brenopolanskisomeone writing the documentation of Juju to portuguese/brazil (https://github.com/juju/docs)00:29
magicaltrouthey marcoceppi my fellow charmer brenopolanski is interested int committing some PR/BR translations, do you have any way of accomodating that stuff yet?00:42
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kjackalGood morning Juju world!07:28
dougiHi. im try to install openstack... im jusing latest conjure-up on MAAS ubuntu 16.04 LTS, in all dokumentation it says that i need 1 MAAS server, 1 juju, and 3 comp nodes for openstack. But i run conjure-up openstack, bootstrapping the juju node goes fine, but when nodes are deploing i run juju status and there i see that it expect 4 mashine?? why ? and is it possible to run it at 3 comp nodes?12:45
kjackalhi dougi, you could ask at #openstack-charms12:49
marcoceppimagicaltrout: email the list, we've not really talked much about translations. I'd like to use Launchpad for it, but I don't run the docs12:59
magicaltroutfair enough12:59
admcleodmagicaltrout: HELLO!13:02
dougikjackal: ok thanks :)13:06
admcleodmagicaltrout: HOW R U?13:19
magicaltroutyou a bit bored admcleod ? :P13:20
admcleodmagicaltrout: no, just expressing the joy which you bring to my world13:23
* magicaltrout detects cynicism13:23
admcleodi typed that without even a homeopathic degree of anything negative13:25
bladernrStupid question, but hook tools can't be run from the shell on unit can they?  Isn't there some way to get into the charm's environment to run the hook tools lke config-get manually?14:08
bladernrI want to test some of them out and then write a hook to take advantage of them.14:08
bladernr^^ IOW, I can't just juju-ssh to a unit and run config-get, there's something more that needs to be done to get into the Juju environment on the deployed unit?14:08
jrwrenbladernr: juju run for a unit runs in a hook context. you can invoke that way.14:09
bladernrjrwren, perfect! that's exactly what I was looking for14:26
bladernrjrwren, thanks a ton!14:26
jrwrenbladernr: you are welcome. If you can suggest a place where you would have found this in the docs, maybe we could update the docs to mention it.14:29
bladernrjrwren, maybe just a mention here: https://jujucharms.com/docs/2.0/reference-hook-tools14:39
bladernrperhaps in one of the Note boxes at the top of the page as just a hint for testing the hook helpers14:39
bladernrsprint over, time go to.14:39
jrwrenbladernr: thanks!14:40
cory_futvansteenburgh: https://github.com/juju/python-libjuju/commit/6ba2856fecf224ae3fd589331e889a6587e8153b#commitcomment-2013604815:27
cory_futvansteenburgh: I was using add_model in matrix already before your change and just passing None for both of those, so I think we can just pass those through.  (Though your "tag.cloud(cloud_name)" change will probably need an if / else wrapper.)15:29
tvansteenburghcory_fu: passing None for both of what?15:31
cory_fucloud_name and credential_name15:32
tvansteenburghoh i see15:32
tvansteenburghwell that's great news!15:32
tvansteenburghdidn't realize that15:32
tvansteenburghcory_fu: will refactor, thanks for the tip15:32
cory_futvansteenburgh: No problem.  And thanks for the merge conflicts.  ;)15:33
tvansteenburghany time!!15:33
skay_stub: hi, I'd like for the snap layer to support private/unpublished snaps. how would I go about adding that functionality?15:59
cholcombebdx, could you publish your vault, consul and consul-agent charms?18:12
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mbruzekbergtwvd ping20:00
tvansteenburghif i run `juju config ...` and then run `juju run ...`, am i guaranteed that the config-changed hook has finished before the `juju run` command is executed?20:22
tvansteenburghiotw, are `juju run` commands queued along with regular hook invocations, or run out-of-band?20:24
tvansteenburghi thought it was the latter but i can't find any docs that say either way20:24
rick_htvansteenburgh: yes21:55
tvansteenburghrick_h: yes to which question?22:11
tvansteenburghrick_h: yes, config-changed will def finish before the juju run command executes?22:12
rick_hYes, it will go in order22:13
rick_hThe events are sync though they occur async22:13
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