vagarwalhas anyone tested conjure novalxd setup? does it work out of the box or requires one to make changes to openstack networking?11:05
vagarwali cannot ping any instance. security groups are fine and i don't know where to look. please help11:06
deanmanvagarwal, does `lxc list` bring anything up ?11:20
vagarwaldeanman: lxc list is showing several containers with juju prefix with ip assigned to them11:21
vagarwali can access openstack horizon using one of the container ip address (as provided by the installer)11:22
deanmanI think to be able to ping openstack instances you have to enable ICMP rules11:23
vagarwali can launch an instance and use "ext-net" that is infact the conjureup0 subnet (10.99.0.xxx)11:23
vagarwaldeanman: that was what i thought and i can clearly see the security group has allowed everything11:24
vagarwali can ping (router ip) but i cannot ping the instance
deanmanHmm can you try to ssh into that machine ?11:25
vagarwalit looks like the default router setting is not correct in the conjure novalxd setup11:25
vagarwali cannot ssh either11:25
vagarwali did a tcpdump on my the host machine and i can see there is no reply coming for echo11:25
vagarwalpossible mising some nat rules? i got no idea how ovs works, hence clueless here11:26
vagarwals/echo/icmp echo11:26
deanmanTo be honest i haven't used conjure myself so i don't know how exactly it works, e.g. are VM deployed with open stack seen as LXD instances on host or are they nested ?11:27
vagarwalopenstack is using lxd as well11:35
deanmanso you can see extra lxc instances created on `lxc list` when using OS11:40
deanmanMaybe you could then use `lxc exec <lxd name> bash` to gain shell access inside that and check network configuration ?11:41
deanmanHave you seen this ? https://www.stgraber.org/2016/10/26/lxd-2-0-lxd-and-openstack-1112/11:43
kildurinCan the openstack-base charm be installed behind a proxy?15:41
kildurinIt uses "git://" addresses in the charm which I can't see a way to route to the proxy15:42
marcoceppikildurin: openstack-base should only really use the packages unless you're installing from upstream15:59
marcoceppikildurin: try setting your proxy settings in your model15:59
vagarwaldeanman: i will look into ovs and read about neutron16:13
vagarwali will even give a try to stgraber's method that involves manually spinning out the containers16:14
deanmanvagarwal: well I was intrigued and bootstrapped stgraber's openstack just before leaving home. At least I could have a look on mine and share whether I see the same problem.16:24

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