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pavlushka-Hello Kilos :)15:54
Kiloshi pavlushka- 15:54
walriderpavlushka-: bhaiiiiii 16:57
walriderpavlushka-: kamon asen 16:57
Kiloshi walrider 16:57
walriderhelo uncle kilos 16:57
walriderhow u doing now a days ? 16:57
Kilosim ok so far ty16:58
Kilosbit weaker but ok16:58
walriderim thinking about changing my working platform , u know , so wi was looking for some one to disscuss about it 16:59
Kiloshaha what platform17:00
Kilosi use kde so im happy17:00
walridernow im doing ccna (cisco network associate network course), i was thinking to learn some java or other what u think ? i need some suggession 17:01
Kilossuperfly says python17:01
Kiloshe is a python master17:01
Kilosnot many peeps go for java17:02
walrideryea python is powerfull python can create AI17:02
walrideri did some research on google papa google said most valuable is sql then java then java script 17:03
Kilosgood luck17:04
walriderand i hate sql 17:04
Kilosim glad i cant learn those languages17:05
Kiloswould break my head more17:05
walrideri dont wanna step on two boats at a time so i wanna select a plaform that i will work with 17:05
Kilossuperfly does everything in python17:06
Kiloseven fixes java errors17:06
Kilosbut then he knows many languages but prefers python17:06
walrideras an intern i should select a platform what u say sir ?17:08
Kilosask the clever guys lad17:09
Kiloswe have all language guys in za and each says why he is best, but when they get stuck superfly fixes it for them17:09
Kilosget the book byteofpython and just see how easy it is17:10
Kilosand very powerful17:10
Kiloswhere is pavlushka- s bot17:11
walriderdont knwo 17:11
walriderme looking for him too17:11
walrideri have got py 3 book by matin in bangla language 17:13

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