ubottucfhowlett called the ops in #ubuntu (teenuh)05:49
=== Menzador is now known as SonikkuAmerica
ubottuRihanna called the ops in #ubuntu (8====D  {()})20:03
elky^ currently in #ubuntu-bots20:09
bazhangwe should see if they can join ##arguments22:55
geniiI didn't catch up on the backscroll yet since the *node stuff22:55
bazhanghe doesnt seem to know that you can be in more than one channel22:56
geniiI don't use hexchat22:57
geniidoes it have tabs or something?22:57
genii...or perhaps he's unregistered, can't remember if it's +r in there22:57
bazhanghe's PMing me for a chat22:59
bazhangI think he just wants some of that private chattage22:59

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