bluis8I am trying to understand how can I set a maas server00:17
bluis8First time00:17
bw__Is there a usable guide for creating your own images for use in maas 2.1?00:46
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mupBug #1465732 changed: 1.8.0 Incorrect interaction on actions button <ui> <MAAS:Won't Fix by ricgard> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1465732>12:03
mupBug #1477614 changed: 1.8 Re-align two column tables <ui> <MAAS:Fix Released by ricgard> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1477614>12:03
mupBug #1605253 changed: [doc] maas.io/get-started refers to 1.9 and not 2.0 <maasgh> <ux> <MAAS:Fix Released by ricgard> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1605253>12:03
GMR_MasterAny MAAS Dev on yet ?13:40
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brendandteranet, yes - what's up?13:44
teranetare you working on the latest code of MAAs right now too ?13:44
brendandteranet, yes13:45
teranetAndres closed a ticket which is a bug and needs to be addresses with the latest packages the DHCP Server fails to work within maas : https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/164939713:46
teranetThe issue there is that a file in this bug is removed on restart which should never ever been removed.13:46
teranet ConditionPathExists=/var/lib/maas/dhcpd.conf was not met13:46
teranetEach time you reboot the MAAS Rack Controller it for some odd reason remove this file13:47
teranetthis only happens with the latest in 16.04 LTS13:47
brendandteranet, that file is owned by maas, so what makes you say it should never be removed?13:48
teraneteven if there isn't a need for MAAS-DHCP the file has to exist otherwise when MAAS decided to use it it fails.13:48
teranetin MAAS 1.9 and 2.0 it always existed now all of the sudden in 2.1.1 it's gone13:49
teranetas soon you manually touch the file the DHCP server of MAAS is kicked in and works ... still missing it's config because it's blank13:49
teranetI troubleshoot this issue now since a week and it boils down to the same result. Also bdx stood up the same box completly indipendant from me and ran into the exact same issue13:51
teranetI do have MAAS DHCP configured in the MAAS GUI but it still won't create the file listed above13:51
brendandteranet, what are you actually doing in maas itself? are you trying to enable dhcp and that's failing?13:52
brendandteranet, starting maas-dhcpd independently of maas itself is not a workflow that is supported13:53
teranetYes but as you might know you can't enable DHCP in the latest Version anymore the way it was like in 1.9 or 2.013:53
teranetstay on the point brendand13:53
brendandteranet, it's not known to be broken, so there's something about your environment that stops it from working, let's figure out what that is13:54
teranetwhen you setup MAAS and let maas manage DHCP it has to start DHCP no matter what13:54
brendandteranet, let's start from step one, i guess you are able to reproduce this after installing maas freshly (not upgrading an existing one)13:58
teranetcorrect as stated even bdx came to the same result13:58
brendandteranet, by the way, i am not assuming you are not having a real issue, but you shouldn't also assume maas is generally broken. we do test it quite a bit, but cannot test everything. obviously there is something special about your environment that makes it not work13:59
brendandteranet, so that's a helpful data point13:59
brendandteranet, now when do you first see an issue? when enabling dhcp?14:00
brendandthat is, in the ui14:02
roaksoaxbdx: I think the issue you are having is that your rack controller doesn't know how to create the dhcpd config file15:48
roaksoaxbdx: the "flat" network scenario would be that you have an interface on an  "untagged" vlan15:48
teranetthat's what we have just fyi roaksoax15:50
brandor5Hello everyone: I'm trying to use maas to push some routes out to hosts and /etc/network/interfaces is being mangled a bit preventing some of the routes from working. http://pastebin.com/Ne7HCHEx shows what I mean. Notice the lack of a newline after the first route. This seems like a bug, anyone have idea why it's happening?15:56
roaksoaxbrandor5: what do you mean by mangled ?15:57
roaksoaxbrandor5: are you adding the routes via preseeds ?15:57
brandor5roaksoax: it's not inserting newlines, look at the link I posted15:57
brandor5roaksoax: I'm setting these routes in maas itself under the subnet definition15:57
roaksoaxbrandor5:  for the machine you are deploying/deployed, can you get the maas <user> machine get-curtin-config ?15:58
roaksoaxbrandor5: that should show me the config MAAS is sending to curtin, and curtin parses that and creates e/n/i15:58
brandor5roaksoax: ok, hold on a second, i'll try to grab that info15:58
brandor5roaksoax: Here is that info: http://pastebin.com/t4ksnaSP16:15
mupBug #1649626 opened: Failed deployment on Proliant DL 380 Gen9 <curtin:New> <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1649626>16:25
roaksoaxbrandor5: does that include all the routes you are expecting ?16:35
brandor5roaksoax: yes16:36
roaksoaxbrandor5: seems like a bug then. Can you please file a bug against launchpad.net/maas and attach your e/n/i and the output of get-curtin-config ?16:42
brandor5roaksoax: sure thing16:42
roaksoaxbrandor5: the bug doens't seem to be in MAAS, but it will be a curtin bug for sure, but we will track it in MAAS too16:43
bdxroaksoax: true, see my latest comment/question on https://bugs.launchpad.net/maas/+bug/164939716:57
bw__Looking for image creation guide for maas 2.1+... any pointers?17:01
bw__maas-image-builder is deprecated?17:02
roaksoaxbdx: "maas sysadmin vlan update fabric-0 untagged dhcp_on=True primary_rack=sf2-maas00" -> this is not a fix, this is how you enable DHCP on MAAS 2.0+17:05
roaksoaxbdx: or, you go to the WebUI, you chose a VLAN (i.e. 'untagged' VLAN on fabric-0), and "Take Action -> Provide DHCP"17:06
roaksoaxbdx: and the flat network case, that means you, in MAAS, have at least17:13
roaksoax1. One fabric, One "VLAN", One subnet17:13
roaksoaxbdx: so that would be:17:13
roaksoaxfabric-0 - 'untagged' - X.X.X.X/2417:13
roaksoaxbdx: and you need a rack controller connected to the 'untagged' VLAN of fabric-017:14
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bdxroaksoax: so possibly the scenario is different when you only have a single interface, with a single flat subnet upon which you are trying to provide DHCP17:16
bdxbecause the option to provide DHCP just doesn't exist in the gui without first applying "maas sysadmin vlan update fabric-0 untagged dhcp_on=True primary_rack=sf2-maas00"17:17
roaksoaxbdx: go to the VLAN (i.e. untagged)17:20
roaksoaxbdx: click on "Take Action"17:20
roaksoaxbdx: and you will see "Provide DHCP"17:20
bdxroaksoax: spinning up a fresh instance now to go through this step by step17:21
roaksoaxbdx: http://people.canonical.com/~andreserl/vlan-provide-dhcp.png17:24
roaksoaxbdx: that's a freshly installed 2.1.117:25
* roaksoax reproduces with 2.1.217:25
roaksoaxsame behavior with 2.1.217:27
bdxroaksoax: yea ... I'm not hitting the issue anymore .... not sure why I can't reproduce it now17:28
bdxroaksoax: thanks for looking into this17:29
roaksoaxbdx: no worries, glad I can help17:29
brandor5roaksoax: bug added (1649652)18:10
mupBug #1649652 opened: [MAAS 2.1.2] Issue with adding routes to hosts  via maas <MAAS:New> <https://launchpad.net/bugs/1649652>18:13
brandor5is there a way to have maas run a script at the end of provisioning a system?19:00
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