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engineer-pearlHi. I'm trying to start a crontab job but it doesn't seem to be starting. I don't seem to have the log files either...03:29
engineer-pearlUpdate: I have found some logs in the syslog but am not sure that there is anything useful in there03:31
tsimonq2engineer-pearl: Can you please paste the output of your crobtab?03:31
engineer-pearlThe only output of crontab -l that is not commented is "@reboot (. ~/.profile; /user/bin/screen -dmS gameserver-screen /home/engineerpearl0/bootscript.sh)"03:33
sarnoldput a full path to the .profile03:33
sarnoldalso i'm not sure if the () bit actually works, I've never seen that, never tried that :)03:33
engineer-pearlrunning the reboot now03:34
engineer-pearlstill no screen to be resumed03:35
sarnoldtook me three tries to spot it03:36
engineer-pearlYep that would do it03:37
engineer-pearlThe command is now "@reboot /usr/bin/screen -dmS gameserver-screen /home/engineerpearl0/bootscript.sh" and it still is saying there is no screen to be resumed03:40
engineer-pearlI forgot the ./03:41
tsimonq2engineer-pearl: Got it now? :D03:42
engineer-pearlI hopefully will when I remember if the ./ goes in the beginning (before the /home) or right before the name of the file03:43
sarnoldnote that the shell command for 'source' is '.'03:44
sarnoldthe / is part of the path03:44
engineer-pearl... still no screen to be resumed...03:47
engineer-pearlisn't there supposed to be a crontab error log somewhere?03:48
sarnoldwhat's the line now? is there anything in the /var/log/auth.log? or syslog?03:48
sarnoldannoyingly, cron likes to _email_ errors :/ that made more sense in the 80s and 90s..03:48
engineer-pearl@reboot /usr/bin/screen -dmS gameserver-screen /home/engineerpearl0/./bootscript.sh03:49
engineer-pearlI don't have an email server on this machine so its emailing is doing no good03:49
engineer-pearlauthlog has a lot of sessions opening and closing03:50
engineer-pearlsyslog is mentioning hourly stuff but nothing relevant03:50
engineer-pearlis there somewhere the emails sit if they can not be actually emailed?03:52
sarnoldit's possible that your bootscript.sh is expecting a different PATH too. read through it, see what executables it calls without using full paths?03:52
engineer-pearlNot calling any exicutables without full paths, but I changed it from bash .......... to just /path/./file03:54
engineer-pearlWhen running a bash script I usually do bash filename03:54
sarnoldsure, that's handy if the sysadmin puts 'noexec' on your homedir filesystem03:55
engineer-pearlnope, didn't fix it.03:55
engineer-pearlIt shouldn't have even had time to get past "/home/engineerpearl0/gitasist/./gitupdate pull" [[a script I wrote]]03:56
sarnoldbtw all the /./ things in your paths aren't needed03:56
sarnold. in a path refers to 'this directory'; if you're execugin things not in PATH, say, ./scripts/foo   then the . says 'start from the current working directory'03:57
engineer-pearlit is asking for a password... I thought screen would protect me from that but...03:57
engineer-pearlI thought the ./ helped to exicute things03:57
sarnoldit can if the file you're executing is in the current working directory but not in the PATH with a fully-qualified directory name03:58
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engineer-pearlhmm... hold on I need to figure out an escape and move my command to my root folder ((long story short: oops"03:59
engineer-pearlWould screen close imediatly if it were running as a dameon and it ran into a request for password?04:00
sarnoldI would hope not, but it can't really tell what's a request for password or not, it's all just IO to screen04:01
engineer-pearlwell I adjusted that so it doesn't happen again04:02
engineer-pearlstill no screen04:03
engineer-pearlI don't understand rrrrrgh some error logs would be helpful here!!!!04:03
sarnoldyou can try looking in /var/spool/mail/04:04
engineer-pearlI found something odd but irrelevant.04:07
engineer-pearlhere's something: there's something about a crontab.allow list04:18
engineer-pearlwhich of course I misspelled04:18
sarnolday, if you've fiddled with the /etc/cron.allow or /etc/cron.deny files then you've got to make sure they still describe what you want; but I think the default is anyone is allowed to use cron, no?04:20
engineer-pearlnot according to the man page04:20
engineer-pearl"If neither of these files exists, then depending on site-dependent configuration parameters,  only  the  super user will be allowed to use this command, or all users will be able to use this command."04:21
engineer-pearlso it's hit or miss04:21
engineer-pearlwait, is @reboot allowed for basic users?04:22
sarnoldsure, from vixie's point of view; I think our configuration allows anyone to use  it though; I don't have any /etc/cron.{allow,deny} files, but my crontab seems to work okay...04:22
engineer-pearlor not04:28
engineer-pearlI have an update towards the good! I have error logs now!05:09
sarnoldengineer-pearl: great! :) that is a worthy accomplishments :)05:15
engineer-pearlstill working on finding a replacement for runuser though. aparently that's not allowed. -_o_-05:15
engineer-pearloooh found one05:17
engineer-pearlgiving it a test05:17
sarnoldwhy not just use the specified user's crontab?05:18
engineer-pearlbecause that won't run at reboot05:18
engineer-pearlThat was my first setup05:18
sarnoldnormally cron's @reboot thing is used because users can't write their own sysv-init scripts or upstart configurations or systemd unit files05:19
engineer-pearlYou're talking over my head but I'm listening05:20
engineer-pearlI need to run a bash script at startup, and if there is a way to do it that won't rely on crontab I'm in05:21
engineer-pearl((I have never gotten that thing to work))05:21
sarnoldwhat release are you on?05:21
engineer-pearlUbuntu 16.04.1 LTS05:22
engineer-pearl(I just upgraded today05:22
sarnoldengineer-pearl: okay, it's a little complicated to write systemd unit files but then you can manage it with the systemd tools -- systemctl could then enable or disable it, you can have it depend upon e.g. networking to be up and running, and so on05:34
sarnoldthe plus side to systemd is the docs are pretty good: https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.unit.html and https://www.freedesktop.org/software/systemd/man/systemd.service.html# should be your starting points05:34
engineer-pearloh uh... is this easier to learn or more flexible than than upstart? I can stop working on that if it is easier.05:34
sarnoldI think systemd is more flexible than upstart; I think upstart is easier than systemd05:35
sarnoldbut 16.04 LTS uses systemd as init and service manager, so that's what's there :) hehe05:35
engineer-pearlOkay then I'll switch over05:36
sarnoldthere are a lot of examples in /lib/systemd/system/ that you can copy from too :)05:36
engineer-pearlUmm... question: I'm trying to run it in "screen" so I can access it later. Do I need to make any adjustments later?05:37
engineer-pearl((one of the things I am doing is starting up a game which has terminal access. I want the game to start up, but I also want that access))05:37
sarnoldahhh so screen wasn't just for getting it to run persistently? hrm...05:37
engineer-pearloh is that going to make it weirder05:37
sarnoldI haven't seen screen used in a systemd unit file before. I can't think of anything off-hand that would keep it from working...05:38
engineer-pearlLots of fancy files... doesn't look to be in bash but idk if I'd know them at this level...05:41
sarnoldengineer-pearl: well, here's a dude who starts screen to start rtorrent: http://www.linuxveda.com/2014/04/28/autostart-process-gnu-screen-systemd/05:41
sarnoldindeed it's very much not bash. that's good and bad.05:41
engineer-pearl:/ so much for just getting a script to run at startup I guess05:41
sarnoldand this guy's got some insane cool tmux thing. Dunno -why- but he's got one: http://askubuntu.com/a/802272/3381205:41
engineer-pearlwait this line looks like what I want! Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS05:42
engineer-pearlhold on didn't copy05:42
engineer-pearlExecStart=/usr/bin/screen -d -m -S rtorrent /usr/bin/rtorrent05:42
sarnoldI thought you'd like that bit :)05:42
engineer-pearlI have questions but it is late on a night where I have to be up bright and early05:44
sarnoldugh :(05:44
engineer-pearloh poop poop poop05:44
engineer-pearlIIf I do it this way, I don't know how to make it so I can attach05:45
engineer-pearlIt will be owned by not-me05:45
sarnoldit'd be owned by whatever user you configure here05:45
engineer-pearlIf it is owned by me, I should be able to attach, right?05:45
sarnoldso you could do something like 'sudo -u USERNAME screen -RAD'05:46
engineer-pearlI'm not entirely sure about the command but yeah, that seems about right, expecially the r05:51
sarnoldscreen -RAD was just the thing I memorized because screen's baffling array of command line options is baffling05:52
engineer-pearlokay, so I've got the tabs, and I'll look into it later05:52
sarnold(I switched to tmux ages ago for no real good reason)05:52
sarnoldthere I think it's just 'tmux attach' :) heh05:53
engineer-pearlbut for now I bid thee a good night05:53
sarnoldyou also, have fun :)05:53
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lordievaderGood morning08:25
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SipriusPTHello guys11:10
SipriusPTI have a smart host (remote.domainX.pt) connected with a remote mail server (mail.domainY.pt), that uses getmail to receive mail from that mail.domainY.pt, and then reroute it with sendmail to local user accounts in this server. My smart host uses mydomain as domainX.pt, config in postfix.11:11
SipriusPTI am able to login clients with this smart host, using domainX.pt. To send mail i am using smtp_sasl_password_maps:11:11
SipriusPTtest@domainX.pt test@domainX.pt:qwe1211:11
SipriusPTWith getmail i was using as destination:11:11
SipriusPT[destination] type = MDA_external path = /usr/sbin/sendmail arguments = ("-bm", "test") unixfrom = true11:11
SipriusPTAnd didnt notice that i was using my @remote.domainX.pt local domain instead of the @domainX.pt do receive mail at postfix.11:12
SipriusPTWhen i tried to redirect mail (with postfix aliases) from a gmail account through this smart host to another gmail account, postfix didnt send my mails with @domainX.pt, it sends as @remote.domainX.pt, and as expected i receive a message from my remote server saying:11:12
SipriusPTDec  6 14:37:12 remote.domainX.pt postfix/smtp[28504]: 0B8BD259F57: to=<test@gmail.com>, orig_to=<test@remote.domainX.pt>, relay=mail.domainX.pt[]:25, delay=0.1, delays=0/0.01/0.07/0.02, dsn=5.0.0, status=bounced (host mail.domainX.pt[] said: 550-Verification failed for <Xserver@remote.domainX.pt> 550-No Such User Here 550 Sender verify failed (in reply to RCPT TO command))11:12
SipriusPTAfter some tests at sendmail through getmail, i also notice that i could only use local user account names as destination or use full email name only with @remote.domainX.pt and not @domainX.pt as i was expecting.11:12
SipriusPTI have also tested with virtual_alias_maps instead of aliases from alias_maps but with that there is no domain associated to my local accounts, it can only be used to local delivery.11:12
SipriusPTSo i am trying to figure out how can i solve this with postfix, to handle just @domainX.pt to receive mail instead of @remote.domainX.pt but i am not seeing a way to fix this.11:12
SipriusPTHere is my main.cf: http://pastebin.com/d9hZaTwp11:13
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jonahHi can anyone please help me out with server downtime. I seem to be getting attacked but hoped someone could help with where. Netstat isn't showing a lot of connections but it seems like a dos as my server is going offline frequently. thanks for any help13:43
mybalzitchjonah: whats your isp say13:44
jonahmybalzitch: they are useless and not answering the phone13:45
mybalzitchdo your mrtg/cacti/whatever port graphs indicate you are being dos'd?13:46
zulcoreycb:im going to drop the arm patch we were carrying for nova its no longer needed apparently13:57
coreycbzul, ok if you are sure13:58
zulcoreycb: i asked13:59
coreycbzul, cool13:59
zulcoreycb: http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/23603616/14:27
showazGreeting, what is best to use a RAID controller support ubuntu? video streaming storage="40TB" & SSD14:33
coreycbzul, maybe transport_url is missing from nova.conf?14:34
zulcoreycb: yep14:36
zulcoreycb: ill figure it out14:37
zulcoreycb: think i have a fix...testing it15:30
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zulcoreycb: nova should be fine again16:12
protnwho here uses evolution?16:30
protnit acting weird with some accounts16:30
protnwont read imap folder16:30
Pinkamena_Dusing ldapsearch I am trying to get info about one user, but the result comes back with a search reference. How do I tell it to follow the reference?17:15
tarpmanPinkamena_D: I don't believe ldapsearch has built-in support for chasing references17:27
SipriusPThello guys17:36
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solidpizzahello, I am wondering what is the simplest way to set up a git server with public clones and authenticated push. I have done this before with ssh and git-daemon but it was a struggle and I can't figure it out again.19:30
solidpizzaand is there a guide that works for this?19:30
tarpmansolidpizza: I had good luck with gitolite3 - it provides a github'ish ssh interface i.e. git@git.example.com:owner/repo - and apache for the r/o http access19:33
Picisolidpizza: I like gitlab, but its definitely a heavier solution.19:45
engineer-pearlI am trying to make a script run at startup, and am currently using http://www.linuxveda.com/2014/04/28/autostart-process-gnu-screen-systemd/ as a template, but my thing is not running. Is there something that breaks down the parts for me so I can figure out what is going wrong?20:56
engineer-pearlStatus upstart gives the error ""com.ubuntu.Upstart" does not exist"21:03
tarpmanengineer-pearl: you said you're using ubuntu 16.04? upstart is gone, replaced by systemd21:05
engineer-pearloops I meant status systemd21:06
tarpman'status' is a command that interacts with upstart21:06
engineer-pearlhuh, odd. I've used it for a few other things. Must be because I upgraded, so it's not a new install.21:06
engineer-pearlSo what's systemd's method of checking things?21:07
tarpmanservice xx status21:08
engineer-pearloh backwards got it21:08
tarpman'service' is a generic tool that will handle all kinds of services (init scripts / upstart / systemd) properly21:08
engineer-pearlwell it looks like I can't have it check its own service... hmm21:10
tarpmanwhat are you trying to do, exactly?21:10
engineer-pearlrun a script that opens screen and does some stuff at startup. So far I have yet to confirm that it actually opens screen21:10
tarpmanI meant which service are you trying to check the status of21:11
engineer-pearlI'm trying to get my script (currently named UpdateAndStart@.service) running, and I wanted to know if systemd was having issues so I could move forward21:12
engineer-pearlLooks like it's not found.21:12
engineer-pearlI was following the instructions here: http://www.linuxveda.com/2014/04/28/autostart-process-gnu-screen-systemd/21:16
engineer-pearlAre there better ones somewhere?21:16
rebootdRunning 16.04 server for an media server, with no-ip for dynamic dns. I can ssh in via the WAN DNS name & ip, but not from a LAN ip. ufw is disabled. openssh is listening on all ip's. what am I missing?22:10
rebootdfyi, it was an ethernet adapter conflict. server was confused about which interface should respond.22:43
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