about Linux AFAIK. The open-source crivers might be good by now, I haven't checked06:18
Chontoi'll keep it in mind. i'm not allowed to tinker with the work pc06:19
xanguaI just use open source and Radeon DPM, running unity06:19
INeedAHandHereShould be fine06:19
Chontonor do i wanna spend money doing so haha06:19
xanguaOpen source drivers* just fine06:19
INeedAHandHereAs long as you don'06:19
INeedAHandHeret play too many intensive vidya grames you should be fine06:19
Chontooh no no... this is purely work and learning related06:19
Chontono gaming06:20
INeedAHandHereOh, you'll be fiiiiine06:20
Chontohe says, convincingly06:20
INeedAHandHereJust be very skeptical whenever something says to update libc. That's how I broke mine last year.06:20
Chontothanks for the heads up though cuz someday i'll want linux on my home pc06:20
INeedAHandHereAssuming you like it.06:21
Chontoi believe i will06:21
xanguaAssuming you are alive tomorrow06:21
INeedAHandHereAlso you don't have to worry about AV which is fun06:21
INeedAHandHereX a n g u a06:22
xanguaYou do, if you work with windows users06:22
INeedAHandHereS t o p  m a k i n g  t h i n l y  v e i l e d  d e a t h  t h r e a t s06:22
INeedAHandHereOh yeah, you do06:22
Chontowhat's easier for me as a noob, trying to do a VM or boot from a USB?06:23
xanguaWhy virtual? Go real!06:23
INeedAHandHereLike, install Linux in a VM, or install it as it's own host OS?06:23
INeedAHandHereThey're both about the same difficulty06:23
Chontoahaha alright06:24
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chontoso i put xubuntu 16.10 onto a usb stick using Universal USB Installer12:21
chontoi boot from the usb and i can run from it no prob12:22
chontoi installed it onto the HDD after verifying it was ok12:22
chontobut i see nothing now about it when i wanna boot to it12:22
chontoin the boot menu, it only has windows and the USB. doesn't list anything else new12:23
MoBeatsare you sure you installed grub on to the hdd, not the usb?12:24
chontoi believe so. the drive i worked on was 1tb in size... it's only a 4gb usb lol12:27
chontoi've got more reading to do :x12:28
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sleehi, why does software center take so long to load in 16.04?18:26
kafranHey guys, can someone update me about the annoying thunar bug?18:35
zorgrianInstalling 16.0419:36
zorgriananything in 16.10 thats good and not flakey?19:36
zorgrianor some percent up the kreek without paddle?19:37
zorgrianWell dont all shout at once!19:38
zorgrianamazing levels of silence for internet19:38
zorgrianperhaps you all on facecage?19:38

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