tsimonq2Hey guys, having a bit of a peculiar problem, which is why I'm coming here. :)03:39
tsimonq2I've been having MAJOR DNS problems lately...03:39
tsimonq2Like, I can't visit Twitter or the CSS on GitHub doesn't load...03:40
tsimonq2Works fine on my phone03:40
tsimonq2But in w3m, Google Chrome, AND Mozilla Firefox, I'm having problems.03:40
tsimonq2I really suspect it's a DNS problem. I can ping the IPs ok, just can't visit them...03:41
tsimonq2I guess my question is, what packages make up DNS in the Ubuntu Development release at the moment?03:41
tsimonq2If I can find that out, I can at the very minimum do some digging to see if someone broke something...03:42
tsimonq2If anything, I'd just like to solve this issue...03:42
tsimonq2Troubleshooting steps? Any logs I can check?03:43
tsimonq2So an example is this.03:51
tsimonq2ping assets-cdn.github.com03:51
tsimonq2On my host system, it's not working. It's throwing this:03:51
tsimonq2ping: assets-cdn.github.com: Name or service not known03:51
tsimonq2On my cloud container, however, it works fine...03:52
tsimonq2Oh, that's new:03:54
tsimonq2# run "systemd-resolve --status" to see details about the actual nameservers.03:54
tsimonq2I thought I saw an email about that, hold on...03:54
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tsimonq2Bah, blasted shell that I have to remember to renew every two weeks...03:59
tsimonq2I think pitti is to blame, I'll go hunt him down I think. :)04:00
tsimonq2Eh, whatever, I don't know...04:02
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iceytsimonq2: I started running into https://github.com/systemd/systemd/issues/3826 yesterday12:59
iceytsimonq2: no solution for you unfortunately but it is known?13:06
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SuperLagrenew a shell?19:47
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