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LolaHello are there anyone?17:23
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Guest55912Could please anyone help me?17:24
elachecheGuest55912: how can I help you?17:29
LolaCaramiawow great there is someone17:35
LolaCaramiaso I need help with ubuntu installation17:35
KilosLolaCaramia this is a locoteams channel can you ask for help on #ubuntu?17:36
Kilosdo you know how?17:36
LolaCaramiai have just download it and I would like to install it from my windows17:36
Kilos just type in /j #ubuntu17:37
Kilosjust boot from it and you have many options17:37
Kilosyou can install alongside windowsa17:37
LolaCaramiayes I understand that there should be .exe file which i should open and start installation but there is none17:38
Kilosyou dont open it from inside windows17:39
LolaCaramiacould you please tell me which file I should open to start installation?17:39
Kilosyou wont find .exe files17:39
LolaCaramiathat's bad so i suppose first i should download it on cd17:39
Kilosmade a bootable flash disk with the downloaded iso then boot from it17:39
Kilosor you can put the iso on a dvd and boot from that17:40
LolaCaramiaOk I got it that is a pitty as one friend of mine did it from windows17:40
Kiloson dvd yes or on a flash disk17:40
Kilosit is too large for a cd17:41
LolaCaramiayes i just ment smthg like that flash disk or what17:41
Kilosyes flash disk is easiest17:42
elachecheLolaCaramia: Check https://www.ubuntu.com/download/desktop/install-ubuntu-desktop17:43
elachecheLolaCaramia: please join #ubuntu for technical support17:43
elachechehere is for LoCos supports17:43
LolaCaramiaare you both guys there?17:43
elachecheLolaCaramia: if you're not sure about something ask the guys before you do it ;) espacially the partitionning thing..17:44
elachecheLolaCaramia: I'm not, and I'm leaving office in a sec, sorry :(17:44
LolaCaramiaok thank you17:44
LolaCaramiaI am here18:33
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belkinsaDo we have a English saying for the bot to say that this channel is not support?22:07
ubot5Certain Ubuntu IRC channels are English only.  For a complete list of channels in other languages, please visit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList22:09
CrazyLemonguess not :)22:09
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