robert_ancellAnyone seen this failure?03:11
robert_ancell[  7%] Building CXX object src/platforms/mesa/server/x11/CMakeFiles/mirplatformservermesax11sharedresources.dir/X11_resources.cpp.o03:11
robert_ancellIn file included from /home/bob/bzr/lightdm-snap/stage/include/X11/Xlib.h:47:0,03:11
robert_ancell                 from /home/bob/bzr/lightdm-snap/parts/mir/src/src/platforms/mesa/server/x11/X11_resources.h:22,03:11
robert_ancell                 from /home/bob/bzr/lightdm-snap/parts/mir/src/src/platforms/mesa/server/x11/X11_resources.cpp:22:03:11
robert_ancell/home/bob/bzr/lightdm-snap/stage/include/X11/Xfuncproto.h:174:24: error: ISO C++ does not permit named variadic macros [-Werror=variadic-macros]03:11
robert_ancell #define _X_NONNULL(args...)  __attribute__((nonnull(args)))03:11
robert_ancellThis is on zesty03:11
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kgunnhey guys so i was chatting with dslul in #snappy, he was trying out the mir-kiosk stuff14:02
kgunnoops...and having network issues too i guess14:03
kgunnwill wait14:03
kgunnso it fails on the mir-kiosk (server) bringup part14:03
kgunnline 8714:03
kgunnDec  9 11:19:58 localhost snap[1909]: Mir fatal error: Failed to get frontbuffer14:04
kgunnbut it looks like it's finding the kms/drm drivers fine...14:04
kgunnany ideas?14:04
kgunnalan_g: camako ^14:05
dslulkgunn, what does this mean: pci id for fd 7: 1013:00b8, driver (null)14:05
dslulit is just before the error, and after selecting the driver14:06
kgunnno idea :)14:06
kgunnbut maybe one of these guys will14:07
kgunnoh... anpok_ is on... ^^14:07
dslulI've just installed the overlay, let's see what happens14:11
alan_gkgunn: well, the "Failed to get frontbuffer" error comes from the kms driver: it's failing to get a buffer for compositing to. But that doesn't tell us why14:16
daniele_kgunn, I did what you said, added the ppa, then sudo apt update and dist-upgrade, rebooted but lightdm doesn't have the unity8 entry14:21
kgunndaniele_: right...you have to do one more step, sudo apt-get install unity8-desktop-session-mir14:22
kgunnthen you should prolly reboot14:22
daniele_unity8-desktop-session-mir : Depends on: unity8-desktop-session (>= 1.0.13) but is not going to be installed14:23
daniele_I think something went wrong14:23
anpok_what driver is that?14:23
anpok_ah qemu14:25
anpok_switch model from VGA to QXL14:25
daniele_in virt-manager?14:26
daniele_I can't find this option14:27
anpok_hm there should be a video section .. in which you can switch the model14:29
kgunndaniele_: click the little information icon....14:30
kgunni think it brings up a panel with all those options...then you can click on video/gfx14:30
daniele_ok found it14:30
daniele_it was set to cirrus14:30
daniele_it works now!14:31
daniele_thank you14:32
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kgunndaniele_: great! if you have more questions let us know....15:04
kgunnwould love to hear if you have a specific application you're chasing15:04
camakokgunn, I am not sure if you've gotten to the bottom of dslul's problem, but the "pci id for fd 7: 1013:00b8, driver (null)" is coming from the Mesa driver.15:16
camakoIt's not finding the correct dri backend15:17
camakoIt's not related to Mir, but rather the setup... I think it has to do with mixing a new Mesa with an old(er) distro... Like Mesa 13.0.x vs Xenial...15:19
daniele_camako, I have mesa 12, we already solved the problem, it was a misconfiguration in virt-manager15:22
daniele_kgunn, nothing serious for now, but I worked in IoT and wanted to hack some code in case I needed it in the future15:23
kgunnglad we solved that too...i'll know if someone else asks15:25
daniele_maybe you can write it in the tutorial https://developer.ubuntu.com/en/snappy/guides/mir-snaps/15:28
daniele_btw, it would be great to have support for raspberry pi 2/3, since they are pretty common and cheap15:29
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