EightBitThey skinned it all like it was theirs, and the only two mentions to Lubuntu are incidentally with a screenshot of the ToS and an email address you write to if you wan he source code.00:01
LuMintEightBit: is it lubuntu or just ubuntu with lxde installed?00:03
EightBitIt's straight up Lubuntu00:04
LuMinthow can you tell that?00:04
EightBitSorry for the link00:04
LuMintwell, I guess it's nice that someone acknowledges it has market potential00:05
EightBitOne of the screenshots is the window asking if you wan access to lubuntu restricted distro00:05
LuMintsomeone from #lubuntu-devel could probably sue them :)00:07
wxlit's ultimately a question for canonical00:08
wxlit's their copyright00:08
EightBitthat's true00:09
EightBitFrom their youtube channel they00:11
EightBit're really pushing it for churches, schools, and homeschoolers.00:11
KamilionEightBit: http://files.sllabs.com/files/long-term/downloads/isos/Xtra-PC-1.0-i386.iso00:28
Kamilionhave a copy to mess with00:28
Kamilioni 'bought' it when it came out to study it.00:28
Kamilionsince it's all GPL; I feel no stress redistributing it when they will not.00:29
Kamilionnot only is it 'straight up lubuntu', it's also 32bit-only.00:30
Kamilionincludes a bunch of non-foss but still 'free' packages/package installers bundled with it (including a license-patched minecraft launcher, Mojang/Microsoft probably would be less happy with them than y'all)00:31
Kamilionno idea if it's even been updated since it's 1.0 release in march 2015.00:31
EightBitThanks for that00:37
wxlanyone have any idea on libkgeomap?00:38
wxloops wrong channel :/00:38
EightBitIt'd be fun to see Microsoft go after them for that00:38
EightBitBut I don't get the whole legal chasing vibe from Microsoft. Much less than Hollywood.00:39
Kamilionwell, canonical and microsoft worked together to get the ubuntu userspace working on their linux kernel subsystem; so I wouldn't be suprised if microsoft wanted to be a 'friend' of linux00:40
EightBitDon't trust the moves of the microsoft00:40
EightBitThey intend to embrace, extend, then extinguish00:41
Kamilionand big companies love their legal department; whereas I subscribe to the foss view of many hands make light work, or the chinese view of gongkai IP sharing00:41
EightBitOh sure, but I don't think that microsoft wields their legal hammer as much as they could.00:42
Kamilionhttps://www.bunniestudios.com/blog/?tag=gongkai  /  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGJ5cZnoodY00:42
Kamilionthe video really drives the point home on how much they rely on their acquaintances; watching them repair Bunnie's phone was magic.00:44
EightBitI only wish their datasheets were a little more open...00:45
Kamilionone dude has a hotwire workstation to remove the cracked glass from the LCD; another had a vacuum chamber to drive the bubbles out... changed hands like five times as favors were asked00:45
Kamilionwell, that's the thing, they tend to work face to face and when they run into an issue, they'll just grab the guy who last hacked on it00:45
Kamilionso the datasheets are more like marketing propaganda than actual specs sometimes00:46
Kamilionbut there's currently a cultural issue in china where nobody wants to make shared improvements00:46
Kamilionwhich explains their 'trouble' with open source00:47
KamilionADVChina had a nice little story about an apartment building with an elevator. The bulb in the elevator had burnt out, so the residents squabbled for six years on who changes the light bulb. Nobody has so far. (so his story went)00:48
* lynorian_ wonders how long ago this went off topic of lubuntu support00:48
Kamilion16 minutes and about 25 lines.00:49
EightBit 'bout 18 minutes ago00:49
ubottu#lubuntu is the Lubuntu support channel, #lubuntu-devel for discussion regarding development of Lubuntu, and #lubuntu-offtopic is for random chatter. Welcome!00:49
* Kamilion shrugs. Traffic tends to attract other support questions when people are 'around', but I'll shut my yap again.00:50
krytarikAnd well, I'm just pointing out the other venue.00:51
AfdalReal curious what the influence DEFT Linux was on Lubuntu01:59
Afdalor the other way around02:00
Afdal"Rebasing, substantial code flow, project overtaking"02:00
* tsimonq2 throws https://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=2345779 at anybody around that's looking to help with support03:31
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thatOtherGuy_Hi all. Is it possible to remove the English locales other than en_US.utf8 and prevent them from being regenerated? I don't need en_AG, en_AU, en_BW, etc. etc. on my machine.16:54
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Guest49058Hello guys20:41
Guest49058is there anyone here ?20:41
Anxhelohow is it going everything ok?23:40
tsimonq2Yep, you? :)23:40
Anxhelojust strugling with something23:40
Anxhelokinda hard when you switch from windows23:41
tsimonq2Anxhelo: Sure what's up?23:41
tsimonq2Yeah there's a learning curve... :P23:41
Anxhelojust having some problems ,23:41
Anxhelothe first one it is with the  os23:41
Anxhelo64 or 3223:41
tsimonq2Anxhelo: How old is your computer?23:42
Anxhelohmm it supports 64 bit23:42
Anxhelo4 gb ram intel gma 4500 and intel processor 2.2 ghz single core23:42
AnxheloIntelĀ® Celeron(R) CPU 925 @ 2.30GHz23:43
tsimonq2Ok, so if you weren't aware, amd64 = 64 bit and i386 = 32 bit23:43
wxlif your computer supports it, go 6423:43
Anxhelobut isnt there any problem with 64 bit applications,?23:43
wxlheck no23:43
wxlat this point you're more likely to run into issues because of things beingf 64 bit only23:44
Anxheloon different forums i have heard that you need to install some extra files in order to open 32 bit app on 64 bit os23:44
wxlhaven't really had that problem23:44
tsimonq2Anxhelo: Well that's a thing, yes, but it's really rare that you would need to do that.23:44
tsimonq2I think WINE is an example?23:44
wxloh wine23:44
wxlbut you ALWAYS have to install extra stuff with wine23:44
wxlwin'e no fun23:45
Anxhelowell yeap , since old graphics cant open new games so23:45
Anxhelowell just gonna download 64 bit and install it23:45
Anxheloand 1 last question , dont want to take a lot of your time23:46
wxltake as much time as you like23:46
wxlwe'll just go away if it gets to be too much XD23:46
Anxheloit is about the boot up time of the system , it takes something like 50-1 min23:46
* wxl is just kidding23:46
tsimonq2Well I literally have all night XD23:46
tsimonq2Anxhelo: Oh? Under Windows or Lubuntu?23:46
Anxheloon lubuntu 32 bit takes something like 50sec to 1 min23:47
Anxheloto boot up into screen , after that it is everything ok23:47
geniiUsed to be you could add a one-time boot option of: profile     and it would parallelize all the stuff it could, but not sure if that works anymore. It will be even longer for that one time while it works on doing that, but subsequent boots might be marginally faster23:57
genii...and then I noticed he left while I was typing....23:57
wxlfwiw it DOES seem that since systemd things have been a bit slower at boot23:58
tsimonq2wxl: Yeah, systemd messed up DNS for me this week!23:59
* tsimonq2 piles everything onto systemd23:59

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