Kilosmorning all and sundry04:34
Kilos-ai! power cut, running on genny05:59
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Kilosill be ofline all day tomorrow guys, going to hospital08:11
Kilosmorning inetpro its reverification time again, 08:11
Kiloshi thatgraemeguy 08:12
thatgraemeguy'lo :)08:14
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theblazehenHi all08:41
Kilos-hi theblazehen 09:39
Langjanhi Kilos- 09:41
theblazehenhi Kilos-, Langjan. How's things going?09:42
Kilos-hi Langjan 09:42
=== Kilos- is now known as Kilos
Kiloswhat broke Langjan 09:43
Langjanim introducing Marietjie to Ubuntu and irc09:43
Langjanshowing her around09:44
Kiloshi marietjie09:45
Kilosbe careful of that old goat he likes to break things09:45
Kiloswhen you need help look for someone not carrying a 4lb hammer or n tang en bloudraad09:46
Langjanlmga! Only when kde comes into the equation09:46
* Kilos hides09:46
Langjanjust want to connect her to hexchat so she can skip the hammers and bloudraad09:49
LangjanKilos,  just help me to connect her correctly to this channel plse 09:51
Kilosfreenode and edit it09:53
Kilosthen chat.freenode.net09:53
Kilosthen #ubuntu-za as the channel to join09:53
Kilosand put her nickname in and register it with freenode or it will get stolen09:54
Kiloslemme go open irc on desktop pc as well because im in and out both sides'09:57
Kiloshi marietjie 10:04
Kiloswelcome to ubuntu-za10:04
Kilossop daai ou kerel hoor10:05
Kiloshy baie skelm10:05
Kilosi know its you jan10:05
Kiloskil +tab10:05
Langjanno you chancer I'm over here10:05
Kilosek hoop julle lag lekker oor die engelsman se streke10:06
marietjie_Kilos, dankie vir die hulp10:06
LangjanWatch your language theres a lady around10:06
Kiloswelkom enige tyd10:06
Kilosmy language is always clean10:06
Langjansome will believe you10:06
Langjanmarietjie_ is soos ek, kry sooibrand van te veel Ingels 10:07
Kilostwee snye suurlemoen in n glas water en drink dit heel dat10:07
Kilosvoeg net water by10:07
KilosLangjan you have her connecting twice as you did before10:08
Kilosfix it10:08
Kiloslemon slices in water actually alkalises your system10:08
Langjanok we will chat about wb later Kilos 10:08
marietjieKilos, praat later en geniet jou dag10:08
Kilosand stops heartburn10:08
Langjanwill sort it out10:09
Kilosjulle ook10:09
Kilosgoed gaan10:09
Langjanlekker skape vang10:09
Kiloshaha niks skape hier nie10:09
superflyWell, one thing I know is that if I need to practice my Afrikaans, I can do it in here12:26
Kiloshaha hi there superfly 12:26
Kilossuperfly did you see the mails about the reverification12:27
Kilosi hate that every 2 years12:27
Kilosthe old wiki page should be there still but i have no idea even where to look for it12:28
Kilosi asked neil to start it12:28
Kiloshaving another bad head day so will nap a while then try12:28
superflyOK, lekker slaap.12:29
Kiloshi nlsthzn 13:08
Kiloshi chesedo 13:09
Kiloshi inetpro 13:09
Kiloshi andrewlsd 13:09
pavlushkaHi Kilos :)13:09
Kiloshi pavlushka 13:09
chesedohi Kilos13:09
pavlushkaand Hi to all that Kilos saying hi :p13:10
pavlushkahello chesedo :)13:10
chesedoohi pavlushka13:11
nlsthznalo all... how are you uncle Kilos?13:57
nlsthznso I see we are up for re-verification14:01
Kilosok ty nlsthzn and you?14:12
Kilosyeah what a business14:13
nlsthznfine thanks14:13
Kilosand i dont think we have done anything this year14:13
Kilosor the last 2 actually14:13
Kiloseveryone is too busy making a living14:14
Kilosfly is always working on openlp and he and frogboots are working on iterum14:16
Kilosbut nothing else is being done i think14:16
Kilosor has been14:16
Kilosdo you have the link for our last reverification wiki page nlsthzn ?14:19
Kilosthats a few drives ago for me14:19
nlsthznI will have a look... I have *really* not been active the last bit in ZA land14:22
Kiloswho has14:22
Kilosim quite used to and happy with an i5 lappy with an ssd14:22
Kilosnice and fast14:22
nlsthznMy HDD just got downgraded to a 5400rpm hdd... whole system sluggish >.<14:23
Kilosonly screen should be larger then desktop backgrounds wont need to be centred and leave a small pic in the centre14:23
Kilospity ssd's are so expensive14:24
Kilosthey nice and fast14:24
theblazehenKilos tiered storage :) Small ssd + big hdd14:25
Kiloscant do that inna lappy unless you replace the dvd with a caddy and they are expensive14:26
nsnzerohi Kilos14:27
Kiloshi nsnzero 14:27
Kilosim trying to remember who you are14:27
nsnzerolol , i am easy to forget14:28
Kilosnono im getting old and forgetful14:28
nlsthznKilos, https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReVerificationApplication201414:28
nlsthznthis is from 201414:28
Kilosty nlsthzn 14:28
Kilosthat should be it then14:28
nlsthzncomparing it to the one of 2010 it didn't look good, and from what you have said of the last two years... I dunno14:28
nlsthznif memory serves there is a template that was followed14:29
Kilosai! ai! ai! ai! ai!14:29
Kiloswe just upgade this one i think14:29
Kilossaves lotsa work14:29
Kilosor copy it to the new one14:30
Kilosthen edit14:30
nlsthznI guess... the guidelines are @ - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncil/TeamVerificationGuidelines14:30
Kilosdont make me read lots man head thumping14:30
Kiloschesedo feel free to jump in anytime14:31
Kilosoh yes14:31
Kilosnlsthzn i think we built ubuntu-africa in the last 2 years14:31
Kilosso that an irc channel and the website14:31
nlsthznso it still going strong?14:32
Kilosof course14:32
Kilosi chat to some of them daily14:33
Kilosbut the busy bug has hit the whole of africa14:33
nlsthznto channel #ubuntu-africa14:34
Kilosone advantage with that setup, no two yearly reverification14:35
nlsthznwell verification isn't a must as we discussed last time...14:36
nlsthzndid we receive DVD's / USB's from all the releases the last two years?14:36
Kilosits a must if you want to throw any weight around14:36
nlsthznhow much weight was thrown around recently?14:36
Kilosits all flash disks now and you have to prove an event to get them14:37
nlsthznso we didn't14:37
Kilosoh i had some set toos with other members14:37
Kilosno we had no events14:37
Kilosyou can still buy them i think14:38
* nlsthzn was always pushing for verification... now not so sure14:38
Kilosgoogle ubuntu flash install sticks or something14:38
Kilosno we must stay verified14:38
Kilosi cant fight from a sick loco14:39
nlsthznwell I guess we need to fill the wiki page and see if enough was done then14:39
Kilosi need a strong backbone14:39
* nlsthzn just installed ubuntu again (but then again, I might distro-hop before midnight :p)14:40
Kiloshaha im hooked on kde now14:40
Kilos14.04 and 16.04 on desktop and 16.04 here on lappy14:40
nlsthznplasma 5.8 and above really good noow14:41
nlsthznmy keyboard still double typing letters every now and again14:42
nlsthzndrives me nuts14:42
Kilosim happy but 2 much eye candy for me14:42
Kilossow its rate down14:42
nlsthznwell KDE does let you tweak everything14:42
Kilosits younr fingers that are getting slower14:42
nlsthznI believe it is either me or the keyboard, happens on two different PC's and 7 different OS's >.<14:43
Kilosadd to the milliseconds between that repeat thing14:43
Kilosmust be you14:43
Kilosold age14:43
theblazehennlsthzn even when you type really fast?14:43
nlsthznperhaps... diabetes does attack your nervous system two :/14:44
nlsthznmostly when I type fast14:44
Kilosoh i must give you some info on that nlsthzn 14:44
nlsthznsometimes I can tap a key and get 5 of a letter14:44
theblazehenSorry, I meant does it repeat when you go fast and not super fast?14:44
theblazehenHmm. And 16.04 or 16.10 right?14:44
nlsthznwindows 7 / 10 /ubuntu 14.04 16.04 16.10 opensuse 13.2 42.1 42.2 tumbleweed solydxk fedora xyz mint abc etc. etc.14:45
nlsthznI distro hop14:45
theblazehenAh. USB keyboard?14:45
nlsthznyes usb14:45
nlsthznthought it was my last motherboard which has a flaky usb 3 chipset14:46
nlsthznbut now on a solid intel board the same14:46
theblazehenWhich keyboard? Or just some random cheap keyboard?14:46
nlsthznsteelseries v2 something or other14:46
* theblazehen thinks it has to do with interrupts or something14:46
theblazehenWith usb14:46
nlsthznlovely keyboard... think I should get a cheepy and try it, might be me14:46
theblazehenWhen system load is very low then I can type fine, increase a bit and I can't14:47
theblazehenHave lots of IO on the PCI bus of that system14:47
theblazehenCan you set it to some kind of generic mode?14:47
nlsthznnot enough of a nuisance for me to actually do something except complain :p14:47
theblazehenEg, my K70 has a normal mode which does the traditional 3 keys only etc, not the n key rollover etc14:48
nlsthznno special switches14:48
theblazehenDoes `lshw` show usb controller on the pci / pcie bus?14:48
nlsthznholy output batman14:50
nlsthznwill take some time to go through all that 14:50
theblazehenJust scroll till you see usb14:51
theblazehenit's a tree14:51
theblazehenSee what the usb controller is connected to14:51
nlsthznhmmm there seems to be one usb that is nested under pci:2 and one usb that is a level higher not under pci14:53
nlsthznthe usb 3 controller14:53
nlsthznthe usb 2 is on its own14:53
theblazehenIs keyboard on usb 2 port?14:54
nlsthznforgot I am on another mobo currently... AFAIK mouse and keyboard on usb 214:58
nlsthznbut I have had the mobo on both usb 2 / 3 as test some time ago14:58
nlsthznbut that was on another set-up14:58
theblazehenHmm, alright. Well, dunno then. One I'm having issue with I don't use the console much14:58
nlsthzntheblazehen, don't worry about it... I think I will try a generic and see if there is a difference14:58
theblazehennlsthzn Alright. Try a PS2 keyboard as well14:59
nlsthznwas looking for a converter as I have the ports at the back... going ps2 to usb easy to get, the other way around not so much >.<15:00
Kilosi like ps2 kb on desktop pc15:05
Kilossaves a usb15:05
nsnzeromaybe the key repeat-rate needs to be tweaked15:10
nlsthznset it up a bit higher... lets see :)15:13
Kilosthats what i do15:13
nlsthznbut I don't shake that badly (yet) :p15:13
Kilosmake it many more microseconds more15:13
nsnzeroguys you must also try out zsh shell its good from what i can see15:20
* theblazehen will show off my zsh later :)15:21
nsnzeronow that i want to see 15:22
nlsthznthink it was fish shell I tried some time ago... liked the tab-complete in it15:53
MaNLdoes anybody here use snaps ( http://snapcraft.io/ ) - just wanted to gauge the average linux users opinion on them. Would you be okay if some package you wanted only came in snap form, or do you expect to also have it in the main repo? Do you like the idea of snaps or hate it? etc.16:01
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Kilossuperfly can we just edit https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReVerificationApplication2014 to be our wiki for this year or must we make a new one16:27
Kilosinetpro you need to wake up now16:27
Kiloswork to be done you know16:27
nsnzerowork makes me sleepy16:30
nlsthznKilos, we make a copy of that one with a new name16:36
nlsthznand then edit it16:36
* nlsthzn is the busy but will do it later16:37
nlsthznmaybe >.>16:37
Kilosok i must sleep early, leaving at 5 am to go hospital16:37
Kilosty nlsthzn 16:38
* nlsthzn must first attempt to log into launchpad >.<16:38
Kilosim in there now16:39
nlsthznhey that was easy :p16:39
nlsthzndone - https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReVerificationApplication201616:41
nsnzerolater guys16:43
nlsthznwhat it that todo application/website you guys were using some time ago16:45
nlsthznwe could use some "planning" 16:45
nlsthznbtw, I am working night shift on the 19th.  So won't be able to show up for the IRC meeting for reverification16:59
Kilosinetpro 17:01
Kiloschesedo knows as well also too17:01
nlsthznah ok17:01
nlsthzncrap... stupid o's still doubling... and the speed so low it takes forever to delete text when I back space :p17:02
* chesedo has not followed the conversation, but should be able to attend the 19th's reverification... will confirm17:03
Kiloswhats our trello addy chesedo 17:04
Kiloswe need a page for planning for reverification17:04
nlsthznodd, I don't have an account17:06
nlsthznhmmm... will take me more time to figure out how to use this effectively than trying to do all myself :/17:08
* nlsthzn had a huge urge to play heroes of the storm17:08
Kilosive added a list called reverification planning but dunno wha card to add17:11
Kiloschesedo ball in your court17:12
chesedoKilos: anything that describes the next step (or what is needed) will be fine17:13
chesedoKilos: will it even have more than one card?17:13
chesedohello Cryterion17:13
Kilossigh just burned butter so bad whole house is smoke17:14
nlsthzntrello is hard17:16
Kilosoh my goodness17:16
Kilosweve added it 4 times now17:16
Kiloschesedo is the trello man and inetpro17:16
Kilosnlsthzn click the show menu top right17:17
Kiloswha a blow17:17
Kiloschesedo fix it please17:18
* chesedo will be able to help and catch up in a few minutes17:18
chesedojust busy getting server fixed17:18
Kilosok ty17:18
nlsthznthink I getting the idea17:19
nlsthznnow only in one area uncle Kilos :p17:19
nlsthznslowly but surely17:19
Kiloswell done17:19
Kilosive forgotten how to use it17:19
* nlsthzn watching Edward Snowden talking about something or other17:36
nlsthznlive... got to love the internet17:37
nsnzerogood evening all18:23
Kiloshi nsnzero 18:24
nsnzerohi again Kilos , arent you supposed to be in bed by now ?18:24
Kilosnearly but started cooking late18:25
Kilosso i gonna add to my fat belly by eating late18:25
nsnzero i eat at 4 , bad acid reflux if i eat late and sleep18:26
Kilosbetter to eat early yeah18:27
nsnzerobut speaking of cooking , i am looking for a recipe for a sftp server that doesnt display anythin , no gui or console18:28
nsnzeroboredom has lead me to explore the grey area of hac... mmmh pen-testing 18:29
* nsnzero wondered how everybody did this until know18:35
* Kilos guessing18:38
nsnzeroif i could only improve my spelling 18:40
pavlushkaGuys, you are on a re-verification process?18:40
pavlushkaplease tell me if I can be of any use, that will add up to my exp too :)18:41
pavlushkachesedo: ^18:41
nsnzerohi pavlushka18:43
pavlushkaHi nsnzero :)18:43
Kilosyes on the 19th pavlushka 18:44
nsnzerosounds interesting ... can i assist as well 18:46
inetprogood mornings18:46
inetproyou guys chat too much today... hond uit 'n bos uit18:47
pavlushkaGood Morning inetpro :)18:47
inetproKilos: and you expect me to read all that?18:47
inetprogoeie dag pavlushka18:47
nsnzerohi there inetpro18:47
inetprowb nsnzero... you've been quiet18:48
pavlushkainetpro: same to you :)18:49
Kilosinetpro https://trello.com/b/GKXXiBxU/ubuntu-south-africa-loco18:49
* pavlushka had a cold day18:50
inetpropavlushka: get the body on the move to warm up18:52
pavlushkainetpro: will do in the morning :)18:53
inetproget yourself a treadmill desk18:53
Kilosand a barbell mouse18:53
nsnzerosave money and just walk to work 18:56
inetpropavlushka: do you ever get snow in your part of the planet?18:57
pavlushkansnzero: that will work double fold 18:57
pavlushkainetpro: nope18:57
pavlushkabut I am in the coldest part of my country, closer to Himalayas18:58
* chesedo is now caught up... well with the chat atleast18:59
inetprowell done chesedo18:59
* inetpro gave up reading18:59
chesedopavlushka: will do, and keep up to date with the trello list to see what we are doing19:00
chesedonsnzero: you should be able to assist19:00
pavlushkachesedo: sure :)19:00
* chesedo does not even know what has to be done yet... this will be the first he is helping with19:00
chesedonsnzero: also check Kali for pen-testing19:01
chesedonow my head is clear of all that...19:01
nsnzerohi chesedo19:02
Kiloschesedo read https://wiki.ubuntu.com/ZATeam/ReVerificationApplication201419:03
Kilosthats what we did 2 years ago19:03
chesedoKilos: from that I have a question. How involved were we in last year's SFD?19:03
nsnzerojust  name a task for me to help with 19:04
chesedooh and Kilos do not let me keep you awake for tomorrow19:04
Kilosask inetpro 19:04
inetprochesedo: we've never done enough really, always more that can be done19:05
Kilosi dont have to drive so i can sleep in the car i spose19:05
chesedoinetpro: oh ok, I see that we had that on 2014's, do you think we will be able to slip it in again?19:07
chesedonha Kilos you can also help afterwards ;)19:08
superflynlsthzn: Trello19:08
inetprochesedo: we didn't even have a SFD event this year19:09
chesedoinetpro:  last year's should count for this one since the reverification is every two years right?19:10
chesedolol S in not a vowel19:11
inetprook... guess we can say we had members attending it but not much more than that19:11
chesedoor silent19:11
* inetpro always getting confused with a vs an19:11
nsnzerosfd -> Super Fun Disco ?19:12
chesedook, there was me theblaze and gremble if i am correct (will the names be needed?)19:12
chesedonsnzero: Software Freedom Day19:12
inetproa unicorn vs an umbrella 19:12
inetproAfrikaans is baie eenvoudiger as Ingels19:13
chesedohey fly and frogs also helped with DebConf earlier this year19:13
Kilosnsnzero software freedom day19:13
inetprochesedo: don't think we need names19:13
inetprobut can't hurt if you have them19:14
Kilosoh nyes add it superfly paddatrapper 19:14
inetproanyway... I had a long day with way too many meetings19:14
* inetpro calling it a day19:15
chesedonp inetpro 19:15
inetprogood night19:15
nsnzerodont use names rather use 'members' sounds like better attendance / participation19:15
nsnzeroinetpro: take care and rest well19:15
Kilosnight inetpro 19:16
inetproKilos: alles van die beste daar19:16
Kilosi go crash too guys19:16
Kilosdankie boetie19:16
Kilosnight all. sleep tight19:17
nsnzeroKilos-:night night 19:18
nsnzerochesedo: i have tried kali , but i didnt find it very educational and all antiviruses nowdays blocks the 'attacks'19:19
nsnzerochesedo: the most versatile tool i have found is netcat . just need to make a dropper for it19:21
chesedonsnzero: great suggestion thanks19:24
chesedonsnzero: that browser was the best tool for me19:25
chesedonsnzero: I am also subscribed here https://www.cybrary.it/19:26
chesedoalthough i have not done anything yet19:26
Kilos-night from here as well. be good guys19:27
nsnzerochesedo: thanks for the info19:27
nsnzeroguys it been a pleasure chatting to one and all - but the bed is calling - good night 19:36
chesedonight nsnzero 19:36

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