davmor2Morning all09:11
JamesTaitGood morning all! Happy Tuesday, and happy Pick a Pathologist Pal Day! 😃09:39
SuperMattI don't know any pathologists :(09:41
davmor2JamesTait: I'm sure you do this to catch me out, but I give you https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXzcigSZ7yU because it is less painful than Haemorrhage I'm a Pathologist09:56
brobostigonmorning boys and girls.10:18
diddledanearly digital cameras: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4J0Aw2Z-8-k13:12
zmoylan-piah superdisks... we used those, great device... 120mb on a floppy disk...13:15
popeyI do like 8-bit guy13:20
popeyhis video about getting a good old computer for dos gaming has me looking on ebay for old thinkpads13:20
popeylike... OOOOOLD13:20
diddledanwow, a floppy-shaped memorystick adapter13:23
diddledanI didn't even know such things existed13:23
diddledanneeds drivers13:24
diddledanand a normal floppy drive, i.e. not a USB floppy drive13:24
popeyahhh memory sticks...13:27
bittini listened to popey on the way too get laser shot in my face today :P13:30
diddledanalso, old phones: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUIiUXvnkUQ13:34
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diddledanairpods are finally available to buy: http://www.macrumors.com/2016/12/13/airpods-now-available-to-order/14:04
zmoylan-pihurray... just in time to be lost before christmas :-P14:05
zmoylan-piso start a lost and found box and get yourself a free set... :-P14:07
diddledanhaha: https://twitter.com/bdsams/status/808674639920726016 "Year 2022: 1st person steps out of the capsule to put a foot on Mars, first words are "LinkedIn just told me there are 6 jobs in my area""14:08
foobarrylinkedin job search was good pre MS14:31
foobarrynow its awful. why would i want jobs with companies i have left?14:31
popeyI know a few people who returned to previous employers14:35
popey(including Canonical)14:35
zmoylan-pibecause it's now about crushing your spirit and accepting less money for same work... that does sound very ms... :-P14:36
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: hello16:05
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2 heh nice new device and already currupted the aindows 10 on it :d16:06
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: you're not holding it right16:06
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2 a mini pc gaming type deb has happened to other16:07
SebthreeBQM10HDhas happened to otherbpeopls to after trying to do a sytem rezet in windows 1016:08
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2 seems thersz a bug and the chinese didnt teztbtheir device properly enouh16:09
SebthreeBQM10HDon screen keyboards uh16:09
davmor2SebthreeBQM10HD: told you you weren't holding right ;) you need to rotate it 47.2° while standing on one leg and singing the national anthem then it works fine :D16:09
SebthreeBQM10HDwhat of china or hong kong?16:09
davmor2on no they don't tell you which national anthem that would make it easy ;)16:10
SebthreeBQM10HDdavmor2 this thing can also run linux but with some hardare issues so about to try some usbs on it16:10
SebthreeBQM10HDbut yes quite a nice device16:11
benxyzzyIs vnc4server the same as RealVNC?17:42
diddledanthey both use the same protocol, however17:42
benxyzzydiddledan: Thanks that's exactly what I wanted. So the relationship between vnc4server, tightvncserver, and RealVNC is that they're all different implementations of the same protocol? What company developed vnc4?17:44
diddledanI believe so, yes. I think the VNC protocol is currently owned by RealVNC the company17:45
diddledantightvnc did some customisations to work on slower connections (hence tight)17:45
diddledanboth tight and real are essentially supporting commercial companies who are basing their products on the opensauce vnc protocol17:46
benxyzzydiddledan, Perfect, cheers :)17:49
daftykinsbenxyzzy: best not to use such an outdated plaintext auth remote desktop tech in this day and age18:51
zmoylan-pisez us... in irc... :-P18:52
benxyzzyI only plan to use it on the local network and/or tunnelled by SSH. TBH I'm a long way from that point so far... wrestling with x11vnc + lightdm18:53
benxyzzy(x11vnc does not play nice with lightDM prior to the latter being logged in, for some reason)18:53
daftykinshttp://www.amd.com/en-us/innovations/new-horizon AMD Zen event at 9pm19:20
popeyblimey, not seen heno for a while19:26
zmoylan-piit's a christmas miracle :'-)19:27
daftykinsand now you never will ;_;19:27
davmor2popey: as in henrik omma19:29
davmor2popey: heno got me my job at canonical after many years :)  He basically said have you applied for this job, me: no, heno: well you better had I've recommended you for it :)19:31
popeyheh :)19:32
davmor2popey: worked with heno for years on contract and as part of the community19:35
davmor2popey: where did you see him?19:39
popey19:23 -!- heno [~heno@cpc69185-oxfd26-2-0-cust391.4-3.cable.virginm.net] has quit [Quit: Leaving]19:39
davmor2popey: ah okay :)19:40
davmor2I have parts and joins muted :)19:41
daftykinshttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DEfj2MRLtA oops thats the real link20:52
diddledandaftykins: 30 seconds20:59
daftykinsyay they turned his mic on21:01
diddledanI thought I'd gone deaf21:02
daftykinsthe handovers are always so cringe21:03
daftykinsuh oh the engineers are drunk already21:03
daftykinsthe mic Dr. Su has on is worth about £50021:07
daftykinsradio mic setup though21:09
daftykinsrumours said they'd have sr-3, sr-5, sr-7 - just like intel's i3, i5 and i721:10
daftykinsneeds more drums...21:11
diddledanboom boom booom21:11
daftykinssounds like a cereal :>21:11
diddledanas in Horyzen I guess21:11
daftykinserr that's normal21:16
daftykinsre: cooling sensing :)21:16
diddledanI think they mean it doesn't require you to fiddle with anything21:17
daftykinsbut that's true already21:17
diddledanshe's gonna drop a price bombshell21:19
daftykinsooh handbrake21:19
daftykinshiding the CPU info in task manager ;)21:20
diddledaninteresting that left and right cpu graphs look very similar21:20
diddledanthat suggests the scheduling is the same across both21:21
daftykinsprobably been working with MS to get it up to snuff21:21
zmoylan-piat a cpu launch wouldn't they optimise the software so that it balances as much of the load across cores as possible?21:21
daftykinsit's transcoding so it's gonna hammer it all :)21:22
* zmoylan-pi goes backto hammering my cpu by scrolling some text... :-P21:24
daftykinsA Brit!21:24
daftykins"full blown 1080p" haha, mmk outdated ;)21:32
daftykinspff well a 6700K has half the cores ;) shock!21:33
daftykinsalso most streamers use two PCs as is sensible21:33
m0nkey_Anyone know a tool to convert IRC logs to HTML pages?21:36
m0nkey_I know of one, but can't for the life of me remember what the heck it was called.21:36
m0nkey_All I remember is that it was written in Perl21:36
m0nkey_That's the one21:36
popeyor http://mg.pov.lt/irclog2html/21:36
daftykinsthis bit was so badly planned XD21:39

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