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SalahMessaoudMorning elacheche o/09:51
elachecheWassup SalahMessaoud09:52
SalahMessaoudI am at work as usual :D09:58
SalahMessaoudand you ?09:58
praisethemoongood day everyone09:59
elachecheGood, I'm @home x)10:03
praisethemoonw y home elacheche10:05
praisethemoony u home *10:05
elachecheI have somethng to work on10:11
Drobjr! :D10:35
elachecheDro: Where were you been all this time :o10:35
Droelacheche, i was a bit busy trying to make the impossible possible :P10:36
elachecheSo, what is the new possible?10:37
Droflying to Mars :D haha10:37
Dro├ža va bro ! :D10:37
elachecheyep :) u?10:37
Drotrying to be fine :D10:38
elachecheGood :)10:38
elachecheStay here :) People will come soon and you'll have a good gekky conversation.. I should go get somethings..10:39
Drook, jibli m3ak :D10:41
elachechek x)10:41
praisethemoonhello o/13:42
* elacheche still compiling chromium.. 48h and counting..15:55
* elacheche have finally a working chromium, but no sandbox.. Need to add that to the Kernel16:14

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