mate|52799Hi guys, for some reason the file explorer that came with ubuntu mate has a font of 6. And I only have really small font with the file explorer, every programs has a normal font. Is there a place I can go to modify this specific font? The file explorer font isn't in Preferences-->Look and Feel-->Appearance-->Fonts00:31
karim_سلام به همه12:39
simonsaysthisHi all. Not sure if someone here can help with. I have this annoying backlight bug on Mate 1.14 and 1.16. Keyboard light and brightness come on at max with every reboot15:54
simonsaysthisall manual settings are not rememberd15:54
simonsaysthisThis is on a Thinkpad15:54
simonsaysthisMate is the only DE that does this15:55
nicomachusis there not a release file for yakkety?17:19
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montru_using vlc the image of the video is always on top, even of the drop-down menus. Is anyone experiencing this issue in mate?20:02
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