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Kiloshellooooo africa10:29
zipperKilos: Hello12:22
Kiloshows things nzoueidi15:34
Kilosand elacheche doesnt even greet anymore15:34
nzoueidi\o/ Kilos I missed you a lot15:35
nzoueidihow are you :D15:35
Kilosim ok ty nzoueidi15:47
Kilosneed to go for 2 heart bypass ops still though15:47
Kilosthe pulmonary arteries into right side of heart are 90% blocked15:48
Kilosso im kinda choked atm15:49
nzoueidiNo, I am optimistic, everything will pass okay15:50
Kilosjust the time is a pain and hospital some hours from here15:51
nzoueidiJust let us updated, we missed you and we want to hear news from you from time to another15:51
Kilosof course15:52
Kilosyou my peeps i cant just desert you15:53
nzoueidiwe won't and we can't desert you too <315:55
elachechehow are you doing Kilos ?16:37
Kiloshi rwanyoike16:55
rwanyoikehi Kilos,16:56
Kilosim ok ty elacheche and you lad?16:56
rwanyoikehope everything turned out ok. we were rooting for you @nairobilug16:56
Kiloswe need to wake up and promote this channel more16:57
Kilosty rwanyoike16:57
Kilosim ok now but need to go for 2 more bypass ops16:57
elachecheGood Kilos, just little bit busy these days :/16:58
Kilosneed to get fixed so i can go back to my girls16:58
Kiloseveryone is super busy16:58
Kilosthats the new way16:58
rwanyoikewe're with you all the way,16:58
rwanyoikepromoting this channel is a hard one16:59
Kilosty, nice to know there is support from all over africa16:59
elachecheIt's almost 2017 Kilos.. This is always a busy & stressfull time @work..  Alsot I have exams in weeks..16:59
Kilosyeah people are lazy16:59
Kilosgood luck with them elacheche16:59
rwanyoikeelacheche: you're gonna ace 'em!17:00
Kilosstorm brewing here so i could disappear17:01
elachecherwanyoike: I just hope that I pass x) thx Kilos :)17:03
Kilosyou will elacheche just apply yourself17:04
Kilosbe confident17:04

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