bazhang<may68> Do Ubuntu users have girlfriends?03:30
bazhangshe's had enough warnings imo03:31
bazhangfirst was over 'why does ubuntu suck so much'03:31
elkythat user is a network wide issue03:39
bazhangsyroth> sorry folks, get as butt hurt as you want03:44
bazhangI think that's dax ' favorite expression03:44
hggdhall for free!05:18
bazhangtoday must be argue with the MAN day05:19
bazhangwe totally need a cartman factoid05:19
bazhangrespeck mah authoritah!05:20
bazhang puffinz06:14
bazhangvery inappropriate before last quit06:14
ubottugoatse`cx called the ops in #ubuntu (me)14:54
Unit193Time to go -r?22:33
daxthere's a few around still, so not sure22:33
Unit193Alright, hadn't seen anything.22:45
elkyi say we see what happens23:41
elkyclear unregged too i suppose23:51
daxi usually give it 5-10 minutes23:52
daxso we're not clearing out people who only just joined23:52
daxnot sure if it matters but yeah23:52

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