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pete-woodsgreyback: hi! do you mind reviewing this trivial MR for qtmir? (https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/qtmir/cmake-extras-compatibility/+merge/312709)10:45
Saviqpete-woods, will you do Breaks: in cmake-extras?11:00
pete-woodsSaviq: when it does break, yes11:00
pete-woodsSaviq: but we can't do that until a huge pile of MRs for other projects land11:01
pete-woodsat the moment you will get a deprecation warning11:01
pete-woodsbut that will become a break when there's no-one left I can see11:01
Saviqpete-woods, where is th ecmake-extras 0.10?11:02
Saviqgot a silo we could run our CI against?11:02
pete-woodsSaviq: it's already landed into X, and is in proposed in Z11:03
Saviqah just got published, so a rerun should be enough11:03
pete-woodsSaviq: the MRs for all reverse build-deps are in that silo above11:03
pete-woodsand it's attempting to build right no11:04
pete-woodsso we should see if I've made any mistakes11:04
pete-woodsSaviq: there's also  https://code.launchpad.net/~pete-woods/ubuntu-settings-components/cmake-extras-compatibility/+merge/31271311:04
pete-woodsI think it's only qtmir and u-s-c in your team's direction11:05
pete-woodsseems unity8 doesn't use any of them yet11:05
pete-woods^ that's the list of packages11:05
pete-woodsand the usage of any macros that are being moved11:05
Saviqkk, tx11:07
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