geniiThere seems to be some stray iconv things in libcxxtools-dev00:01
wxli'm pretty sure it's gnulibs00:01
wxli'm testing the theory now00:01
clivejogiven the website and the goat I agree00:02
wxlthis is further proof it IS gnu/linux00:03
tsimonq2Shush with your terminology00:03
tsimonq2It's Linux.00:03
tsimonq2JUST Linux.00:03
wxlbut it has gnulibs00:03
tsimonq2L I N U X. No slash. No animal.00:03
wxland gnucoreutils00:04
wxland gnu---- XD00:04
valorieall hail the gnu! hurd forevar00:05
tsimonq2"Recently, the arrival of desktop Linux (and, no, I refuse to say GNU/Linux as much I refuse to say GNU/X/OpenBox/LXDE instead of Lubuntu) was announced." -Walter Lapchynski00:05
wxlhurd forever00:08
clivejowxl: are we there yet?00:08
wxlclivejo: with hurd? no. give it about 10,000 more years.00:08
wxlclivejo: with kexi? no. still building.00:08
clivejowith kexi!00:08
wxlclivejo: with desktop Linux? yeah. long time ago.00:08
valoriesince 2001 for me00:09
wxli'd say that's probably about accurate00:09
valorieabout half of my machines have been dual-boot with windows, but I never logged into the windows00:10
valorieso eventually it always got disappeared00:10
wxlew dual boot00:11
tsimonq2clivejo: lol00:12
valoriewell I always intend to check out building or using KDE apps on windows00:12
valorieonly so much time in every day00:13
wxlbut then you'd have to actually use it00:13
valorieso true00:14
wxlat that point just do a windows vm00:14
valoriethat involves installing windows00:14
wxloh yeah00:15
valoriewhich ....00:15
wxlnevermind XD00:15
wxlk word on the street is that it's already in glibc, so should be good00:18
wxldarn thing failed again tho00:18
wxlusr/share/locale issues00:18
wxlgetting there!00:19
clivejowxl: are we there yet?00:49
wxlclivejo: are we sure this is right? https://git.launchpad.net/~kubuntu-packagers/kubuntu-packaging/+git/kexi/commit/debian/kexi-l10n.install?h=kubuntu_unstable&id=c4e577d12fa56fca69dc71ccc09a16d2a97a7de300:52
wxlcuz that's the problem00:53
wxldh_install: kexi-l10n missing files: usr/share/locale/00:54
* wxl wishes cgit had a blame00:59
valoriecan't you git-blame #commit# ?01:00
valorieno matter where you get it from01:00
wxland yes i can do it with git-blame but it's nice to be able to brwose around01:01
valorieI get your point01:01
valoriefile a bug with cgit!01:02
wxlso if we DO NOT build kexi-l10n, we're good01:04
clivejol10n is a pain in the backside01:05
wxldo you have any suggestions?01:05
clivejoyes, force everyone to speak English01:05
wxlso maybe i should just push this as is with kexi-l10n.install commented out?01:06
clivejofor some reason languages arent stored in git master01:06
wxlmaybe a #TODO FIXME DARNIT01:06
clivejothey stored separate on some magic server somewhere01:06
valoriethey aren't stored in git master because the translators don't get the strings until the freeze before release01:07
valoriestring freeze01:07
clivejobut the release tar balls are spun with them included01:07
valorieexactly, they are in SVN because reasons01:07
clivejoso we still need those packages01:07
valoriemagic server from the past.....01:08
wxlso i should leave it messed up?01:08
clivejois it causing a lintian error?01:08
clivejowhats it doing?01:08
clivejoI guess comment it out, and we'll need to undo that for release01:10
wxlshould i made a note undo at release?01:10
clivejoIm not sure how they intend to do it01:11
clivejothey used to have a huge calligra l10n package01:11
clivejobut now they split out kexi and krita I dont know how that is going to work01:11
valorieseems like a question for the distributions list?01:12
valorieeveryone will have the same question01:12
clivejoyou could try packaging 2.99.9001:12
wxlyou want an MP for this?01:13
valorieand all the distros will appreciate clarification01:13
clivejosee if the l10n files are in the release tarball01:13
clivejowxl: would be a good test if uscan works :)01:14
wxlthere's po's in there01:14
clivejoany tinky winky's?01:14
wxli guess for now i'm going to push this as is01:15
wxloh boy, clivejo :)01:15
wxli'll work on packaging this in a bit01:15
wxli gotta go see my mother in law who just got out of surgery01:15
wxlyou want an MP, clivejo ?01:15
clivejowxl: package up that beta with your current packaging and throw it at one of your PPA's01:16
wxlwill do01:16
wxlbut meanwhile.. XD01:16
clivejoI think you could just push it01:16
clivejowe have discussed all the changes?01:16
wxli did two things:01:16
wxl 1. added glib01:17
wxl(as a build-depends)01:17
wxl 2. commented out kde-l10n01:17
clivejo3. Chnagelog?01:17
wxli guess i should, shouldn't i01:17
* clivejo nods01:17
clivejoactually that version number is wrong :(01:19
clivejoits .90 not 91 :(01:19
wxluh oh you messed up you messed up you messed up XD01:20
wxlhow od we fix that?>01:20
clivejooh wait01:20
clivejothey must have respun01:20
clivejo2.99.90 and 2.99.9101:21
wxlgrab 91 and give it a go in a ppa01:21
wxli'll do that when i'm back from the hospital01:21
* clivejo nods01:21
clivejoif you get time01:22
* clivejo wonders how Neon handle l10n stuffs01:22
wxlthat's where i'm confused01:22
wxltheir kexi doesn't have a kexi-l10n01:22
valoriethey don't do it for unstable01:22
wxlbut your commit that added that says you got help from them01:22
valorieonly for released stuff01:23
wxloh there you go then01:23
valoriebecause of the issue you encountered01:23
clivejoHaruld probably has a magic unicorn that lays l10n packages01:23
valoriehe may personally speak all the languages!01:24
wxlk talk so01:24
* valorie goes off to find pizza01:25
* clivejo falls around looking for more JD01:25
clivejohi DarinMiller01:32
DarinMillerHey clivejo!01:33
clivejohow are you?01:33
DarinMillerI am quite fine now that the weekend is here!  And you?01:34
clivejolittle drunk :)01:34
DarinMillerVery good ... :) 01:35
DarinMillerSpinning up ZZ install after reading thru some the action here today...01:36
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kexi build #9: NOW UNSTABLE in 19 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kexi/9/01:41
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #13: STILL FAILING in 19 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/13/01:41
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #9: STILL FAILING in 19 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/9/01:41
clivejoooo lintian01:46
* clivejo shakes head01:46
* DarinMiller does not speak lintian yet .... thinks chinese might be easier....01:47
clivejoits rather annoying01:51
clivejofailed that package because lintian is too "new"01:51
DarinMillerzz install and updates went well.  The Driver Manager struggled though and enventually failed.  I selected new driver option and Intel microcode; hit apply and menu would re-arrange itself without installing anything. After 3rd try, I installed Nvidia and microcode from command line without issue.01:52
DarinMillerWhich package has lintian that is too new?  01:53
DarinMillerOh yeah, new toys coming ....! ATTENTION - ACHTUNG !01:55
clivejowell it will be much the same, only faster :)01:56
DarinMillerI search the console output for "fail", "error" and lintian.  Could not find any of the above.   How does one find a lintian error?01:59
clivejoits the build log01:59
clivejoamd64 on the left hand side02:00
clivejo=== Start lintian02:00
DarinMillerOh, I clicked on build 14.  Is 14 the build in progress?02:00
clivejowhen it failes, KCI automatically retries it02:01
clivejoit failed the package because of E: kexi source: build-depends-on-obsolete-package build-depends: libmysqlclient-dev => default-libmysqlclient-dev02:01
DarinMillerI was wondering why the left hand links were strange?02:01
clivejoyou can also click on Parsed Console02:03
clivejothat will show you a traffic light of the errors and warnings02:03
* DarinMiller Does like the parsed console window... have to run browser full screen to make it readable....02:04
DarinMillerTrafic light should be across the top..... (maybe I can fix one day...)02:04
DarinMillerSo is something missing from here: https://lintian.debian.org/tags/ that's causing it to fail?02:08
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #14: STILL FAILING in 23 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/14/02:09
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #10: STILL FAILING in 22 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/10/02:09
clivejo!info default-libmysqlclient-dev02:09
ubottuPackage default-libmysqlclient-dev does not exist in yakkety02:09
clivejo!info default-libmysqlclient-dev zesty02:09
ubottudefault-libmysqlclient-dev (source: mysql-defaults): MySQL database development files (metapackage). In component main, is optional. Version 1.0.0ubuntu1 (zesty), package size 3 kB, installed size 9 kB02:09
clivejoits a new package that should replace libmysqlclient-dev02:10
clivejobut XX and YY dont have it, so we used the old name libmysqlclient-dev in the control file02:10
clivejobut lintian has versions02:10
clivejoand the newer versions know about this change and complain if you use the old name02:11
clivejoin xenial, it doesnt know about the new standand and is using an old version02:13
clivejoW: kexi source: newer-standards-version 3.9.8 (current is 3.9.7)02:13
clivejoDarinMiller: how far did you and Simon get with kdevelop?02:19
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Ohai02:19
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Deps are fun02:19
DarinMillerclivejo: we attempted to compile but we were missing a ppa or 2.02:23
clivejoa ppa?02:24
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> s/a ppa or 2/some deps/02:24
clivejoyou have to build them first :P02:25
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> I know. I was tired and gave up. :P02:25
DarinMillerthe deps were not in ppa?02:25
clivejolike building a lego house02:25
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Rule #1: Never build a lego house around Max. :P02:26
clivejowell you should build them to 5.0.202:26
clivejoso they dep wait on the newer ones02:26
DarinMillerwhy not 5.0.3?02:26
clivejooh sorry02:26
clivejothats what I meant02:26
clivejono, he likes to help too much02:28
DarinMillertsimonq2: will you have some time this weekend to drag me thru the kdevelop build?02:31
DarinMillertsimonq2: you lost me when we encounter the dep issue and I was not able to flounder my way to a solution02:33
clivejowxl: ^^02:34
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Sure Darin02:34
DarinMillertsimonq2: Cool, let me know what time works for you.  It's snowy here this weekend but not enough for skiing, so I whenever you a have a moment.02:36
DarinMillerWow, clivejo did you sleep in today (or yesterday) or are you like me and just hate going to bed?02:37
clivejojust got carried away with packaging02:38
clivejowxl has been working on kexi02:39
clivejohe added kdb to LP git, added it to KCI to build and then got kexi building using it02:40
clivejothat a screenshot of the application running on zesty :)02:40
clivejoso he should pat himself on the back02:41
clivejoeven though KCI is reporting it as a failure, its not really02:41
clivejoDarinMiller: have you a test machine?02:42
DarinMillerYes (I have too many test machines.  )02:43
clivejoone you dont mind breaking?02:43
* clivejo wishes he had that problem02:43
DarinMillerI can always test, just let know.02:43
clivejomy poor laptop is on its last legs!02:43
clivejowould you do a test of KCI on zesty?02:44
clivejoon real hardware if possible?02:44
DarinMillersure, how?02:44
clivejoinstall zesty then add the KCI PPA02:44
valoriedid kde-runtime get fixed, clivejo?02:45
clivejowe just removed it02:45
valorieI"m wondering if I should try upgrading my travel lappy to 16.1002:45
valorieas it is, pretty worthless02:45
clivejoyakkety isnt in a good state02:46
valorieI'm in no hurry02:46
clivejowere did you get up to?02:46
clivejolast I seen it was trying to install the KCI version, but I had deleted it from the PPA02:47
clivejoRik was telling you how to downgrade it02:47
clivejodid that not work?02:47
valorieI downgraded, made no difference02:47
valorielot so different tests, no difference02:48
valorieit never gets to SDDM, but I don't think SDDM is the problem02:48
clivejodid you add back the KCI PPA?02:48
* DarinMiller feels stupid. Does not know the KCI ppa of which Clive speaks. Wonders if he means https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/ppa02:48
clivejodo a full upgrade02:48
clivejoDarinMiller: https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ci/+archive/ubuntu/unstable/02:49
valorieclivejo: I tried it, then ppa-purged02:49
valorieno change02:49
clivejotry adding it back02:50
clivejomake sure you do an apt update02:50
clivejothen a full-upgrade02:50
valorieso it could be something else, and kci was just coincidental02:50
valorieI did02:50
valorieI was able to successfully login to windows (for the first time) so it isn't hardware02:50
clivejoDarinMiller: usually a VERY bad idea to add this PPA02:50
valoriealso tried previous kernels02:51
clivejoit will kill kittens and push your granny down the stairs given half the chance02:51
clivejovalorie: have you proposed or anything enabled02:51
valorieno, but I will when I see that folks are having good success02:52
valorieremember, this is just 16.0402:52
clivejoyeah, its strange02:52
clivejocause it was working with KCI enabled02:52
valoriefortunately, time is not of the essence02:53
valorieit was!02:53
clivejodo you remember what you did just before it broke?02:53
valorieno, shut it down healthy02:55
valoriestarted it up dark02:55
valoriewe were talking about it, so I might be able to find our conversation02:55
clivejocan you try "sudo apt install --reinstall kubuntu-desktop"02:56
valorieI'm not fussed02:56
valoriethat I didn't try02:56
clivejowith KCI enabled and updated02:56
valoriein progress03:00
DarinMillerwow, only 439  packages to update.... downloading now....03:00
valorie454 here03:00
clivejosounds right03:00
valorieusing my phone for internet03:01
DarinMiller#39 only 400 to go....03:02
clivejoDarinMiller: you dont have a fast connection?03:02
DarinMillerclivejo: Friday nights are not usually fast (everyone in neighborhood probably watching netflix....)03:03
DarinMillerMost of the time its ok.03:03
valorieclivejo: what in the heck are you doing awake still?03:03
valorie63% done03:03
clivejoIm in shock to be honest03:04
DarinMillerwow, valirie has a fast phone....03:04
valoriewell, I'm using it to share the network03:04
DarinMillerclivejo: waiting up for st. Nick?03:04
clivejothis past few days Ive had an LTE connection on my phone03:04
clivejoand I dont know how or why03:05
DarinMillerAre you using LTE for your current  internet connection?03:06
DarinMillerSounds kind of light weight.03:06
clivejovery poor03:06
clivejobut billion times faster than my old internet03:07
clivejodown the phone line03:07
DarinMilleroh yes. Phone lines were painful.03:08
clivejovalorie: nearly there yet?03:09
clivejoI got rid of my phone line03:09
valorie19% installed03:10
valoriegoing quickly03:10
DarinMilleronly 47% dl'd03:10
clivejo9 miles of 1960's copper cable has no chance to supporting internet, gets it tight hearing an analogue voice !03:14
valorieimo it should be a responsibility of a modern government to see to it that all citizens have access to modern internet03:15
valorienot likely to happen here03:15
clivejoour government havent a clue03:16
valorieyet finland does03:16
valoriewe used to be leaders03:16
clivejowe were promised 100% broadband coverage by 200603:16
DarinMillerMust have been a politition that promised that...03:17
clivejoand gave millions to BT to provide it03:17
clivejoand they just laughed and took the money03:18
valorieso I can no longer paste via the website -- how do I get the errors to pastebinit?03:18
valorieshortform: software-properties-kde is a depends, but not available03:19
clivejo!info  software-properties-kde xenial03:19
ubottusoftware-properties-kde (source: software-properties): manage the repositories that you install software from (qt). In component universe, is optional. Version (xenial), package size 19 kB, installed size 140 kB03:19
clivejowhat needs that?03:20
valorierecommends apport-kde, apturl-kde, kubuntu-driver-manager, kubuntu-notification-helper, plasma-discover and plasma-discover-updater not going to be installed03:20
valoriewhen I tried to re-install03:20
clivejodid it finish?03:21
DarinMillerdl complete, installing....03:22
valorieweee, figured it out03:22
valoriethe kci/unstable went fine, no errors03:22
clivejovalorie: try a reboot?03:23
* wxl has an idea03:24
valoriegets as far as the first glow of kubuntu, then goes dark03:25
clivejomust be driver related03:25
clivejowxl: whats your idea?03:26
valorieI've never done anything special, driver-wise03:26
DarinMillercrashed here: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23606329/03:26
wxlclivejo: use default or the not default as a build depend for kexi03:27
DarinMillerkdepim-addon breaks kmail.03:27
DarinMillerrunning fullupgrade -f.....03:28
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Hai03:28
clivejodpkg: error processing archive /tmp/apt-dpkg-install-vPOoTs/189-kmail_4%3a16.08.2+p17.04+git20161209.0651-0_amd64.deb (--unpack):03:28
clivejo trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/qt5/plugins/kcm_kontactsummary.so', which is also in package kontact 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu203:28
DarinMillerthe kmail error appeared when I tried to re-run full upgrade without -f.03:30
wxldude clivejo it's past your bed time :)03:30
clivejoI know!03:30
DarinMillerclivejo: is superman.  He needs no sleep.03:30
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> NO I AM :DDD03:30
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Hey clivejo, where's Max?03:31
clivejoin bed03:31
wxlwait are we reading fortunes?03:31
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> Hm?03:32
wxlyou know03:32
wxlyou read a fortune and then you add "in bed"03:32
* DarinMiller is happy reboot nolonger require sudo after 14.04....03:34
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> 😉😉😉03:34
wxlfor example:03:36
DarinMillerfullupgrade -f, reboot success.03:36
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> <wxl> you read a fortune and then you add "in bed"03:38
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> KDE IRC Relay Service: … <wxl> http://www.fortunecookiemessage.com/cookie/8350-%3Cp%3EYou-dont-need-talent-to-gain-experience.%3C/p%3E03:39
wxlyour overactive imagination, tsimonq2 03:39
wxli'm referring to sleeping03:39
valorieoh that kid reminds me of my cousin brian when we were kids03:39
clivejoDarinMiller: can you hold on for a few minutes?03:39
clivejobuilding a new kmail that should fix that03:39
clivejobut have to wait for LP to build and publish it03:39
clivejoDarinMiller: what is kinforcenter reporting?03:39
IrcsomeBot1<tsimonq2> wxl: You know it boi :D03:39
DarinMillersame as Neon-dev unstable: p 5.8.9, fw 5.29.0 and qt 5.703:39
clivejoDarinMiller: try apt install peruse03:40
valorieooooo, want03:41
* valorie dies of jealousy03:41
wxloh you guys03:42
DarinMiller_clivejo: https://paste.ubuntu.com/23606381/03:43
clivejoits a comic reader!03:43
valoriewhat a great name03:44
wxl!info libschroedinger03:44
ubottuPackage libschroedinger does not exist in yakkety03:44
DarinMillerHappy holidays for Valorie!03:44
wxl!info libschroedinger zesty03:44
ubottuPackage libschroedinger does not exist in zesty03:44
clivejo!info libschroedinger-1.0-0 zesty03:44
ubottulibschroedinger-1.0-0 (source: schroedinger): library for encoding/decoding of Dirac video streams. In component universe, is optional. Version 1.0.11-2.1build1 (zesty), package size 256 kB, installed size 888 kB03:44
wxloh heh03:45
valorieI wonder why it was automatically installed?03:45
clivejoDarinMiller: just need you to test the bejaysus outta it!03:45
valoriethat wasn't part of the peruse install03:45
wxlfunded by the BBC03:45
wxlwritten in ANSI C03:46
clivejoinstall stuff and report any problems with package installation03:46
DarinMillerclivejo: test peruse or zz with kci ppa (or both)?03:47
wxlclivejo: that kexi was the one on kci, right? you didn't try to package .91 did you?03:47
clivejofor some reason I didnt hit that kmail install problem03:47
clivejotest zz with kci#03:47
clivejowxl: no, its kci03:47
DarinMillerthe zz iso was from today, but I had run a complete update before installing the kci ppa...03:47
wxlclivejo: ok cool. didn't want you spoiling my fun XD03:47
clivejobut you did that :P03:48
clivejolearned a lot today me thinks!03:48
clivejodo you write it down, or just remember it?03:49
wxli'm going to document it03:49
* clivejo cant remember stuff at all03:49
wxli had an idea for doing a blog series on packaging03:49
DarinMillerwxl: awesome idea.  03:50
wxlless of a how to 03:50
wxlmore going through examples03:50
DarinMillerwxl:  i learn best by examples.  Reading dry text man pages makes my eyes bleed and brain shutdown.03:51
clivejowxl: https://packaging.neon.kde.org/applications/kmail.git/commit/?h=Neon/unstable&id=962f57d19ddbb234d1c7f05517e1d1449178220d03:52
clivejodunno what to make of that!03:52
DarinMillerclivejo: should I disable the kci ppa or leave it active for a while.  It's a test box so not a big deal if it dies.03:52
wxlthat's what we just did to ours!03:52
wxlexcept i used wildcards03:52
wxlreplaces/conflicts ktnef????03:53
clivejothey stuffed it all into the kmail package03:53
clivejowill be interesting to see how debian does it!03:53
wxli think they have a separate ktnef package03:53
* DarinMiller is happy he knows how to finally navigate the git tree to find the control file. (small vicories).03:54
wxlgood job DarinMiller :)03:54
wxlgrep Package debian/control is your friend 03:55
wxlso is git checkout kubuntu_unstable03:55
wxlif i had a dollar for every time i cloned and looked at a directory listing that looks NOTHING like what i'd expect only to realize in master.....03:56
clivejowxl do you use any visual aids?03:56
DarinMilleroh, oh ,  oh, I think that was my missing link when I was hunting for kdev 5.0.3 (epiphany!).03:56
wxlclivejo: well the prompt does have the branch in it so that helps :)03:57
clivejoDarinMiller: can you do an apt update03:59
clivejoand apt upgrade03:59
clivejowxl: I use this - https://github.com/jimeh/git-aware-prompt03:59
clivejovery handy for git work04:00
DarinMiller_The following packages will be upgraded:04:00
DarinMiller_  kmail ktnef04:00
clivejoany errors?04:00
wxlclivejo: doing the default | not-default did the trick on kexi. you think i'm still ok to keep pushing?04:00
DarinMiller_dl'ing now....04:00
clivejowxl: sure try it04:00
DarinMiller_updated without issue.04:00
clivejoDarinMiller: thumbs up04:01
clivejothats the type of problems we need to catch and fix :)04:01
DarinMiller_The autoflash installer is fixed now also....04:01
clivejoDarinMiller: how does plasma feel?04:02
DarinMiller_clivejo: do you want me to leave the kci ppa enabled on the test box?  I don't mind if it crash and burns....04:02
clivejo5.9 feels snappier to me04:02
DarinMiller_plasma 5.9 memory footprint on this box is 135M.  Not bad... at all.04:03
clivejoDarinMiller: up to you, but every night M-F KCI rebuilds a ton of stuff, so you will have a large number of packages to download and install for very little return04:03
wxlok that's ONE problem solved04:03
clivejoI only do an upgrade every week or so04:04
clivejoor if there is a new package I want to test04:04
DarinMiller_wxl: what did you fix?04:04
DarinMiller_clivejo: you run your main box off KCI?04:04
* clivejo nods @ DarinMiller04:05
wxlDarinMiller_: ^^ see above. there was complaints about kexi not having libmysqlclient-dev. i changed the requirement to be that OR default-libmysqlclient-dev04:05
clivejoI dont have the hardware or internet to run multi installs04:05
* DarinMiller_ thinks clivejo is a crazy man (but a talented one :))04:05
clivejoand we need eyes on these too so we can catch and iron out the bugs04:06
clivejoyes, def crazy04:06
clivejo4:06am and Im still wide awake!04:07
DarinMiller_wxl: how do you know when that's "legal"04:07
wxlDarinMiller_: i guess it's kind of a judgement call. in this case, the two packages are exactly the same. it's a name change. so that's kind of a no brainer.04:08
DarinMiller_clivejo: I had that same problem the other night but I had to work at 8:00 the next day....04:08
wxlDarinMiller_: if we weren't building for anything but zesty, i wouldn't have even bothered and would have just used the current one (default)04:08
DarinMiller_wxl: ack.  lots of little things coming together.... fog is not as thick now....04:09
clivejoright, Im gonna go to bed04:11
clivejoat least "try"04:11
valoriesweet dreams, clivejo04:12
DarinMillernite clivejo04:12
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #11: NOW UNSTABLE in 19 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/11/04:23
IrcsomeBot1<ahoneybun> (Sticker, 512x512) https://irc-attachments.kde.org/eoeZZ6jU/file_1342.webp04:23
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #15: NOW UNSTABLE in 25 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/15/04:29
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kexi build #10: STILL UNSTABLE in 25 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kexi/10/04:29
wxl!info breeze-icons-rcc04:30
ubottuPackage breeze-icons-rcc does not exist in yakkety04:30
wxl!info breeze-icons-rcc zesty04:30
ubottuPackage breeze-icons-rcc does not exist in zesty04:30
wxl!info libkdb3-dev zesty04:31
ubottuPackage libkdb3-dev does not exist in zesty04:31
wxl!info libkproperty3-dev04:31
ubottuPackage libkproperty3-dev does not exist in yakkety04:31
wxl!info libkreport3-dev04:31
ubottuPackage libkreport3-dev does not exist in yakkety04:31
wxl!info libkproperty3-dev zesty04:31
ubottuPackage libkproperty3-dev does not exist in zesty04:31
wxl!info libkreport3-dev zesty04:31
ubottuPackage libkreport3-dev does not exist in zesty04:31
wxlwell there goes that ppa idea04:31
wxlunless i depend on kci's ppa04:31
tsimonq2!info systemd05:00
tsimonq2!info systemd zesty05:00
ubottusystemd (source: systemd): system and service manager. In component main, is important. Version 231-9ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 2268 kB, installed size 9376 kB (Only available for linux-any)05:00
ubottusystemd (source: systemd): system and service manager. In component main, is important. Version 232-7 (zesty), package size 2349 kB, installed size 9704 kB (Only available for linux-any)05:00
valorieI've not seen "is important" before05:02
wxli'm ready for an upstream commit now05:15
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #16: FAILURE in 25 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/16/05:42
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kexi build #11: FAILURE in 26 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kexi/11/05:43
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #12: FAILURE in 26 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/12/05:43
wxllook what i just did https://phabricator.kde.org/D363405:59
valoriehigh fives, wxl!06:05
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #17: STILL FAILING in 18 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/17/06:06
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #13: STILL FAILING in 18 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/13/06:06
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kexi build #12: STILL FAILING in 18 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kexi/12/06:06
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project yakkety_unstable_kexi build #14: NOW UNSTABLE in 17 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/yakkety_unstable_kexi/14/06:23
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_kexi build #18: NOW UNSTABLE in 17 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/18/06:23
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_kexi build #13: NOW UNSTABLE in 21 min: http://kci.pangea.pub/job/xenial_unstable_kexi/13/06:28
BluesKajhowdy all12:05
soeehiho BluesKaj12:14
BluesKajhey soee_12:27
guysoft42hey all, is there a way to install plasma 5.8 on kubuntu 16.10? 14:17
soee_hi guysoft4214:18
soee_acheronuk: do we have it in some ppa?14:18
IrcsomeBot<CliffordTheBigRedDoggie> Landing, but only testing at the moment14:20
guysoft42the neon PPA seems to only have 16.0414:20
IrcsomeBot<CliffordTheBigRedDoggie> KDE Neon only supports 16.04  LTS14:21
acheronuksoee_: we. do but it may eat your kittena14:21
yofelPSA: kci is offline14:21
yofelso I enabled backports-landing on xenial for fun14:23
yofelUnpacking libmarblewidget-qt5-24 (4:16.04.3-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04~ppa63) ...14:24
yofeldpkg: error processing archive /var/cache/apt/archives/libmarblewidget-qt5-24_4%3a16.04.3-0ubuntu2~ubuntu16.04~ppa63_amd64.deb (--unpack):14:24
yofel trying to overwrite '/usr/lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/libmarblewidget-qt5.so.0.24.1', which is also in package libmarblewidget-qt5-23 4:16.04.3-0ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04~ppa5014:24
yofelbroken stuff on my side?14:24
yofel(I think)14:24
guysoft42CliffordTheBigRedDoggie so is there a way to get it to work here? I actually upgraded because I was hoping for it to upgrade my KDE at the time14:26
guysoft42Also who is running IrcsomeBot ?14:26
BluesKajguysoft42, if you're adventurous try the staging ppas, plasma and frameworks, like so https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/staging-plasma14:27
acheronukyofel: I've tried multiple upgrades an not had that, but I don't think I have marble installed by default. so if that happens, then that is a good catch14:27
yofelguysoft42: the bot is run by one in the team (it's the telegram bridge)14:27
guysoft42yofel, which source?14:28
guysoft42BluesKaj, I am adventurous, but this is also my main work laptop, and I don't want to brick the environment. if there is a way to roll back I am willing to try14:28
yofelah wait, we switched that to the kde bot. where was that..14:29
BluesKajguysoft42, wll, then you shouldn't try unstable packages 14:29
guysoft42If I upgrade with that it will remove: kde-config-touchpad, kde-touchpad, kubuntu desktop, pam-wallet-init, and plasma-desktop14:31
guysoft42is removing pam-wallet-init dangerous?14:31
BluesKajno idea, I don't use wallet14:31
* guysoft42 tries and holds tight14:32
BluesKajwhy o you think you need thenew plasma anyway , there isn't a noiticeable difference14:32
yofelguysoft42: sorry, I can't find the repository. #kde-sysadmin should be able to tell you what's used14:32
* guysoft42 reboots14:39
wxldo we care about package-name-doesnt-match-sonames?14:39
yofelnot for embedded libs14:40
yofelotherwise, yes14:40
wxlso kexi would be one such example, right?14:40
wxli mean no package is lib-anything14:40
wxlgreat thanks :)14:41
wxlhahahahah now i'm typing irc commands in my shell omg i swear14:47
yofelok, http proxy on pond: done14:48
yofeland down you go14:51
yofeloh right, the bot needs to be set up14:51
clivejowant me to do that?14:53
yofelfeel free do14:53
yofelI'm syncing the job data over now14:53
clivejoall jobs copied over?14:53
yofelnot yet14:53
* clivejo looks for Haruld email14:53
yofelmaybe put those credentials in a file on the server somewhere14:54
clivejohave you setup a ubuntu user?14:55
yofelno, root has the keys14:55
clivejojenkins must store the password somewhere as well14:57
clivejoin config file or database or something14:57
yofelI guess in the config file, but I didn't find it quickly14:57
yofelwell hi :D15:02
yofeldisabled the jenkins service on river15:03
clivejoput a redirection on river => pond15:05
yofelI'll do that later15:06
clivejoIt appears that your reverse proxy set up is broken.15:06
yofelwhat's the error?15:08
yofelhm, there's things missing, right15:09
yofellet me just copy the config from river15:11
yofeleven if I didn't want to use apache15:11
clivejoI lost connection on port 8015:11
yofelright, I killed nginx15:12
guysoft42BluesKaj, ok, installing staging was a BAD idea15:12
guysoft42broke my plasma desktop, had to unisntall the desktop and reinstall :-(15:13
guysoft42Also, checkout out this Kickoff error: http://imgur.com/a/zm5iu15:14
* guysoft42 reboots15:15
yofelclivejo: now we're running the proxy setup from river15:24
yofelhow do I get rid of the 8080 in the lp redirect though..15:24
yofelah, that was a ci setting15:26
clivejohave the jobs copied yet?15:26
yofelno, rsync was unusable, so I just tarred everything up and am just scping things over15:26
yofelweird, why did rsync copy with a few kb, and scp goes with 5MB/s15:28
yofelstupid box on the other side of the planet15:28
clivejohow big is the tar?15:32
yofel5G, xz 357M15:32
* clivejo gulps15:32
yofelclivejo: the data from river is lying in /tmp/var/ if you need something15:32
yofelI'll shut jenkins down for the moment15:32
yofeljobs copied15:35
yofelI also copied the tooling for the theme icons in apache. Do we need anything else?15:35
clivejonot that I know of15:36
yofelthe workspace we don't need. That's slave data15:36
yofelok, lets get it up again15:36
yofelhm, how does one do lvm swap so zabbix shuts up..15:37
clivejoLOL, why do we need swap?15:39
clivejoKubuntu CI NG = pond?15:40
yofel"so zabbix shuts up.." :P15:40
clivejomorning DalekSec15:40
clivejomorning DarinMiller15:40
yofeloops, the job page redirect still goes to river15:41
DarinMillerg'morning clivejo!15:41
* clivejo loves how fast it is!15:42
yofelfixed. why was that a harcoded rewrite pattern15:43
DarinMillerclivejo: how do you guys know what to do?  Does the kubuntun-automation package have a config file for kci or are you following jenkins setup docs?15:45
clivejoDarinMiller: I don't really know what to do, its mostly yofel, but Im trying to learn!15:46
yofeljenkins setup docs, and we're really just moving servers. So this is mostly server host configs, not jenkins15:47
clivejoDarinMiller: new server is here - http://kubuntu.dh.bytemark.co.uk/15:48
clivejoyofel tarred up the jobs and copied them over15:48
clivejoso we have all the build history :)15:48
yofelnodes created15:50
yofelanything left...?15:50
clivejooh slaves15:50
acheronukyofel: yes, but we are using a newer version of jenkins and plugins are we not? which has the potential to break what did work?15:50
yofelyes it has15:51
yofeland I'll tell you right now that mgmt_tooling is busted before even trying it15:51
clivejoyofel: will you config pond to have some executors?15:51
yofelah, the matrix config needs to be changed for the slaves15:52
yofelclivejo: no, there's no docker setup, so that can't work. We can think about setting that up later15:52
yofelmaybe make a container and pretty much just copy linode15:52
clivejolinode has plenty anyway15:52
yofelok, I'm turning master on15:54
* clivejo crosses fingers and toes15:54
yofelI know :P15:54
yofelnext the other ones..15:55
clivejosorry laughing at Max15:55
* BluesKaj crosses the road15:55
clivejohes just carried my old welly up to the wall and dropped it over!15:56
clivejoand just done the same with a box!15:56
clivejohes trying to get my attention!15:57
* clivejo shakes head15:57
clivejonow hes circling the car!15:58
clivejobad dog!15:58
clivejotwo nodes running on your scaleway now?16:00
* DarinMiller time for breakfast16:00
yofelwell, the other one was the test clone. I'll leave it there for now16:01
guysoft42BluesKaj, dont tell people to install that FYI16:01
yofelkci.pangea.pub now 302's to kubuntu.dh.bytemark.uk16:01
clivejoso fast!!16:02
* clivejo gets a tear in his eye16:03
BluesKajguysoft42, it takes more than one ppa for the 5.8 , it also requires the frameworks ppa and perhaps the misc, i wouls have mentioned it , but I was called away16:03
yofelnow to update the tooling so things don't go boom when one tries to do an update16:03
yofelI'm getting the feeling that the bot isn't sending notifications though16:04
yofelmight me the jobs not doing the right thing16:04
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project xenial_unstable_cantor build #239: ABORTED in 7.6 sec: http://kubuntu.dh.bytemark.co.uk/job/xenial_unstable_cantor/239/16:07
clivejo^^ working16:07
yofelwell then16:07
clivejoshould I ask Jon to point kci.kubuntu.co.uk to pond?16:09
yofelmaybe rather ask him to point the old domain if clemens doesn't mind16:10
BluesKajguysoft42, and I did not"tell you" to install that ppa , I merely posted the url ...the install was your choice if you felt "adventurous" 16:10
yofelso we don't have to look through all historic notes16:10
clivejoreckon its safe to update those 3 plugins?16:11
yofelno idea16:12
clivejocan I try?16:12
yofelI'm just switching rdiff-backup over, then you can try16:13
clivejoyofel: http://kubuntu.dh.bytemark.co.uk/administrativeMonitor/OldData/manage16:14
yofelCVSChangeLogParser o.O?16:15
yofelthat's not even part of the job template16:15
yofeldoing one last backup of river sounded like a good idea an hour ago.....16:22
yofelclivejo: whatever, those updates shouldn't mess anything up. 16:29
yofelI have to leave for an hour, bbl.16:29
guysoft42BluesKaj, well, now you know "adventurous" is not enough. it does not work yet16:30
BluesKajguysoft42, I have it working but I also used the other ppas mentioned in my post above16:31
BluesKajguysoft42, , but I'm a tester, so if you're on a production machine then like most linux users you should know enough not to muck about with unofficial ppas16:33
BluesKajok, BBL , the rpi 3 needs some attention and another experimental OS is waiting in the wings16:43
clivejoplease DONT use the staging PPA's16:43
IrcsomeBot* tsimonq2 moves apostrophe to "DONT" making the sentence KDE IRC Relay Service: … "<clivejo> please DON'T use the staging PPAs"16:45
clivejoplasma 5.8.4 should be in https://launchpad.net/~kubuntu-ppa/+archive/ubuntu/backports-landing16:45
clivejoand is still in testing16:46
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Can I stage Frameworks 5.29 yet? :D16:46
clivejoI was hoping to speak to santa about staging Apps16:47
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> What's the deal?16:47
clivejoId like to make a start on them16:47
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> See my little explanation yesterday? Write a simple script. :)16:48
clivejodont think we eve need that16:49
tsimonq2How so?16:49
clivejoif they were staged and uploaded to staging, we'd soon find out what packages needed stuff we havent got16:50
clivejoin zesty16:50
tsimonq2clivejo: Then let's do what my friend Shia says. ;)16:51
clivejosplit personality?16:51
clivejois this the one who tried to kill KCI?16:52
tsimonq2clivejo: Shush. :)16:54
clivejoanyways, got to go, food time16:55
clem_lclivejo: just a quick question16:55
clem_lclivejo: the CI repo, is that for a future upgrade towards Xenial or not at all?16:56
clem_ltowards landing and then backports I mean16:56
tsimonq2o/ I can explain16:56
clivejomore a testing platform at the moment16:56
clem_lok but it highlights packaging issues which will hit us at some stage in the future right?16:57
tsimonq2clem_l: If you're talking about KCI, that's our experimental testing to work on packaging etc. and to make sure it works. When it's officially released, we put it into staging-, then once it gets in devel-release archive, we put to landing, that gets about a week of testing before backports.16:58
clivejoand what packages will need to be upgraded for it to work16:58
clem_lso right now we've an update to 5.8 in landing that is almost ready16:59
clem_land the next one is slowly forming in KCI?16:59
tsimonq2And Frameworks and Applications. :)16:59
tsimonq2clem_l: I guess so16:59
tsimonq2If you want to think of it like that16:59
tsimonq2It follows the master branch of all KDE repos16:59
tsimonq2Making sure our packaging always builds against master17:00
guysoft42BluesKaj, ive had my share of mucking about with ppas, I actually dont mind getting a build env working as long as I don't break anything ,17:00
clivejoKCI is like a rolling version of Kubuntu17:00
guysoft42BluesKaj, what other PPAs did you use?17:00
guysoft42I've been using QT for stuff, and having a way to contribute would be nice17:00
clivejowhen its working17:00
clivejowe are having issues in yakkety with symbols and haven't been able to get to the bottom of that yet17:01
clem_lI see 5.8.4 both in landing and on KCI17:01
clem_lbut the 5.8.4 in landing is the tagged 5.8.4 right?17:02
clem_lwhereas the one in KCI is a git master version?17:02
clivejoKCI versions are in flux17:02
clivejodon't rely on them17:02
clivejothey are basically latest unreleased17:02
clem_lwhich upstream Plasma version is in KCI right now?17:03
clivejowhat will become 5.917:03
clem_lyou're not sticking to 5.8 LTS?17:04
clivejonot in KCI17:04
clem_lok, but you are in backports for xenial?17:04
clem_lit will depend on dependency bumps and all?17:05
clivejodepends on the job at hand17:05
clem_lok, makes sense17:05
clivejoand what it needs to run17:05
clem_lsorry I've so many questions :)17:05
clivejoif it can be backported and is stable we will want to backport it17:05
clem_lwhen do you want to move 5.8 into backports?17:06
clivejoIm "hoping" that the ISO can be fixed in KCI17:07
clem_lI could only find cosmetic issues here17:07
clivejowhen its been fully tested17:07
clem_lI can issue a blog post and ask people to test landing tomorrow if it helps17:07
clivejoI g2g now17:07
clivejochat later17:07
clem_lok, ttyl clivejo 17:07
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> It would be nice to have more testers17:09
blazeI was testing landing last week17:15
blazeno issues so far17:16
IrcsomeBot<ahoneybun> I've not had any issues either but I've not tried on LM though17:23
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Off to work17:47
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Working until 6:30ish PM UTC-617:47
-kubuntu-ci:#kubuntu-devel- Project zesty_unstable_krita build #29: ABORTED in 9 min 13 sec: http://kubuntu.dh.bytemark.co.uk/job/zesty_unstable_krita/29/19:29
DarinMillerahoneybun: Which release do you feel needs more testing?19:44
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> On break o/19:45
DarinMiller\o tsimonq2, not much happening here...19:47
ahoneybunDarinMiller: I'm not sure, 16.04 could use the most I think since it also effects LM 1819:48
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> ^19:48
ahoneybunalso as it19:48
ahoneybunit's an LTS19:48
DarinMillerMaking bootable USB now... I have not run 16.04 in quite some time as Plasma was a dual monitor disaster for that release.  It will be good to test landing...19:52
clivejowhere did you guys get up to with kdevelop20:05
DalekSecclivejo: Howdy.20:05
clivejohi :)20:05
IrcsomeBot<tsimonq2> Back on the clock soon o/20:06
DarinMillerclivejo: re: kdev. we never succeeded with the compiles as we were missing depends and ran out of time.20:08
DarinMillerclivejo: we were going to try to knock it out later this weekend pending Simon's schedule.  Unfortuneatlely I am too green to undertake independently...20:14
* clivejo yawns22:10
* wxl stretches22:49
wxlwhy didn't my darn kexi push22:54
wxl8 hours ago22:55
wxlwe were down then, huh?22:55
wxlurl works22:55
wxlclivejo: http://kubuntu.dh.bytemark.co.uk/job/zesty_unstable_kexi/scmPollLog/22:59
wxlnot such file or directory git XD23:00

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