rokclimb15does anyone have a moment to answer a question about using quilt?21:05
rokclimb15I'm working on https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python2.7/+bug/151206821:05
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1512068 in python2.7 (Ubuntu) "Python ctypes.util , Shell Injection in find_library() " [High,Confirmed]21:05
jtaylorwhat is the question?21:25
rokclimb15when I unpack the initial source, the debian/patches/series file is empty21:26
rokclimb15I use quilt to add my new patch21:26
rokclimb15and that works21:26
rokclimb15but when I run dpkg-buildpackage it executes rules that overwrite series21:26
rokclimb15how can I pre-execute the appropriate debian/rules steps to get quilt series in sync before I add?21:26
rokclimb15the debian rule is called debian/patches/series21:27
jtaylorhm python is somewhat special in how it builds21:28
rokclimb15I suspected so21:28
jtayloryou should check with the maintainer doko21:28
rokclimb15I know MOTU doesn't maintain that, but was hoping someone would know21:28
rokclimb15thanks I'll do that21:28
jtayloryou may be able to find him in ubuntu-devel, but probably not now anymore21:29
rokclimb15I'll drop him an email if I still can't figure it out21:29
rokclimb15thanks for your help21:29

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