ghostcartpiHeya folks.02:28
ghostcartpiI've installed Mate on my raspberry pi 3, and am attempting to install Mudlet.02:28
ghostcartpiI'm running into a lot of roadblocks, and was hoping for suggestions.02:28
psaldenhey guys, I'm using the mutiny layout but after I upgraded to 16.10, applications like mate-terminal and caja crash when I try to use the top menu. I've had the same with a clean install on another machine, and I can't really find any reports of it when googling a bit. Anyone else ran into this?11:52
frail_trevI am running ubuntu 16.04 with Mate. I am told that I should remove third party repositories. Is my combination not approved? An outline of corrective steps to be taken would be welcomed.12:55
John_Cena_ALTJOHN CENA!!!!!!!13:15
alexey_Ребятки, привет. Нужна помощь. после перезагрузки слетел русский язык. Как вернуть?14:55
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mate|59047How do I make it so that Application icons appear on the desktop like they do on iOS devices? I've seen screenshots where this happens, but I can't seem to figure it out. I'm using Ubuntu 16.04.20:38
mate|59047On those screenshots, the Ubuntu Launcher has an icon with four squares.20:39
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Guest80957is this where i can ask questions?21:03
ineverexisthi, i have mate for first time and its really faster than before (ubuntu 14.04 LTS)21:54
ineverexiston my old PC21:54
ineverexisti was really surprised, I thank all the developers of mate !!21:57
jose__I am a new user trying to understand Ubuntu. I actually want to configure it to edit video, anyone have some suggestion?23:00

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