probhey everyone11:21
probi have a big problem11:21
probplease help me11:21
cucumber_11Hey guys I need you help again D:14:23
cucumber_11I can't connect to iphones hotspot but adsl and android hotspot works14:24
cucumber_11I don't know why14:24
cucumber_11and flash on chromium/firefox won't work and I installed pepperflash-nonfree14:24
xanguaMaybe you need a Mac to use it? :-P No idea14:37
xanguaUsing the regular flash plugin for Mozilla here, but who needs flash anyways?14:38
cucumber_11when I test flash on the frame appear like "impossible to load flash plugin", I'm italian and i don't know in eng14:41
cucumber_11For wifi works all but iphone tethering AP14:42
cucumber_11I'm trying to setup a package called ipheth-utils14:42
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