AughtHello. I’m new to linux.  Have been using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS for about 5 weeks.  Thought I would try Ubuntu Studio (I’m a former CakeWalk user). I downloaded the iso file, burned it to disk, run a fresh install on clean hd and it crashes at the finish of install. Messages read “grub install file can’t be found” and “boot loader failure”. I made a new install cd thinking I likely messed up the first one.  Formatte04:00
Aughtthe first attempt. Downloaded the iso again, created a new disk and tried another install.  To no avail. The same errors occur. My machine is an AMD64 the iso I downloaded was the amd64 ver. Ubuntu 16.04.1 runs like a dream on the same machine.  Not sure what I’m doing wrong,,, Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.04:00
krytarikAught: Hi.  Well, it's the same installer and all, so.. >_>04:08
AughtHi krytarik I was reading that and was thinking that maybe something in the bios may be preventing the grub file. I'm not a pro at this stuff. I'm just guessing04:12
AughtThanks for your response. I'll reboot and check the bios.  Have a great evening04:16
krytarikYou too.04:16
studio-user998sometimes after installing updates the menu is corrupted... e.g. all the studio specific menu entries are removed.  is there a known fix for this?06:33
krytarikstudio-user998: Not sure it can be related to installing updates, but LP bug 1430571.06:39
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1430571 in MenuLibre "ubuntu studio menu items disappear after adding new launcher" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/143057106:39
johncHi all. Can someone tell me the EASIEST way to install wireless in Ubuntu Studio WITHOUT an ethernet connection? I can use another laptop with wireless to download files if absolutely necessary. Thankyou.13:14
sirriffsalothpjohnc: it's really a lot easier to just move the machine to an ethernet cable... in the library or something :)13:37
studio-user813Hola desde Argentina, instalando ubuntustudio19:29
studio-user813Hi from Argentina, installing Ubuntu-studio19:29
studio-user813i'm musician and repairman of wind instruments19:30
studio-user813and Ubuntu's fanatic19:30
sirixhi there19:31
studio-user813hi sirix19:31
studio-user813have you experience with ubuntu-studio?19:32
studio-user813where you are?19:32
sirixsirix: yeah, but only old vwersions19:32
studio-user813for example19:32
studio-user813ohhh sirix sorry, the installation is finish, later i will are here, ok? by19:34
sirixsince them, it has change a lot19:34
sirixsee ya19:34
studio-user813i play all clarinets, saxophones and repair this instruments, flute, trumpet, tuba, included19:35
sirixthat's nice19:36
studio-user813and sufficient knowledge on Audacity, pulseaudio, graphic programs, something of video, but i need more knowlege on that /sorry my english is not good19:37
studio-user813later i connect here with you, thank you for your time19:39
sirixstudio-user813: your english is perfect19:39
OvenWerksjohnc_: To be honest, wireless has always just worked.19:46
OvenWerksWhat wireless chipset do you have?19:47
OvenWerksjohnc_: Also, have you asked in #ubuntu or #xubuntu? Both channels have more people in them and wireless is just ubuntu standard in Studio, there is nothing extra or omitted.19:50
caimhey! whats up?20:44
caimi have a little problem, i hope anyone can help :C Brasero doesn't show me my usb drive, neither multisystem... i want to mount a windows iso image on it and i can't20:46
sterlingleeHello, anyone help me with a Steam install?21:30
sterlingleeWhen I run Steam it wants to install additional packages and and dialog box opens to do this that asks for my password. I am unable to type anything. I can hit enter/return and it simply says try again, but can't type anything else.21:33
krytarik!password | sterlinglee: This perhaps?21:44
ubottusterlinglee: This perhaps?: Forgot your password? See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LostPassword What's the root password? See !sudo. Don't see *** in password prompts? That's normal. Sudo doesn't ask for your password? It remembers you for several minutes. Please use strong passwords, see https://help.ubuntu.com/community/StrongPasswords21:44
sterlingleeI know my password, it doesn't let me enter anything.21:48
sterlingleehttp://i628.photobucket.com/albums/uu5/sterlinglee38/steaminstall_zpsetseazmn.png  a picture of what I see21:49
krytariksterlinglee: Yes, that's what I thought - read again.21:55
sterlingleeOk, I'm pretty new to linux and not a genius, but are saying that it won't ask for the password but automatically input it if it knows it? I'm confused, because Ubuntu constantly asks for my password and knows it very well. Your answer is totally confusing, using only part sentences. Root password? I'm assuming that the password I enter when Ubuntu does security checks., Sorry, guess I'm not getting it22:00
krytariksterlinglee: See http://askubuntu.com/questions/112069/nothing-shows-up-in-the-terminal-when-i-type-my-password22:03
sterlingleeWow, man, why didn't you just say, "it doesn't show when you type, but it is actually entering it, just type your password and hit enter. Could have saved a lot of time. Thanks for your help22:06
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