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mterryDoes anyone know why xvfbtestPreview in silo 2150 would segfault?  It's holding up our migration to release pocket in zesty17:40
mterrygreyback, dandrader: ^ relevant to you17:41
* dandrader looks17:41
greybackmterry: no idea. /me tries to repro locally17:42
* mterry also tries locally17:42
dandradermterry, any useful log?17:42
mterrySearch for "error 2"17:42
mterryOr xvfbtestPreview17:42
mterryIt passes all tests17:43
mterryThen it segfaults17:43
Saviqnot just that one, there's like a dozen segfaults17:43
mterryBoth amd64 and i386 fail17:43
Saviq10, actually17:43
mterryRight you are17:43
Saviqand yeah, both amd64 and i386, so not random17:43
Saviqsomething must've changed between silo and proposed, since we're green in automated17:44
SaviqI mean comparing these logs might be helpful https://objectstorage.prodstack4-5.canonical.com/v1/AUTH_39a8dbb93caf4ec889f8a1b7f69885db/bileto-2150-excuses/2016-12-07_23:50:01/2150_zesty_excuses.html17:44
mterrySaviq: wait aren't you on vacation?17:45
mterryget outta here17:45
Saviqpromised to keep an eye out17:45
Saviqanyway, it's in your hands so no need for me17:45
greyback"Qt: Session management error: Could not open network socket" <- was this always printed on the console while running tests? (I get it locally, it's not printing on the server)18:18
greybackso far, tests are running ok locally18:18
greybackmight be something in proposed breaking it18:18
mterrygreyback: I don't recognize the error...  But yeah I bet proposed is the trigger18:27
* mterry is still updating his zesty system, haven't used it for a bit since I've worked on u8 snap in xenial18:28
greybackQT_LOGGING_RULES=*=false needed for tests, as they're so noisy18:36
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mterryok I do get the segfault on proposed19:28
greybackmterry: what segvs? xvfb?19:50
* greyback not had luck with his chroot19:50
mterrygreyback: yeah it seems to only segfault with xvfb in the mix19:54
mterryBut I'm not sure it's xvfb itself19:55
mterryI'm trying to isolate which package upgrade triggers it19:55
mterrystacktrace is in libgcc code, so something might need a rebuild against latest gcc19:57
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mterryit's libmesa20:18
greybackoh man20:34
mterryrebuilding it to see if it just needs a rebuild against latest gcc and everything.  If that doesn't fix it, I'm out of my depth and Mirv seems out for the holidays20:36
mterryI suppose we could drop it from proposed in worst case20:36
dmj_s76Trevinho: I've had a chance to test the new unity hdpi scaling factor code on a wider range of hardware now, and think there are some cases where it doesn't do quite the right thing.23:12
dmj_s76It does do the right thing for 15" 1080P displays and 15" 4K displays, but forces non-integer scaling by default on 17" 4K displays and 14" 1080P displays.23:14
dmj_s76At least with existing toolkits, non-integer scaling tends to look somewhat wrong.23:15

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