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zenirchi all'08:57
danialbehzadiHey, can some one look at this build log from launchpad git build recipe to see what is going wrong?09:47
cjwatsondanialbehzadi: you have a branch in that repository, but no default branch, which means that straightforward clones don't work properly, and also one of the slightly more complicated things that git-build-recipe does doesn't work.  (Technically git-build-recipe could avoid the problem in this case, but it's a bit difficult for it to work that out early on.)11:26
cjwatsondanialbehzadi: easiest fix is for you to set a default branch, which you can do at https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-ir/trak-tor/+git/trak-tor/+edit11:26
danialbehzadicjwatson: Thanks. It worked perfectly.11:56
wxlit seems https://launchpad.net/people/+me/+archive (as linked in the ppa docs) no longer goes anywhere?15:00
cjwatsonwxl: If you're logged in and have a PPA named "ppa" (the default when activating your first PPA) then it will redirect to that.20:07
cjwatsonwxl: You have no PPAs, so it doesn't have anywhere to go.20:08
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wxlcjwatson: all makes sense now. thx :)22:49

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