ohemdevinI love this distribution so much, guys. @_@02:38
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pirxhi! i have been using ubuntu vanilla for a few years, but now grown tired of unity/compiz sucking all of the cpu. i want a snappy interface. xubuntu might be the answer? :)07:54
pirxalso, it looks by the screenshots online like xfce has a notification/indicator bar at the top like unity has. are they compatible?07:54
pirxwill my slack/owncloud/BT icons show up there too? :)07:55
krytarikYes, yes, and yes. :P07:56
pirxwill install on my new quad core laptop now, and hoping for some insanely snappy interfacing:)07:59
xanguaMake sure the problem is not your graphic card/drivers08:02
xanguaUnity feeling snappy here, but I like xfce on my dual core with 2GB RAM only secondary laptop08:03
pirxdoes it feel _instant_ ?08:04
pirxlucky you:)08:04
pirxi have the latest nvidia-drivers08:04
xanguaI have an AMD apu08:04
pirxeverything looks correct in nvidia-settings08:04
pirxi have turned off fading and stuff like that in compiz08:05
xanguaOr maybe it's because I use SSD08:05
pirxyet, when i open a simple terminal window, it takes a few fractions of a second too long imho08:05
pirxoh my got, havent used hdd for a few years now08:05
pirxwhich btw is true, game of thrones is fantastic08:06
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xubuntu36wgood morning13:30
xubuntu36wrunning on a dell mini 10, can someone point me in the right direction to get my wireless card to work?13:31
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Guest73330well, I'm still Tama as long as I know who I am.19:33
trymonBut IRC don't know who you are ;)19:33
trymonIt the username maybe registered to someone or did you register the username and didn't authenticate?19:34
Guest73330I had no idea I needed to "authenticate", nor how to do that. It doesn't matter, anyway. It takes more than an IRC server to make me suffer a crisis of identity19:35
Guest73330this is my first time using Xubuntu; I'm thinking of switching to this for showing other, non-technical people how to use linux. Every day people come into my computer repair shop with windows problems I have to solve for them19:35
Guest73330"Is mine a good virus-scanner, Tama?" - well, there isn't really a good virus scanner, it's better to just get a system that actually does permissions properly instead of hacking on some ducttape to a broken operating system19:36
trymonEvery system is good or crappy. It depend's only on the user using the system. Windows could also be safe as long you know what you do. Personally I use Xubuntu, Windows 10 ans macOS19:40
Guest73330I know. What I'm saying is that windows is not user friendly. You need to be an expert to be safe doing internet banking on a windows computer. Which is why I'm helping novices switch to linux19:48
trymonI would say you need just common sense to be safe using any system. But unfortunately the most usersdon't think first.19:51
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