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KrisJacecan anyone tell me how on Ubuntu Touch with Mir do I find screen DPI from command line?09:09
anpok_KrisJace: there is a tool called mirout that prints the outputs and the current active resolution on each of them09:19
anpok_the tool must be allowed to connect to a server.. so you can have it connect to u-s-c or unity8.. in the case of unity8 it may report the wrong orientation and swapped WxH on some devices..09:21
anpok_KrisJace: if you are a client with a window you would get that information in a nicer form as soon as you get displayed.. since there is a mir_surface_output_event sent.. containing the output and its dpi form factor refresh rate..09:24
KrisJace@anpok THank you!09:38
KrisJaceI actually got same answer from Michael Zanetti ad Ubuntu App Dev group on Telegram09:38
KrisJaceit works09:38
KrisJacealso I cannot use mir_surface_output_event I'm affraid09:39
KrisJaceas my apps are Gtk apps09:39
KrisJaceand run in XMir09:39
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brunch875Hello! My computer broke and now I'm left with a painfully slow raspberry pi (python interpreter takes 4 seconds to load) with a broken APT which can't install anything...12:23
brunch875Do you know where I could get some guides to set up the ubuntu phone to replace this?12:23
brunch875Mostly interested about setting up a container and logging into it where I can use apt. If I could redirect the display over SSH that'd be amazing as well, since this PI is choking with the kiwi12:26
brunch875I would also try the whole miracast thing but the e4.5 can't do it... right?12:27
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dobeybrunch875: http://askubuntu.com/a/623311/5073714:26
dobeybrunch875: note that the e4.5 only has 1GB RAM and not a lot of storage space or CPU power, so probably won't actually be faster than running stuff on a rpi14:26
brunch875this rpi has 700MHz + 400MB RAM!14:27
brunch875I just managed to set up a libertine container, where I'm running finch to IRC via SSH :)14:28
brunch875What I'm trying to do right now is forward the libertine container display through SSH -Y14:32
brunch875libertine-launch -i containername has matchbox complain that DISPLAY isn't set, so it sounds like it is capable to do this14:34
dobeythe problem is that launching apps through libertine starts their own X server14:35
brunch875:/ So this means I should give up doing via libertine then14:36
dobeywell you can use libertine to manage the chroot14:36
brunch875if I set a chroot environment like in the askubuntu post... would it be possible to connect to it via SSH and rediret the display?14:37
dobeybut you're going to have to ssh in and manually chroot into the libertine container and run whatever app with the appropriate DISPLAY=:0 set14:37
brunch875right now if I DISPLAY=:0 ssh -Y phablet@ip it will state that it wasn't possible to forward through :014:37
dobeywell DISPLAY=:0 is probably wrong14:37
dobeyalso see the man page about -Y and default options14:38
brunch875does it sound plausible to make this work without making the phone writable?14:39
dobeybeen there done that :)14:40
dobeythough ssh over wifi to phone is a bit annoying because it gets really laggy when the phone tries to go to sleep14:42
brunch875no problem, I just made it stay awake :p14:43
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elopioElleo: ping. I've sent the Esperanto layout for the keyboard. Can you please review the MP to see if I'm missing something?16:03
brunch875dobey: It seems I'm having problems forwarding X since the phone doesn't have xauth installed... do you remember having this issue at all?16:11
Elleoelopio: sure thing16:12
brunch875this is regardless of using -X or -Y. If I understood it correctly, the default settings *should* work out of the box16:12
dobeybrunch875: no, but it's been a long time16:12
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brunch875bingo! someone filed a bug complaining that the xauth program is missing and how he worked it around by generating an .Xauthority himself16:48
brunch875this was last friday, so I take it xauth hasn't been missing for too long16:48
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ubot5`Ubuntu bug 1648914 in Canonical System Image "Add xauth for helping X forwarding scenarios" [Undecided,Opinion]16:51
aca021191im trying to install ubuntu in my tablet16:59
aca021191does  somebody know the correct channel for a monster tablet16:59
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elopioElleo: thanks!17:30
taiebotHi, I believe focus of development is on Xenial now, so what is the status of devel-proposed is it stable enough to switch to this channel? BTW i am on mako17:45
dobeydevel-proposed is not xenial and no you shouldn't run it17:45
taiebotdobey: just realised no images are build anymore on devel-proposed17:55
taiebotthey all stopped on the 25th of October17:56
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brunch875jesus this is more complicated than I thought. I coldn't get installation candidates of xauth so I had to apt-get download on the rpi to then get in the chroot to dpkg -i xauth and the library dependency19:36
brunch875and it works!19:36
brunch875Now the real question is how I install these things at $HOME so that the ssh daemon can use them19:36
dobeybrunch875: why not just run ssh server inside the chroot instead of in the host? :)19:37
brunch875is it good enough to put $PATH and $LPATH (or however it is) in .bashrc19:37
brunch875yes, dobey, that's definitely what I want19:38
brunch875thanks for snapping me out19:38
brunch875how could I do this, though?19:38
dobeyor just run it on a different port19:38
dobeychroot into the chroot, and install openssh-server and configure the port, and run it?19:39
brunch875:) I'm glad you know all of this and are willing to share19:39
brunch875you've helped me mountains already19:39
dobeythen just ssh -p 2222 -Y or whatever and it should put you inside the chroot19:40
dobeymight need to create a different user inside the chroot or bind-mount home dir or something19:41
dobeybut then you can just apt away things in the chroot straight through ssh without really worrying about the host system19:41
brunch875are these binds going to go away once the base ssh shuts down?19:42
dobeymount --bind? no it has nothing to do with ssh itself19:43
dobeybut it will be unmounted when you reboot or such, and the chroot ssh of course would get killed then too, and not automatically started on reboot19:43
brunch875so the chroot ssh is going to stay alive too?19:44
brunch875that's a great thing19:44
brunch875I really may want to create a non-root user inside the chroot though, since running firefox as root could be a very crazy idea19:45
brunch875knowing that the base system can be accessed from the mounted folders19:45
dobeywell if you created it with libertine, i think it should already have stuff setup to run as "phablet" user, at least when run with libertine stuff; not really poked deeper into it myself19:51
brunch875Wouldn't libertine sandbox the openssh-server so it wasn't reachable from outside?19:55
brunch875I'm not too familiar with the confinement of those things19:55
dobeyit depends on how it's started i guess. but in the end a chroot is just a chroot19:59
dobeyit's certainly possible to run services inside the container which are accessible from the outside20:00
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brunch875managed to create a user but I can't seem to give him a password so no idea how to log in as him20:12
brunch875"passwd: Authentication token manipulation error"20:12
dobeynot sure, can't really help debug, sorry20:16
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