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user|19255Hello, I installed Kubuntu 16.10,  and there is a website, that doesn't work correctly,  I Installed Flash player, (news version)  and still doesn't work,  my question is, what version of Java do I need??03:05
valorie what website?03:07
valoriehave you tried other browsers?03:08
user|19255or witch  java package do I need?03:08
* valorie has pretty much given up on firefox03:08
valorieand even chromium03:08
valorienow using chrome03:08
valoriejava is not needed unless you are running Java applications03:09
user|19255no,  I haven't try other browser,  only firefox03:09
valoriejavascript does not equal Java03:09
valorieI sometimes try all of them, including Konqueror03:09
user|19255thank you valorie,  I will try onther browsera03:10
valoriegood luck!03:10
user|19255thank you all,  have a great night!03:11
sintrehi typer man04:45
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dahliahi, I somehow lost the taskbar thingie at the bottom of my screen. How can I get it back?11:23
dahliaoh nevermind I right-clicked the desktop and added a new default panel and it came back11:25
BluesKajhowdy all12:05
jcanino20I installed Kubuntu 16.10 yesterday on a new laptop. Seems to be working fine, except for the Pager applet, which I really need. It installs THREE copies. Any thought on how I can fix this? Thanks.13:02
johncReposting so I can use app instead of webpage: I installed Kubuntu 16.10 yesterday on a new laptop. Seems to be working fine, except for the Pager applet, which I really need. It installs THREE copies. Any thought on how I can fix this? Thanks.13:15
BluesKajjohnc, system settings>desktop behaviour>virtual desktops , set the number of VDs there13:24
BluesKajjohnc, or the activities, depends which pager widget you use13:26
johncBluesKaj, I use the version that is embedded inthe taskbar, and have for years... It has worked in Kubuntu before.13:27
johncBluesKay, I have done exactly as you, setting it for four VDs. Problem is, it installs three sets of four!13:29
BluesKajjohnc, there are 2 systems now , one that uses activity pager and virtual desktop pager, you may ahve a combo of both in your panel13:30
johncBluesKaj, I have removed it completely to try to start clean. The I go to System Settings > Desktop Behavior > Virtuhoose one row with four VDs...13:33
BluesKajwhen you choose the widgets make sure you just choose the VD pager , not the Activities pager13:35
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Dr_Cokehow do i launch the kde ufw15:13
Dr_Cokefirewall interface15:13
Dr_CokeIt says it's installed15:13
Dr_Cokebut I can't find it anywhere15:14
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felix_berlinHi Guys... Does anybody know how to disable the blinking cursor in Kubuntu 16.10?17:40
felix_berlinI tries nearly everything i found on the net... None of it helped.17:41
Giando69Ciao a tutti ho istallato Kubuntu ma non mi vede la WIFI19:03
Giando69qualcuno mi da una mano19:03
Giando69al volo19:03
Giando69la mia scheda è una brodcom19:04
jhunold!it | Giando6919:23
ubottuGiando69: Vai su #ubuntu-it se vuoi parlare in italiano, in questo canale usiamo solo l'inglese. Grazie! (per entrare, scrivi « /join #ubuntu-it » senza virgolette)19:23
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mixxithey guys20:34
sintrehi mix20:34
mixxitdoes kubuntu have some sort of vpn manager20:35
sintreis that the encrption thing20:35
mixxitlike a dialup connection to work network20:35
mixxitbut over internet20:35
sintrevoip type security thing?20:36
sintrei wouldn't know , but ubuntu has alot of software out there , hang around somebody with alot more experience should be around soon20:36
mixxitok thanks!20:37
sintrethis should help till help arives :)20:38
GeekyBryanGood afternoon.  I'm using the last revision of Kubuntu and the built-in revision update seems to be broken.  I downloaded the iso for the most recent version, but I'm wondering if I can do an "in-place" upgrade using the iso?  Anyone know how?21:36
sintrewhat do you want exactly?21:39
sintreto update yoursystem to newest packages ect?21:39
sintreif you just booted it seems that kubuntu takes while to phone home21:39
sintrelike ten minutes or so before the update manager has a list to be updated21:40
sintreif you want to force the update i can tell you how from console21:40
GeekyBryanYea, it's notifying me that there is a new revision.21:40
sintreso you installed 16.04 or 16.10 intitially21:41
GeekyBryanBut when I click the button to do that update, it just sits there.  I ran the commnad it uses at the console and fails.21:41
sintreso you want to upgrade to new release?21:41
GeekyBryanHow can I verify which revision I have - I think it was 04 but I can't figure where to find that data.21:42
sintreok go to k info system menu21:42
GeekyBryanYes, want to upgrade to new release but keep customizations like samba settings, etc.21:42
sintrewell that may or may not work i could tell you21:42
GeekyBryanfound it21:42
sintrei kind prepare when upgrade to new releas ei may lose everything , but thats just me21:43
sintrek that is long term support release21:43
sintrenewest is 16.1021:43
sintrepersonally on my system 16.10 is slightly unstable , or atleast enough to bug me to use lts21:43
sintrenew bud older hardware budget lappy21:44
sintreso first sinse lts you want to upgrade i'll tell you how21:44
sintrebut no guantee it will21:44
GeekyBryanAh, so maybe I should hold off.  I'm using a i5 Dell E641021:44
sintrekeep your current settings21:44
sintremine is  dell as will inspiron 355821:44
sintrebut we can still upfate you21:44
sintreon 16.0421:45
sintrelet me get commands21:45
GeekyBryangreat - thanks!21:45
sintresudo add-apt-repository ppa:kubuntu-ppa/backports21:45
sintrefirst one this installs a way to get packages updated21:45
sintrenewer ones instea dof lettin upddater do it21:46
sintretell me when thats done21:46
sintrefew more21:46
GeekyBryanSounds safer.21:46
sintreok now sudo apt update21:47
GeekyBryansays 242 packages can be updated.21:48
sintrenow follow with21:48
sintresudo apt full-upgrade21:48
sintreand go get a beer21:48
GeekyBryan:)  Thanks a ton!21:48
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