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pavlushkaHello every one & Kilos-  :)09:14
Kilos-hi pavlushka 09:39
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pavlushkahey Kilos  :)10:04
pavlushkahey zaki :)16:18
zakihi pavlushka :) 16:28
Kiloshi zaki pavlushka 16:31
pavlushkaHello Kilos :)16:31
Kiloswhen you guys going to grow this channel16:31
pavlushkaWelcome Tuhin :)18:18
Kiloshi Tuhin 18:50
u-la-laHello Tuhin18:51
Tuhinhow r u all18:56
Kilosok ty and you18:56
Tuhinhm i am living my life... not the same all the time18:57
Tuhindid u reunite with ur family Kilos 18:57
Kilosyes was wonderful18:58
Kilos3 months wasnt enough18:58
Tuhinwhy didnt u stay?18:59
Kilosnot that easy18:59
Kilosi had a heart attack and didnt have medical insurance so we in major debt18:59
Kiloswe even started a gofundme page19:00
Kiloswell my daughter did19:00
Kilospavlushka knows the whole story19:01
Kilosbut the time with my girls was heaven on earth19:02
pavlushkaWe are good Tuhin , but adding you is better :)19:03
Tuhinr u applying for citizenship? ithink it will be easy for u19:06
Kilosthey want lots of money in one of their banks before they even consider it Tuhin  but we are looking for workarounds19:15
Kilosnight guys i need to go sleep19:16
Kiloskeep well19:16
pavlushkanight guys19:37

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