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matv2mhm is this a regression? bringing up a private browser instance from the regular browser, gives no osk. Not even on touching the addres bar. You cant input adresses.09:40
matv2this is on both my devices09:41
matv2but both are on rc_proposed.09:41
matv2could some one verify if this also snuk into ota14 ?09:41
matv2weird thing is: when you swipe out the app spread, and then go back to that private browser instance, one does magically get an osk09:43
matv2This suggests that this may not be a browser issue09:44
matv2anyoneone can tell me what I should file this against?09:44
matv2popey do you perhaps know who the go-to man is for this?09:47
matv2or woman :)09:48
popeymatv2: either oSoMoN or Elleo perhaps.09:59
popeyor maybe even ahayzen :)10:00
matv2ok thanks10:00
matv2oSoMoN ^^ would that be a browser issue you think?10:01
matv2GeertB \o/10:39
GeertBI have a question about flashing10:39
matv2GeertB just ask :)10:40
GeertBI got a TWRP backup for the OnePlus One. I got the v15 working, but when I download v16 in the phone it needs to restart and install10:40
GeertBAnd after restart it opens TWRP10:40
GeertBAnd doesnt flah10:40
GeertBIs there a ubuntu touch recovery needed?10:40
GeertBOr where does is save the v16 so I can flash it manually10:42
ahayzenpopey, matv2, it sounds the same as comment #12 in https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1506753 ... which was then asked to open a bug in webbrowser-app but i'm not sure i that happened10:42
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1506753 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "keyboard does pop up not after update to r26" [High,Incomplete]10:42
matv2GeertB I have no idea about that sorry. is there no info on ubports on that? or maybe their irc channel or the telegram one10:43
GeertBI only found this link, what is their irc channel?10:43
ahayzenand when we had a look at it, it sounded pretty similar to https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtmir/+bug/1623861 so we wondered if qtubuntu regressed10:43
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1623861 in Canonical System Image "Switching between two windows of the same app using quick swipe from right edge breaks focus" [High,Fix committed]10:43
ahayzenElleo, oSoMoN, did we get any further with that ^^ input bug ?10:44
matv2GeertB i think it is just #ubports10:44
matv2ahayzen right it is pretty much https://bugs.launchpad.net/canonical-devices-system-image/+bug/1506753/comments/1210:48
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1506753 in ubuntu-keyboard (Ubuntu) "keyboard does pop up not after update to r26" [High,Incomplete]10:48
matv2but that comment indeed describes a separate issue10:49
matv2the only difference is that he works around it differently10:49
matv2And the difference is that the bug is now consistant10:50
ahayzenmatv2, just of interest what device are you using ?10:51
matv2ahayzen I use both the M10 and N410:52
ahayzenok thanks10:52
matv2both on rc_proposed10:52
matv2so do you think i should just plus 1 on one of those existing bugs?10:52
ahayzenwell that bug in incomplete and they were told to open a new one...10:53
ahayzeni'm just trying to see if i can see one against the webbrowser10:53
matv2ah ok10:53
ahayzenif there isn't then probably open one against webbrowser-app as suggested in comment #1410:53
matv2ok shall i wait for you to check then10:55
ahayzenmatv2, i can't seem to find one, i'd open a new bug against webbrowser-app and then comment on the other bug with a link to it, so people know it is linked.10:56
matv2ahayzen Right will do that. Thanks for looking10:57
matv2ahayzen just out of interest though: were you not able to reproduce this?10:58
ahayzenmatv2, i need to update my rc-proposed device to check, but IIRC others we able to reproduce easily10:59
matv2Wouldnt it have snuk into stable though? with ota 1410:59
ahayzeni'm not sure, i'm trying to reproduce on my stable device at the moment11:00
matv2cool cause that would be usefull info for the new bug11:02
Elleoahayzen: ah, yeah, I think we decided it was probably Mir focus related, I'll ping some Mir folks again today11:37
ahayzenElleo, thanks :-)11:37
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matv2Elleo your previous remark was still concerning the vanishing osk right? Maybe I better hold off on a new bug until we know what to file against?13:10
Elleomatv2: yep, dednick's going to take a look into it from the Mir side later today :)13:11
matv2awsum. If he needs any logs or testing or whatever he can ping me up.13:14
matv2though that bug is pretty consistant know. not flaky or anything13:14
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romain44join #ubuntu-touch13:44
romain44Hi! I wish I could get some information about a port on an Archos device13:44
romain44I am not working for the company and I wanted to know if I could achieve without their support...13:45
romain44Before I loose my time trying it13:46
romain44Hum. Is there anyone here?13:48
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romain44It is the first time I am using freenode. Am i currently in the chat #ubuntu-touch ?14:02
k1l_romain44: yes, you are14:12
romain44Thank you. :D14:17
* romain44 waves all14:17
romain44(learning irc also)14:17
romain44Unfortunately I must leave to the christmas party of my daughter. But I know it exists and will come back soon14:18
* romain44 waves all (saying good bye)14:18
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raketedoes anyone else have the problem that the terminal just seems to freeze when starting it on bq aquaris m4.5?16:16
raketebefore the latest ota update the terminal appeared too large, and also freezed, now after the upgrade it appears correctly sized, but still freezes16:19
raketefreeze means I can start it, it appears, but then I can use any of the buttons and no keyboard appears16:20
raketeall I can do is close it again16:20
pmcgowanrakete, does it prompt for your passcode?16:21
raketepmcgowan: nope, nothing16:22
dobeyrakete: "m" 4.5?16:23
raketewhats it called? the small bq aquaris16:23
raketethe first ubuntu phone that was released16:23
pmcgowanyep e4.516:23
pmcgowanlet me try here16:23
raketeah ok16:23
dobeyyeah e4.516:24
pmcgowanrakete, you may want to remove its qml cache, thats often an issue16:24
dobeythey have some mX.X phones too, which aren't supported by ubuntu16:24
raketehow? i can ssh into the device16:24
pmcgowanyou can turn on developer mode and use the tools like phablet-shell or adb shell16:25
pmcgowanif you have those16:25
raketewell, I meant, I can already ssh into the device16:25
raketebut I am quite sure I have never enabled developer mode16:26
raketeI have set up so I can ssh into it when I got it16:26
pmcgowanrakete, oh ok, then yes, look in .cache/QML16:26
pmcgowanand remove the one for terminal16:26
raketethat did not fix the problem16:29
raketebut, I remember I DID mess with it actually...16:29
raketeI did that16:29
raketeso, I am going to see if that is the problem16:29
pmcgowanrakete, check the syslog for any apparmor issue as well16:30
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plarssil2100: Hey, I'm planning to reboot heymann for some updates in about 2 hours. Any concern about jobs getting interfered with or anything?16:32
plarssil2100: this is the one connected to most of the phones16:32
raketepmcgowan: nothing related to apparmor shows up in /var/log/syslog if I start the terminal16:37
raketeand /var/lib/apparmor/profiles/click_com.ubuntu.terminal_terminal_0.7.198 looks like it is the default16:38
raketeit actually contains the /** pix, line that I described on askubuntu, so that you can execute all commands from the terminal16:39
pmcgowanrakete, last idea is this https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/qtbase-opensource-src/+bug/157698916:39
ubot5Ubuntu bug 1576989 in qtbase-opensource-src (Ubuntu RTM) "stale lock files freeze apps" [High,Confirmed]16:39
raketeI removed it to test, then the terminal won't open at all and I do get an apparmor error in syslog16:39
raketepmcgowan: yep, that was it!16:41
raketethanks for the help16:41
pmcgowanoh cool16:41
pmcgowanbad bug16:41
raketethats also useful to know when it happens for other qt apps16:41
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ouroumov_Guys I don't know what was done in OTA-14 but congrats to the dev team: My Aquaris E5 now has lower RAM usage and no longer SWAPs.17:34
ouroumov_Thanks a lot ^^17:34
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horuxanhi all19:14
horuxanhelp me please19:14
horuxanto port ubuntu touch for moto g titan19:14
horuxanxt1079 ?19:14
jamescI have a laptop that converts into a touch tablet. I am a developer how can I help the touch aspect of ubuntu22:01
pmcgowanjamesc, there are two related efforts underway - one to provide Unity8 session on the desktop, using a snap package22:06
pmcgowanand another to create an all snaps desktop image, using unity8 and all the convergent touch apps22:07
jamescHow do I know which one to start. Is the first project add existing functionality to the desktop and the second like a whole mode change?22:12
jamescpmcgowan: do I need the phablet-tools or is that for android?22:20
dobeyphablet-tools is some some cli tools for ubuntu phones, but some can be used with android too22:21
pmcgowanjamesc, the work I am talking about is on amd64 PC targeting convertible laptops22:22
dobeyjamesc: what is it that you want to accomplish exactly? i presume you have something in mind that you want to work on22:22
dobey"ubuntu touch" has always been a misnomer22:23
jamescyes this is what I have. I have an lenovo yoga 70022:23
jamescI think scrolling down a webpage instead of selecting the text would be a small start. Or maybe I need to start smaller depending on how difficult this could be22:24
dobeyare you talking about firefox under unity7 or something?22:24
jamescfirefox yes. I'm using ubuntu 16.04 lts is that Unity7 or 8 ?22:25
dobeythe "touch" gesture stuff under unity 7 and x11 isn't really what this channel is for (i know, the name is a bit confusing)22:26
jamescsure which channel do you suggest22:26
dobey#ubuntu-desktop perhaps, though i don't know if anyone is really working on those bits22:26
jamescI even need to probably disable the keyboard first when its in tent mode. ok thanks22:27
dobeythis channel is about ubuntu on phones and such, with unity8/mir22:27
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