AnrDaemonericsysmin: What do you mean by "list of vars"?00:19
ericsysmini want to name a value lets say, "myvar" and set it to "value" then reference "myvar" multiple times in both script, and post-stop portions of upstart, how would I do that?00:22
ericsysmini've seen using env myvar=value and i'd put that above script00:23
ericsysminnot sure if that's correct though00:23
AnrDaemonericsysmin: It's correct, but highly questionable practice.00:55
AnrDaemonericsysmin: First, it opens up the possibility to manipulate your daemon externally by setting these vars at init time.00:56
ericsysminso it's best to manually set these?01:04
ericsysminand not use vars in upstart01:04
AnrDaemonYou can, and sometimes should use vars. But consider their use carefully.01:07
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