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elopiokgunn: I will send you the link to join the hangout ~10 minutes before we start.15:31
elopiolet me know if you need something else from our side.15:31
kgunnelopio: nope that will be great...i just need to setup a little with the camera15:31
CoderEuropeWho is doing the Ubuntu On air today ?15:44
elopioCoderEurope: yes, we'll be there soon.15:46
elopiokgunn will show Unity8.15:46
CoderEuropekgunn, Is that kevin gunn ?16:00
kgunnit is16:00
CoderEuropekgunn , I put you on the subreddit :) https://redd.it/44c5z016:04
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kgunn_elopio, so i'm here actually16:24
elopiokgunn_: I've just sent you the lnk16:24
CoderEurope3 minutes to go ..16:26
CoderEuropeelopio: ?16:29
la_juyisCoderEurope: hello!16:30
la_juyiswe're starting :D16:30
CoderEuropeI see the stream !16:31
eyescream_QUESTION: what is classic?16:31
kyrofaeyescream_, just desktop ubuntu16:32
kyrofaeyescream_, as opposed to one based on snaps16:32
kyrofa(e.g. ubuntu core or ubuntu personal)16:33
CoderEuropeQUESTION: kgunn, When realistically do you think we shall see Unity 8 in a Long Term Release ?16:33
kyrofaCoderEurope, i.e. as the default?16:34
eyescream_kgunn_: You need permission to view the doc16:34
CoderEuropeI cannot open that document ...16:34
eyescream_You need permission  Want in? Ask for access, or switch to an account with permission. Learn more16:35
DaveGinBoavQUESTION for snap - read sand-box, right?16:35
CoderEuropeI see the doc.16:36
kyrofaDaveGinBoav, I'm not sure I understand the question16:36
WLBII really like that Unity8 especually on my Phoen and tablet, but I can't use it on the desktop with Ubuntu 16.04. WHen I choose Unity 8 to login, the desktop freeze at login, I just can reboot16:37
eyescream_QUESTION: is it safe to install unity8 snap? will it mess with my os?16:38
CoderEuropeCoderEurope: kgunn, Give me an example (in IRC) of that 'bitch of a bug' for Unity 8 that is bottle-necking development ?16:38
CoderEuropeguess I am asking - what is the worst Unity 8 bug ?16:40
Blue2Will you be able to force server side decorations on client side decoration on apps?16:43
eyescream_QUESTION:what laptop is it?16:44
Blue2QUESTION: Will you be able to force server side decorations on client side decoration on apps?16:44
Blue2QUESTION: Is a juju-like graphical interface (or something else) planned to see and manage dependencies and interfaces on snappy?16:48
WLBIQUESTION: Is it possible to run a server with snaps. Apache, FTP, E-Mailserver..16:48
kyrofaWLBI, definitely!16:48
kyrofaWLBI, check out the nextcloud snap for an example16:48
la_juyisWLBI: you mean if all those snaps exist?16:49
la_juyisBlue2: with snaps you shouldn't have dependency problems :)16:49
kyrofaBlue2, snaps include their dependencies, so such an interface probably isn't realistic16:50
la_juyisBlue2: and there is the software center that should allow you to install snaps as well (at least in classic)16:50
CoderEuropeI was looking for a bug to fund - no one mentioned one.16:50
Blue2I know, but it has interfaces and will have some dependencies in UI Toolkits16:50
la_juyisBlue2: ubuntu-core images should instead have a web interface - snapweb, from where you can install new snaps16:51
WLBIla_juyis: yes, snaps for apache2 and FTP16:51
kyrofaBlue2, ah, then really for interfaces then (including the content interface which is how snaps can sort of depend on each other)16:51
WLBII don't know how to list all snaps. I foudn out: sudo snapfind $16:52
eyescream_QUESTION: can we install install unity8 snap session on M10 tablet?16:52
WLBIIt shows a big list, but no apache16:52
DaveGinBoav_#QUESTION if in 18.10 LTS UNITY 8 Iis working in snap along with other snaps how do you deal with matters that need to communicate between each distint snap environment?16:52
la_juyisWLBI: not in stable, at the moment (have tried snap find apache, for example :))16:52
kyrofaWLBI, there's no standalone apache snap right now. There are various web applications that are snapped though (like nextcloud) which bundle apache16:52
WLBIsnap find apache shows no apache snap16:53
Blue2Those are big glasses! kinda cute16:53
kyrofaBlue2, mine? Thanks!16:54
la_juyisWLBI: right - you can also use the unofficial site: https://uappexplorer.com/16:54
cynI have a question: Will this talk include information about how unity8 is tested? e.g. user testing, GUI testing, or whether there unit tests are also used for the back-end? Thanks16:54
la_juyisBlue2: kyrofa: we can do a session on those, too :P today elopio is without, that's a pity!16:54
kyrofaDaveGinBoav_, snapd has a concept of "interfaces," which is a way for snaps to communicate16:55
kyrofaDaveGinBoav_, but in a confined manner16:55
la_juyiscyn: we're covering that :)16:55
Blue2kyrofa: 8) :P16:56
WLBIsudo snap install apache216:56
WLBIerror: cannot install "apache2": snap not found16:56
la_juyisDaveGinBoav_: interfaces would be like plugs to have two different snaps talk to each other16:56
eyescream_QUESTION: is it possible to install unity8 on other distro that support snaps? like maybe arch16:56
Blue2QUESTION: Will a snap based ubuntu make distribution-upgrades easier and safer than now? (My dad got the frustrating login loop after upgrading from 14.04 to 16.04)16:57
la_juyisWLBI: right, it doesn't exist yet as a snap standalone - it's currently being delivered along with other software (as part of the snap) such as nextcloud, like kyrofawas saying16:57
la_juyisBlue2: it's the idea, yes :) upgrades are transparent to the user16:58
WLBIla_juyis: oh I see, now I got it... :-) Thanx16:58
la_juyisWLBI: np :)16:58
CoderEuropeQUESTION: The wiki page of 'known bugs' [ https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Unity8Desktop ] just goes to the Unity8 bug list - is this correct for the 'known problems list' or is there another page that needs linking to the one a gave ?16:59
la_juyiscyn: if you have any specific questions, do raise your arm!16:59
scopesThese videos are awsome! We need on for Scopes as well16:59
davmor2elopio: move the mouse to the bottom right hand corner then top right bottom left top left, that should then calibrate the mouse so you can hit the whole area of the screen16:59
elopiodavmor2: nice, thankyou.17:00
kyrofadavmor2, hahaha, only you would know that17:00
andy-kQUESTION sorry, quite late to the stream. Will the default unity8 session eventually be deployed via snap package on all platforms?17:00
kyrofaandy-k, indeed!17:00
DaveGinBoav_pardon my cynicsm. i am old school, but all this sounds like re-inventing the wheel and when finished it will go round like the old wheel :)17:01
cynthanks @la_juyis, I haven't experience in the ubuntu development process (although I have been using it for years) and I'm in general interested in the QA processes used17:01
WLBIQUESTION: Is teher any buglist for Ubuntu Touch OTA 15? The one for OTA14 https://launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+milestone/14 - But 15 doesn't exist.17:01
scopesQUESTION: Laptops with unity8  will have gestures capabilites? Like macOS has with macbooks (Swipes, multi touch...)17:01
WLBII mean milestones, not buglist ;-)17:01
kyrofaDaveGinBoav_, heh, which part? unity8? snaps?17:01
CoderEuropeQUESTION: So do we need a separate wiki page for Known Unity 8 'highlighted bugs' doing for 'testing' and guidance ?17:02
la_juyiscyn: yes!! we want you!17:02
Blue2ok :D17:04
Blue2Dirty cow? :P17:04
kgunn_CoderEurope, we try to stick to launchpad bugs in order to not create a wiki...and then have to keep that updated17:05
kgunn_i will say that we do use another meta project to kinda collect things we "care about"17:05
kgunn_one sec lemme grab a link17:05
kgunn_if you follow this meta project17:06
kgunn_the milestones have the top bugs we're targeting for the next milestone17:06
kgunn_in this case...next milestone is p217:06
eyescream_QUESTION: what is a good laptop or a good video card to run unity8 on?17:07
kgunn_eyescream_, mainly make sure you are running freedrivers17:08
kgunn_mir relies on kms/drm gfx stack (think freedesktop.org)17:08
kgunn_...mir also runs on android drivers..but i digress17:08
kgunn_so for sure intel gpu gfx stacks are solid for u8/mir17:09
andy-kQUESTION kgunn, can you make any comment on progress with nvidia and the esgl support?17:09
eyescream_thanks kgunn_17:09
kgunn_the free drivers for nv and amd have had issues in the past...as they're not well maintained17:09
kgunn_andy-k, i can say that we've been working with them very close with them, we have a mir functioning on some early version drivers17:10
andy-kkgunn_ you guys are super amazing, thanks17:11
kgunn_modulo  some issues we've reported back to them17:11
andy-k... i have maxwell hardware, and unity8 blows up pretty easily, but unity7 won't run on nouveau17:11
andy-kthanks everyone for starting this testing day a little earlier! it was great to finally ask a question in IRC17:17
thibranQUESTION: Right now starting a application on unity8 is quite slow (as on Ubuntu Touch), any improvements on that front for the next months?17:18
kyrofathibran, to be clear, are you asking about starting apps in unity8 on a desktop, or phone?17:21
CoderEuropeQUESTION: General Question: Has 'Desktop Development' for Unity and Ubuntu in general slowed down this year (?) - Give us a picture of how things are looking ?17:22
thibranI would like to know if the start-up time will be reduced on the desktop (but I'm interested in the phone too)17:22
CoderEuropekyrofa: See you soon - I shall miss those glasses :)17:27
kyrofaCoderEurope, you know it17:27
CoderEuropeQUESTION: (funnies) What happened to kgunn's beard - did it go for Movember ?17:30
Blue2CoderEurope: Kyrofa took it17:31
WLBIWell done! :-)17:31
CoderEuropehaha !17:31
la_juyisI was late :(17:31
kyrofaCoderEurope, his wife told him no17:31
la_juyisnext year it shall be mine!17:31
kgunn_CoderEurope,  spousal approval rating was very low17:31
la_juyisOH NO! how do they date!17:31
* la_juyis is a moutache lover17:31
CoderEuropefair enough kgunn, good presentation BTWay.17:31
kyrofaCoderEurope, kgunn_ I'll admit I miss it, too17:32
CoderEuropekgunn loses his beard in Ubuntu - if it affects one - it affects us all :)17:32
la_juyisI'll raise a bug, you put "it affects me too"17:33
la_juyisj/k, j/k17:33
kgunn_ok...disappearing...will reappear in moment17:33
CoderEuropeHey in other news - I hear Trisquel has gone with Mate as a D.Environment. +117:34
CoderEuropeanyway - good show guys :)17:35
kyrofaThanks CoderEurope!17:35
CoderEuropekyrofa: I dont want to pry but are you Spanish or Portugese ?17:35
kyrofaCoderEurope, italian17:35
CoderEuropeoh ok thats good !17:36
CoderEuropeI had a friend in 2014 from southern Italy (he was on the bottom of the foot near the sea).17:36
CoderEuropekyrofa: Did you ever go to a Linux User Group in Italy, where you are ?17:37
kyrofaCoderEurope, haha, I'm afraid I misunderstood-- I live in the states17:37
CoderEuropeoh ok. figures that you 'made it'.17:38
CoderEuropeanyway kyrofa bye byes .. have a good day :)17:39
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