mate|60914I just wanna say ubuntu-mate is great; I use it on 2 laptops, got my sister, her boyfriend, and two other friends on ubuntu-mate. They love it and haven't thought about going back to Windows. Thanks everyone!!!00:55
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EightynineHi. I have no sound. My system doesn't detect HDMI output.11:09
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halunkeive got a problem with a fresh mate-desktop-installation: after a few hours the system doesnt respond anymore. i get a mate-logo with 4 or 5 circles (like at boottime) and nothing is responding. mouse is dead, not even numlock works18:39
halunkei guess the system attempts go go into some king og powersaving mode18:40
halunkeand that doesnt work.18:40
halunkeany ideas?18:40
lopsHello all, i need help. I just installed Ubuntu matr 16.04.1 and when trying to use my scarlett solo the device shutdown itself when no audio available, but when i play any audio again it come back, why? it did not happen in ubuntu gnome. Thank you20:11
mate|34290Hi anyone home ?23:55
mate|34290i am new23:56
mate|34290to this system23:56
mate|34290i am getting away from microsoft bull """"23:57

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