dzhoyano: hah!00:25
Unit193Think it's a bit off on the midwest.:P00:40
dzhoUnit193: oh, which way?00:40
Unit193Granted, I could be off. :P00:44
dzhoUnit193: is it your contention that panic sets in sooner where you are?00:44
Unit193Well...  Just thinking it would, yeah.  I'm in Ohio though, of course.  The idiots around here aren't too scared of it, but can't drive in it (some are scared of it though...)00:57
Unit193dzho: The only thing, the driveway is very steep so ice and snow are fuuuuun.  Car has slipped out into the middle of the road a couple times.00:57
Unit193(Not this year.)00:57
dzhoUnit193: we had a pretty steep driveway at one of our houses.12:48
dzhoturns out, we ended up not living there for more than a winter (maybe two? I forget)12:48

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