praisethemoongood morning07:55
praisethemoonelacheche, how is it going?09:11
elachecheGood praisethemoon, u?09:16
praisethemooni'm fine too, thanks :)09:16
praisethemooni heard there is a lot of rain in sousse ..09:16
elachecheYeah, a lot..09:17
elachecheDidn't stop for almost 30min now..09:17
praisethemoonand i thought i would come home todat night :(09:23
elachecheTake care of yourself :)09:32
praisethemoonthank you elacheche <309:36
=== praisethemoon_ is now known as praisethemoon
Chikorepraisethemoon, o/14:20
praisethemoonChikore, yo \o14:20
praisethemoonhow is it going?14:21
Chikoregood and you?14:29
praisethemoonChikore, i'm good as well :)14:39
praisethemoongoing home this weekend14:39
ChikoreGood may be we will meet :D14:41
elachecheHello there! Wassup asghaier :)23:11

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