tjaaltonsmb: hi, does the mainline repo have space for some more builds?-) thinking of the tip of amdgpu driver, but the problem with that repo (https://cgit.freedesktop.org/~agd5f/linux/) is that there's no static branch name to use05:22
dnssoulthere is a kernel bug where the untaring of a file matches a hex address at sector offset 0x00 which causes a file to upon extraction grow upwards to 100GB.   the patch to this is using a G65 compiler for a header that is used for aliasing ln -s and hardlinking -- varies per kernel, using the G65 compiler to compile that header and its other systematic linux binary execution functions must terminate in a .g0409804-1 address sector which05:25
dnssoul can be verified by a hex dump of that specific kernel h header, and should apply to all kernels this effects.  in order for it to terminate into a .g0409804-1 address sector, use gcc for the kernel and standard c libraries that do not violiate linux standards for things always compiled under G65.  thank you.  have a nice day.  05:25
smbtjaalton, I cannot answer that right away. And since I am on a sprint this week it would be best to send me an email, so I won't forget08:56
tjaaltonsmb: ok08:58
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