Kilosguten morgen mein herren okes05:37
Kiloshi night05:38
Kiloshave you ever chatted to the guys here05:38
Kilosdont be shy05:38
Kiloshi chesedo zipper 06:13
chesedomorning oom Kilos06:13
zipperKilos: Hello06:13
chesedo... and zipper06:15
chesedohow are you Kilos and zipper?06:15
zipperchesedo: I am doing well06:15
Kilosim ok ty chesedo and you?06:16
chesedogood good ty06:16
* chesedo will be redoing and upgrading the home server today06:17
Kilosmore inetpro  en Xethron 06:47
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inetprogoiemore oom Kilos11:51
inetprooh and hi superfly as well11:51
superflyinetpro: good evening11:51
inetproand even chesedo also11:51
inetprosuperfly: all packed up and ready to fly?11:52
superflyinetpro: almost11:52
superflycount = 111:53
superflyMaaz: packed.question is 111:53
Maazsuperfly: If you say so11:53
superflyMaaz: packed.question11:53
Maazsuperfly: packed.question is 111:53
superflyactually, people have been asking me that questionfor a while, but now I'll start tracking how many times people ask it in the next 2 weeks.11:54
smilehi :)12:50
smilehi, Kilos 12:50
smileI tried to contact you over Hangouts today :)12:50
superflyhi smile12:50
smilehi superfly 12:51
Kiloshi smile12:51
smilehi! :)12:52
Kilosis hangouts that green face thing on an android fone12:52
smileyes! :p12:52
smileKilos: I've sent you a private message12:52
smileon IRC12:53
Kiloshi Cryterion superfly 15:16
Kiloslongest 10 days of your life superfly 15:16
inetproKilos: why should they be longer?16:08
Cryterionan hour can feel like a day16:09
inetprohe keeps himself so busy with everything else, he's not coming here enough of the time :-)16:10
Kilosi know exactly how he feels16:10
Kilosbeen years since i got back here16:10
inetproCryterion: wb16:11
Kilosno amount of busy can stop the missing of your family16:11
Kiloshow are you inetpro 16:11
inetprogood and yourself Kilos16:11
inetproyour head better today?16:11
Kilosim ok ty plodding along16:11
Kilosyes ty16:11
inetprodid you get rains yesterday?16:12
Kilosi go hospital on the 14th so well see what they say happens next16:12
Kilosnope just a big storm16:12
Kilossame today16:12
Kilosi worry a bit about open heart surgery here in za16:13
inetprogot just under 3mm last night at around 20:0016:13
Kilosbut the consolation is the price16:13
Kilosrustenburg city had floods a couple of days ago16:14
Kilos55mm 16:14
Kilos40 in 2 hours16:14
inetproheart surgery is no longer such a huge risk factor as it once was Kilos16:14
Kiloswe watched it from here16:14
Kilosyes but za hospitals are16:14
Kilosi dont mind them doing angio stuff but dont want chest cut open and heart stopped and run on a machine16:15
Kilosthat worm inna artery on arm to fix heart was fascinating to watch16:16
Kilosdont even have to sleep16:16
Kilosso you can grap the doc by the nuts and say We arent going to hurt each other are we??16:17
inetproamazing what they do these days16:21
Kilosi saw my heart arteries all lit up in red with the left lower chamber all black16:22
Kilosand as they bored through the blockage all the arteries came to life and the pain disappeared immediately16:22
Kilosvry funny though they all like asking whats the scale of pain from one to 10 compared to the worst pain youve ever had16:23
Kilosi said 616:23
Kilosthey kept asking are you sure16:24
Kilosbut i didnt have the energy to tell them about the head16:24
Kilosjust said yes man 5 or 616:24
Kilosonly afterwards the doc asked why wasnt it my worst pain and i told her16:25
Kilosshe said we couldnt understand why it was so low and thought you were too drugged from the morphine16:25
Kiloswe had a good laugh16:25
MaNIsome za hospitals are actually pretty world class, it depends which ones though :)16:31
Kilosthose cost16:31
MaNIyeah, they do16:33
smileKilos: I went to the dentist, and they asked "does this hurt" with very hot stuff, "no". with very cold stuff "no" okay, this teeth is dead. "okay"17:02
Kiloswhat is the link to our website guys where a newbie can use irc to get here17:07
Kilosinetpro just the link will do, not a how to find it17:07
smileKilos: after that, they removed the nerves in the teeth and that hurt just a little bit17:08
smileI was completely dizzy when I was driving home17:08
smilethe effect after you drink three cans of beer, I presume17:09
Kilosi dont dink and dont emembe the effects of dink on me, but have watched othe peeps make fools of themselves when dinking17:09
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kilossuperfly is our site still up17:11
kilosmy r key is sticking17:11
superflykilos: which site?17:12
kilosi got it ty superfly 17:14
kilosi mailed a newbie about joining us here, i didnt see if his mail went to the list but he asked are we only for dev peeps17:16
inetprokilos: you mean this one, https://ubuntu-za.org/irc.html ?17:18
inetprosorry, was afk for dinner17:18
kilosaw i could have given him that17:19
inetproyou mean a howto?17:19
kilosi explained how to install hexchat and get here as well but not sure how noob he is so added the link17:19
kilosdo you see his mail in the lists? his name is carey or did it come only to me17:20
inetproI don't see no mail from carey17:23
kilosthen musta been direct to me. i dunno where he got my addy17:24
kiloshe used the ubuntu.com addy17:24
kilosthere inetpro you have it too17:25
inetpro"This message was sent from Launchpad by K (https://launchpad.net/~careybird) using the "Contact this team's admins" link on the South African Ubuntu team team page (https://launchpad.net/~ubuntu-za)."17:28
inetprokilos: possibly superfly also got it17:30
superflyI did. I thought it was spam, so I deleted it17:30
superfly(I didn't even read it)17:30
inetprosuperfly: I don't blame you17:31
inetprojust about every day I still wish someone would come with a practical and scalable solution to replace mail with near zero to no SPAM17:34
kiloswell see if he replies to my mail or gets here17:35
superflyinetpro: as long as we have SMTP, we will have spam17:35
inetprokilos: I don't know how good these guys are but Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital caters for Angiograms17:39
inetprosee: https://www.chrishanibaragwanathhospital.co.za/departments/radiology_and_radiography/show17:39
kilosill try kalafong first inetpro ty. i have to go get my prostate meds anyway so will hear what they say17:40
kilosis that the old pretoria general hospital?17:41
MaNItheres an obvious solution, people just won't like it17:41
kilosstop breathing17:41
MaNIintroduce some minimal transfer fee to emails17:41
MaNIlike 1c or something17:41
kilosoh haha17:41
MaNIwill make most spam no longer viable17:41
kilosif carey pitches here then it wasnt spam17:42
kilosi dont get any spam normally17:42
MaNII seem to have recently been signed up to a spam list or something - guess I made an enemy - get a steady stream of 32 spam emails a day all from .top domains - of course because it's all from .top domains it's easy to filter it all straight into the trash, but still curious17:44
kilosi get only linux and ubuntu and mails from alternative health places ive joined17:45
kiloslucky i spose17:46
kilosinetpro here is his lp addy https://launchpad.net/~careybird17:47
kilosgo paddatrapper 17:52
inetprokilos: if you pointed him to our site and he does not pitch here it's his own fault18:00
inetprowith the name K it is very possible that it's just SPAM18:02
kilosyes but ill give him a chance18:03
kilosalways give everyone at least one chance18:03
kiloswhen i started with buntu you guys coulda thought i was a spammer quite easily18:03
kilosalmost everyone18:04
inetproat least you didn't say everything :-)18:04
kilosno known satanists18:04
kilosi was too stupid back then you remember18:04
inetprokilos: what is Maaz?18:04
kilosyou guys have woken many brain cells for me18:05
kilosstupid bot18:05
kilosMaaz coffee on18:05
* Maaz flips the salt-timer18:05
inetpromake no mistake, there are clever bots out there18:05
kilosyes python ones18:06
kiloseomeone said python is leading in AI18:06
inetprobots that send emails pretending to be humans as well18:06
kilosdid you read the mail?18:06
kiloshe sounded sincere18:07
kiloswhat ai!18:08
kilosi dont think thats spam18:08
kilosif he doesnt reply its his loss18:09
MaazCoffee's ready for kilos!18:09
inetproand where is my coffee Maaz?18:10
kilosMaaz ty18:10
MaazYou are welcome kilos18:10
kilosyou snooze you lose18:11
inetpro"If you own a Galaxy Note 7 by Samsung Electronics (SSNLF), be prepared to lose some of the device's most important functions"18:11
inetpro"an update as soon as next week that will disable call functionality and prevent the recalled device from charging"18:11
inetprokilos: your friend arrived? 18:16
MaNInew kernel bug looks quite fun18:16
kiloshaha gotcha inetpro 18:16
kilosit was me18:16
inetproI thought so18:17
kiloschecking if our site still works18:17
inetproit works, well done!18:17
kilosbeen reliable18:17
kilosbuilt by experts18:18
inetprobye qwebirc3131718:21
inetprohow's the weather there kilos?18:22
kilosweather man lied today , said 31 but it was hotter than the other days 3918:23
inetproearlier today there was this, "⚠️ ALERT: The SA Weather Service has issued a watch for severe T-storms in Gauteng on Saturday. HAIL, HEAVY RAIN & DAMAGING WINDS possible."18:23
kiloscooling down nicely now though18:23
kilossky is clear here atm18:23
inetprothere was a bit of thunder here a few minutes ago but nothing serious... slowly moving away into the distance now18:25
kilosstars shining here and a 3/4 moon18:32
inetprogood time for rains18:33
inetproFull Moon on Wednesday18:34
kilosanytime is a good time for rains in za18:34
kilosMaaz coffee time18:34
MaazIt is always coffee time!18:34
kilosMaaz coffee on18:35
* Maaz puts the kettle on18:35
kilosinetpro order now18:35
inetpromy dad always said rain comes a few days before and a few days after Full Moon18:35
kilosmaaz rusks please18:35
Maazbehind the calender on top of the fridge, but dont tell everyone kilos18:35
kiloslets hope then the farmer here has long centre pivots running all day and most of the nights on newly planted soya18:36
kilosgo see where i am https://www.google.co.za/maps/@-25.7626332,27.2900314,225m/data=!3m1!1e318:36
kilosyou can see all the ploughed fields for mile around18:37
kilosdont send your hitmen18:37
kilosthey wont take the heat and im in and out in the sun most of the day18:38
MaazCoffee's ready for kilos!18:39
kilosMaaz danke18:39
kilossunlight kills cholestorol18:49
inetprostorm coming back with a bang now18:50
kiloshope you havent got veggies that can get flattened18:51
kilosbut they sprout again so no fear18:51
inetprokilos: you are way too far from civilization 18:51
inetprono hitman will want to go there18:51
kiloslovely here18:52
kiloscivilization isnt civilised anymore18:52
inetprorain, rain, rain... it is here now18:52
kilosgo get wet and say ty18:52
inetproI'll stay dry and say ty18:53
kilossave on bath water man18:53
kilosand catch it for drinking water18:53
kilostap water no good18:53
kilosall i taught you you still know nothing18:54
inetprothought it stopped and now coming even more18:59
kilosbe thankful18:59
inetproso quiet now, why?19:23
kiloswaiting for your rain to come here19:23
kilosand getting sleepy as well also too19:23
kilosi see a big storm moving east from the north of us19:26
kilosyou could get more19:26
inetprosjoe, that should be interesting19:26
smilebye! :)19:27
kilosif you look west you should see it19:27
smiletalk to you later! :)19:27
kiloscheersa smile ty19:27
smilegood night :) 19:28
inetprogoeienag kilos19:37
kilosnag inetpro 19:37
kiloslekker slaap19:37
inetproselle daar, dankie19:37
kilosnight all, sleep tight19:43

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