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pitti¡Buenos días amigos!08:05
seb128lut pitti08:08
seb128happy friday!08:08
seb128or rather hola! pitti ;-)08:08
pittiwhat is this Linux thing anyway08:11
* pitti ← victim of pitti goodbye party last night08:11
flocculantpitti: lol - bit delicate this morning?08:13
pittiI blame the tap water!08:13
pitti(it's clearly not the fault of Steve's gin, Stephan's mead, the restaurant's/hotel bar's Sangria and beer and schnaps)08:14
seb128wooot, sounds like quite some party08:15
seb128you still managed to get up this morning? ;-)08:15
pittiseb128: under protest :)08:28
seb128hey flocculant08:31
flocculanthi seb12808:31
flocculantI'm still the inveterate xubuntu lurker :D08:32
willcookemorning all08:57
seb128hey willcooke08:57
seb128happy friday!08:57
seb128how are you?08:57
willcookeready for the weekend :)08:58
davmor2Morning all09:05
seb128hey Laney davmor2, happy friday!09:07
Laneyhey seb128 and davmor209:09
Laneyhappy friday to youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu09:09
Laneyhow are you?09:09
davmor2Happy Friday too seb128 and Laney09:11
seb128Laney, good, I had to go for some errands yesterday and stopped a bit ealier so had an early start this morning, got out of bed at 7am ... it was still night outside and cold, brrr! It's better now that it's day time and that I had some coffee ;-)09:15
seb128how are you?09:16
seb128looks like we missed quite some party in Spain09:16
* seb128 would have liked to get drunk with pitti09:17
pittigood morning Laney and davmor2!09:20
pittihey willcooke too!09:20
davmor2morning pitti happy Friday09:21
pittiwillcooke: wrt. your question from yesterday: xnox knows quite a bit about systemd and (I think) understands the debhelper bits too09:21
willcookethanks pitti09:22
Laneyseb128: eww, sorry that this happened to you ;-)09:22
Laneywe went to a christmas thing, starting to slightly feel like it's holiday time now09:23
Laneyhey pitti09:23
Laneysitting in a darkened room?09:23
xnoxwillcooke, what's the question?09:23
pittiLaney: head is clearing up slowly, the breakfast tee is kicking in :)09:24
seb128Laney, nice, was feeling more winter a week ago here, when it was blue sky and cold09:24
seb128we are back to ~10°C and wet09:24
Laneyyeah same09:24
pittiLaney: we may already have talked about it, but if so then sorry, I forgot:09:24
Laneythey had the 'nottingham night market' on in town too last night09:24
* Laney found the buddhist centre09:25
Laneyand got fed a cookie by the nice buddhist man09:25
Laneyfunny how there's still hidden stuff09:25
Laneypitti: *anticipation*09:25
pittiLaney: do you want to work on bug 1647948 as an "exercise", or should I work on this on my last two days? (probably just a few hours)09:25
ubot5bug 1647948 in britney "Better prioritization for packages with lots of tests" [Wishlist,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/164794809:25
Laneypitti: I can if you want, but probably not before the holidays now (finishing Tuesday)09:26
Laneyso as you prefer09:26
pittiLaney: Tuesday is the best day!09:26
pitti(me too)09:26
Laneywe are clearly people that don't take enough time off :P09:26
pittiLaney: it's really simple on the autopkgtest-cloud side (just listen to a new queue), the bigger work is actually in britney; so I'll just do it09:27
Laneypitti: I want to work on lxdifying the remaining arches too09:28
Laneydo you have an idea about how to get the list of restrictions?09:28
LaneyI mean you could just try to run everything in lxd and have a fallback to ssh if tests are skipped because of isolation-machine09:28
pittiLaney: the usual approach for similar situations (XS-Testsuite:, Testsuite-Triggers) was to expose that information in Sources.gz09:28
Laneybut it would be better to not try it in the first place09:28
pittiright, IKWYM09:29
pittiideally britney would know right away and put it into -machine and -container queues09:29
Laneybut neither britney nor the worker actually know this ATM09:29
flexiondotorgGood morning Laney pitti seb128 willcooke davmor2 hikiko09:30
Laneycould have the worker download the source and look inside09:30
Laneyhey flexiondotorg09:30
Laneyhow are you?09:31
pittiLaney: quite expensive (linux, libo, glibc, etc.), so if it does that I suggest to only download the debian.{diff.gz,tar.gz} and pry it out from that09:31
Laneythere's an apt source --only-somethingorother I Think09:31
pittiLaney: can't be apt, unless britney grows a chroot of some kind09:35
pittiLaney: we've been through that several times, and so far we always ended up with "meh, let's add it to Sources.gz"09:35
pittiLaney: we could also have a cronjob which regularly scans the indexes and exports the package -> isolation mapping to some file09:35
Laneyright, all the downloading happens in the target currently09:35
Laneypitti: ok, the last option I thought of was an autopkgtest --fail-if-i-cant-run-all-tests thing that fails fast if some tests would be skipped because of a restriction09:37
Laneywhich would be an optimisation on top of run in lxd -> fail -> run in a real cloud instance09:37
pittiLaney: right, and then check which tests got SKIPed and only run those (--test-name) in qemu?09:37
seb128hey flexiondotorg!09:38
pittiLaney: but actually, we don't have all that many tests that require qemu; unfortunately one of it is linux :)09:38
pittiLaney: but doing no-change rebuilds of those packages (after changing dpkg-source to export the isolation bit) wouldn't actually be entirely unreasonable09:39
pittiexcept that it first needs design, discussion with dpkg@, and landing this09:39
Laneyis Guillem ok with doing that kind of thing in general?09:39
pittiLaney: he was fine with Testsuite: and Testsuite-Triggers: and using Testsuite: for the autodep8 stuff, so yes09:40
pittiand this is useful in Debian as well -- even though we currently only have lxc runners, we eventually might get qemu or nova there too09:40
pittiso this is a "clean/longer-term solution" vs. "OMGwantitnow", but I don't suppose it's actually that urgent09:41
LaneyIt would help with the queue during glibc uploads09:41
pittifor sure, yes09:41
LaneyAlrighty, that's another thing for the new year then09:42
Laneythanks for the advice :-)09:42
* Laney is a sad act who tail -fs britney logs09:54
xnoxi'm wondering who i can talk from mir team09:54
xnoxabout the gtest stuff09:55
xnoxand how that got solved09:55
LaneyMIR or Mir?09:55
pittithis is desktop, so Mir?09:55
anpok_xnox: by fixing the cmake scripts for gtest/gmock.. which should be part of the 0.25 silo10:02
anpok_which is still blocked by non working qtmir mps10:03
xnoxanpok_, are there commits i can look at? cause i need to fix the same i think in ubuntu-app-launch10:03
xnoxcomapt with 0.18 googletest stuff10:04
xnoxanpok_, cool thank you. I'm currently getting complaints from cmake that i am somehow trying to add gtest target when a gtest target already exists. or some such nonesence at the moment.10:07
anpok_I remeber seeing that..10:08
anpok_but it all disappeared with the cumulative fixes inside http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~mir-team/mir/0.25/revision/3819 .. and cleaning the build dir10:10
xnoxtedg, can you explain to me what unity-greeter-session-broadcast is and why it's a dbus signal, and why can the thing that emit the signal not just call a url-dispatcher dbus method direct?10:58
xnoxalso note that in the systemd session world, there is only one systemd user session per user.10:58
xnoxhence the same user session is pretty much live from boot till shutdown11:25
flexiondotorgTrevinho, Morning.11:53
flexiondotorgTrevinho, If this example snapcraft.yaml still complete given your recent work on fixing appindicators?11:53
Laneyfinal: acoustid-fingerprinter,adios,alfa,aoflagger,astrometry.net,avogadro,ball,baloo-kf5,blasr,blender,bullet,calligra,casacore,ccfits,cdo,cegui-mk2,cfitsio,cgal,cgsi-gsoap,chealpix,chemps2,choreonoid,chromaprint,clementine,colobot,condor,cpl,cpl-plugin-amber,cpl-plugin-giraf,cpl-plugin-uves,cpl-plugin-vimos,cpl-plugin-visir,cpl-plugin-xshoo,crrcsim,cyphesis-cpp,dans-gdal-scripts,darkradiant,davix,dolfin,double-conversion,dreamchess,endless ...13:35
Laney... -sky,fast5,ffmpeg,field3d,fiona,fitscut,fitspng,fitsverify,freefem++,freeorion,frogatto,ftools-fv,gambas3,gazebo,gdal,gem,geos,gimp-normalmap,gimp-plugin-registry,github-backup,glew,glewmx,gnash,gnuastro,gnudatalanguage,gource,gpx2shp,grads,grass,grib-api,gridsite,gsoap,gst-libav1.0,gst-plugins-bad1.0,gst-plugins-good1.0,gst-rtsp-server1.0,gstreamer-editing-services1.0,gstreamer-vaapi,gyoto,h5py,h5utils,handbrake,haskell-bytestring-conve ...13:35
Laney... rsion,haskell-double-conversion,haskell-github,haskell-http-link-header,haskell-servant,haskell-servant-client,haskell-servant-server,hdf-eos5,hdf5,healpix-cxx,hkl,hugin,imagevis3d,indi-apogee,indi-sbig,info-beamer,insighttoolkit4,ismrmrd,jhdf,k3d,kfilemetadata-kf5,kicad,kid3,kido,kst,kstars,labplot,lcgdm,libastro-fits-cfitsio-perl,libcgns,libcitygml,libdap,libgdal-grass,libgeo-proj4-perl,libgeotiff-dfsg,libgltf,libgpiv,libgroove,libindi ...13:35
Laney... ,liblas,liblivemedia,libmatio,libminc,libmstoolkit,libnova,libpdl-io-hdf5-perl,libquicktime,libreoffice,libvigraimpex,libvpx,lightspark,linphone,logstalgia,luminance-hdr,magics++,mapnik,mapserver,mathgl,med-fichier,meep,meep-lam4,meep-mpi-default,meep-mpich2,meep-openmpi,megaglest,merkaartor,meshlab,mia,minieigen,mixxx,moc,montage,mpb,munipack,mupen64plus-video-z64,mygui,mysql-workbench,mythtv,nanopolish,ncbi-vdb,ncl,netcdf,nexus,node-sr ...13:36
Laney... s,octave,octave-communications,octave-mapping,ogdi-dfsg,openclonk,opencsg,openctm,opengm,openimageio,openmsx,openmsx-catapult,openmw,openorienteering-mapper,openscad,openscenegraph,openscenegraph-3.4,openvdb,osgearth,osm2pgsql,osmcoastline,ossim,otb,paraview,pbseqlib,pdal,pdl,pgrouting,phlipple,pktools,postgis,pprepair,prepair,proj,projectm,purify,pyacoustid,pyfits,pymol,pytables,python-astropy,python-casacore/armhf,python-fitsio,python- ...13:36
Laney... pdal,python-pyproj,pyxplot,qgis,qlandkartegt,qmapshack,qtdeclarative-opensource-src,qutemol,qxmpp,r-cran-hdf5,rasterio,rawtran,rbdoom3bfg,renpy,rheolef,ring,rlvm,rss-glx,ruby-hdfeos5,saga,scilab,scorched3d,seer,sfcgal,shapelib,shogun,silo-llnl,siril,skycat,slcfitsio,slop,sludge,sofa-framework,solvespace,sosi2osm,spatialite,spatialite-gui,spring,srm-ifce,stimfit,sumo,supertux,survex,tcl-fitstcl,therion,thuban,trigger-rally,trilinos,tulip, ...13:36
Laney... ufo-filters,vips,virtualbox,vlc,voms,vtk6,warzone2100,wcslib,widelands,witty,wsclean,x265,xastir,xdmf,xine-lib-1.2,xjadeo,xpra,yade,yorick-av,yorick-hdf5,zygrib13:36
Laneystart: 173+0: a-26:a-20:a-20:i-24:p-27:p-20:s-3613:36
Laney orig: 173+0: a-26:a-20:a-20:i-24:p-27:p-20:s-3613:36
Laney  end: 173+0: a-26:a-20:a-20:i-24:p-27:p-20:s-3613:36
LaneySUCCESS (341/0)13:36
* Laney melts13:36
* seb128 introduces Laney to pastebin13:39
Laneyit would have been lame to pastebin that13:39
seb128though I guess that much work was worth some spamming of the channel13:39
seb128does it include autpkg this time?13:39
Laneyskipped a lot of things though13:39
seb128Laney, congrats, well done ;-)13:39
Laneyafter running them locally13:39
Laneyqueue is stupid13:40
seb128good that got it done13:40
seb128you can relax a bit now :-)13:40
* Laney is watching for britney to actually copy them13:40
Trevinhoflexiondotorg: hey13:41
Trevinho_fortis: mh, which snapcraft.yaml? :o13:41
Trevinhoerr flexiondotorg ^13:41
seb128good morning Trevinho!13:42
Trevinhohey seb12813:42
flexiondotorgTrevinho, This one https://github.com/3v1n0/electron-quick-start-snap13:47
Trevinhoflexiondotorg: mh, no it misses the indicator-gtk2 (i think) part, but I didn't test that component there13:48
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flexiondotorgOK, thanks.14:02
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tedgxnox: It is basically a dbus system bus mirror to go between the greeter and the user session15:36
tedgxnox: So the greeter posts a message to the system service which reflects it as a signal that the user sessions can see15:36
tedgxnox: This enables things like click on the camera icon on the greeter, but the greeter asks for a password, but once unlocked the camera is running.15:37
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seb128k, that's going to do for this week17:56
seb128have a nice w.e desktopers!17:56
Laneyquality work seb128!17:57
seb128Laney, you as well, you should have called it a week after that transition was done, no point starting something new on a friday evening!17:57
LaneyI broke the autopkgtest queues after that17:58
* Laney hides17:58
seb128that's why you shouldn't not do production changes on a friday :p18:01
seb128hope you sort it out and can call it a week as well18:01
seb128have fun desktopers in any case, see you next week!18:01
LaneyI'll see if I can, otherwise will requeue all the stuff on monday18:02
Laneyhappy weekend too o/18:02
willcookerighty ho, night all have a good one18:33
flexiondotorgNight desktopers18:40
* Laney has teleported to Buxton20:07
jamescI am a developer with a laptop that is touch screen using ubuntu. Where do I start if I wanted to add functionality like scrolling down a webpage. The touch aspect behaves like a mouse currently. Which is ok for starters. But obviously it be better if one could put their finger on the webpage and scroll22:15
jamescHi I have  a lenovo touch yoga 700. The screen is touch enabled. How do I start developing with the api to say disable the keyboard when in touch mode?22:33
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