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aixtoolsI am hoping to "create" a version, read port, of cloud-init, based on 0.7.8, for AIX. imho, the one made based on 0.7.5 took a non-portable (mergeable) route. I hope to correct that.17:11
aixtoolsSo, rather than base my apporach on the current one based on 0.7.5, I would rather "start over", but I am a bit lost on the actual architecture of cloud-init - taking "distros" as a starting point. I had been hoping the file arch.py would be a template of the "must have functions" - and I am also curious why distros has the platform specific files as files in the distros directory, rather17:14
aixtoolsthan as individual sub-directories (e.g., distros/ubuntu/*.py rather than as distros/ubuntu*.py)17:14
aixtoolsquick question: have a missed a link to a document that describes the different "directories" within cloud-init?17:15
aixtoolsif yes, I would greatly appreciate receiving an URL for the document, and then I shall leave you all for awhile while I digest.17:16
smoseraixtools, you've not missed any doc unfortuinately if you've read the readthedocs pages.17:56
smoserwith regard to the distros/* layout, I don't have strong arguments for either way.17:57
aixtoolsi have been going through that, but to date, that seems more a "user" documentation than a "porting" documentation.17:57
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