Dragonkeeperis there a commnd i can use to change/set an imei number  (android has this feature)00:05
Dragonkeeperanyone alive here?00:11
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LehKedaI started porting ubuntu touch to my device , but I have some issues08:11
LehKedafirst system.img is just about 70MG so is that normal ?08:11
LehKedasecond boot.img is huge to fit on my boot partition so is there any way to get around this problem ?08:12
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LehKedawhat is the size of system.img of any regular build ?13:08
NeKitLehKeda, not very large13:16
NeKitsystem.img is not to be flashed on /system13:16
LehKeda_sorry , I had to re-enter again13:18
LehKeda_anyway , where should system.img go ?13:18
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