elkyPici: yeah we should probably see what happens. i've not had anything in over a day03:06
elkyUnit193: thoughts?03:07
ubottulotuspsychje called the ops in #ubuntu (offtopic)04:41
Unit193elky: Seems fine to me, depends on if someone is going to be around for a bit to re-set if needed.06:39
bazhangmay68> My Ubuntu got hacked09:29
bazhangmore fun from this one09:29
bazhangyesterday was wanting to make ubuntu look like windows ten09:29
bazhangfl00dbuckets> I am going to flood this channel!09:35
bazhanghe never met drone09:35
yofelwho would one need to ask about the server ubottu runs on? Supposedly kubuntu's old bot 'kubotu' ran on that too and I'm wondering if there's any data of that left somewhere.10:08
daxyofel: Pici10:08
ubottuducasse called the ops in #ubuntu (apqbtis)12:11
ubottuapqbtis called the ops in #ubuntu (kloeri  aka Bryan Ostergaard is a known pedophile and child abuser.  Please report any contact to ircgangste.rs #tclmafia)12:11
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