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LINKSWORD2Greetings, all.01:26
LINKSWORD2Would anybody here be able to help me with Steam?01:27
sintreinstalling or issues after?01:27
sintrejust installed it yesterday01:27
sintreon new pc01:28
[Relic]always steam you'd think people would upgrade to coal or nuclear by now01:28
LINKSWORD2Issues after. I go to start it up and I get an error that says "Could not find the program 'ksystraycmd'01:28
sintrewell we do keep RELICS around now don't we :P01:28
sintreok have you done full update of system01:28
sintreor packages01:29
* LINKSWORD2 can hear a joke-drum.01:29
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LINKSWORD2It's been about 5 years or so since I've been on Ubuntu / Kubuntu or any Linux distro for that matter....01:29
LINKSWORD2If anything, my knowledge is out of date, or has evaporated from my memory....01:30
[Relic]how'd you go so long without a good computer?01:30
sintrek then on second let me get commands these might help issue01:30
sintrein knsole type01:30
LINKSWORD2Relic: I worked at an IT store where the primary environment was Windows....01:30
sintresudo apt-get update01:31
[Relic]did you sneak out a copy of win7 for me  :)01:31
sintreafter that sudo apt ful-upgrade01:31
sintresry thats sudo apt full-upgrade01:31
sintreneed the - there01:31
LINKSWORD2Heh, heh, Relic.01:31
sintreand spell full coreclty lol01:32
LINKSWORD2I'll admit, I do quite enjoy using terminal commands, rather than a software engine like Windows Update.... lol01:32
sintrebe good to her she'll update you lol01:33
* LINKSWORD2 mind goes in the gutter.*01:33
sintre< me has more dates with konsole last few days then he wanted , but is starting to like it01:33
* sintre forgot the me command01:34
sintrealso after updating everything i'd remove steam then reinstall01:34
[Relic]normally have 4 konsoles open at all time, and some temporary, too bad I can't get seperate sessions on each monitor yet  :(01:34
sintrebecause steam updates itself on what it finds01:34
sintreRelic yes we need our multi monitors to work01:35
sintremakes me sad no console on tv yet at correct resolution :(01:35
* sintre is sad01:35
webohHow do lookup an icon's target, or OS command?01:35
* LINKSWORD2 gulps.*01:35
sintreWish i could help some more knowledgable people normally lurk here than me01:36
sintrei only comment on stuff when I did it myself01:36
LINKSWORD2Well, that's unusual....01:37
LINKSWORD2KDE Notifier has an icon that says I have 19 packages to update, but when I click on the icon, it opens Discover, which says; "Your system is up to date."01:37
sintreuse konsole01:37
sintreand update then upgrade via the commands01:37
[Relic]icon's target?  like the edit application in the menu showing what it is running and what arguements for it?01:37
sintrediscover is like the short lil bus version of updating01:37
geniiweboh: Right-click on K, "Edit Applications"01:37
webohRelic: like a windows shortcut target. forgive the alien OS01:38
sintrelink have you installed back ports as well?01:38
sintreif not type in01:39
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports01:39
webohPerhaps you can't assign a shortcut to an icon easily in Linux01:39
LINKSWORD2sintre: Don't suppose you know how to change the color of the clock font?01:39
sintreplaty around with themes01:39
sintreplay sry01:39
[Relic]is the icon on the desktop?01:40
sintrekde is kinda all or nothing when it comes to colors of certain things01:40
[Relic]cause right click -> icon settings brings up the shortcut menu01:40
sintreso clock is a widget thereofre follows theme of whatever you have01:41
webohRelic: if I would drag an icon to the desktop, but it won't work as a shortcut. I would be SOL, lest...?01:41
sintrethere are 5 prebuilt ones in kubuntu i believe but you can download more01:41
[Relic]silly thing is you can't even set color with the digital clock anymore  :(01:42
sintrei'm still trying to pick out the one i want to use for my new lappy01:42
D-rexI'm on Kubuntu 16.10,  I keep getting a random error: DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN.  Someone suggested to flush the dns but I don't how to.01:42
sintrewell soon we will have an updated plsma and maybe then all will be well01:42
webohgenii: nice hint. but it doesn't my conceptual understanding01:42
[Relic]weboh, not sure, can always drag something to the taskbar and set it and see if it works01:43
webohlinux on laptops is awesome. Laptop hardware is already outdated. and windows is not necessary. >:)01:43
sintreyes i like my new budget lappy :)01:44
sintrebut windows 10 fkin made my damn near throw it off my balcony01:44
sintredecided to give it self a new build every two days01:45
sintreeverytime destroying all myswttings01:45
webohI have a $400 touch screen USB 2 sata 2 laptop. It runs linux completely speedwise.01:45
sintrelast straw was when it decided my not touch screen laptop was a tablet01:45
sintrethen i took the hdd and installed kubuntu :)01:45
LINKSWORD2LOL sintre. I'm actually W10 certified.01:46
sintrewell your here thats a start :)01:46
webohWindows 10 isn't really a problem, but putting it on a laptop is not necessary.01:46
LINKSWORD2I'll admit, as an OS, it can be a bit picky. It's more for tablets and touchscreen systems than conventional systems, i.e. laptops and desktops.01:47
sintreok don't dig deeper hole now hhehe , yea link weidest thing every01:47
LINKSWORD2I use W10 for business, W8.1 for gaming, and Linux for tinkering and other enjoyments.01:47
sintrei thought win 8 was  a pain but people shelled that to be funcional quick01:47
sintrewith the os with a  mind of its own you can't do anything about it anmore01:48
webohI couldn't windows 10 installed properly on my SSD, so I gave up and put Kubuntu on it. WOW, It was faster than my $200 furbished laptop. shit of holies man01:48
LINKSWORD2LOL weboh01:48
sintreyea using a 250 gig crucial ssd myself in new lappy01:48
webohKingston here01:49
sintreohh yea i thru the piece of garbage 5200 rpm drive dell sent with it in an external enclosure01:49
LINKSWORD2Apart from my W10 tablet-pc, I don't actually have any hardware that relies on an SSD. A majority of my hardware is a combination of IDE and SATA drives.01:49
sintrethose are interfaces01:49
sintremy ssd is sata 301:50
LINKSWORD2The reason I do that is so I can have compatibility with all kinds of PC's for data recovery and troubleshooting.01:50
LINKSWORD2Of course, if it's real trouble, I get out the Smith & Wesson 20-gauge.01:51
webohI have a sata 3 ssd on my windows 10 tower. The only time when windows is necessary.01:51
sintrethe ones we're talking about aren't like soldered on to motherboard memory type01:51
sintrealthough they're so small , its a pain to use them in an exxternal enclose01:51
sintreso gotta be carefully there01:51
webohsolid state through a usb port is sucking the mud through a straw.01:52
* LINKSWORD2 spits.* If my tablet's OS drive wasn't soldered into the motherboard, I'd probably wipe it and start over...01:52
LINKSWORD2I'm too lazy to mess with it. And it's actually quite productive for my business uses.01:52
sintrehey if it works it works01:52
* LINKSWORD2 nods.*01:53
sintre, but i'm not gonna let wincrap 10 change my settings every other week when it chooses too01:53
LINKSWORD2Anyway, sintre... Thanks for the help. I'll be back after a reboot.01:53
sintrek pls come back tell us if it works for you01:53
sintrewell don't think he'l be back like normal hehe01:54
sintrebut hope that got him on right track01:54
sintrewelcome back link01:57
LINKSWORD2Thanks. Looks like Steam still crashed on startup.01:57
sintreuninstall steam before you do anything01:57
sintresudo apt remove steam01:57
sintreonce done , then sudo apt install steam01:58
sintresteam has to adapt to new system upgrade01:58
sintrehit tab in install to accept terms01:59
LINKSWORD2Package 'steam:i386' is not installed, so not removed01:59
sintreok then try to reinstall from conole01:59
LINKSWORD2I'm not sure what the issue is. If I'm reading it right, i386 refers to an Intel processor... My system is AMD.02:00
sintrekonsole sry02:00
sintretry the install command and tell us what is says02:00
LINKSWORD2The following NEW packages will be installed:02:01
LINKSWORD2  libxss1:i386 steam:i38602:01
sintrehit yes02:01
sintreand at terms hit tab to agree02:02
LINKSWORD2Well, then it should be installed.02:02
LINKSWORD2Suggest an OS reboot to complete?02:02
sintreafter terminal is done doing anything02:03
sintrewait no02:03
sintrewas gonna tell him wasn't needed as steam has to finish its own update02:04
sintreget your steam login info rdy02:06
sintreand go to games  then steam02:06
sintreit will finish loading itself02:06
LINKSWORD2We're about to find out.02:07
* sintre waits silently02:08
* LINKSWORD2 waits loudly.*02:09
LINKSWORD2Erm.... Finally. xD02:10
sintreyou in you in?02:10
sintreGRATZ link02:10
LINKSWORD2Did anybody bring the alcohol, because I've got the party right here!!!02:11
sintreohh yea , :)02:11
sintregot myself a nice icehouse beer here to celebrate02:11
* sintre passes links a brewsky02:12
LINKSWORD2Nice. Thanks.02:12
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johnathonI might be a huge faggot03:47
sintrelol , and somebody join the channel just to say that03:48
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d3mn9hello am i online now lol06:14
d3mn9i want to get rid of win10, getting bluescreens every 4-5 days. fucks me up06:16
d3mn9which distribution is best for a math student?06:16
d3mn9i'm on kubuntu 16.10 live right nwo06:16
d3mn9does anyone read this pls answer06:17
hateballd3mn9: what do you mean "best"06:22
hateballIn the end, everything is much the same. Pick a DE you like (KDE Plasma) and install whatever other packages you need06:23
d3mn9the most uncomplicated. i have tried ubuntu a few years ago when i was in school. was kinda overwhelmed by the expected knowledge around the system06:24
d3mn9or lets say the least complicated, because they all obviously are not windows haha06:25
hateballNothing is complicated once you know it06:26
d3mn9on kali i saw a package manager where you can type in what youre looing for and just download the package without going too deep into the commands like apt-get06:26
hateballKubuntu uses Discover for that06:26
hateballBut you're likely in for a bad time if you refuse to learn at least some CLI managment06:27
d3mn9that of course i will have to06:27
hateballAnd if you're asking for help on IRC, people *will* assume you know how to paste commands into a terminal06:27
hateballas "apt install vlc" is a lot easier than explaining how to open a package manager and search and click etc etc06:28
d3mn9what about installing lets say scilab or matlab or some c coding software06:29
d3mn9just checking out discover06:29
d3mn9in discover for example i cannot find vlc, i know the installation process of course06:33
d3mn9is there a list of the most common software with all the package names?06:34
hateballd3mn9: I think Discover is a curated app06:36
hateballI only use apt so I do not know06:36
d3mn9i have to admit, i never really tried to get into it. if i just google a program i want to use, it leads me to the website where i can download the files right?06:36
d3mn9there are tar.gz and deb files06:36
d3mn9which ones are for which system?06:36
hateballd3mn9: Dont download things outside the repos unless you know what you are doing06:36
hateballand even then, dont06:37
hateballit's not really harder than "apt search scilab"06:37
ubottuYou can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!06:37
d3mn9for example as i needed to install java jre06:37
ubottuTo just use java you need a "Java Runtime Environment" (JRE) and/or a browser plugin. If that is not sufficient you will need a "Java Development Kit" (JDK) aka "Software  Development Kit" (SDK).  Please see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Java about how to install one of three current implementations.06:37
d3mn9and didnt know how to use apt06:37
d3mn9can i run kubuntu from a 32 or 64gb usb3 dongle every day for a testing period of 6 months? how would the performance develop?06:53
d3mn9well first question is quite unnecessary because the answer is obviously yes06:54
hateballA persistent install on a thumbdrive is... well it runs06:54
hateballIf it's USB3 with decent read/write I suppose you could live with it06:55
d3mn9well i have this fat guy sandisk extreme, but this may be a bit chunky for everyday use06:57
user__How do I install applications in Kubuntu?08:05
hateball!packages | user__08:09
ubottuuser__: You can browse and search for Ubuntu packages using !Synaptic, !KPackageKit, !Muon, "apt-cache search <keywords or regex>", or online at http://packages.ubuntu.com - Ubuntu has about 30000 packages available, so please *search* for an official package before installing things in awkward ways!08:09
hateballuser__: alt+f2 -> search for either "muon" or "discover" to get gui options, otherwise it's "apt search vlc" or whatever, then "sudo apt install vlc" once you know the package name08:11
acheronuk!info plasma-discover08:11
ubottuplasma-discover (source: plasma-discover): Discover software management suite. In component universe, is optional. Version 5.7.5-0ubuntu2 (yakkety), package size 273 kB, installed size 1159 kB08:11
acheronuk!info muon08:11
ubottumuon (source: muon): package manager for KDE. In component universe, is optional. Version 4:5.6.0-0ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 337 kB, installed size 2018 kB08:11
user__so how do I know which way of installing them is correct? Are these things conflicting?08:15
user__And I downloaded an application, read README files and followed the instructions but they were quite different08:16
user__Did I damage my system?08:16
user__Seems like it's working properly, but I don't know if I can reboot?08:17
user__should I uninstall the package?08:20
lordievaderGood morning08:25
user__Good morning, do you know if I should uninstall a package if it wasn't08:26
user__if it was installed by how is in README file of this application?08:26
hateballuser__: You shouldnt be downloading things outside the repos, then you are on your own08:27
user__can you say if a computer will start up properly if I reboot it?08:28
hateballuser__: You wont neccesarily damage your system, you're just doing things outside the scope of support in here08:28
acheronukno-one can ever say that for sure08:28
user__so how do I reverse the changes?08:28
hateballReading the instructions provided for whatever you downloaded seems a reasonable action08:29
user__so why do instructions in the package tell people how to install an application incorrectly?08:30
acheronukwhat are you installing? from where? and how did you do it?08:31
hateballugh. manually replacing gcc...08:32
user__that's bad?08:33
acheronukwell, building software from source is very different to using a package manager to install/remove pre-compiled stuff08:33
acheronukand if you don't understand from you are doing then it's not a great idea08:34
user__can it erase my data on reboot?08:34
user__because right now there are available08:34
user__should I take backup before proceeding?08:34
acheronuka new compiler should not cause that issue in theory, but in practice who knows what following some fairly untrusted website instructions did08:36
acheronukbest practice would be to back up if you are concerned08:37
acheronukI'm not going to test those instructions, but it maybe that going into the folder you compiled stuff in and running "sudo make uninstall" may remove what you installed, if there is an uninstall make target there08:38
user__thx, I didn't know that there are better way to install packages, I will use them08:38
user__uninstall will erase only this gcc software and not my data?08:38
acheronukin theory, yes08:39
user__OK I will better backup data08:40
acheronukbut when you install/unistall software from source which involves 'sudo', you are giving it permission to alter anything on your system. so you have to trust what you are installing/uninstalling not to break your system08:41
acheronukthis is the reason ubuntu and other distributions provide must things in precompiled packages you can install/uninstall relatively safely via a package manager program08:42
acheronuk*most things08:43
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Elysionuser_  do you specifically require gcc6.2 for some reason?08:44
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Elysioni think that gcc6 is in an official repo anyway, so you wouldnt need to do this manually08:45
jjeronimohi doees anyone have any experiance with recovering a backup with dd?08:47
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alterjsivesorry changed my nickname08:49
alterjsivemy raid 0 cluster failed and I want to recover it08:55
alterjsivemy new hard disk is a 5gb smaller, does this mean it won't work? it seems not08:57
alterjsiveno valid partition table08:57
alterjsiveout of space08:58
chr1salterjsive: if you used raid 0 then the data was striped across all of the disks in the set which means they all need to be at least as big as the smallest in the set09:00
chr1si don't see how you're going to recover the data if the disk you try to copy to is smaller than the one you were using09:01
alterjsivethx chr1s, i'll try to rebuild the raid disk09:01
alterjsiverebuild the raid cluster09:01
chr1sthere's no parity, you can't rebuild it09:01
alterjsiveno I mean make a new one09:01
chr1sah ok, yeah make a new one and recover from backups09:02
alterjsivethen recover using dd09:02
chr1ssorry for the bad news09:02
alterjsivechr1s: yeah those ssd's are really sensitive09:02
chr1si wouldn't try using dd personally, i'd recover from a backup onto a new clean raid array09:02
chr1souch, i'd assume an ssd is even less likely to recover with dd since the layout it exposes is likely different than your new target09:04
alterjsivechr1s: I have 3 ssd's of 256gb and 1 was acting strange. I made a new raid 0 cluster with 2 of the ssd's and now I tried to replace the 3rd one which was acting up and then my raid cluster failed09:05
alterjsivebefore I changed the ssd's I had made a backup of the raid cluster with dd09:05
alterjsiveso the raid cluster is made of 2 ssd's in raid 009:06
chr1sah i see, i'd have made a big tar ball, i'm not sure dd of a raid is the best way to recover since your new array will stripe the data differently (different number of disks)09:06
alterjsiveI bought a new ssd with 500gb09:07
alterjsivebut yeah it09:07
chr1si'd try to find someone more expert in raid and linux who could suggest a way forward as i don't see one if you don't have a backup with tar, zip or something other than dd09:08
chr1sgood luck09:09
alterjsiveyeah I made a tar.gz with dd09:09
chr1syou made a file called tar.gz using dd, not the same thing unfortunately09:10
alterjsivedd if=/dev/dm-1 conv=sync,noerror bs=64K | gzip -c  > ./backup.img.gz09:10
chr1sif you find a way to use that i'd be interested to know how09:10
alterjsiveright no tar09:11
chr1sdd only really works if you plan to restore to something with the same structure (it copies the blocks directly so it depends on the internals of the disk)09:11
chr1star -czf backup.tar.gz /* would have been a better way to backup09:12
alterjsiveso if I rebuild the array it might not work?09:13
chr1si'd say that it almost certainly won't work but you might as well give it a shot if you don't have any other usable recent backup09:14
alterjsiveomg :)09:14
alterjsivebe right back09:15
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jjeronimochr1s: it worked, i have my data back!11:20
jjeronimonow I just need need to make it bootable again11:20
jjeronimoand fix grub11:21
jjeronimochr1s: sorry old nickname again11:22
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alterjsiveI guess there is no easy way11:28
hateballno easy way to do what? fix grub?11:38
ubottuGRUB2 is the default Ubuntu boot manager. Lost GRUB after installing Windows? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RestoreGrub - For more information and troubleshooting for GRUB2 please refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Grub211:38
alterjsiveboot-repair saves the day11:39
alterjsivethx hateball11:39
alterjsivehateball: I guess that would have been more easy :)11:41
alterjsiveanyways I recovered my full system now, it boots and everything :)11:41
hateballthats nice11:41
alterjsiveyeah quite happy hehe11:42
alterjsiveI guess next time I should wear protective gloves while handling ssd;s11:43
alterjsiveor was it just bad luck?11:43
alterjsiveI replaced one ssd which was misbehaving, but while I did that my other ssd's, who where a part of a raid array, where affected, it broke they array11:45
alterjsiveand when I put it back, my misbehaving ssd worked again too11:45
alterjsivestrange world11:46
alterjsivebut the raid array was still broken11:46
BluesKajHey folks11:50
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Quetzalcoatlhow can i go back from eth0 naming network interface to the new naming network interface?17:05
Quetzalcoatlnow: eth0. new:enp0xxx17:06
rattkingQuetzalcoatl: I did that by adding "net.ifnames=0 biosdevname=0" to the end of the 'GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT' line in /etc/default/grub17:08
rattkingI was not fast enough17:09
rattkingoh and I didnt even read that correctly so NM :\17:10
jubo2How do I rip a CD ?17:11
jubo2Finnish law says it is ok to make copies of CD's lent from the library17:11
jubo2Just some simple program that will take the audio-CD tracks and put them into some format that computer can play without the disk17:12
BluesKaj-pi I used to just copy the cd tracks to a folder in my music folder17:19
BluesKaj-pinow i just download the music that i own from a torrent site17:21
geniiJust dd it to a file like sometunes.iso17:21
BluesKaj-pijubo2:  you see, there several wayss to rip/copy tunes17:23
Dragnslcrjubo2- Dolphin might be able to do it for you. If not, I've usually used k3b17:27
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geniiOh right, CDDA, not DVD18:27
geniiDamn, he left already.18:27
geniiFor future reference: cdrdao read-cd --source-device /dev/sr0 --read-raw --datafile 1.bin 1.toc&&toc2cue 1.toc 1.cue&& bchunk -v -s -w 1.bin 1.cue SONG    ...and then move SONG* to either a directory of the album's name, or rename each to what the name of that song actually is and put it wherever all your other ones are.18:30
geniiThis will make all the songs on the CD into SONG01.wav SONG02.wav  and so on18:31
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xylitwhere can i buy things in darknet?21:01
xylithow do i get on silkroad?21:01
xylitwhere do YOU buy things in darknet?21:02
daxxylit: #kubuntu is for Kubuntu technical support, it's not for hacker crap or illegal crap21:03
xyliti dont need guns or moroccan child slaves or shit like that21:03
xyliti just want some dope because my brother wont sell me his21:03
daxthen you're going to have to go find a lead on it elsewhere, not here21:04
xylitdo you know channels in irc for that?21:04
xylitin tv those people always use irc21:04
xylitso i thought you could help me get high21:05
xylitim 19 yo21:05
valoriexylit: stop, this is entirely off-topic21:06
xylitfine, then im just gonna visit dream market lchudifyeqm4ldjj.onion, only to check the prices of course21:08
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valoriethanks dax21:15
valoriegot distracted21:15
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