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lotuspsychjegood morning to all05:16
Bashing-omHey lotuspsychje - Good day to ya :)05:18
lotuspsychjehey Bashing-om all ok there05:19
Bashing-omso far, smooth as a baby's bottom .05:20
lotuspsychjegreat! im painting our new house05:21
Bashing-omadjusting to what you are, and what you want to present ..now that will keep you occupied . Exercising the artistic side are you ?05:23
lotuspsychjehehe yeah05:23
lotuspsychjemoving, working, painting surely keeps me busy05:24
Bashing-omafter I got into the move completion, I always enjoyed decorating the new domicile - and the challenge !05:25
lotuspsychjeyeah its big fun05:26
Bashing-omUh Huh .. and ya do it at your own pace .. make a mistake, well there is time to redo it .05:29
lotuspsychjewell im to the perfection hunter, more cosy the better05:34
Bashing-omI like cozy !05:37
lotuspsychjewe also05:40
Bashing-omlotuspsychje: Maybe a bag of worms with juanonymous as it is 14.04.5 but kernel 3.13.0-32- . I do not know how that can happen . Bad grub ?06:16
lotuspsychjeweird isnt it?06:16
lotuspsychje.5 is latest trusty right?06:17
Ben64maybe just never rebooted?06:18
Bashing-omYeah . that is what caught my attention . might check ' dpkg -l | grep linux- ' and ' ls -al /vmlinux* /initrd.img* ' . Get an idea of what might be going on here .06:19
ducassegood morning all07:09
lotuspsychjehey ducasse and bye :p07:10
lotuspsychjeworking day07:10
ducassehave a nice day lotus ::)07:11
Bashing-omAs much as I dislike leaving good company, I must .07:39
BluesKajhowdy all12:05
myxo2hi BluesKaj18:30
myxo26 hours ago, everyone must've been asleep :D i know i was18:30
myxo2fmask and dmask 'subtract' from mode bits right?19:14
myxo2like fmask=0222 is equivalent to mode bits 555?19:14

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