squish102one night with the google pixel and it is a sweet device03:23
squish102really nice03:23
theblazehensquish102 Which one?03:23
squish102i got the smallest one for my daughter03:25
squish102i ordered the XL with 128G for myself, but only shipping in Jam03:26
squish102wife got samsung S7, and I think pixel is much better (i have a hate for samsung)03:26
theblazehenSamsung's alright, if you get rid of their software03:30
squish102hardware is nice... preinstalled crap that makes it hard to uninstall is bad03:34
squish102like i have a note 4 and whenever you connect to the car with bluetooth and i have to put volume up03:35
theblazehenEh, power off, vol down + home + power, some other steps, makes it better. Never got to experience a nexus before though03:35
squish102it gives me a warning and i have to accept the louder volume.03:35
theblazehenYeah.. Aux cable here, same thing03:36
* theblazehen hasn't built a rom that takes my modem for my phone yet03:36
squish102samsung doesnt give you a way to get rid of it unless you root03:36
squish102all i hear now is my daughter going "ok google"03:52
theblazehenhi thatgraemeguy06:10
theblazehensquish102 why not increase the volume on your car?06:11
MaNImaybe he chose his car brand poorly as well so needs to root the car to change any settings as well :p06:14
theblazehenMaNI heh. I'd like a car I could root06:19
paddatrappertheblazehen: One of the new Tesla cars? They run Linux, so you should be able to get root somehow06:23
theblazehenpaddatrapper sounds fun. Let's hope it's not connected to the CAN bus06:23
chesedolol morning all08:01
paddatrappermornin chesedo 08:07
Kilos-greetings everyone, 16.04 up and running on ssd on lappy09:13
Kilos-superfly: when you flying09:13
superflyKilos-: 20th of December (this is about the 5th time I'm typing it now)09:14
Kilosi just got here man09:15
Kilosslow i know but im here09:15
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Kilosi dont read logs09:15
inetprogood mornings09:15
Kiloshi inetpro 09:15
Kilosyou ok?09:15
inetprogoed, goed09:15
Kilostopic outa date you know09:15
inetprosince when?09:15
Kilosnext meeting09:16
Kiloslemme go see on lappy09:16
Kilos-you just did it09:16
Kilos-you win this timew09:17
inetprohaha 😂😂09:17
* inetpro slaap in die nag09:17
Kilos-well done sir09:17
inetpronow all you need to do is to set up the Agenda on that page09:18
Kilos-chesedo: does that09:18
Kilos-i might be in hospital09:18
Kilos-going the 14th will reports from aus docs so who knows what they decide09:19
chesedoinetpro Kilos- will do soon...09:19
Kilos-ty lad09:21
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
=== MaNL is now known as MaNI
LangjanHi guys13:24
MaazLangjan: By the way, paddatrapper on freenode told me "Tell Langjan I'm in Cape Town" 1 day, 38 minutes and 40 seconds ago13:24
Langjanthks Maaz 13:24
Langjanyoure a good bot 13:24
paddatrappersuperfly: ^ seems that iterum doesn't wrap to date after a while13:25
paddatrapperLangjan: And soon he shall be improved too13:25
superflypaddatrapper: indeed. not sure why I had that13:26
superflyMaaz: seen Kilos13:26
Maazsuperfly: Kilos was last seen 4 hours, 9 minutes and 43 seconds ago in #ubuntu-za on freenode [2016-12-09 11:16:28 SAST], and has been online on freenode since 2016-12-09 12:28:53 SAST13:26
LangjanGreat are you updgrading him? 13:26
paddatrappersuperfly: There is the trick13:26
paddatrapperLangjan: Forked the codebase to make iterum, yes13:26
Kilosim here13:26
Kiloshi Langjan 13:27
LangjanThats Greek to me paddatrapper  13:27
superflyKilos: I know you are, I just needed to test something13:27
Langjanhi Kilos hoe gaan dit?13:27
paddatrappersuperfly: Looks like it takes the system's timezone? (assume that it is running on a server in SAST time)13:27
paddatrapperLangjan: superfly and I are upgrading him13:27
KilosMaaz ddg hello13:27
superflypaddatrapper: aaaahhh!!!!13:27
superflypaddatrapper: now my bug report makes sense13:28
Kilosok dankie Langjan het geslaap13:28
LangjanGood then he will bring real coffee?13:28
LangjanYou feel like a challenge Kilos ?13:28
Kiloswhat did you break13:29
LangjanNothing serious just interesting13:29
Kilosclean installed13:29
Langjannoooo ways13:29
LangjanI have got rid of the virus13:29
Kilosok so whats the challenge13:30
Langjanbut now it boots on black screen where logo and progress bar should be13:30
Kilosoh my13:30
Langjannow i'm here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/143330/how-can-i-customize-the-ubuntu-boot-up-logo13:30
Kilossee if there is anything called splash screen13:31
Kilosits the splash missing13:31
Langjanthe process is too complicated for me, hoped you will guide me thro it13:31
Kilosok let me see13:31
Kilosdid you download it13:33
LangjanI would actually like to do this but I think I need to get screen back first: http://askubuntu.com/questions/775301/unable-to-use-a-custom-splash-screen-in-ubuntu-16-04lts 13:33
Kilosthen just run those commands one at a time in terminal13:33
Kilosim sure the splash comes with the gui13:34
Kiloscan you open synaptic13:34
LangjanHave done a few times, dead end with plymouth module "(/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/plymouth//.so)" missing, skipping that theme 13:35
Langjanyes synaptic been there too 13:36
Langjanok its open13:36
Kilostype in ubuntu in synaptic13:36
Kilosthen right click reinstall everything thats installed13:36
Kilosi looked in here and dont see kubuntu-desktop anymore13:37
Kilosmaybe ubuntu-desktop still exists13:37
LangjanIm sure it does, I did reinstall desktop13:37
Kilosoh my and no splash screen13:38
LangjanI get that plymouth message every time13:39
Kiloshow did you get rid of your virus13:39
Langjanhave repaired and reinstalled those packages, no diff 13:39
Kilosok lets try something else13:40
LangjanOK I know I should have kept notes, sorry boss13:40
Kilosso you can read the boot in info13:40
Langjanyou mean during boot - grub? yes13:41
Kilosi need to find where it is13:41
Kilosi think usr13:41
Kilosor etc13:41
Kilossudo nano /etc/default/grub13:42
Langjanok then I must close synaptic13:42
Langjanand stop the ubuntu process13:43
Kilosif something is running then wait13:43
Langjanno im still marking the ubuntu items13:44
Kilosbut terminal should interfere13:44
Kilosok do that first then man13:44
Langjanerminal will wait for synaptic to stop13:44
Kilosek sukkel met die ou mense13:44
Langjantheres some biiiig files13:44
Kilosok im in no rush13:44
Kilosi go make coffee13:45
Langjanyou sidetracked me, its only about 70 MB13:45
Langjanrunning now13:45
Langjancheeky youngster...13:46
Kilosthats one thing ive learned about van der merwes13:47
Kilosthey are masters at passing the buck13:47
Kilosas in you sidetracked me13:48
Kiloslemme go make coffee13:48
Langjanok im into that grub file13:49
Kilosscroll down slow till you see 13:51
KilosGRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash"13:52
Kilosand put a # in front of it13:52
Langjanok done13:53
Kilosremove the hash13:53
Kilosthe ctrl+o13:53
Kilosand ctrl+x13:53
Kilosoh enter in between13:54
Kilosthen reboot and tell me what you see13:54
Langjanja now you tell me...13:54
Langjanok bye for now13:55
Langjannot uipdate grub first?13:55
Kilosoh ya13:55
Kilossudo update-grub13:56
Langjansukkel met julle jongmanne...13:56
Kiloswell done old man13:56
Kilosso cheeky13:56
Kilosoh my he got lost13:58
Kilosoh my i made a mistook13:58
KilosMaaz tell langjan in  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" delete quiet splash between the " "13:59
MaazKilos: Got it, I'll tell Langjan on freenode13:59
Kilosai! ek word oud13:59
Langjanhi there14:00
MaazLangjan: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell langjan in  GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet splash" delete quiet splash between the " "" 42 seconds ago14:00
Kilosundo what i told you to do in that line oom14:00
Kilosskuus man14:00
Kilosthat is remove the hash in front of it14:01
Kilosand delete only quiet splash not the 2 " " goodies14:02
Langjanai sukkel met julle jongmanne14:02
Langjannow update-grub and reboot again?14:03
Kilosthen tell me what you read14:04
Kiloshee hee14:04
KilosMaaz ask langjan can you read that fast???14:05
MaazKilos: Righto, I'll ask Langjan on freenode14:05
Kilosi go find headache pills14:05
LangjanNo diff except for millions of small letters and also bigger writing. I believe the key is here: http://askubuntu.com/questions/775301/unable-to-use-a-custom-splash-screen-in-ubuntu-16-04lts14:07
MaazLangjan: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "ask langjan can you read that fast???" 2 minutes and 11 seconds ago14:07
Langjannot quite that fast14:08
Kilosi believe you can pause it to catch up14:08
Kilosthen you can read if there are errors in booting14:08
Langjanhow? press pause?14:09
Kilosask inetpro 14:09
Kilosmaybe pause works14:09
Kilosi always take too long to find the pause button14:09
Kilosthat looks like the fix Langjan 14:11
Kiloswill make you think though14:11
Kilosand that could be painful14:11
LangjanNo difference except for a lot of new letters on boot14:11
Kilosno man14:11
Kilosyou need to undo changes in /etc/default/grub14:12
Kilosthats all too high geeky for me unless i can do it slowly and bit by bit14:15
Kilosmaybe easier way id to ask paddatrapper to write a script for you14:15
Kilossomething like lets fix the ooms blunders script14:16
Kilosyou should have left the kde boot logo man14:16
* paddatrapper sees a wall of text14:16
Kilosdont fix what isnt broken14:16
paddatrapperWhat am I doing now?14:16
KilosLangjan s unty booted with the kde logo because i think he installed kubuntu then put a unity gui over it14:17
Kilosso always showed the kde boot logo even though on unity desktop14:17
Kilosthat was a virus in his old mend14:18
Kilosso he removed it but dunno how14:18
paddatrapperKDE boot logo where?14:18
Kilosno work for you paddatrapper 14:18
Kiloswas a joke14:18
Kilosyou know when kde starts14:18
Kilosthe kubuntu boot logo shows14:19
paddatrapperSounds like he's still using KDE's login manager... Switching that to whatever Unity uses should do it14:19
* paddatrapper will read the backlog now now14:19
Kilosrest man well g through things14:19
LangjanHi paddatrapper 14:20
Langjanthe ubuntu logo shows on shutdown14:20
paddatrapperHey Langjan 14:20
KilosLangjan https://www.google.co.za/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=0ahUKEwjjj4Chp-fQAhUpLcAKHVUeBa0QFggoMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Faskubuntu.com%2Fquestions%2F129218%2Fhow-to-return-the-login-screen-to-the-default&usg=AFQjCNHGZXwRzg9IloDPCiSS-hzO1yuaFQ14:20
Kilosclick it an14:21
paddatrapperOk. I'm just wrapping up work for the day then will have a look14:21
Langjanok man14:21
superflypaddatrapper: Ubuntu and friends use plymouth14:22
Kilosand dont rush so14:22
Kilosyou forget i have one blind eye and the other one also sukkels to see14:22
Kilosi like booting in text mode14:23
Kilosthen if someone is watching i can say im just checking for errors14:23
LangjanI have been to that site and thos instructions, tried again but did not get light dm option to select14:25
Kilosoh my14:26
Langjanno output after sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm14:26
Kilosmaybe you dont have lightdm running anymore14:27
Kilosreinstall lightdm14:27
Kilosaptitude reinstall lightdm14:27
superflyKilos: ai14:27
superflyKilos: if you really want to mess up your system, just blindly install desktop managers14:28
Kiloshe is running unity14:28
superflyunit is a DE, not a DM14:28
Kiloswhats a de14:28
superflyDesktop Environment14:29
Kiloshave they dropped lightdm14:29
superflySorry, DM = display manager14:29
Kilosi would have reinstalled lightdm then installed gdm then you get to choose which one you want to use14:29
Kilossurely that would have worked?14:30
Kilosthanks for jumping in superfly 14:30
superflybecause they both start up at the same time, and then you end up with a computer that boots to a black screen because they're fighting for control14:31
Kiloscan you tell him what to do please14:31
superflyKilos: but changing your DM is not going to fix your bootsplash14:31
superflyai ai ai14:31
LangjanHi guys, I did the sudo apt-get install --reinstall ubuntu-desktop and its back and working. Many thanks14:31
Kilosgdm and lightdm give you an option to choose one or the other14:31
Kilosapt-get still works14:32
Kiloswell done Langjan 14:32
Langjanyes it does, only a bit longer way to same destrination?14:32
Kiloswhy didnt synaptic fix that14:32
Kilosdidnt you see ubuntu-desktop14:32
Langjangood question14:33
Kilosyou must slow down old man14:33
Kilosmore haste less speed14:33
LangjanI did reisnstall desktop, that time dod not work. I think the virus was still around...!!14:34
Kilosim happy you have it like you want it Langjan '14:34
Kilossorry for misleading you14:34
LangjanWel I was gonna say you get right in 5 minutes what I cant in 5 hours, but it took you 30 plus mins in the end - getting old hey? 14:35
Kilosyes im tired today for some reason14:35
Langjanai sorry14:35
Langjan dan pla die ou man jou ook nog 14:35
paddatrapperGlad it is fixed Langjan 14:35
Kiloseven took a big swig of vinegar to thin blood14:35
Langjanthks paddatrapper 14:35
Langjanand for the help 14:36
Langjan you also superfly 14:36
Kilosyes ty my guys14:36
KilosLangjan on the 20th superfly leaves us14:36
Kiloswell the country anyway14:36
LangjanWhy and where to?14:36
Kilosyou dont know??14:37
Kiloshis wife had to leave because her visa expired14:37
Kilosbut they got kids here how skeef is that14:37
Kilosand fly dont like sleeping alone so he is following14:37
Langjanthats a real shame14:38
Kilosyou must keep up with the news old man14:38
Langjanmaybe better for him to leave zuma and malema14:38
Kilosyes real shame but maybe better for them all14:38
Langjanand mugabe14:38
Langjanmaimane not much better14:38
Langjanso sorry to see you go superfly but hope all ends well, very well14:39
Langjanat least the yanks can play sevens14:39
Kilosim sad14:39
superflyI'm not going to New York.14:40
Kiloshim and pro were my first contacts in here14:40
superflyI'm going to Arizona.14:40
Kilosfly even had to tell me how to use irc to get here14:40
LangjanOK well best of luck to you, will hopefully keep in touch14:40
Kilosstorm coming so power could go guys , be good14:41
Langjanwell I'm glad he did14:41
Kilosyes we just have to stay up late 14:41
Langjanok enjoy the rain14:41
Kilos not here yet14:41
Kilosboom booms only14:41
Langjango well you stars 14:41
KilosLangjan 14:42
Kilosdont fix what isnt broken14:42
Kilosleave well enough alone14:42
Langjanlearning slow14:42
Langjanthks good advice14:42
Kilosi enjoy you being here you know14:42
Kilosus toppies can have fun at times14:43
Langjanstarted when I wanted to make you happy by dabbling with kde14:43
Kiloslemme go shutdown desktop14:43
Kilosyes i remember that14:43
Langjanif it did not we would not have had this afternoons fun...14:43
Langjanbywe for now lekker naweek almal14:44
Kilosnet gone17:51
Kilosi just popping in to say night everyone18:55
Kilossleep tight18:55
Kilosstill storming here18:55
inetproKilos: why?18:55
Kiloswhy what18:55
inetproisn't it a bit early to go sleep yet?18:55
Kilosno i am rather old you know18:55
inetprogood evening btw :-)18:56
Kiloshi inetpro 18:56
Kilosif you have something to say ill stay18:56
KilosMaaz hmm...18:56
Maazhmm... is often used to try make others believe one is actually thinking18:56
inetprodefine if18:56
KilosMaaz define if18:57
MaazKilos: If \If\, conj. [OE. if, gif, AS. gif; akin to OFries. ief, gef, ef, OS. ef, of, D. of, or, whether, if, G. ob whether, if, OHG. oba, ibu, Icel. ef, Goth. iba, ibai, an interrogative particle; properly a case form of a noun meaning, doubt (cf. OHG. iba doubt, condition, Icel. if, ef, ifi, efi), and therefore orig. meaning, on condition that.] 1. In case that;18:57
Maazgranting, allowing, or supposing that; -- introducing a condition or supposition. [1913 …18:57
inetprodespite the possibility that; no matter whether18:58
inetproeg: "if it takes me seven years, I shall do it"18:58
Kilosshould be even if18:58
inetprocould also be expressing surprise or regret18:59
Kilosdont you have anything constructive to say18:59
Kilosand dont smirk either19:00
inetprohaha :-)19:00
inetprosorry oom19:00
inetprojy kan maar gaan slaap19:00
inetproas jy moeg is19:00
Kilosag baie dankie boetie19:00
inetpromaar net as19:00
Kilosnet kwaai kop seer19:00
inetproKilos: goeie nagrus!19:01
inetprohoop jy voel more beter19:01
Kilosdankie en jy ook19:01
Kilossien jou more19:01
Kilosek sal moenie worry nioe19:02

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