CraigZimMorning All05:53
Kilos-hi CraigZim05:58
Kilos-and helloooo africa05:58
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
elachecheHello Africa09:41
Kilos-hi elacheche09:41
elachecheHow are you doing Kilos- ?09:41
Kilos-ok ty , going to hospital tomorrow to see when they can do 2 bypasses09:42
Kilos-so ill be offline all day09:42
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
elachecheTake care of yourself Kilos09:42
Kiloswill do ty09:42
Kiloshi nlsthzn welcome here14:34
nlsthznhello africa, tell me how you doin?14:34
nlsthznthanks uncle Kilos14:35
Kiloslots of the guys here are studying and exams now14:36
nlsthznI should be... but first I need to enrol for something :p14:37

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