robert_ancellPharaoh_Atem, yes, that was what I was thinking :(00:29
Pharaoh_Atemrobert_ancell: I have a rediffed version of the patch (http://copr-dist-git.fedorainfracloud.org/cgit/ngompa/Mir/libinput.git/tree/libinput-1.5.0-touch-point-orientation.patch), but there's literally no way I can ever *hope* to consider getting Mir in Fedora proper while patches are required in libinput and mesa00:51
Pharaoh_Atemrobert_ancell: though I suspect the Mesa people aren't particularly happy with the idea that Mir turns Mesa GPLv300:53
Pharaoh_Atemwhich might explain why the platform support patch hasn't made it in00:53
robert_ancellPharaoh_Atem, what's the GPLv3 issue?00:54
Pharaoh_Atemthe community doesn't particularly care for copyleft licenses at all00:54
Pharaoh_AtemWayland is licensed under the same terms as Mesa and Xorg (X11 Expat license)00:54
Pharaoh_Atemthey're more in the "copyfree" (or as I call it, "pushover") camp00:55
Pharaoh_Atemrobert_ancell: that particular community is made up of Linux, BSD, Windows, and various other platform people00:56
Pharaoh_Atemwith the exception of Linux, all of them prefer permissive licensing00:57
robert_ancellPharaoh_Atem, but how is Mir affecting the Mesa license?00:57
Pharaoh_Atemin order for Mir to function, Mesa must have a platform module built into it00:57
Pharaoh_Atemwhich links the Mir libraries00:57
Pharaoh_Atemthus, Mesa, when compiled with Mir support, goes from X11/MIT to GPLv300:58
robert_ancellPharaoh_Atem, the Mir client library is LGPL, so that shouldn't be an issue01:00
RAOFNo; it goes to LGPLv301:00
RAOFOr, rather, it remains X11/MIT as long as you don't statically link libmirclient in.01:01
Pharaoh_Atemah, so the mesa client libs are LGPLv3 then?01:01
RAOFlibmirclient is LGPLv3.01:01
RAOFAnything you need for writing clients (or drivers) is LGPL; if you want to write a server, those libraries are GPL.01:02
RAOFThe reason why the platform support patch hasn't made it in is that we need to blow it up in the immediate future.01:03
Pharaoh_Atemblow it up?01:03
RAOFChange the API.01:03
RAOFChange the types you hand to EGL.01:04
Pharaoh_Atemis that happening soon?01:04
RAOFThe Mir plumbing required to do that has either landed or is in a reveiewable MP, I think.01:05
RAOFThe final step is to publish that API and migrate the platform patch.01:06
RAOF(And, obviously, to migrate all the downstreams. Yay!)01:06
Pharaoh_Atemwell, the downstreams aren't exactly plentiful, so that's not nearly as big of an issue01:07
RAOFRight. *Particularly* when the patch isn't upstream.01:07
* RAOF is also somewhat glad he never quite got around to implementing EGL_KHR_platform_mir support, so we can update that spec before it's released.01:07
RAOFIncidentally, thanks for doing the Fedora packaging work.01:09
Pharaoh_Atemunfortunately, it's all broken01:10
Pharaoh_AtemMesa in Fedora is now at v1301:10
Pharaoh_Atemand that patch is not trivial to rebase01:10
Pharaoh_AtemRAOF: it seems like *technically* it's possible to use Mir without the mesa patch01:10
Pharaoh_Atemso the *bare minimum* for me being willing to put Mir through review in Fedora would be to get the libinput patch upstreamed01:11
Pharaoh_Atemas it won't compile without it01:11
RAOFIt is. You can't run GL clients, but you can run GL shells and software-rendered clients.01:11
Pharaoh_Atemnot a great experience then01:12
RAOFEGL unavoidaby requires platform-integration for different display servers.01:12
RAOF(At least until someone proposes and implements a vendor-neutralish EGL with platform integration bits, like Android).01:13
Pharaoh_Atemwell, that would require the big Linux companies and the big GL consumers to come together to agree on something01:13
Pharaoh_Atemwe can't have that! </sarcasm>01:14
RAOFHeh. glvnd now exists, vulkan has a mostly-sensible ICD system.01:15
RAOFThings are getting better :)01:15
Pharaoh_Atemglvnd *barely* made it into Fedora 2501:15
Pharaoh_Atemso we have that fully enabled01:15
Pharaoh_Atemwell, technically, it made it to Fedora 23+01:16
Pharaoh_Atembut we're starting to use it with Fedora 2501:16
RAOFAnd in another 10 years or so maybe we can remove the previous Linux OpenGL ABI!01:16
Pharaoh_Atemyeah, no01:16
Pharaoh_Atemyou're asking for way too much01:16
Pharaoh_Atemeven Apple and Microsoft haven't done that01:17
RAOFYeah, I know it's not going to happen.01:18
Pharaoh_Atemmy main interest in Mir has been to see if I can accomplish what many of my predecessors say is impossible: get Unity working properly on Fedora, without downgrading half the world01:19
Pharaoh_Atemand since Unity 7 is on life support, I've looked toward Unity 801:19
RAOFUnity8 should be helpful there, as it mostly doesn't rely on GNOME patches.01:20
RAOF(And Qt is friendlier to downstream platform integration)01:20
Pharaoh_Atemit helps that since I'm more of a KDE guy myself, I'm more familiar with that stack01:22
RAOFAlthough I also think that much of our Qt stuff is upstream.01:22
RAOFAlthough not qtmir, because it's a fast moving target.01:23
Pharaoh_Atemit is, but it's disabled in Fedora since we don't have the scaffolding for it01:23
Pharaoh_Atemi.e. Mir itself01:23
Pharaoh_Atemand various unity libraries01:23
Pharaoh_Atemwell, we recently brought back libunity and libappindicator, since Plasma 5 now uses them01:23
Pharaoh_AtemI've never been happy with how those projects are managed, though01:24
Pharaoh_Atemwe're forced to yank tarballs from the ubuntu archive because the lp projects are dead wastelands with no updated releases ever made01:24
RAOFEmbrace the rolling release + CI pipeline!01:25
RAOFIt Is Life01:25
Pharaoh_Atemwell, that would require things like mir's gmock tests to actually work01:26
RAOF(Or, more seriously, is hostile to downstreams)01:27
Pharaoh_AtemI've always had a bit of lethargy for working with Launchpad-hosted projects, because they tend to do this to me01:27
Pharaoh_Atemirony of ironies, my very first package in Fedora is of a piece of software hosted on Launchpad01:28
RAOFThere was a time when our projects would do actual releases, but not now. Mir is an outlier in that we *do* do releases.01:28
RAOF(Because we don't have a stable C++ ABI, so updating Mir requires rebuilding the world, so we don't do that every commit ☺)01:28
RAOFOn the plus side, you *should* be able to take a random trunk commit and have it work properly.01:29
Pharaoh_AtemI won't trust that until I can run gmock tests01:29
RAOFWhat's broken there? We don't patch googletest.01:30
Pharaoh_Atemunfortunately, for some reason I cannot fathom, Mir's CMake script can't detect gmock and gtest01:30
RAOFDoes fedora just lack the latest gtest?01:30
RAOFHuh. Maybe you install it in an odd place?01:30
RAOFAlternatively, maybe you don't install the sources and expect projects to link to prebuilt libraries?01:31
Pharaoh_Atemfor gmock, it's sources01:31
Pharaoh_Atemfor gtest, it's libraries01:31
RAOFWell, we have googletest 1.8.0 in zesty. But we don't require it.01:32
RAOFRight. Our gtest detection won't work unless you've got the gtest sources unpacked somewhere.01:32
RAOF(As is recommended by upstream)01:32
Pharaoh_Atemupstream dropped that recommendation when they fully moved over to cmake01:32
Pharaoh_Atemthe apt guys told me the same thing...01:33
* RAOF heads out.01:34
Pharaoh_AtemRAOF: https://github.com/Debian/apt/commit/99ba7cc1901c761c97d67775f23858b86594f2ba01:36
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anpok_Pharaoh_Atem: it was proposed but not yet added because a way to calibrate/scale the reported touch contact size unit into something meaningful was missing..09:03
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