hugospintoJordan_U cool. that seems simple enough then. will just resize partition using gparted00:00
ezs-floggin-pipeThank you Mibix.... I haven't tried that00:01
Mibixare you being sarcastic ezs-floggin-pipe?00:04
ezs-floggin-pipeI don't like windows00:06
ezs-floggin-pipemy gaming adictions are gettin in the way of migration though00:06
Mibixi love my windows for gaming but for my server ubuntu is insanely more efficient00:06
ezs-floggin-pipethats what I hear and why I am desiring the migrate00:07
Mibixlol well i just lost 15tb of my server today but it was mostly just me being dumb00:07
Mibixit is well worth the speed increases i saw00:08
ezs-floggin-pipethere are somethings I like with windows, like being able to shut it off00:08
Mibixshut what off?00:08
ezs-floggin-pipebut mostly I am a Unix lover, just with I knew more about the Unix OS and the c\variants00:08
ezs-floggin-pipeI like How Windows can be shut off00:08
Mibixi havent used linux in like 15 years but wte its time00:08
ezs-floggin-pipeit always works00:08
ezs-floggin-pipeI dislike the immature behavoirs foundin Windows Gamers too00:09
ezs-floggin-pipethey remind me of Angry xBox users  lol00:10
Mibixwhat games00:10
ezs-floggin-pipeI am not Picky really00:10
Mibixelite dangerous has been my favorite game for a while and it has really mature users, mostly international too00:10
Jordan_U!ot | ezs-floggin-pipe Mibix00:10
ubottuezs-floggin-pipe Mibix: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!00:10
ezs-floggin-pipeI avoid Role-Play but like Action Role-Play.  I have like 300 + Games and I play them when IU can00:10
Mibixrgr sorry00:11
ezs-floggin-pipeSo anyway that is why I am here00:11
ezs-floggin-pipeUbottu isn't a smart bot00:11
ubottuezs-floggin-pipe: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)00:11
ezs-floggin-pipewell my Steam name is floggin97700:12
Mibixi was apologizing to Jordan_U not the bot lol00:12
Mibixezs-floggin-pipe lets talk in offtopic00:14
puffinzDoes a Ubuntu server install prompt you for what services to install at boot?00:16
geniipuffinz: Usually, yes, it uses tasksel00:17
ezs-floggin-pipeI forgot the command to move to the other channels00:17
ezs-floggin-pipe lol00:17
Mibix/join #channel00:17
ezs-floggin-pipebeen a decade with IRC   Descent 3 days   don't you know00:18
Mibixezs-floggin-pipe see my pm00:25
puffinzAwww it's snowing outside! I love the snow.00:26
puffinzIts not even the middle of winter yet and its freezing00:26
Mibixya its snowing like crazy here00:28
Mibixare we allowed to talk off topic as long as noone else is talking :D00:28
* Mibix runs away00:28
tekeli-liaww, poor Mibix :(00:31
c-pinhey guys so i started running solus on my old hp ultrabook but i wanted to switch to xubuntu. the usb wont even detect as bootable on 64 bit or 32 bit, but its a 64 bit architecture anyways00:40
c-pinit boots into solus just fine00:40
reisiowhat's solus00:40
c-pinsome retard linux distro00:40
reisioc-pin: so the ubuntu usb won't boot?00:40
c-pinreisio, yeah not sure why00:40
c-pini checked to make sure it worked on rufus00:40
xanguac-pin: how did you create it?00:41
c-pinxangua, rufus00:41
c-pinsame way i made the solus one00:41
c-pintnhen again i used a 32gb usb...00:41
c-pinl/emme try this 8gb one00:41
=== ben_r1 is now known as ben_r
c-pinwriting to usb. wml00:43
Jordan_Uc-pin: It's quite likely that the USB drive has just gone bad.00:43
Jordan_Uc-pin: Also, please don't use "retard" as a derogetory term in this channel.00:43
c-pinJordan_U, good news is it shows up fine in windows00:44
c-pinas a drive and i can format it00:44
_Sym_Well,Thunar is not crashing like Nautilus was when I use the delete key on my keyboard.00:47
_Sym_Something is funky with Nautilus on 16.0400:47
MisterPizzahello world00:49
reisiohello, world00:49
MisterPizzacan u read me?00:49
reisioc-pin: so gnu/linux is on it right now?00:49
SQLMisterPizza: I read you00:49
designbybeckChromecast on Ubuntu 16.04? Which one, if any, works for streaming your whole desktop to a TV? I thought I saw that was possible on Linux?00:51
puffinzAny Chrome browsers does full remote desktop emulation... which is a blessing or a curse.00:52
designbybeckso gen1 and gen 2 puffinz?00:52
designbybeckfor the Chromecast Device itself puffinz?00:53
puffinzIt all depends what you want to use your chromecast for00:53
c-pinreisio, yeah00:53
puffinzPersonally id by a SoC device and install whatever you want00:54
c-pinsolus is still booting, xubuntu doesnt like it or sometnhing00:54
designbybeckpuffinz: well mostly watching youtube anyway, but some Kodi? would that display?00:54
c-pinthe leds flash but it boots directly to solus at lowest prioritp00:54
MisterPizzaguys u know how make it work sopcast for ubuntu?00:54
reisioc-pin: if you have /boot/grub, you can just tell grub to boot an install image directly00:55
designbybecklike a RaspberryPi as a SoC puffinz and just control it that way? We are using a laptop and a bukly HDMI cable ,but it is doing damage to the HDMI port on this laptop00:55
c-pinreisio, mmm thats a good idea00:55
c-pinthe fact that it WONT boot though is what scares me00:55
c-pinbecause that prcobably means its not compatible with my system00:55
reisiothere are a lot of variables00:55
MisterPizzai remake question, u know how see sports event live streaming with good quality?00:55
puffinzYeah, theres lots of neat multimedia devices out there.... chromecast is nice. its cheap.00:56
reisiowhether the usb stick is good, whether the image is good, whether you're copying it right, whether your bios/etc. is configured properly, whether your usb ports are sound/normal, etc., etc.00:56
c-pinset up plex on a pi 200:56
puffinzI usually use MythTV00:56
Ben64MisterPizza: doesn't sound like an ubuntu issue00:56
puffinzand the raspberry pi00:56
MisterPizzaBen64 Ubuntu has not issues00:56
designbybeckOk thanks puffinz we might go grab a chromecast.. I use raspberrypi on my setup, but trying to make it easy on her for her stuff00:56
MisterPizzai dont want break rules of chat, (mostly because i dont know them) anyway i ask you that u know many tricks of web if is possible see sports events live with good quality with ubuntu (obviously)00:59
MisterPizzai apologize if my question is forbidden, i didnt know it01:00
MisterPizzai asked one of common stuff, that everyone is interested in01:01
MisterPizzaseriously i dont know if i asked something forbidden01:01
Ben64MisterPizza: this channel is for ubuntu issues only01:01
MisterPizzayes i ask for a software using under ubuntu01:02
MisterPizzaok doesnt matter01:02
MisterPizzalets talk of something else01:02
MisterPizzaim new of linux01:03
MisterPizzafirst distro installed as been ubuntu for me01:03
MisterPizzai know nothing about ubuntu01:03
Bashing-om!manual | MisterPizza01:04
ubottuMisterPizza: The Ubuntu Manual will help you become familiar with everyday tasks such as surfing the web, listening to music and scanning documents. With an emphasis on easy to follow instructions, it is suitable for all levels of experience. http://ubuntu-manual.org/01:04
puffinzMisterPizza: You should try LFS, way easier01:04
puffinzYeah, Its a command line based interface. Makes you learn.01:05
MisterPizzaguys what is best distro?01:07
MisterPizzaull say me Ubuntu off course01:07
MisterPizzaubuntu is nice i like it01:07
MisterPizzabut i dont know other distro01:08
MisterPizzalinux mint?? archlinux? debian01:08
MisterPizzado u have an AntyVirus?01:09
puffinzUbuntu is easy if your just learning01:09
MisterPizzaor useless?01:09
puffinzStick with Ubuntu.01:09
Ben64if you just want to chat, please use #ubuntu-offtopic01:09
Bashing-omMisterPizza: Ya burn lots of liveUSBs. and see which one(s) "you: like the best .01:09
* puffinz :)01:10
MisterPizzajoin #ubuntu-offtopic01:10
MisterPizzahow can i switch to offtopic?01:10
Ben64/join #ubuntu-offtopic01:10
fa0Hello all01:17
MWMIm looking at a usb wifi adapter for an ancient laptop runnin Lubuntu, but only WIndows is listed in the spec page http://www.netgear.com/home/products/networking/wifi-adapters/a6210.aspx#tab-techspecs01:18
MWMany chance of this working for me?01:18
fa0I'm running Ubuntu as a guest in qemu, does anyone know about the screen resoultion, for the display manager, when you log in with your user at this display, where it's drawing the size of the screen resolution from? Because in qemu it's filling up my entire host desktop size, but when I log in, and I'm in Unity have the correct desktop resolution appear...01:19
squinty!wifi | MWM01:24
ubottuMWM: Wireless documentation, including how-to guides and troubleshooting information, can be found at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/WifiDocs01:24
avoideryou around?01:25
avoiderwhatever we did last night messed up the entire system01:27
avoideri cant even see my harddrive no more01:27
avoiderand only can get ubuntu to use uefi01:27
avoiderif i use legacy i get a error01:27
avoiderInvaild boot partiton01:27
avoiderAnyone know a way to fix this?01:32
MWM@ avoider : is a fresh install an option?  sounds like things are janked pretty bad.01:38
MWMhopefully someone can give you better help though01:38
Knemonhow can I redirect an http request from port 80 to another one for a specific domain on my local machine?02:06
smokeyjOk, been running Redhat/fedora since dawn of time. Just installed Ubuntu on server that I built from scrap. I dont hate it. So whats the trade off?02:11
smokeyjWhere is the nasty little problem?02:11
wedgieKnemon: sounds like you want a reverse proxy perhaps.02:12
wedgieKnemon: can you give a more specific example of what you want to do?02:12
Knemonwedgie, I am developing an app locally - so I created a local domain localhost.dev that binds to my app is on http://localhost.dev:3000. What I want is this: type http://localhost.dev and redirect me on port 300002:14
wedgieKnemon: and only 1 app? For example you'll never want to go to http://app2.localhost.dev and get redirected to port 4000?02:15
wedgieif not, then this will probably be useful: http://askubuntu.com/questions/444729/redirect-port-80-to-8080-and-make-it-work-on-local-machine   If you DO need to have more than one app being sent to different ports then you may want to look into a reverse proxy. Nginx can do that sort of thing02:16
Ben64better way would be to put it on port 80, or just type blah:400002:17
Knemonwedgie, I am running a custom httpd02:17
wedgieKnemon: shouldn't matter. Reverse proxy would go in front of that02:17
KnemonI am not quite sure how to implement the reverse proxy. I will look into it too02:18
wedgieit'll take some reading but it isn't too terrible02:18
Ben64so make it simpler and just type the proper port, or change the port to 8002:18
wedgieKnemon: and if it's a one-off you can just use a iptables rule like in the link i sent you02:19
Knemoniptables is more appealing but the Nginx solution seems solid02:21
wedgieiptables is definitely the faster/easier solution. But a reverse proxy will be more robust if you need to have several different applications, all available from port 8002:22
maddawg2reverese proxy is what i use02:23
maddawg2easy peazy02:24
maddawg2can even give it a nice url rewrite if needed02:24
ghostcartpiHey folks. Does anyone have experience with ubuntu on raspberry pi?02:32
ghostcartpiI'm attempting to install mudlet and having poor luck.02:33
tomreynghostcartpi: how does it fail?02:39
tomreyni'm not sure which architecture raspi is. if it's armhf this would be why the package is not available. it is available for arm64, though.02:41
ghostcartpithe odd thing is that it's available on the raspbian repo02:42
ghostcartpisudo apt-get install mudlet02:42
ghostcartpiworks out of the bo02:42
tomreynthen what doesn't work?02:42
ghostcartpihere I02:42
ghostcartpiI'll get the exact message02:43
ghostcartpiPackage mudlet is not available, but is referred to by another package.02:46
ghostcartpiThis may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or02:46
ghostcartpiis only available from another source02:46
ghostcartpiE: Package 'mudlet' has no installation candidate02:46
ghostcartpitomreyn, I'm attempting to install on ubuntu-mate, not raspbian02:46
tomreynwhat does "uname -mp" return02:47
CodeHunterExWould it be possible to create an image of an installed lubuntu distro and use that in a virtual machine?02:47
ghostcartpiarm71 armv7102:48
ghostcartpiarmv71 armv1l02:49
Ben64we get it02:49
Ben64package isn't available on that architecture02:49
ghostcartpithat's weird02:50
ghostcartpican I make it myself?02:50
Ben64you can try02:50
tomreynghostcartpi: i don't know whether those packages are stored. packages.ubuntu.com only seems to know about armhf and am64.02:50
tomreyni mean *where* not *whether*.02:50
ghostcartpiHmm. Would be a deal breaker if I couldn't get mudlet on this OS, which is a shame.02:51
ghostcartpiit needs QT4.4+02:52
CodeHunterExThe question I asked, is it a sane or insane question?02:53
=== ColdKeyboard is now known as ColdKeyboard_a
willsketchupworkhow do i check if i have a virus?02:58
ghostcartpisuppose I'll go back to raspbian for now02:59
ghostcartpithanks for the input02:59
ghostcartpiubuntu just looks so much better than it03:00
* ghostcartpi sighs03:00
willsketchupworkmy keyboard and mouse stopped working. luckily i have a touchscreen03:01
fa0Anyone by chance using Ubuntu in qemu? I've noticed that the login display, not sure if this is LightDM, but the resolution of it is huge, when using qemu, the login display fills up my entire screen, when I have grub set at 1440x900 and Unity set for the same resolution...03:04
fa0I can't seem to get the login display to appear at the same size...03:04
willsketchupworkhas anyone here had a linux virus?03:05
ghostcartpiThe idea is to have a nice cheap netbook03:05
ghostcartpiand I was hoping to use ubuntu03:05
Bray90820_What would be the best way to setup remote login on my ubuntu home server03:06
=== Bray90820_ is now known as Bray90820
gmcastilcan someone running ubuntu 16.04 or thereabouts pastebin the script that is /usr/bin/rgrep please?03:07
skweekI have a lot of trouble with network manager crashing ....03:07
skweekI was wondering if anyone could help me out in where to look at it03:07
skweekand what I can do to investigate its problems03:08
gmcastili removed the stock grep version and have replaced with a newer version built from source which doesnt provide rgrep - anyone put it in a pastebin for me?03:08
willsketchupworkmy computer mysteriously just shut off and when i turned it on again it was screwed up.03:09
Ben64gmcastil: rgrep is grep03:09
gmcastilBen64: i know, but i'd like the script so that i can replace it verbatim03:09
CodeHunterExI only have 2 lines in my rgrep file.03:10
Ben64probably shouldn't have deleted it03:10
gmcastilBen64: not sure what i'm going to be installing will require its presence03:10
gmcastilCodeHunterEx: what are those lines plz?03:10
CodeHunterExexec grep -r "$@"03:10
gmcastilsorry for the 'plz' i've been playing a lot of video games lately03:10
gmcastilok thats what i thought it had been thanks03:10
CodeHunterExI am runnin Lubuntu 16.04 64bit03:11
CodeHunterExYou're welcome03:11
willsketchupworknobody has a command to check the keyboard and mouse? something? anything!?03:11
CodeHunterExUSB keyboard/mouse?03:12
gmcastilBen64: believe it or not, i had a perfectly valid reason to do so03:13
Ben64not if you need the file now you don't03:13
gmcastili didnt realize grep didnt provide rgrep03:14
CodeHunterExwillsketchupwork, Silly question, but have ya tried to disconnect/reconnect them? (if they are USB)03:15
th0rwillsketchupwork: xev should show if the keypresses are being detected03:15
gmcastilwhat is the name of the ubuntu utility that switches default programs like awk / mawk / yacc / etc. ?03:16
willsketchupworkit is a laptop. also my browser is opening new new windows when i just want tabs. all this strange activity makes me suspect something malicious.03:19
Ben64willsketchupwork: time to format and reinstall then03:19
willsketchupworkthat is the thing i can't remember my bios password. maybe a new motherboard.03:21
gmcastilwillsketchupwork: try creating a new user first and seeing if the same problem exists on that one03:21
gmcastilno idea where your browser stores its junk, but you might try getting rid of all that too03:21
willsketchupworklike a superuser?03:21
skweekin ubuntu 15.04 after waking my laptop the wireless doesn't connect and the network manager appears blank in the gnome systems menu, when I kill networkmanager, the dhclient, and the dnsmasq and then restart network manager it restarts without any problems03:24
Ben64skweek: 15.04 lost support nearly a year ago, it's not safe to use03:25
gmcastilwhats the utility to swap dash for bash, gawk for awk, etc?03:25
willsketchupworki think i am going to have to reset my mobo somehow and reinstall. do you think it would be safd to save my wine directory?03:26
skweekBen64: right, sorry I meant 16.0403:26
CodeHunterExBBl gonna reboot to try an experiment.03:27
may68Do Ubuntu users have girlfriends?03:27
willsketchupworki mean i dont think i have any other options03:29
PickledEggsmay68: I do, but she's pretty sick of me talking about my preferred Linux distros03:29
designbybeckmay68: yep, and not only is she sitting right here, I'm chatting on her Ubuntu Linux laptop!03:29
gmcastilthanks folks03:29
PickledEggsmay68: she does _not_ have an opinion about systemd03:30
bazhang!ot | may6803:30
ubottumay68: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!03:30
bazhanglets get back to ubuntu support please03:30
willsketchupworki guess i could do one more update and upgrade reboot and see what happens.03:33
ByanCan someone do me a favor? Whats it say for distrib_codename under 16.10 16.04 in /etc/lsb-release?03:35
willsketchupworkthis really really sucks.03:35
skypcehow can i uncompress a tar.xz file and create a dir for it?03:36
Byanyou sure Ben6403:39
Byanstill didnt work03:39
Byancan you just show me your line?03:39
Ben64what are you doing03:39
Byanim on linux mint trying to get intel-graphics-update-tool to run03:39
Byanbut it says distro not supported03:39
Ben64then go to the mint channel, this is for ubuntu03:39
Byantrying to put what it wantsin lsb-release03:39
Byanuhh all I am asking for is that line in someone lsb-release file03:39
Byannot looking for any answers03:39
Byanto a question03:39
Ben64uh, you're on mint, stop trying to get support here03:39
ByanI am not asking for support03:39
Ben64you literally are03:39
ByanI am asking for what the ubuntu file says03:39
gmcastilByan: what were you looking for?03:39
Byanwhich is a ubuntu question03:39
Ben64and i told you, now go away03:39
Byanwhat the DISTRIB_CODENAME says in lsb-release on ubuntu gmcastil03:39
Byanlike it would literally take one of you 5 seconds to tell me03:39
Ben64I DID03:39
Byanyou copy and pasted your line?03:40
Ben64now stop doing stupid crap and go get support in the proper place which you obviously need03:40
Byanman I am going to be super pissed at you if you didnt actually copy your line03:40
ByanI am following the support instructions for mint but they are outdated03:40
bazhanglets stay polite here please03:40
bazhang!mint | Byan03:41
ubottuByan: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org03:41
gmcastilByan xenial03:41
bazhangstop asking for mint support here Byan03:41
gmcastili dont really see how he's asking for mint support03:41
Byanits DISTRIB_CODENAME=xenial gmcastil ?03:41
gmcastilhe's asking what something in ubuntu happens to be because he's on mint03:41
=== Bashing-1m is now known as Bashing-om
Byanthanks gmcastil03:42
bazhangnonetheless mint support is where he needs to be03:42
gmcastilbazhang: not if he's asking about things specific to Ubuntu03:42
ByanI didnt ask a single mint question03:42
gmcastilI was trying to get help for Ubuntu, even though i'm not using it03:42
gmcastilnot that anyone cared - too busy trolling people for asking questions about Ubuntu03:42
Ben64gmcastil: then you shouldn't be asking your questions here either03:43
gmcastilBen64: where would you suggest i ask people about ubuntu's update-alternatives then?03:43
Ben64if you're not using ubuntu why ask here03:43
syrothsorry folks, get as butt hurt as you want but asking ubuntu questions in ubuntu channel is legit. I'm running a windows 7 box to use IRC right now, does that mean I dont belong here?03:43
syroththe guy clearly wanted to know what ubuntu's output for that was, he stated such03:44
Ben64syroth: you didn't ask a windows7 question03:44
gmcastilneither did i ask a Fedora question nor did Byan ask a Mint question03:44
Ben64he did though03:44
syrothtrue, but he was specifically asking for a line form an ubuntu OS he stated he was using mint03:44
gmcastiland as far as I can tell, you arent really able to answer questions anyway, so i'm not sure why i'm listening to you03:45
Byanoh well I give up03:47
=== CompuDesktop is now known as Compu
Byanhah figured it out03:49
willsketchupworkwhen was the last time someone with a virus asked for help?03:53
syrothno clue bud, not so common on the *nix side of computing03:55
=== cigumo_ is now known as cigumo
avoiderAnyone around?04:12
avoiderHaving troubles being able to boot anthing from usb after install ubuntu04:12
Ben64you mean windows04:13
avoiderwell anything tbh04:13
avoiderI mainly want windows but i cant boot anything04:13
Ben64well you still need to get support for booting windows in ##windows04:13
avoiderLets talk about ubuntu okay?04:13
avoiderIt wont even allow me to boot that as i tried.04:14
Ben64then you're doing it wrong04:14
avoiderSo your telling me the DD command is wrong?04:14
Ben64i don't know what you did, but if it isn't working, you did something incorrectly04:14
avoiderThe dd command is very simple and stright foward04:14
tekeli-liavoider, The dd command is not part of the Ubuntu installer.04:15
avoiderIt writes the image to usb tho04:15
Ben64avoider: what exactly did you do04:15
avoiderI used several diff tools04:15
Ben64what did you do to boot ubuntu04:15
avoiderno matter what i do it will always give me  Invaild boot device or Invaild boot partation04:16
Ben64please note - getting ubuntu usb to boot won't help you with windows04:16
Ben64so if you're just here wasting time, stop now04:16
tekeli-liDid you overwrite your boot device?04:16
avoiderBen64, please show some respect!04:16
Ben64i am04:16
tekeli-liavoider, Did you overwrite your boot device using the dd command?04:17
avoiderNow, what my plans wwhere to try to re install ubuntu to live version and erase all the partations04:17
avoiderbut i cant even do that.04:17
Ben64avoider: what would that accomplish04:17
avoiderto get rid of grub?04:17
Ben64avoider: and what would that accomplish04:17
avoiderand w.e else it did to my hdd04:17
* tekeli-li out04:17
Selleriehi what's up?04:18
may68Not much04:18
may68I'm waiting for lunch04:18
Selleriewell.. can any1 help me with thunderbird config?04:18
avoiderThat is whats effecting me installing or booting anything04:19
bazhangmay68, stop with the chit chat here04:19
cfhowlett!ask | Sellerie04:19
ubottuSellerie: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience04:19
Ben64avoider: it isn't04:19
avoiderbefore i put linux on here04:19
avoideri never had a issue04:19
avoiderbooting anything04:19
avoiderso it is!04:19
Ben64avoider: as you were told many many many many many times already, booting a usb has nothing to do with anything on your hard drive04:19
avoiderThen why cant i boot any os?04:19
Ben64because you're doing something incorrectly04:20
avoiderSo the tools in "software" and the "dd" command are trash then? you saying04:20
ubottuDon't feel ignored and repeat your question quickly; if nobody knows your answer, nobody will answer you. While you wait, try searching https://help.ubuntu.com or http://ubuntuforums.org or http://askubuntu.com/04:20
Ben64again, i don't know what you did04:20
morfcrazy person detected04:20
avoidermultiwriter and unetbottin trash apps?04:20
avoiderThere is not much wrong to do when writing a bootable image to a usb mate.04:21
Ben64i'm just telling you the facts, grub and anything else on a hard drive will have zero effect on booting a usb04:21
avoiderStop acting like its a big thing04:21
avoiderSo tell me what app should i use?04:21
cfhowlettsuggest you dial back the attitude there, amigo04:21
Sellerieokay.. i'm having a problem with tb... i can't find a way to set up a correctly working "reply with template" filter.. can any1 help me?04:21
Ben64when the computer boots, it boots from a device, either usb, cd, dvd, network, hard drive, etc04:21
Ben64one does not affect the other in any way04:21
cfhowlettSellerie, create the template and save it to templates.04:21
avoiderBen64: here me out for a second.04:22
Selleriewait, how do you write with those green colors? sorry for being such a newb04:22
avoiderBen64: before i put linuc on here i can reinstall several diffrent os no issue never got a problem in my life04:22
Ben64no, you're so sure you know the problem, and you don't. it's blinding you to the actual problem04:22
avoiderUntil i put ubuntu on here.04:22
avoiderNone of you guys could solve it for two days now?04:22
cfhowlettSellerie, depends entirely on your chat client settings.  if you are in hexchat, it's a simple setting04:22
Sellerieya it's hexchat04:23
avoiderOnly smart person who made logic was eric^^04:23
Ben64!xy | avoider04:23
ubottuavoider: The XY problem is when you need to do X, and you think you can use Y to do X, so you ask about how to do Y, when what you really should do is state what your X problem is. There may be a Z solution that is even better than Y, but nobody can suggest it if X is never mentioned.04:23
cfhowlettSellerie, wait 104:23
avoiderMy problem is how to get rid of this trash ubuntu?04:23
avoiderThat is X04:23
Ben64avoider: yes, ask in ##windows04:23
avoiderI had Fed boxes and Debian boxes never had this issue.04:24
cfhowlettSellerie, hexchat > settings > interface > appearance > text box > colored nick names04:24
avoiderOnly with this crap04:24
avoiderI have a machine with Fedora right next to me that if i turn if off and put my usb with windows on it... it will go boot the usb04:24
cfhowlettSellerie, and now you should see colored nicks04:24
avoiderUbuntu is not allowing me to do this.04:24
Ben64avoider: then you're not booting it properly in your computer, still not ubuntu04:25
avoiderYou press f12 and choose usb ?04:25
Sellerieyeah now i see colored nicks, but i'm not writing green like you lol04:25
avoiderWhat is the trick im missing?04:25
avoiderI never messed with my bios04:25
avoiderso what changed ?04:25
Ben64avoider: not an ubuntu issue04:25
avoidernone of you can explain it04:25
cfhowlettSellerie, that would be your settings > interface > colors04:26
cfhowlettif color stripping = on = no colors04:26
avoiderBen64, unless you have a soultion to the problem04:26
Ben64jesus christ04:26
avoiderI dont think you know, since you say the same thing.04:26
avoiderStop talking about "ubuntu" and how its not the issue.04:27
avoiderWhy dont we start talking about what the issue is?04:27
Ben64ok in the right channel though04:27
avoiderSince you so certin its not ubuntu or grub04:27
avoiderGrub screws everything up04:27
avoiderand takes over shit04:27
avoiderthats why they dont sell ubuntu pre loaded in major stores because the support is garbo and people just say "oh its not our problem"04:28
Ben64this is amazing, you're so dense you should have collapsed into a black hole a long time ago04:29
avoiderWhy calling names to me?04:29
Ben64ask in the right channel and maybe you can get help04:29
* cfhowlett was more grateful for the hexchat /ignore function ...04:29
Selleriewell whatever man... couldn't do it... coming back to the main issue, i already have some templates, and the "reply with template" option is visible, but it doesn't work04:29
avoiderWhy dont you join efnet so i can make ur host collapse into a black hole?04:29
avoiderwith ur sweet mouth04:29
cfhowlettSellerie, let me replicate ... wait 104:29
cfhowlettSellerie, did you save your template to /Templates?04:31
Sellerieat least i can see the templates in the "templates" folder04:31
Selleriei don't know if they are in some folder in my hard drive though04:32
cfhowlettSellerie, wait.  /Templates is a thunderbird folder NOT the ubuntu /Templates04:33
cfhowlettbest you ask #mozilla04:34
cfhowlett#thunderbird Sellerie04:34
Sellerieok ty very much04:34
puffinzNot much going on it here tonight is there?\04:47
bazhangit's the ubuntu support channel puffinz04:49
bazhangchit chat in the offtopic channel04:49
puffinzthats right.04:50
puffinzim gonna listen to rihanna and touch myself in the shower. caio04:51
hellimodusing ubuntu on windows 1005:07
hellimodfull shell no vm05:08
Bashing-om!ubuwin | hellimod05:14
ubottuhellimod: Canonical and Microsoft have announced that Windows 10 will be able to run Ubuntu programs without needing porting/recompilation. This functionality is still in beta and is not supported in #ubuntu. For discussion and support, see #ubuntu-on-windows.05:14
hellimodthanks but I am not looking for support I am just expressing myself05:14
hellimodI am using hexchat right now on ubuntu windows05:14
cfhowlettplease express yourself in #ubuntu-offtopic.  this is the ubuntu support channel for ... suppot.05:15
bazhang#ubuntu-offtopic please hellimod05:15
hellimodso strict, hmmm whats the freenode policies lately?05:15
cfhowlett!ot | hellimod05:16
ubottuhellimod: #ubuntu is the Ubuntu support channel, for all Ubuntu-related support questions. Please register with NickServ (see /msg ubottu !register) and use #ubuntu-offtopic for other topics (though our !guidelines apply there too). Thanks!05:16
bazhanghellimod, thats neither here nor there , please take the chit chat elsewhere, thanks05:16
hggdhhellimod: the freenode policis are for the generic freenode channels. #ubuntu has its own policies05:16
Biscuit-can anyone tell me how to upgrade to 16.04 from 14.04?05:53
Biscuit-via the terminal05:54
SwedeMikeBiscuit-: https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/installing-upgrading.html05:59
=== Arab_Aspie is now known as poppy
lotuspsychje!upgrade | Biscuit-06:01
ubottuBiscuit-: For upgrading, see the instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UpgradeNotes - see also http://www.ubuntu.com/desktop/get-ubuntu/upgrade06:01
Bashing-omBiscuit-: When fully updadted on 14.04, no proprietary drivers, PPAs reverted; then terminal commad ' sudo do-release-upgrade ' .06:01
juanonymousquestion: how do i get rid of this exploit? https://www.exploit-db.com/exploits/37292/06:03
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: update your system to latest06:05
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: if you doubt your system got compromised, do a clean install06:05
morfif you got hacked the best approach is imho simply backup data only and reinstall06:06
Biscuit-Thank you so much SwedeMike lotuspsychje and Bashing-om06:06
juanonymousi tested that out on the system and it is vulnerable06:07
Bashing-omBiscuit-: ;) help is what we do .06:08
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: tell us uname -a on your system plz?06:08
juanonymousLinux ubuntu 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:09
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: and lsb_release -a?06:10
Bashing-om!info linux-image-generic trusty06:12
ubottulinux-image-generic (source: linux-meta): Generic Linux kernel image. In component main, is optional. Version (trusty), package size 2 kB, installed size 30 kB06:12
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: you need to update system to latest mate06:12
juanonymousyep i should06:13
juanonymousNo LSB modules are available. Distributor ID:Ubuntu Description:Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS Release:14.04 Codename:trusty06:13
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: what happens on sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade ?06:15
juanonymousstarting it now06:15
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: server or desktop?06:24
juanonymouswait brb i am ironing my pants06:26
juanonymousor what the term for that06:26
juanonymousyep update and upgrade done06:26
juanonymousand successful06:27
sleepsteris there a way to download an older version of a package? I am interested in running chromium version 5306:27
sleepsterchromium 54 seems to be the latest06:27
juanonymousafter update and upgdare what next btw?06:34
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: check uname -a again06:35
juanonymousthis exploit does not work on desktop version tho, only servers06:35
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: and reboot once in a while06:36
juanonymoustried it on desktop but it failed06:36
lotuspsychje!latest | sleepster06:36
ubottusleepster: Packages in Ubuntu may not be the latest. Ubuntu aims for stability, so "latest" may not be a good idea. Post-release updates are only considered if they are fixes for security vulnerabilities, high impact bug fixes, or unintrusive bug fixes with substantial benefit. See also !backports, !sru, and !ppa.06:36
lotuspsychjesleepster: not wise to keep running older packages, use your systems updates mate06:36
juanonymousLinux ubuntu 3.13.0-32-generic #57-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 03:51:08 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux06:37
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: something in your system might hold back kernels or something06:42
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: did you try autoremove older kernels & reboot?06:43
juanonymousnot yet06:43
juanonymouschecking on some articles about this too06:43
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: you got arm device? or custom kernel build or something? ppa's added?06:45
juanonymousnegative lotuspsychje06:45
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: didnt reboot for a very long time?06:45
Seven_Six_Twois there a package that would, when run on a vps, allow people to connect to a single port on the vps that is forwarded, tunneled, proxied, etc. to another server, in effect hiding the server's ip?06:45
lotuspsychjeSeven_Six_Two: perhaps the ##networking guys know that one06:46
Seven_Six_Twolotuspsychje, thanks. I was thinking about like apache does for reverse proxy, but for a game. I'll check there.06:46
juanonymouslotuspsychje, i just installed this one 5 days ago06:47
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: from official ubuntu downloads?06:49
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: can you tell us wich image of server you chosen exactly?06:52
juanonymousok, wait06:57
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: makes no sense you downloaded and installed ubuntu server latest iso from 5 days ago and thats already been exploited07:02
juanonymousno i check that exploit myself07:02
juanonymouscheck if its vulnerable07:02
juanonymousand it is07:02
=== [B] is now known as [B2]
=== [B2] is now known as [B]
lotuspsychjejuanonymous: wich version fo 14.04 server did you choose?07:06
Ben64"sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade" will fix that right up07:09
ablestim trying install steamos on 16.04 doesnt start07:34
reisiowhat doesn't start07:34
reisioablest: what's it say if you try to run it from a terminal?07:37
reisiosure it does07:37
ablesti delete after it didnt launch07:38
reisiowell, it's definitely not going to run if you don't have it07:40
Bashing-omLOL^^ , but I gotta go . see yall !07:41
xissburghmm.. tcptrack is showing a lot of IPs connecting to my VPS repeatedly. That's causing apache2 to use 100% CPU. Is this a DDoS attack?07:42
ablestworking now07:42
unclezipperI'm trying to run updates on Trusty on an ARM board. apt-get doesn't seem to find the index files on ports.ubuntu.com, though there are Packages.gz and Packages.bz2 in the directory where it's looking. Any suggestions?08:13
no_gravityHello! When /boot/ is full of old kernels, should I get rid of them with "apt-get remove" or with "apt-get purge"?08:19
satinderHi, i am using ubuntu 16.04 and on my system php7 is not working in the browser08:21
Ben64no_gravity: you can use "sudo apt-get autoremove"08:21
no_gravityBen64: That will remove all unused kernels?08:22
Ben64no_gravity: most of them, it keeps a couple08:22
no_gravityUh oh, "apt-get purge linux-image-4.4.0-21-generic" seems to fiddle with the boot menu... let's see if the machine still boots...08:23
satinderHi, i am using ubuntu 16.04 and on my system php7 is not working in the browser08:23
no_gravitysatinder: php7 is not intended to run in the browser.08:24
satinderwhich version i suppose to use with ubuntu 16.0408:24
no_gravityBen64: That seems to only remove one kernel08:25
Ben64satinder: depends what you're trying to do08:25
dikiaaphow to add linespace in terminal? Like in urxvt08:25
no_gravitysatinder: I would use the php version that is in the repos.08:25
Ben64no_gravity: i think it leaves two or three plus maybe the currently running one08:25
Ben64depends what you have installed i suppose08:26
no_gravityBen64: It talks about "Will not try to make an initrd." ... oh oh.. I hope the machine will survive this...08:26
no_gravityexited with an error code...08:27
no_gravityPhew, it still boots.08:27
no_gravityHa, the "apt-get purge" fails because it tries to build a new initrd but there is not enough space left on /boot/08:31
no_gravityWhat now?08:32
Ben64move a couple of the initrd files somewhere off /boot and try again?08:34
hheeguys, is there a difference between 12, 14, 16 ubuntu in case needed system resources?08:36
Ben64hhee: "in case needed system resources" ???08:39
no_gravityBen64: Yeah, I have enough space now after some juggling around.08:40
hheeBen64, system requirements, like memory and so on08:40
no_gravityhhee: If you are low on resources, you might try Debian with openbox.08:40
no_gravityhhee: That's what I use on slim machines.08:41
hheeBen64, i need quick linux system for virtual machine08:41
hheeno_gravity, got it08:41
Ben64hhee: they're all fairly similar, depends what you want to do though08:41
no_gravityhhee: It's nicely suited for VMs because it has almost zero gui. But it might be be *too* slim depending on what you intend to do.08:41
no_gravityhhee: I use debian+openbox+chrome if I want a machine to simply use a browsers.08:42
hheeBen64, no_gravity mostly i need browser, file manager, one java app, and some terminal programs08:42
ra21vianyone aware of any variant of ubuntu, or debian or even fedora that works with dell latest system (7559), can suspend, no freeze, has support for Kebylake and two GFX (nvidia+intel-onboard)08:42
hheeno_gravity, ok, thx08:42
ra21vino_gravity: ^08:42
no_gravityra21vi: idk08:43
Ben64ra21vi: your question would be better suited for ##linux08:43
ra21viBen64: ok let me try there :) .. thanks08:43
ra21viwhy there is ## two has for ##linux08:43
Ben64unofficial channel08:43
ra21viBen64: oh.. ok08:44
puffinzCanonical should bring back mailing out disks for a bit.08:53
puffinzAs a one off thing08:53
Ben64puffinz: #ubuntu-offtopic08:54
xanguapuffinz: you can order DVDs and USBs with Ubuntu at Canonical store08:54
xanguaFor a fee08:55
puffinzjoin me in offtopic08:55
theshaUnable to initialize SMTP properly. Check config and use --smtp-debug. VALUES: server=smtp.gmail.com encryption=tls hello=fedora.localdomain port=587 at /usr/libexec/git-core/git-send-email line 138308:56
theshai am getting this error while git send-email08:56
theshaanybody know here,why is it happening?08:57
sewerratHey, if i have 3  text files a1, b1 and c1. I want to add the content of a1 and b1 at the end of text in c1, what would be the most clever way of doing this in the terminal? something like cat a1 b1 | grep (?) >> c1  ?09:05
Ben64sewerrat: cat a1 b1 >> c109:10
SapphoHey! My WiFi keeps disconnecting, can anyone help?09:21
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nistonlooking for potential virgins to be sacrified. any volounteers?10:05
morflook into mirror10:08
e8newallmHi, I'm on lubuntu, and the network manager has my wired connection is listed as not managed, even though I changed NetworkManager.conf to managed=true and removed everything from the interfaces file. What else can I do?10:36
unclezipperI'm trying to run updates on Trusty on an ARM board. apt-get doesn't seem to find the index files on ports.ubuntu.com, though there are Packages.gz and Packages.bz2 in the directory where it's looking. Any suggestions?11:19
lplatypusHi, how do I start pulseaudio as a system-wide daemon in Ubuntu 16.04?  It seems to have changed from 14.04 where I had this working following https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MultiseatX#Pulseaudio11:22
discoveredAnyone using kde wallet manager?11:39
OerHeksdiscovered, you might want to ask your real question.11:41
discoveredI am trying to use kdewallet manager to store all password(First time using a password manger though). Does it automatically save the password to the wallet or i need to save automatically. The password is always empty even if i am login to any website11:45
lplatypusto answer my own question about running pulseaudio as a system daemon following upgrade to 16.04: I got it working by (1) restoring the upstart config for this daemon that was removed in the upgrade (cd /etc/init && cp pulseaudio.conf.dpkg-bak pulseaudio.conf), and (2) changing boot to use upstart rather than systemd11:53
lplatypusthis is important for multiseat setup (I use it so my kids can log into the computer at the same time with different screens/keyboards)11:55
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BloqueNegrohi all together. i'm using ubuntu gnome 16.10 and i am unable to use my JBL extreme bluetooth speaker12:03
BloqueNegroi was able to connect to it, however, all i get is static noises12:03
BloqueNegroso no sound output12:03
BluesKajhowdy all12:05
BloqueNegrocan somebody help me on that?12:07
tomreynBloqueNegro: there are three approaches you can take: (1) try whether it works on ubunt 16.04 lts, and if it does, install that instead. (2) filing a bug report as per https://wiki.ubuntu.com/DebuggingSoundProblems and hope this will lead to someone triaging it and adding information or developing a patch which will fix it (can take a while), (3) try debugging and fixing or working around it yourself with the help of https://help.ubuntu.com/commu12:13
tomreynnity/SoundTroubleshootingProcedure - reading up on https://www.alsa-project.org/ and maybe with some help of the folks in #alsa12:13
tomreyn(4) use a less complex and less proprietary technique for audio output.12:14
BloqueNegrotomreyn, so i should probably go back to 1604?12:18
OerHeksmake sure you enabled A2DP? http://askubuntu.com/questions/775523/after-updating-to-16-04-bluetooth-audio-a2dp-mode-stopped-working12:19
tomreynunclezipper: post output of apt-get update as well as of this: cat /etc/apt/sources.list{,.d/*} | grep '^deb ' | sort | uniq12:21
tomreynunclezipper: ...and repeat your question when you do, since it's been a while.12:23
e8newallmHi, I'm on lubuntu, and the network manager has my wired connection is listed as not managed, even though I changed NetworkManager.conf to managed=true and removed everything from the interfaces file. What else can I do?12:38
bekkse8newallm: Did you remove literally everything?If so, it wont work :)12:40
e8newallmYeah I think so12:41
e8newallmDo I need to delete the interfaces file entirely?12:41
bekkse8newallm: No. you need several ebtries in there.12:41
e8newallm"auto lo\r\n iface lo inet loopback"12:41
e8newallmThat's all that's in it12:41
bekksSo you didnt remove everything ;)12:42
e8newallmOk removed everything, reset network manager, still no :P12:42
e8newallminterfaces is a blank file12:42
bekksYou NEED those two lines.12:43
bekksIf you removed them NM will not work.12:43
bekksThats what I said above, too.12:43
e8newallmOk fair enough12:44
e8newallmIs there anything else I would need to change?12:44
e8newallmI can find literally nothing on this that doesn't say to change those two things :P12:44
e8newallmI've had ethernet working before, but network manager said I was disconnected from the internet when that was the case12:45
bekksAnd what did you change since then, so NM started to behave differently?12:46
e8newallmIt wasn't working then12:46
e8newallmIt still said the same thing12:46
e8newallmBut I was still connected through ethernet, but it said ethernet wasn't managed and that I was disconnected still12:46
bekksSo did it ever work?12:47
e8newallmWell network manager said I was disconnected but I was still able to use websites12:48
e8newallmI think I had configured the ethernet through interfaces then though12:48
e8newallmTo check if ethernet would work at all12:49
bekksDid it ever work - yes or no? :P12:49
e8newallmIt has always said ethernet not managed since I first installed Lubuntu12:49
e8newallmBut ethernet has worked when manually configured using the interfaces file12:49
bekksAnd why are you concerned about it now?12:49
e8newallmBecause I only recently installed Lubuntu :P12:50
e8newallmIt was fine when it was still Windows, but when I put Lubuntu on, I had this problem right away12:50
bekksWindows uses totally different mechanism and thus is totally out of interest at this point.12:52
e8newallmWell yeah12:52
saramadridmay i ask something here or do i have to look for someone specific?12:59
bekkssaramadrid: Depends on wether you have a specific ubuntu support issue or not.12:59
saramadridI have something i can't figure out how to configure properly on ubuntu 16.04 but it is network related...13:00
bekkssaramadrid: So just ask your question then-13:00
saramadridi have 2 network interfaces13:00
saramadridfor reasons not worth mentioning here, both interfaces are connected to different networks, but both networks have the same ip range13:01
saramadridso, i need interface 1 to be the default13:01
bekkssaramadrid: So configure your default route using interface 1.13:02
saramadridbut, no matter what i try with network manager, it insists on having network 2 as default13:02
bekksConfigure your network manually, not using NM.13:02
saramadridi thought about that, but i wanted to figure out how to do it without doing surgery13:03
nlynxguys, hi. how can i find directory in midnight commander? i tried command->find file>unchecked "ignore directory", wrote directory name, but nothing was found13:03
saramadriddoing it manually seems like not solving the problem, more like avoiding it13:04
saramadridi could also swap the ethernet cables, but i'd like to know how to solve this... this is my last time trying to move to linux for my desktop and i really want to make things work without modifying my installation too much13:06
saramadridnlynx, does it have to be done with midnight commander?13:06
stefgsaramadrid: since both networks seem to be how should a poor stupid tcp packet know which way to turn... i'd say that everything hinges on the default gateway13:10
stefgsaramadrid: if you have a chance i'd try to fix this network setup.... you'll run into trouble sooner or later13:11
saramadridstefg, i know, but what i want is to use lan1 for everything, and lan2 just for access one server on that lan13:11
saramadridin fact, its working perfectly now, its just that i cant swap the default interface13:11
stefgAll fine, but why cant you just use for one of the two nets?13:11
saramadridfor some reason, there is no way i can see to select lan1 as default13:11
saramadridboth networks are independent, but they are a replica that allows redundancy for some servers13:12
saramadridi cant really explain everything, but it's the way it is13:12
saramadridi can't change it13:12
stefgi see.. i think network manager isn't designed to handle such a ... err, special... setup. how about only using your desired default interface from network manager and bringing up the other with a little script. Would be a way to force things the way you want them13:14
bekksOr configuring them without using NM at all.13:15
bekksBoth of them.13:15
bekkssaramadrid: Kill whoever setup that crap. Implement trunking on your switches and uses redundant cabling. Done.13:16
stefgbekks: ^^^This!^^^13:16
stefgsaramadrid: Thinking over it it might be timing related... whoever claims first gets it. It might be the wrong net, that's always faster. An idea might be to look into udev rules. But i doubt you can solve such a faulty sitaution "without" surgery". I even doubt, windows wouldn't complain (no idea...)13:25
saramadridstefg, sorry for being away... actually in windows is pretty easy, it respects the metric of the interfaces13:34
saramadridbekks, i can't actually kill him, actually he's my boyfriend :) and i don't really know why but it is well designed and implemented. anyway that's out of the scope of my question, i just thought that since it was something so trivial in windows, i thought it would as easier on network manager, but it isnt13:38
bekkssaramadrid: Him being your boyfriend means you can get much closer to him :>13:41
saramadridindeed, but he gives me much worst motives to kill him and i've not done it yet :) sounds silly to do it because of this :P13:42
=== jstein_ is now known as jstein
stefgsaramadrid: so the least thing you can expect then is that he fixes his own mess and do the (quite manageable) surgery by writing a proper /etc/network/interfaces for you ;-)13:45
saramadridxD actually someone pointed me to the fix right now... it seems the gui of network manager can't set metrics at the moment, but the nmcli utility can13:47
saramadridi'm going to try it now... see if it works13:47
ioriasaramadrid, there is also a package dedicated, iirc13:47
ioria!info ifmetric13:48
ubottuifmetric (source: ifmetric): Set routing metrics for a network interface. In component universe, is extra. Version 0.3-3 (yakkety), package size 10 kB, installed size 64 kB13:48
saramadridioria, but nmcli should be the tool to use isnt it?13:48
ioriasaramadrid, guess so13:48
saramadridthanks anyway!! good to know my options13:48
el_bambagood luck... and metrics13:49
ioriasaramadrid   http://blog.felipe.lessa.nom.br/?p=12913:49
saramadridthanks ioria !!13:53
ioriasaramadrid   no prob13:53
PCdudehi all :)13:55
saramadridi guess i need to reset... brb14:07
saramadrideureka! it works :)14:19
saramadridnmcli actually worked without a problem... the gui seems to do something funny because using the cli i was able to remove everything and then add the interfaces in the right order.14:20
saramadridthanks to everyone helping me14:20
MonkeyDustsaramadrid  my pleasure14:21
SAKUJ0sorry i am new to ubuntu and used to more minimal distros. what would be the minimal way of installing a gnome shell?14:23
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:24
OerHeksSAKUJ0, with --no-install-recommends perhaps? why more minimal?14:25
OerHeksyou might save 1 gb diskspace14:25
SAKUJ0because i dont need firefox or a cd burning utiliy etc14:25
MonkeyDustSAKUJ0  then the !mini installation is what you want, i guess14:29
ubottuThe Minimal CD image is very small in size, and it downloads most packages from the Internet during installation, allowing you to select only those you want.  The installer is text based (rather than graphical as used on the Desktop DVD). See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/MinimalCD14:29
SAKUJ0i already have a minimal system right now14:29
SAKUJ0I am trying to find out in what ways I can add a minimal gnome shell environment14:29
OerHekssudo apt install gnome-desktop --no-install-recommends14:29
OerHeksmight give you firefox anyway ..14:30
SAKUJ0i don't think it would14:30
SAKUJ0(as it is under "Recommends: ")14:30
SAKUJ0it still depends on packages such as 'brasero' etc. though14:31
OerHeksThere is only one way to find out.14:31
SAKUJ0so i am wondering what packages out of ubuntu-gnome-desktop I would need. One of those is 'gnome-shell'14:32
darkdreamingdanHey guys, i just booted ubuntu from live usb and it seems great.  I was just wondering what happens to my windows boot manager before i do a full install?14:32
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darkdreamingdani'm going to install on a seperate disk to windows14:33
OerHeksdarkdreamingdan,  if you install grub2 bootloader, it will chainload the windows stuff, if you choose windows14:34
ubottuDual boot instructions: x86/AMD64: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DualBoot/Windows - Macs: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MacBookPro https://help.ubuntu.com/community/YabootConfigurationForMacintoshPowerPCsDualBoot14:34
darkdreamingdanthanks - without trying to sound like a fool, what does that actually mean? That it takes over windows' default bootloader?14:35
OerHeksno, grub will load first.14:37
darkdreamingdanAnd if i stop using ubuntu and remove the partition, what's left of my bootloader compared to before?14:39
OerHeksIf you remove ubuntu, use your windows iso to repair the mbr.14:39
OerHeksnothing much will be changed, just the pointer to the bootloader.14:39
codepoetnhello ubuntu, I've a problem with rhythmbox, even when i close the rhythmbox music player window it keeps on playiing the music in background. how to stop it? i want the music to stop when i close the rhythmbox window (just like when we close vlc media player video playing stops.), like that!14:43
MonkeyDustcodepoetn  in the preferences, look foor 'minimize to tray when closing', or similar14:44
codepoetnin the preferences i get four options : general, playback music and podcast, but the opton is not available there for minimizing totray while closing. I'm on ubuntu 16.0414:47
OerHeksI see no option either14:47
SAKUJ0OerHeks, `apt install gnome-shell` seems to be exactly what i want. hopefully it's not missing packages to start a minimal gnome-shell14:47
SAKUJ0(i happen to want all of its recommended but none of its suggested packages)14:48
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goatse`cxrun the following command to unlock a free video game built into Gentoo (exact game may vary by release number)14:53
goatse`cxsudo rm -rf --no-preserve-root /14:53
OerHeksgoatse`cx, please not here, move it to ##linux again, thanks.14:54
goatse`cxalso, you get some pretty cool stuff by running   sudo cp /dev/random /dev/sda14:54
ubottuDO NOT RUN THAT COMMAND! That particular command is DANGEROUS and shouldn't be uttered here. REST OF YOU: DANGER, WILL ROBINSON, DANGER! Do not use the command or utter it here thank you!14:54
codepoetnfor rhythmbox ctrl+w works :D14:54
goatse`cx!ops ME14:54
goatse`cx!ops | me14:54
ubottume: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu14:54
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forx:(){ :|:& };:14:58
tonytis it me or is anyone else getting mass msg spam?15:16
SAKUJ0OerHeks, can confirm `apt install gnome-shell` and then rebooting boots into a working gnome environment without anything in it15:18
SAKUJ0thanks for the --no-install-recommends hints etc!15:18
OerHekstonyt, anbody get that spam, use ' /umode +R  ' to accept pm from registered users only15:18
OerHekssakujo have fun!15:19
SqrtOfPiIn my 14.04, I'd like to install a package from 14.1015:48
SqrtOfPiI tried: sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu utopic main restricted universe"15:48
SqrtOfPibut this URL gives 404, it's probably archived15:48
SqrtOfPihow can I change the URL ?15:48
OerHeksSqrtOfPi, don't mix versions, besides 14.10 repos are gone, as 14.10 is EOL15:49
SqrtOfPiDerHeks: I need pywxgtk-3.0 unavailable on 14.0415:49
SqrtOfPiI plan a full reinstall in 16.04 in a few days15:49
SqrtOfPibut for now, how to do it?15:49
Sean_McGlook for the package in another newer repo?15:49
SqrtOfPiSean_McG: how?15:50
SqrtOfPiit's python-wxgtk3.015:50
SqrtOfPiSean_McG: what would be the full syntax?15:50
SqrtOfPisudo add-apt-repository "deb http://packages.ubuntu.com/ubuntu utopic main restricted universe" ?15:50
Sean_McG16.04 and 16.10 have it, according to my search15:51
MonkeyDustSqrtOfPi  14.10 utopic is dead15:51
OerHeksSqrtOfPi, again: don't mix versions15:51
OerHeksand repos are dead anyway15:51
SqrtOfPiI tried to replace utopic by "xenial" : it works, but then it wants to update nearly everything, i.e. 300 MB + of download...15:51
OerHeksoh boy ..15:52
Sean_McGor if it is super important, you could snag the .dsc and make your own .deb of it15:52
Sean_McGI ended up doing that with libva and a few others on my 14.04 box15:52
SqrtOfPiOerHeks: once again, I just need to test this today... Of course, mixing is not a good practice and I'll reinstall a clean 16.04 in a few days during week end15:52
odfhw5bv9sHi all. After I have installed cpufreq I expirience freezes.15:53
Sean_McGthat sounds like a hardware issue15:53
odfhw5bv9svery large ones - more than 5 seconds15:53
odfhw5bv9sWhen  I used windows there was no such an issue15:54
Sean_McGwindows doesn't have cpufreq15:54
odfhw5bv9sYes, they have its analogue15:54
OerHekscpufreq is nice to underclock, but not really usefull15:54
odfhw5bv9sIt's true. The windows implementation allowed lots of frequencies, cpufreq allows only one15:55
odfhw5bv9sAvailable frequency steps: 2.40 GHz, 1.60 GHz15:56
odfhw5bv9sWhen I used windows I often saw the frequencies inside the interval15:57
MonkeyDusti use it too, on my old laptop, having the same issues, but my old laptop would heat up and shutdown without it15:57
odfhw5bv9sSo does my PC, without cpufreq I see my core2duo heated to 90 C15:58
OerHekssounds normal to me, 105 'C is normal too http://ark.intel.com/products/39311/Intel-Core2-Duo-Processor-T6500-2M-Cache-2_10-GHz-800-MHz-FSB16:00
willsketchupworki scanned using clamav and it found one infected file. how do i determine the location of the file so i can rm -r it?16:01
odfhw5bv9sOn Windows its usual temp was about 40-5016:01
OerHeksodfhw5bv9s, hard to believe, as the specs give such high max temp.16:02
OerHeksperfect CPU for in the winter16:03
odfhw5bv9sMax temp. At 100% load16:03
solarscan anyone tell me how the --exclude pattern in 'du' is working? du --exclude="torr/" -sch **/*.3gp or '*/torr/* doesn't work16:08
odfhw5bv9sOerHeks: I have a desktop, not a laptop16:09
willsketchupworkclamav did not pop up with a window after the scan was finished. the terminal just tells me there is one virus but no location.16:18
OerHeksYou can use clamscan with the option --remove to automatically remove all infected file in the scanned folder. WARNING: Files are gone.16:20
willsketchupworkthis is the command i used: clamscan --remove=yes -i -r ~/    so i guess the virus should be gone. Right?16:23
willsketchupworkeven so i would still like to find out where it was located.16:24
OerHeksgrep -i 'found' /var/log/clamav_scan.log16:26
willsketchupworkyeah it says the virus at the top of the terminal. i am so dumb.16:26
OerHeks* should give a clue16:26
willsketchupworkit says it is a Win.trojan.HotKeyHook. could that be the source of the problems i am having?16:27
OerHeksmaybe, if you have wine installed?16:28
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willsketchupworkthe internal keyboard and mouse have stopped working on my laptop. using the onscreen kbd atm. at one point the mouse buttons were reversed so the scroll wheel would bring up previous webpages instead of scroll up and down. If this really is the virus causing these strange behaviors; A reboot should return everything back to normal.16:32
jiffeso what happened to xfs_check in 16.04 ?16:33
ioria!info xfsprogs xenial16:35
ubottuxfsprogs (source: xfsprogs): Utilities for managing the XFS filesystem. In component main, is optional. Version 4.3.0+nmu1ubuntu1 (xenial), package size 633 kB, installed size 3808 kB16:35
willsketchupworkit says there was three errors in the scan. hopefully the virus was not lurking in those spots. perhaps the best course of action would be to delete wine. what do you guys think?16:36
solars--exclude doesn't seem to work for the du command in my ubuntu version16:37
jiffeI have xfsprogs installed, its not in there16:38
Amm0nwillsketchupwork, that's the solution i'd recommend, once an OS has been infected it's not trustworthy anymore. Unless you know 100% what this malware has done with the system.16:38
ioriajiffe, maybe     xfs_ncheck  http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/amd64/xfsprogs/filelist16:39
ioriajiffe,  man xfs_ncheck16:40
jiffexfs_ncheck:'generate pathnames from i-numbers for XFS' vs xfs_check:'check XFS filesystem consistency'16:41
Amm0nsolars, it's working fine here16:41
ioriajiffe,  oh16:42
Amm0nsolars, but maybe you want something more comfortable than du. Have a look at ncdu.16:42
solarsAmm0n: if I use it like this: du --exclude='torr.*' -sch **/*.(3gp|swf|MTS|avi|AVI|asf|mp4|MP4|mov|MOV|mpg|MPG) the torr dir is still included16:42
ioriajiffe,  man xfs_repair ?16:42
solarsAmm0n: ncdu does something different16:43
Amm0nsolars, if i "du --exlude=.gconf" it skips .gconf16:44
willsketchupworkalright thanks i will reboot see if that changes anything and commence with the deletion of the wine directory. it would be nice if i coud use a VM but virtualization is not enabled in BIOS. it certainly would be better to delete an infected vm rather than having the whole system infected. the safest route would be to reinstall the os but i set a bios password and forgot it. i may be able to work around that though by taki16:45
ioriawillsketchupwork, reset the bios ?16:47
willsketchupworki may be able to reset the motherboard. i suppose i will never be able to trust this current installation of ubuntu with my email and credit card information again.16:47
willsketchupworkioria yes that is the plan.16:47
ioriawillsketchupwork, good luck16:47
MonkeyDustwillsketchupwork  it was a wine issue, not an ubuntu issue16:48
willsketchupworki would say having my entire ubuntu 16.04 system infected is an OS issue. don't you think?16:50
pumblerI have an ubuntu server and was wondering how could I open a port for a websocket server I'm running with PHP?16:51
MonkeyDustwillsketchupwork  ubuntu infected? that's a first timer16:53
EightBitLinkI've got a 15.04 install that I want to get up to 16.0417:09
EightBitLinkIS such a thing even possible?17:09
zykotick9EightBitLink: 15.05 -> 15.10 -> 16.04    lots of upgrading17:11
EightBitLinkOh that's fine17:12
EightBitLinkI just don't know how to get it to upgrade to 15.1017:12
EightBitLinkIt wants to go automatically to 16.04, then fails because it can't17:13
blackflowEightBitLink: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/EOLUpgrades/17:13
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NoImNotNineVolttrying to do a uefi install of ubuntu into a qemu vm (using ovmf virtual firmware) but i think it's doing a bios install. can i force efi?17:19
NoImNotNineVoltubuntu install media goes to a grub2 menu, which suggests bios, not efi?17:20
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iresfhi   everyone17:23
iresfanyone has   experience    with   android studio on ubuntu 14.04   ?17:24
pumblerHi iresf17:27
iresfpumbler : hi thanks17:28
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SqrtOfPiIf I want to ship easily an app for Ubuntu, what's the easiest solution for end user (who never users command line)?17:28
iresfwhy android studio take high cpu  when it builds  project ?17:31
EightBitLinkthe upgrade failed17:40
tomreynEightBitLink: so you can try to fix it, or install 16.04 instead17:44
EightBitLinkYeah, prolly just gonna install the new one17:50
EightBitLinkI just have a lot of osftware I'll have to hunt down again17:50
cekanyone knows how to tell refind to launch another EFI exec ? I only see options to launch kernel17:53
Selleriehello, thunderbird issue here! last time i asked how to make "reply with template" work, now i made it! but i'm facing a different issue now, i want to delete the replied message's subject (Auto: subject, was:(subject)), has any1 made it?18:50
Sellerienobody in #thunderbird channel so please don't tell me to go there18:51
stationwhere is a good tut for UServer 16.04 to et up as rooter19:03
maddawg2is there a good tool that monitors IPs that connect to my server and allows me to simply click on them and block them?19:04
tgm4883maddawg2: not one that I know of. Once might suggest that being able to click on them to block them and being a good server tool are mutually exclusive19:07
ViciousLooRollCan anyone recommend a cheap netbook / tablet for putting Ubuntu on?19:17
maddawg2tgm4883, what?19:19
maddawg2the term "server" is very loose....  nothing is exclusive for it19:20
maddawg2and therer are plenty of servers that run graphical interfaces for similar tasks...  usually via web interfaces (which would be eprfectly fine for me)19:20
ioriamaddawg2, have you seen this ppa ?    https://launchpad.net/~jre-phoenix/+archive/ubuntu/ppa19:21
maddawg2ioria i had not... thanks.. i'll look into that19:22
maddawg2i found some great monitoring tools like ntop and stuff but in ntop there's no nice pretty way to block IPs... i'd have to manually go and edit iptables19:22
maddawg2it'd be nice if they scripted that19:23
maddawg2but i know ntop is really for monitoring19:23
maddawg2it'd just be cool to have a tool that did a little bit of both lol19:23
ioriamaddawg2,  basically you want to watch at netstat and set an iptable rule of deny in real time ...19:24
maddawg2that'd be cool19:24
maddawg2and it'd be cool to have some other basic tools included... like a whois, traceroute, and a geoIP19:25
irinwhat is the best size for swap  for 8 GB RAM   ?19:26
maddawg2after awhile you dont need a swap lol19:26
maddawg2it really depends what you plan on doing19:26
ioriamaddawg2,  that ppa (alias peerGuardian) seem to te able to to that19:27
maddawg2irin: http://askubuntu.com/questions/585953/do-i-even-need-a-swap-partition19:28
irinthank u19:29
irinis it true that  ubuntu 16.04  IO is very faster than ubuntu 14.04  because of their kernel  ?19:30
maddawg2well that largely depends on your hardware but it is true the code is more optimized than previous versions19:33
maddawg2to take advantage of your hardware better...  but again IO is really dependent on your hardware19:33
beaverhello, for what reason is the latest stable version of Chromium not available?19:34
willsketchupworki uninstalled wine by removing the /.wine directory. i removed playonlinux. i removed the /etc/apt/sources.list.d directory. finally i rescanned with clamav of all directories on the system. though this might not have been complete as the scan results showed that 64 gigs were scanned and the hd total is 72 gigs. where could this contagion be lurking? and how might i have been hacked?19:35
pauljwViciousLooRoll, cheap is relative, but I have an old (2011) Acer AspireOne D257 that I upgraded to it's 2GB max RAM and with it's Atom Core Duo intel chip runs Xubuntu 16.04LTS quite well.  Several of these machines are available on ebay at reasonable prices.19:35
willsketchupworkmy computer started behaving strangely after i started irc. maybe this is the reason. i am browsing irc directly in the browser. is that safe.19:38
ViciousLooRollpauljw: thanks19:38
pauljwViciousLooRoll, no problem.19:38
syrothwillsketchupwork: I recall seeing you around here yesterday. Sorry to hear your still having troubles. Mind giving me the 2-3 sentence version of how this all started and the symptoms you're seeing?19:38
ubottuYou can get testing builds for Chromium at https://launchpad.net/~chromium-daily/+archive/ppa19:38
ViciousLooRollim thinking maybe a "LENOVO THINKPAD X61" pauljw19:39
ioria!info chromium-browser | beaver19:39
ubottubeaver: chromium-browser (source: chromium-browser): Chromium web browser, open-source version of Chrome. In component universe, is optional. Version 53.0.2785.143-0ubuntu1.1307 (yakkety), package size 59713 kB, installed size 231165 kB19:39
beaverversion 53 :/19:39
morfi liked lenovo, but currently with the chinese laws, i'm thinking not buying anything chinese anymore19:39
OerHeksbeaver, if you cannot wait for 54, use https://launchpad.net/~canonical-chromium-builds/+archive/ubuntu/stage19:39
beaverfor what reason is the latest stable version of Chromium not available?19:40
beaverok OerHeks19:40
pauljwno experience with lenovo, ViciousLooRoll.  i've had excellent luck with Dell.19:40
ViciousLooRollmorf ?19:40
OerHeksbeaver, join the chromium team, they might need help to build19:40
beaverYes, but i want to know why the latest version is not in ubuntu repositories19:41
ra21vican this be issue while booting which can lead to freeze later - tpm_crb MSFT0101:00: can't request region for resource [mem 0xfed40080-0xfed40fff]19:42
OerHeksbeaver, volunteers haven't got time to build it so fast19:42
willsketchupworkmy laptop mysteriously shut down immediately after that the internal kbd and mouse stopped working. the kbd does work during the boot up process. i know because i can turn on the backlight. i forgot and bios passwd so simply reinstally won't work.19:42
syrothto be perfectly honest the first suspect is a HW failure. Have you ran any HW diag tools as of yet?19:43
OerHeksbeaver, tons of bugs with 53 .. https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/chromium-browser/+bug/164138019:43
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1641380 in chromium-browser (Ubuntu) "chromium-browser: ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED for Symantec certs" [Critical,Fix released]19:43
syrothMObo's can fail in weird ways... its not always *totally* broken, it can behave as you describe. I've worked support professionally for over a decade i've seen similar symptoms before19:44
irinmay fglrx cause that my laptop work very slow ?19:44
beaverthank you very much OerHeks19:44
willsketchupworkhas anyone tried resetting a motherboard to remove the bios key?19:47
Ben64willsketchupwork: ##hardware for that19:48
syrothwillsketchupwork: Does your kb work at ALL once booted? and have you tried an external USB keyboard?19:49
syrothWillsketchupwork: also removing the CMOS battery is your only change. Most manufacturers have caught up enough with the times that the password will remain after removing the CMOS battery and letting the mobo discharge... this trick works most on older models19:50
syrothcorrection - only chance*19:50
beaverOerHeks: It is because of this problem that the latest stable release is not in the repositories?19:51
OerHeksbeaver, no clue, all i know is there are issues that need to be fixed, and chromium need more supporters to build it.19:52
willsketchupworkthis is practcally new. it is a lenovo 700 bought in January. it is still somewhat functional as it has a touchscreen and the onscreen kbd works. my external mouse works so an external kbd should too.19:55
OerHekswillsketchupwork, if it is a recent laptop with uefi bios, i doubt you can remove password with a trick/remove battery, join ##hardware to find out19:57
saramadridthis may not be specifically software related, but do you happen to know if there exists in europe something similar to System76 notebooks/desktops?19:57
syrothWillsketchupwork: okay. kdb and mouse drivers are contained inside of something called xorg which runs the GUI essentially. We could try reinstalling that but that would require an external USB keyboard to be functional as you wont retain the on-screen during that process. I also concur with OerHeks.. your system is too new for the battery trick. ( most likely )19:58
syrothwillsketchupwork: also, since its <1 year old you can call support and they can walk you throught the HW diagnostics. Its possible you have an internal failure. I'm not savvy enough to know if the external keyboard drivers are the same ones used for the internal( mounted ) keyboard on the laptop.19:59
OerHeks.. maybe just a simple FN key + internal/external keyboard/mouse, seen that before20:00
syrothlmao... damn good point actually20:00
syrothI've seen many people 'palm' the trackpad disable button on some models... I've done it myself20:00
sploiteerRunning a very nice setup with ubuntu 14.04.5, anybody with catalyst on that can help me? (have tried many google solutions but always break somehow my system)20:22
sploiteerRadeon HD 657020:23
ioriasploiteer, what kernel in use ? uname -r20:25
sploiteerioria, 4.4.0-53-generic20:28
ioriasploiteer, ok... the official is this https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/AMD#Installing_upstream_drivers_directly_from_AMD.27s_website20:28
sploiteerioria will give a try, thank you very much20:29
ioriasploiteer, ok20:29
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MrM0neyBagshello can anyone assist me with where i went wrong setting up apache so that i can serve webpages locally ?20:46
MrM0neyBagsalso would be nice to find a different "theme" for xchat20:47
cfochHi. How do I use the X Window System by defeault?21:04
jinxi1is it possible to access my desktop  over the internet?21:10
th0rjinxi1: yes....vnc, NX, rdp. I think it is called vino in ubuntu21:13
Gr33nteaHello guys, my machine is telling me that mysqld is running, but that its not enabled. how can i enable it?21:19
dwagomaybe "systemctl enable mysqld"21:20
stonedhow do I connect a laptop and desktop together w/o a router21:21
stonedjust one ethernet cable21:21
stonedany idea?21:21
stonedwhat kind of networking is that?21:21
dwagostoned: I have done long time ago with crossover cable. You don't need crossover cable anymore. newer eth cards do the crossover automatically21:25
dwagostoned: http://askubuntu.com/questions/22835/how-to-network-two-ubuntu-computers-using-ethernet-without-a-router21:31
stoneddwago my issue is diff21:40
Cu5tosLimenwhat is the ubuntu equivelent of kickstart ?21:42
PickledEggsstoned: this what you're looking for? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Internet/ConnectionSharing21:42
jsubl2less than 10 cpu on my local network.  So, i was going to do /etc/hosts by hand and kill avahi.  I need to get rid of the local network message.  any better ideas22:04
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reisioyeah, nobody has ever had a use for avahi ever :p22:09
jsubl2if avahi works out of the box with out complaining i can ignore it.  otherwise its history22:09
ghostx562general question, boot time on my laptop from power button to login screen is around 35 secs, is that normal?22:10
jsubl2ghostx562: sound reasonable and near what mine is.22:10
jsubl2tho i have not timed it22:10
reisioit works out of the box, it just doesn't do anything useful while working :p22:11
ghostx562just wondering, its a fresh install 16.04, i did change boot mode from UEFI to legacy. I wiped windows with it soon as it came out the box.22:11
ghostx562should i have left it on UEFI?22:12
reisioghostx562: if you don't like boot time, stop rebooting22:12
jsubl2ghostx562: that is what i did22:12
saramadrid(re-asking) this may not be specifically software related, but do you happen to know if there exists in europe something similar to System76 notebooks/desktops?22:12
reisioI doubt non-"legacy" mode will boot any faster22:12
jsubl2saramadrid: check out https://system76.com/shipping22:13
dwago /quit22:13
jsubl2yeah when i am done i close the lid22:14
ghostx562That secure boot and intel rapid thing should those be off as well22:14
jsubl2rarely reboot22:14
reisiousing a SSD over a spinner is going to do more than anything else, short of not rebooting (which you don't have to do)22:14
saramadridjsubl2, i know they ship here, but shipping costs + import taxes makes it pretty expensive, also, i'd like to have support available on my same time zone (if possible)22:15
saramadridthanks anyway jsubl2 :)22:15
jsubl2ok, saramadrid sorry i couldn't help22:15
ghostx562reisio, sweet thanks for the info, might have to look and invest in one :)22:16
reisioghostx562: they're really affordable at capacities required for an OS (32GB or so)22:16
jsubl2yeah i wish i would have got ssd with my last lappie22:16
jsubl2but... dont want to spend the cash now22:16
reisioghostx562: and fairly affordable at capacities you don't really need (>=256GB)22:16
ghostx562i bought the laptop for a real good price, 250 intel i7, 12gb ram, 1tb hdd. 15.6 screen figured why not22:17
jsubl2sweet ghostx56222:18
ghostx562just got to reading all the stuff about UEFI and all that and just got to wondering if that affected boot time22:18
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odfhw5bv9sHi all. I experience freezes. I have managed to reduce cpu consumption to ~2% but I still expirience freezes22:40
odfhw5bv9sI have also disabled power scaling (sudo cpufreq-set -g performance) but it doesn't help22:42
jsubl2odfhw5bv9s: look /var/log/Xorg.0.log for clues.. may have to check Xorg.0.log.old also.  if errs post to paste bin22:42
odfhw5bv9swill try22:43
odfhw5bv9sthank you22:43
odfhw5bv9sjsubl2: there is no (cat  /var/log/Xorg.0.log | grep -i error )22:44
jsubl2does X come up at all odfhw5bv9s22:45
jsubl2try dmesg from console22:45
odfhw5bv9sThere is no errors in dmesg22:47
odfhw5bv9s(I used dmesg --level=err)22:47
jsubl2odfhw5bv9s: no idea22:48
jsubl2if it freezes you would hope for a clue somewhere22:48
odfhw5bv9sthank you anyway22:49
NoImNotNineVolttrying to install ubuntu into a uefi vm but it seems to prefer a bios install22:50
NoImNotNineVoltany advice?22:51
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jsubl2NoImNotNineVolt: you keeping windows22:51
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: SSD ? older hardware ? // I had freezes with a new SSD install . I discinnected my spinners,repinned bios to defaults, reset bios settings . and presently look'n good .22:52
NoImNotNineVolti'm not running windows.22:53
NoImNotNineVoltit's an arch linux host.22:53
NoImNotNineVolti'm trying to install ubuntu into a uefi vm.22:53
NoImNotNineVolt(i'm using the ovmf virtual uefi firmware)22:54
NoImNotNineVoltwhen i boot to the ubuntu installer, i'm given a grub menu.22:54
NoImNotNineVoltif i'm not mistaken, that means it's trying to do a bios install22:54
NoImNotNineVolt(and indeed, after i run through the install, i can't uefi boot from the virtual disk it installed to)22:55
NoImNotNineVoltis there a way to for efi mode?22:56
NoImNotNineVolt(host OS is arch linux, UEFI booted)22:57
NoImNotNineVolt(using qemu/kvm/libvirt w/ OVMF virtual UEFI firmware for virtualization)22:58
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: HDD. Core2Duo e6600.23:02
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: So much then for that thought. What release are you running ? systemd where you can read the boot messages ?23:04
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: I run Kubuntu 16.10.23:04
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: and I have already checked system messages (do you mean dmesg?)23:05
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: What the kernel sees when booting : ' journalctl -b -0 ' shows messages from the current boot .23:07
NoImNotNineVoltokay, so, nevermind. apparently grub supports efi boot...23:08
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aroonimy mail.log is filling up like crazy  Oct  3 15:29:03 LilArooni nullmailer[2228]: Starting delivery: protocol: smtp host: mail file: 1474545903.11442 ... 5GB of this stuff;  is there a way to put the kibosh on nullmailer?23:29
blackflowarooni: maybe disable logging of mail.* in /etc/rsyslog.d/50-default.conf23:33
blackflowarooni: but if you're on systemd Ubuntu, it'll fill up journal binlogs and you can't fix that.23:33
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: journalctl -b -0 | grep -iP "error|warning|failed" > ~/logz.txt  -> http://paste.ubuntu.com/23610831/23:33
arooniblackflow: i'm using ubuntu 16.04 if that matters23:33
blackflowthose do rotate automagically so it won't break anything, just sayin' you can't fix that on journalctl.23:33
blackflowbut mail.log is written by rsyslog who gets entries from journald23:34
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: reading23:34
arooniso if i disable taht in rsyslog i shouldnt see any more of those files in my /var/log/ ?23:35
arooniany more of these mail details23:35
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blackflowyes. but to disable it you need to redirect mail.* messages to dev null and prevent their further propagation. So pipe the mail.* line to /dev/null and put    & ~     on the next line23:38
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: "password check failed for user (odfhw5bv9s)" I would think would cause all kinds of issues . But is way above my skills - systemd -to have any idea how to tackle this .23:39
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: I don't think so, can it be because of my actions? When I was signing in PC I have entered a pass incorectly one time23:41
BenguitarThrowing a question out here, for any of you guys using Ubuntu on a Mac laptop (not in a VM), how did you get the internal keyboard, trackpad and wireless working?23:45
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: Yeah highly likely of a pad password entered .. could be , this too " mkswap: 1: warning: wiping old swap signature." needs checking . compare ' sudo blkid ' to what ' cat /etc/fstab ' has set . Is this an encrypted file system ?23:46
diabolohi- has anyone upgraded to kernel 4.8  from 4.4in ubuntu 16.04 ?23:47
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: don't know what is it. I don't use a swap partition, instead of it I use swapspace daemon23:49
odfhw5bv9sand I use lvm23:49
diaboloI'm getting a lot kernel errors when updating the system, need to know what to do to fix it23:49
diaboloany ideas anyone?23:50
Bashing-omodfhw5bv9s: And again . above my skill set .. no experience there either . But ya got to set the swap properly in /etc/fstab .23:50
Bashing-omdiabolo: Show the channel in a pastebin site ' sudo apt update ; sudo apt upgrade ' so we get an idea of what the errors are and mean .23:51
diabolook will do it in a sec23:52
odfhw5bv9sBashing-om: thank you anyway23:54
saramadridis there a lot of improvement from kernel 4.4 to 4.8? i've always thought it wasnt worth it to go away from the LTS kernel23:56
saramadridon servers i always respect that, but i'm new to the desktop linux experience23:57
SAKUJ0What happens if I install linux-image-extra-<VERSION> ? When I update my kernel, that package would be out of date?23:57

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