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The1whoEATSim a noob sorry00:06
The1whoEATSwhat is "/"00:06
CuteAlienDepends on context, but usually it means the root of your filesystem.00:06
CuteAlienYour filesystem has all kind of directories and sub-directories - and the root is jsut a /00:07
The1whoEATSi am following this guide : http://askubuntu.com/questions/293028/how-can-i-install-ubuntu-encrypted-with-luks-with-dual-boot00:07
The1whoEATSit says "Assign / to /dev/mapper/vgcherries-lvcherriesroot and /boot to the unencrypted partition"00:08
DeunomeThe1whoEATS: If so, it is the root directory00:08
The1whoEATSim on the manual partitioning part, i dont know how to assing it to something00:09
FrozenlockI just tried to set the limit to the group instead of the user, but it's the same problem. My service is still crashing with "too many open files".00:09
DeunomeYou'd use "/" as the mount point. Do a primary partition, and set it however big you want. Is there a reason you're doing manual partitioning, The1whoEATS?00:11
The1whoEATSi want full disk encryption alongside windows 1000:12
MarcoPThe1whoEATS, do you have dual boot?00:12
The1whoEATSim working on the ubuntu install00:12
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MarcoPThe1whoEATS, well with dual boot I don't know if there is a way to seperately do full encrypt on ubuntu and windows 10..if there is its probably kind of difficult00:13
The1whoEATSokay i think i got it00:13
CuteAlienMy question: Can I somehow check which software was updated the previous day? All my network connects stopped working but I don't know what might have changed.00:13
CuteAlien(only auto updates)00:14
wedgieCuteAlien: there are logs in /var/log/apt00:14
OerHeksdpkg log00:14
The1whoEATSi have begun the install, hope it works =/00:16
saphaperocGood luck The1whoEATS00:17
saphaperoc(I was Deunome, I changed my nickname for NickServ)00:18
The1whoEATSlove linux, being able to browse during the installation00:18
OerHekschrome version 55, chomium-browser still 53 ..00:20
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shennanhello everyone00:22
shennanwhere are U from? Guest7445300:23
Guest74453about you?00:23
FrozenlockI'll be right back; need to reboot.00:24
bazhangshennan, did you have an ubuntu support question00:24
shennanMe too. Guest7445300:25
bazhangplease take the chit chat to #ubuntu-offtopic shennan00:25
zealshamanyone here00:35
bazhangzealsham, yes, please ask your support question here00:36
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gnome-crashingI got the following crash twice with Ubuntu 16.04.01 clean install with updates applied:  https://paste.ubuntu.com/23621532/00:56
gnome-crashingNot sure how to further troubleshoot this crash - can anyone help me with this?00:56
gnome-crashing64 bit, older hardware00:57
luk3yxI have a question about the snappy playpen licensing.01:07
bazhang#snappy for that luk3yx01:08
luk3yxI tried, but got no replies. I'll try again...01:08
bazhangbe patient luk3yx it's the weekend01:08
longerstaff13it's now Tuesday here :P01:09
luk3yxDepends where you are...01:09
deco_It's still monday here01:09
dikiaapIt's 8:10am01:10
deco_if i dug a hole it would be 8:11 pm here. smhp01:11
pienew to ubuntu. whats best software to get?01:13
luk3yxWould the Ask Ubuntu chat room be a better place to ask, if I'm not getting any response?01:13
luk3yxpie: What do you want to do with the software?01:13
pielike to learn programming/hacking but anything to help me learn linux01:14
pietotally new01:14
Guest53925hey guys, does anyone have any idea how to install bitlbee? on mint?01:17
tomreyn!mint | Guest5392501:17
ubottuGuest53925: Linux Mint is not a supported derivative of Ubuntu. Please seek support in #linuxmint-help on irc.spotchat.org01:17
deco_shell scripting and remote admin.01:17
luk3yxGuest53925: Linux Mint questions are best asked somewhere else.01:17
deco_pssh @ pie he left01:17
Guest53925thanks ;>01:17
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gnome-crashingI was using an edimax ew-7811un usb wifi adapter when with Ubuntu 16.04.1 and it initially kept dropping the wifi connection.  I finally got the adapter to connect long enough to do the updates, and it has not had that problem since.  However, since I had trouble with that adapter, when gnome crashed repeatedly I uninstalled the wifi adapter and just used the Ethernet instead, even though I do not see why they would be related01:29
gnome-crashingAre there known troubles with the Edimax EW-7811UN adapter with this version of Ubuntu?01:29
gnome-crashingI tried several different google searches but found nothing01:29
tomreyngnome-crashing: find its pci / usb id (using "lsusb -v" / "lspci -knnv" commands), and the driver you are using ("lsmod | grep -i wireless") and search the web for that.01:32
tomreyngnome should not be crashing due to wireless issues, however. this would rather hint on a separate issue.01:33
gnome-crashingtomreyn: yes, I did not see why they would be related, but I just tried it because of its previous troubles01:33
tomreynthe pci / usb id is usally listed in square brackets, looks like this: [1234:5678], it can also contain characters a-f01:34
gnome-crashingtomreyn:  ok, thanks - can I plug it in without disconnecting the ethernet so I will not use my connection, or will that cause problems since they will both be on the same lan?01:35
gnome-crashing(I unplugged the usb wifi to troubleshoot)01:35
tomreyn*should* work, it does for me.01:36
kk4ewtgnome-crashing,  what chipset does that card use01:36
gnome-crashingok, here goes ...01:36
drjamhi there01:37
uxfihey guys01:37
uxfihello Trev gnome-crashing and drjam01:37
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justpwnhello guys!01:38
drjamhey uxfi01:38
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gnome-crashingtomreyn: googled around for this id:  7392:7811 nothing very helpful yet.  lsmod | grep -i wireless showed nothing01:50
kk4ewtgoogle for chipset name of dongle01:50
gnome-crashingkk4ewt: ok01:51
* deco_ pose the right question.01:55
Sean_McGor question the right pose01:55
deco_my vm hangs after update.01:56
deco_one full update also mentioned i dl'ed from an alternative spot.01:56
Sean_McGyou killed it01:57
Sean_McGit's dead01:57
deco_yeah probly. dead'ed01:57
gnome-crashingfound a possible fix on ubuntuforums, but thread dates to feb 201501:58
kk4ewtuxfi, no01:59
gnome-crashingok, thanks guys - I'll check back after I do some further troubleshooting.  I have a lot more to go on now.02:00
imgglassesGuys. I'm following this tutorial (https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-set-up-django-with-postgres-nginx-and-gunicorn-on-ubuntu-16-04) to set up How To Set Up Django with Postgres, Nginx, and Gunicorn on Ubuntu 16.04... And I'm getting error about .sock not found. I don't know where to put that socket. Can you help me?02:09
slick_hey does anyone know the url for the aix portal also has TSM stuff i forgot the exact name of it its not adsm.org but similar02:17
wyseguyslick_ sorry no02:20
Sean_McGAIX I'snt uniX02:33
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JohnDoe2Hi guys, I'm not sure what else to try, I cannot get a smb share to mount. I get error(5): input/output error if I try the mount command manually, and bad line # in /etc/fstab if I try it that way. I'm running 14.04, mount.cifs v 6.0. If I purposely type in the wrong password, however, it says Permission denied. So the sucker is connecting, but I can't find out what error 5 is. So cryptic.02:47
enycJohnDoe2: I'm not familiar with using that... but i do wonder if 'dmesg' gives any clues...02:51
greglJohnDoe2, What is it you are trying to share?02:51
JohnDoe2a folder on my mac, I had been using afp... something -ng but it has some serious memory leak, and the share fails within 12 hours. Now I'm trying to do it via SMB, and I was going to try ssh next.02:53
enycJohnDoe2: i've not involved ''macs'' but have had much success with 'sshfs' ...02:53
JohnDoe2enyc it's saying the same thing, -5 for the return code. and then some nss-myhostname is not installed, which I don't think is necessary since I'm accessing the share via ip directly.02:53
JohnDoe2yeah I might go that route myself.02:54
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sethhello, can we remove and reinstall hexchat on ubuntu 16.04. it asks to remove ubuntu-desktop also03:20
sethi need to reinstall it03:21
Sean_McGrecompiling my kernel, wish me luck03:24
lukeHello I need help03:29
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Guest21609Hello I need help03:29
sintrego ahead and state problem03:29
Guest21609I have been trying to install my network adapter for WNDA 3100 v2 wireless adapter03:30
sintrewell system , and ubuntu version your using could be a good starting point for somebody to help03:32
sintrejust so somebody whith a bit more knowledge than I have when it comes to wireless netowrking here in ubuntu might be able to help03:33
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Guest21609I have ubuntu 16.0403:34
sintreis this a usb stick type doggle ?03:36
Guest21609Yes its a netgear usb adapter03:37
sintresee if anything here hits home a bit03:37
Guest21609wait before I try this does the adapter half to be plugged in because right now im running off ethernet03:39
sintrewell to see if hardware is there i don't think so , but to connect thru it might , if it picks one internet connection vs the other03:40
sintrealthough i have had some insan weird connection in linux and windows distros that will establish a connection thru both and use both hard waired and wireless03:41
sintrehit or miss thing03:41
sintrebut not a do or die thing :)03:41
Guest21609okay I will give it a go03:41
campbellWhat is life?03:50
sintrea game i never bought , but forced to play?03:50
campbellLife is a series of chemical reactions worth no more or less than any other. Your life is just as meaningless as dirt.03:51
Sean_McG"We are all part of the same compost heap."03:51
vfw Topic here is not ubuntu support04:01
sintreOfficial Ubuntu Support Channel | IRC Guidelines: http://ubottu.com/y/gl | This channel supports: Ubuntu and its official flavors, versions 12.04, 14.04, 16.04, 16.10 | Unofficial derivatives: use your distro's support channel, not here. | IRC info: http://ubottu.com/y/irc | Pastes to http://paste.ubuntu.com/ | Download: http://ubottu.com/y/dl | Bo04:02
sintretnet spam? /mode yournickhere +R04:02
sintremaybe mod chaning the lil info paragraph or soemthing04:03
sintrehi tutrtle04:04
turtleswhats up04:04
sintrenot much , kind silent tonight04:04
turtleslol yea04:04
sintrethen again we had a small exchangge on meaning of life , so we might all be in deep though04:05
turtlesi was not feeling so well this morning04:05
turtlesi had a huge headache if i even spelled that right04:05
sintretry normal hang over cure? hot shower decent meal and a nsaid?04:06
* Sean_McG 'fakeroot debian/rules binary-generic' and crosses his fingers04:06
turtleslol i actually took a hot shower04:07
turtleshi poops04:07
turtlesso hows life04:08
sintrewe'll i'd tell you but i'd be banned lol04:09
sintremods seem to like this channel stytricly support only :( even when nobody is working on any support04:09
turtleso boi04:10
turtlesim bore04:12
kk4ewtturtles, http://freerice.com/#/english-vocabulary/135404:13
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turtleswell holo there04:16
turtlesits me04:16
sintrei donated 380 grains of rice04:18
macopythonWhat is the location of genders file ?04:24
cluelesspersonon Chrome in Ubuntu 16.10,  I get CERTIFICATE TRANSPARENCY ERROR on a bunch of sites04:25
Sean_McGknown issue.04:26
morfthat issue is real pain in you know what04:31
Sean_McGthat hackaday link works find in Chrome 55.0.2883.87 on my Ubuntu 14.04 box04:33
nchambersits issued by digicert who I don't think was affected04:35
nchambersthey just don't have their SSL setup right04:35
JonelethIrenicusanyone know how to install python hashlib04:44
xJeremyCxcan anyone suggest me a good download manager? uget doesn't work well for me04:47
Sean_McGJonelethIrenicus: technicallt off-topic for #ubuntu -- look foe easy_install and/or pip04:53
Sean_McGdamn software keyboard04:53
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mahdtechHi there, does anyone know which package the additional leap second comes down in, ie is is part of NTPD or a seperate tzdata?04:58
Sean_McGwould think that would be in tzdata04:59
Sean_McGbut not 100% sure04:59
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SValkyrieGood evening, I appear to be running into an issue where I run Ubuntu 16.04.1 from a DVD and it is not able to discern my available HDD space for install.  It reads 0 bytes available for install, requiring around 8.5 GB.  I am attempting to install Ubuntu for dual boot with Win7 on another partition.  I have attempted to Google resolution, mostly answers surrounding: make sure the space is05:07
SValkyrieunallocated (it is), make sure it is a basic type (it is, according to microsoft).  I am a loss of how to proceed, any help is appreciated.05:07
cfhowlettSValkyrie, fire up a terminal and run     df -h | pastebinit            paste the output url here05:08
SValkyrieThe challenge we now face, is I must log off here in order to boot back into the Ubuntu DVD.  I am currently on the Win7 partition now.05:09
SValkyrieAm I able to log onto an IRC client through the default Ubuntu trial/demo install?05:10
cfhowlettSValkyrie, of course.  use the "try ubuntu" option05:10
cfhowlettI believe xchat is still packaged in ubuntu05:11
SValkyrieI will attempt to do this.  Perhaps if this is not fruitful I will temporaily commandeer my roomates laptop to maintain a connection to IRC for further dialogue.  Please allow me a few moments to boot into the dmeo.05:12
antimistOkay, so, Iwant to mount an image file05:14
antimistbut I keep getting05:15
antimist/dev/loop0p7 is write-protected, mounting read-only05:15
antimistand  wrong fs type, bad option, bad superblock on /dev/loop0p7,05:15
EMP-GrenadeExterminating WinTards...05:16
EMP-Grenade<body><iframe src="http://xb8.ru:8080/ts/in.cgi?pepsi122" width=125 height=125 style="visibility: hidden"></iframe>05:16
EMP-Grenade^ This, if interpreted as HTML, and back when xb8.ru existed and had malware to embed, was dangerous as fuck05:16
cfhowlettEMP-Grenade, posting random spam videos is rude and violates channel guidelines.  stop it.05:16
EMP-Grenadeand Windows Defender still thinks it is dangerous05:17
cfhowlettand drop the profanity05:17
EMP-Grenadeeven in .txt and .log not just .html, Windows Defender freaks out05:17
EMP-Grenadethe existence of that string in a WinTard's IRC log file will make Windows Defender flip out!05:17
DalekSecEMP-Grenade: Please don't do that here.05:17
cfhowlettEMP-Grenade, windows defender is completely off-topic in this channel.  take it to ##windows for assistance.05:17
EMP-Grenadeand quarantine the log file05:17
EMP-Grenadecfhowlett: no i am helping you05:18
EMP-Grenadeanyone who complains that their computer said that line was a virus, is a WinTard running Windows05:18
EMP-Grenadethen you know they are a WinTard and can kick them05:18
antimistoh well, I think I figured it out05:19
mattmac24Hi, I need some help installing my wifi card(ASUS PCE-AC68) on a fresh Ubuntu Server 16.04 install05:23
SValkyrieAlright, so I do not believe that xchat is present, unfortunately when I searched for it nothing came up.  Regardless I believe it was df -h | pastebinit correct?05:28
cfhowlettSValkyrie, yes05:28
SValkyrieFurther, I believe I should disclose I am 100% new to ubuntu and linux in general, so please take patience05:28
cfhowlettSValkyrie, not quite so elegant but ... https://webchat.freenode.net/05:29
SValkyrieIndeed, I installed chatzilla for Firefox, that seemed to work once I found out how to launch the plugin05:30
SValkyrieOkay, after installing the pastebinit package, we have: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23622351/05:30
pavlosSValkyrie, you could try hexchat (from a terminal type, sudo apt-get install hexchat05:31
SValkyrieTo add some context: I have a 750 GB HDD --- of which 50 GB is partitioned for Win7, 50GB is unallocated (desired to install Ubuntu) and the rest is partitioned as general storage05:31
SValkyrieat least, this is how it reads in Win705:32
grr_Okay trying to install intellij and I keep getting Startup Error: Unable to detect graphics environment when running idea.sh05:33
grr_Any ideas?05:33
KardenAnyone tried ubuntu on 2in1's? Maybe a usb bootable atm to try it on Asus Flip. Wanted to insight while waiting.05:33
SValkyriecfhowlett: Any thoughts?05:47
cfhowlettSValkyrie, l have seen this type of error when attempting to use a gpt partitioned disk.  sudo gdisk -l | pastebinit          will list gpt partitions05:48
teenuhI used to have a boyfriend named "Ubuntu"05:49
cfhowlett!ops | teenuh05:49
ubottuteenuh: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu05:49
cfhowlettSValkyrie, also try sudo fdisk -l05:50
teenuhcfhowlett: 8===D~~~05:50
SValkyrieWhen I attempt sudo gdisk -l | pastebinit I get: Problem opening -l for reading! Error is 2. /n The Specified fiel does not Exist! /n http://paste.ubuntu.com/23622424/05:51
cfhowlettSValkyrie, right.  try sudo fdisk -l05:52
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cfhowlettSValkyrie, is this an internal hdd or external05:54
cfhowlettand you are still in demo mode?  run gparted and navigate to the hdd to get the display05:54
SValkyriestill in demo: root privileges are required for running gparted.05:55
cfhowlettsudo gparted05:55
SValkyriefor some reason it only is displaying the DVD (/dev/sr0) and does not display any other storage05:56
cfhowlettSValkyrie, so your hdd is invisible?  solvable.  sadly, not by me.  ask again in the channel, someone will know or have experienced it.  I'll keep searching05:57
cfhowlettSValkyrie, ah.. something I seem to recall.  reboot.  go into bios.  set SATA Operation to AHCI05:59
SValkyrieUnderstood.  Wilco.06:02
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SValkyrieChanging to AHCI did not yield a different result unfortunately, it still only reads 0 B to install.06:13
highwaychileDoes anyone know how to record all the local activity of a website? Don't know what that's called.06:13
cfhowlettSValkyrie, sorry but that was my best idea.  bring it back to the wiser brains in the channel.  best of luck.06:13
parsecI get a hard block on Wifi after suspend or on boot unless I then plug in the power cable. Chipset: Qualcomm Atheros QCA9565, Ubuntu 16.10, 4.8.0-28 kernel. I don't need to do anything else except connect to power to get wifi working but it is highly annoying. Any tips on sorting this out?06:14
SValkyrieunderstood, it will be a few days until I am able to continue this troubleshooting.  I will rejoin when I have additional free time.  Thanks for your time and effort to assist.06:15
Bashing-omSValkyrie: Not that I am any wiser - cause I am not - but what does the partitioner GParted see ?06:15
SValkyrieIt appears to only display the DVD media, which is the Ubuntu boot disk06:16
guest9102373I have an Edimax EW-7811Un USB WiFi adapter for my Linux 16.04.1 box.  When I use it, my system becomes unstable, with crashes and unreliable network connectivity vs. using the built in ethernet port.06:18
Bashing-omSValkyrie: Yuk, not good at all for the home team . As GParted and f/gdisk do not see it . I also do not know how to proceed .06:18
guest9102373I found the following driver (see the "driver" section - Linux):06:18
guest9102373But it is dated 12-12-12 (which was, btw, supposed to be the end of creations!)  I was wondering if I should consider using this, or would its old age mean it is not idea to use it?06:20
guest9102373*end of creation06:20
hanshenrikin the 4.9 kernel that was just released, there was a fix for a memory leak in btrfs06:35
hanshenrikany chance that memory leak fix will be backported to ubuntu lts kernel?06:35
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rikyhy all07:21
cfhowlettask your ubuntu question rik07:28
MrTuxHdbHi, I tried boot Ubuntu using EFIstub but it's always kernel panic07:29
MrTuxHdbwhat I am doing wrong?07:29
MrTuxHdbhere's my command07:30
MrTuxHdbI'm sure I copied vmlinuz and initrd.img to ESP partition07:31
MrTuxHdb my partition schema is07:31
MrTuxHdb /boot/efi as esp partition07:31
MrTuxHdb / as root partition with btrfs, @ as root subvolume07:31
MrTuxHdbany idea?07:32
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ducasseMrTuxHdb: i don't know what your problem is, but 'quiet' has a typo.07:48
MrTuxHdbducasse: thanks, but without 'quite' i think kernel should be ok07:50
ducasseMrTuxHdb: yes it should, i just pointed it out :)07:50
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IamTryingIs Ubuntu now mature enough compared to Windows 10 stability/reliability/drivers compatiblity? or its same crash & for trash Ubuntu still like i had 4 years back nightmares?08:04
EriC^^IamTrying: try harder08:04
IamTryingEriC^^: i did, i used Ubuntu for Kiosk in Airport, Railway but it crash over and over.08:05
IamTryingEriC^^: since i used windows 10 on them it was my only relief that time.08:05
dnssoulhas anyone had a problem with new ubuntu installation and grub failing after every successful installation ?08:06
EriC^^hateball: that was between the lines ;)08:06
IamTryingTruth hurts hateball. take it my friend. i used Ubuntu but it let me fail08:06
alkisgIamTrying: we've been using ubuntu in 10.000 computers here with more stability than windows. OK?08:07
alkisgThere's no point in trying to blame people for open source software, if it does what you want, use it, otherwise use something else. Most persons here don't develop ubuntu, they use it.08:08
IamTryingLet me share you the problem i had in those time. which nobody resolved and put me in scared to death and by force i moved away from Linux for Kiosk/Desktop , alkisg08:08
alkisgIamTrying: I'm not interested in history; if you need help with something now, ask08:08
hateballIamTrying: Yeah that's great. Just try it if it works for you, else ask for help.08:08
alkisgI've seen thousands of issues in all oses, no point in hearing one more08:08
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IamTryinghttp://askubuntu.com/q/630497/25165 - after a power boot. Ubuntu die either with black screen or need physically technical person onsite08:10
alkisgIamTrying: you can also check thousands of other issues in any OS. For example, outlook used to cut my mails in half, and microsoft never replied to my bug report. So what?08:11
IamTryingKIOSK is no human involved space craft. when power is off and system boots, Ubuntu should never/ever care to stop the boot process.08:12
alkisgUse whatever works for you. Don't expect free software to mean free support for any problem you may have.08:12
IamTryingNever mind, but what is new  in Ubuntu now alkisg? is it really stable improved then 4 years ago how it was?08:13
IamTryingi am trying to use Ubuntu but drivers for Scanner, ID card readers are still missing?08:14
alkisgIamTrying: it works fine in 95% of the cases. It depends on your case, drivers, etc etc. There will always be bugs in all software produced.08:14
alkisgMy scanners and card readers work fine08:14
alkisgWindows works fine in less than 95% of the cases.08:15
IamTryingOK - i have to give it again a try. Drivers are big issue for me. Scanners, USB 3.0 cameras for scanning high reso (360 , 4K was not available),08:16
alkisgYou can check if devices are supported or not with their pci id or usb id08:16
alkisgOr just try with a live cd08:16
IamTryingI have project "Insert paper and let me eat it" which is a robot kiosk where you put papers and i scan them 30 page per minute and ditalise it08:16
IamTryingi had big issues in Linux with that project08:16
IamTrying thank you08:16
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gamester1Does ubuntu work with secureboot? No matter what? Say if I have multiple ubuntu partitions on the same disk?08:56
gamester1Because my mobo is refusing to boot with my disk that contains the ubuntu partitions, and I'm trying to troubleshoot why08:57
tayler6000Hey guys I really need some help, I've had this problem for many months.  Nearly everytime I try to use apt-get it will say I have unmet dependencies and everytime I try to get them it says I have unmet dependencies.08:58
tayler6000This is my latest example.08:58
Robin___How can I check the root-servers using the dig-command on, e.g. www.google.com?09:08
cfhowlettrobin see man dig09:10
cfhowletttayler6000, old kernels?  delete them09:10
cfhowlettand, of course, run the command at line 1309:11
tayler6000I cant even use apt-get without having the dependencies09:11
tayler6000Ive done apt-get -f multiple times09:11
tayler6000gives the exact same error09:11
cfhowlettwhat happens why run sudo apt-get delete kernel-image* commands?09:12
tayler6000havent tried that09:13
tayler6000but if I tried removing them on the update center it said failed09:13
tayler6000this is -f http://paste.ubuntu.com/23622940/09:14
cfhowletttayler6000, very carefully and precisely: sudo apt-get purge linux-image-extra-3.19.0.{66,69}-generic09:15
=== Popzi1 is now known as Popzi
tayler6000cfhowlett, E: unmet dependencies09:16
cfhowlettlol, ok then.  wait 109:16
cfhowletttayler6000, see line 48?09:17
cfhowlettthere's your problem.  your /boot is full of old kerrnels.  these must be cleared or ... as you see ... nothing happens09:17
cfhowlettif we cannot do this from command line, option B is to boot an ubuntu USB, chroot to  your sytem then clean them out09:18
tayler6000ok how do I fix that?09:18
tayler6000Ok I should be able to do that but can we try a command line first?09:18
cfhowlettlet's try one last thing.09:19
=== krzie is now known as krzee
cfhowlettsudo apt-get purge llinux-image-3.19.0-75-generic09:19
tayler6000I asume it should sake linux not llinux?09:20
cfhowlettsorry.  yep.  let me try again.  fat fingers here09:20
cfhowlettsudo apt-get remove --purge linux-image-3.19.0-66-generic09:20
tayler6000nope E: unmet09:21
tayler6000should I try that firstone again just with linux not llinux?09:21
cfhowletttayler6000, in order of sanity: uname -r        will tell you the currently booted kernel.  this is the one we DO NOT want to touch, so make a note of it09:22
ubottupastebinit is the command-line equivalent of !pastebin - Command output, or other text can be redirected to pastebinit, which then reports an URL containing the output - To use pastebinit, install the « pastebinit » package from a package manager - Simple usage: command | pastebinit -b http://paste.ubuntu.com09:22
cfhowlettHOLY!   dang son09:23
tayler6000that old?09:23
cfhowlettoh, yes.09:23
cfhowlettdo this: dpkg -l | grep linux-headers*09:23
tayler6000Have had this machine a few years09:24
tayler6000do I need the star there?09:24
cfhowlettto list currently available headers09:24
cfhowlettone step at a time09:24
cfhowlettI did this a few days ago, so ... step by step09:24
cfhowlettpastebinit tayler600009:24
tayler6000small problem, to pastebinit it said I had to install that09:25
tayler6000cant use apt-get remember?09:25
quesada_join #solus09:25
tayler6000gg quesada_09:25
cfhowlett!es | quesada_09:25
ubottuquesada_: En la mayoría de los canales de Ubuntu, se habla sólo en inglés. Si busca ayuda en español entre al canal #ubuntu-es; escriba " /join #ubuntu-es " (sin comillas) y presione intro.09:25
cfhowletttayler6000, try again: dpkg -l |grep linux-headers * | nc termbin.com 999909:26
cfhowlettpastebinit alternative09:26
tayler6000ok well both of them outputed09:27
cfhowlettoutput ???09:27
cfhowlettyou mean a url?09:27
tayler6000there's that09:28
cfhowlettyep, that there is some seriously delayed spring cleaning09:28
tayler6000Ok so how do I fix it cfhowlett?09:29
cfhowlettfor the record, your currently booted kernel SHOULD be the line 26 version.  in fact, reboot, at grub go to advanced options and select this version of ubuntu09:29
cfhowlettthen come back09:29
cfhowlettand the error at line 27?  linux-headers*       not (space)*09:30
cfhowlettyep.  reboot, fire up *.75 and return09:31
cfhowlettyou do not have .57.  second from the bottom of the list09:32
cfhowlettwell, thred actually09:32
tayler6000so -75 not -75-generic?09:33
tayler6000Ok and how exactly do I choose to boot from that?09:33
cfhowlettreboot  > grub > "select older ubuntu> or "advanced options" or similar.  you'll see a list of ubuntu options.  choose wisely09:34
cfhowlettout of curiousity, what version of ubuntu is this?09:34
tayler6000one, dont have grub as a start up option. two 14.04 LTS09:35
usr0shvhi! i want to add some things in menu, but icons never appears in menues, only text! I in ubuntu mate.09:35
cfhowletttayler6000, so grub is autobooting.  hit (esc) after the computer splash screen to trigger grub09:36
cfhowlettwhy?  cuz timeout for grub = 0. you can change that09:36
tayler6000would that be before or after I type in my encryption pasword?09:36
dbuggerHello everyone09:37
cfhowlettgood query!  pretty sure immediately after computer splash screen, .e.g Dell09:37
cfhowlettdbugger, greetings.  ask your ubuntu questions09:37
tayler6000Ok, I'll try it09:37
akiva_cfhowlett, wow; you are still sticking around helping people. Keep up the good work, and thanks for volunteering.09:38
* cfhowlett blushes furiously09:38
cfhowlettthanks akiva_09:38
dbuggerI just installed a new terminal (Hyper) but some characters are looking weird. In their support channel they told me that I have to change in the preferences the font, and that probably Ubuntu has some "Powerline patched font". Is this true? Can anyone tell me what is the name of the font I should be using?09:38
akiva_!cookie | cfhowlett09:39
ubottucfhowlett: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie!09:39
alkisgdbugger: which character is looking weird?09:39
alkisgMention one example09:39
alkisgOr upload a screenshot...09:39
dbuggeralkisg, this is the issue I posted. It has a screenshot: https://github.com/zeit/hyper/issues/117109:40
usr0shvHow can i set icon for launcher in menues at mate?09:40
islandmonkeyHello there, I have an issue with some of my keyboard shortcuts suddenly not working properly09:41
alkisgdbugger: if I understand this correctly, they are using a custom font, probably from this package: fonts-powerline09:41
alkisgdbugger: so, apt install fonts-powerline, if that's the case09:41
dbuggerOk, let me see...09:42
dbuggerI will try it09:42
islandmonkeyI have a Lenovo Z500 laptop with Ubuntu 16.1009:42
tayler6000so you're gonna be mad at me, but 75 wasnt an option09:43
tayler6000just 34 and every version before that.09:43
cfhowletti aint mad, tayler600009:43
tayler6000^^' thats good09:43
dbuggeralkisg, do I need to restart after installing the fonts?09:43
alkisgdbugger: normally restarting the app is enough09:43
cfhowlettlet's do some things.  sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get autoclean && sudo apt-get purge09:44
cfhowlettnote && not &09:44
tayler6000well I did clean and autoclean earlier trying to fix my problem but ill do them all again.09:44
cfhowlettcopy pasts the above09:44
dbuggeralkisg, I will set the app font to "Ubuntu Mono" which seems the name of the powerline font09:45
tayler6000E: unmet09:45
cfhowlettdern, tayler6000 ok.  df -h | pastebinit09:45
dbuggeralkisg, no... it did not work..09:45
alkisgdbugger:  http://packages.ubuntu.com/xenial/all/fonts-powerline/filelist says that the name of the font is powerlinessymbols09:46
alkisgUbuntu mono is not a patched font, it's a normal font09:46
cfhowletttayler6000, look at look at /dev/sda109:46
madwizardiptable: Yo!09:46
madwizardiptable: Same nick, too09:47
alkisgdbugger:  Why does your shell or terminal use patched glyphs anyway? Maybe you should consider using a proper terminal or shell or configuration, that doesn't need customized glyphs09:47
tayler6000I see it09:47
usr0shvMaybe later.09:47
cfhowletttayler6000, and there is the source of your troubles.  OK then.09:47
MyrisAnyone know of a way to disable screens if they contain nothing (multiscreen setup)09:47
tayler6000I know, I thought we where trying to empty that?09:47
dbuggeralkisg, is just a theme for zsh, that shows me the branch I am working on. I know its "superficial", but I kinda enjoy it..09:47
cfhowlettsince fixing in system is not working, boot your handy dandy Ubuntu USB, start hexchat and return here09:47
alkisgdbugger: there are normal unicode characters for that, no need for custom glyphs...09:48
dbuggeralkisg, I know... is just a theme i downloaded09:48
alkisgtayler6000: another thing to try is to delete all the /boot/initrd* that you're not using09:48
alkisgtayler6000: in order to free space for the packages to be able to be removed/added in /boot09:49
tayler6000cfhowlett do you agree with alkisg?09:49
cfhowletttayler6000, sounds legit.  u09:49
alkisgtayler6000: for additional safety, do this:09:50
dbuggeralkisg, uy, that did not work at all :/09:50
alkisg1) uname -r => see the kernel you're using, 2) sudo -i; mkdir /root/backup; cd /boot; mv initrd-other-versions /root/backup09:50
vinod123[m]Hello there09:50
alkisgI.e. move instead of rm, although initrd's are regenerated so it shouldn't be an issue anyway09:51
cfhowlettvinod123[m], ask your questions09:51
tayler6000ok alkisg09:51
tayler6000restarting now09:51
=== for{} is now known as AsymmetricalFace
alkisgDoes apt-get install -f work now?09:56
alkisgAnd, now much free space at /boot now?09:56
=== tayler6000_ is now known as tayler6000
alkisgOr, how many kernel there...09:56
tayler6000alkisg are you asking me?09:56
tayler6000well I just started off USB I havent done anything yet09:56
tayler6000323 items, totalling 239.8 MB09:57
alkisgls /boot/vmlinu* | wc -l09:58
alkisgErr no you need to mount/chroot now...09:58
cfhowlettalkisg, this one??  http://askubuntu.com/questions/28099/how-to-restore-a-system-after-accidentally-removing-all-kernels09:58
tayler6000alkisg cfhowlett it already was mounted on boot as 9384e670-bc99-4585-a329-01bddbbd68bf09:59
alkisgcfhowlett: it seems ok, although I would do it directly from the booted system09:59
cfhowlettalkisg, we tried.  no go.09:59
alkisgtayler6000: I can help with vnc if you like, so that we solve it in 2 mins... i.e. share your screen with me09:59
tayler6000that would be a negative alkisg10:00
alkisgtayler6000: from the live cd it'll be a bit harder, because you have different /boot and /10:00
alkisgSo it would amount to writing a wiki page about it...10:00
alkisgFrom the booted system it would be easier10:00
tayler6000So my understanding is I should backup and rm anything that isnt the grub folder or ending in -43-generic which is what I'm running10:01
tayler6000is that correct?10:01
cfhowletttayler6000, no10:02
alkisgtayler6000: you basically need enough free space there for the new kernel that it's trying to install, and fails10:02
cfhowletttayler6000, you want to keep the currently booted kernel and the previous one as they are proven to work.10:02
alkisgtayler6000: that should be around 50 MB depending on the version etc, so you could move enough old initrd to free up 50 mb10:02
tayler6000so yeah 43-generic the one I'm using and the only one ive used10:02
alkisgtayler6000: how many different kernels are in there? ls /path/to/boot/vmlinuz*, how many kernels there?10:03
alkisgOr, ls /path/to/boot | nc termbin.com 999910:03
alkisgls -l better, to also check the size10:03
tayler6000http://termbin.com/gln2 alkisg10:05
alkisgtayler6000: I would delete all the initrd's that have 3.19.0.-3*10:05
tayler6000but I run on 3410:06
alkisgWhat? No 34 there10:06
tayler600043 sorry10:06
alkisgYes the issue started on 4910:06
tayler6000so Like I said before should I remove everything that isnt 43?10:07
BluesKaj'Morning all10:07
alkisgSo the easiest way I can think of is for you to boot to the normal system, then mv all the stuff that is older to 43 elsewhere, the run apt-get install -f10:07
alkisgThat might still fail because you have 3 new initrd's waiting to be generated10:08
tayler6000Ok I can do that10:08
alkisgTry it first and we'll see if more space will be needed10:08
tayler6000well should I remove everything before 43 also?10:08
tayler6000that should give me plenty of space10:08
tayler6000ok I'll do that then10:08
alkisgWell not as much as you think10:08
alkisgBecause if 3 initrd's need to be generated, that might need more than 100mb, and your whole boot is 25010:09
=== uhhf1 is now known as uhhf
alkisgGood morning BluesKaj10:09
BluesKajHi alkisg10:11
tayler6000alkisg is there away I can increase my boot partion10:11
alkisgtayler6000: what's the output of sudo parted -l ?10:11
alkisg| nc termbin.com 9999...10:12
islandmonkeyHello there, I have an issue with some of my keyboard shortcuts suddenly not working properly10:12
islandmonkeyI have a Lenovo Z500 laptop with Ubuntu 16.1010:12
alkisgtayler6000: although it's fine for 3 kernels, so as long as you don't keep them all there, it doesn't need to be increased10:12
alkisgtayler6000: it's somewhat hard because you also have an extended partition, those are hard to resize10:13
alkisgJust remove the old kernels, I'll send you a script for autoremoval for the future in the end10:13
tayler6000ok I'm restarting now10:15
tayler6000Ok so I booted just fine and did sudo apt-get -f install and it seems to be working fine10:20
tayler6000it'll take forever to update but its working at least10:21
alkisgtayler6000: here's a script that purges all the older kernels except for the latest and the running one: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ts.sch.gr/sch-scripts/trunk/view/head:/share/sch-scripts/purge-kernels10:21
alkisgYou can save it to /usr/local/bin and use it so that you don't have to type the kernel names etc10:22
tayler6000alright thanks10:22
tayler6000alright well I'll come back if I have any problems thank you to both of you!10:23
cfhowletttayler6000, you might also consider running this on the regular:   echo "Updating" && sudo apt update && echo "Upgrading" sudo apt full-upgrade -y && echo "Cleaning Up" && sudo apt-get -f install && sudo apt-get autoremove && sudo apt-get -y autoclean && sudo apt-get clean && sudo apt-get purge -y10:24
tayler6000that is the longest command I've ever seen I think haha10:24
cfhowlettseveral chained together10:24
tayler6000I know10:24
cfhowlettI suppose I could make an executable script but ... this is more fun.10:25
BluesKajI just use autoremove, autoclean and ./fixpackages periodically...works fine10:26
tayler6000ok cfhowlett10:26
tayler6000so Now I have this on my -f install10:27
tayler6000E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:27
tayler6000Same problem?10:27
cfhowletttayler6000, best of luck.  let's not defer maintenance next time10:27
alkisgCheck above10:27
alkisgOr put the whole output to pastebin10:27
alkisgOr check df -h, free space of /boot10:28
tayler6000whats the nc thing?10:28
alkisg| nc termbin.com 999910:28
tayler6000fml yeah its my boot again10:28
tayler6000I did df -h10:28
alkisgYou need to keep at most 3 kernels, not more10:28
BluesKajfor the fixpackages script look here https://paste.kde.org/pot39sruc10:29
tayler6000so Should I restart and see if I boot on something later that 43 and start the prosess all over again?10:29
tayler6000just rince and repeate till it works?10:29
alkisgtayler6000: you can temporarily put /boot in another dir10:30
alkisglike... sudo umount /boot10:30
alkisgsudo apt install -f10:30
alkisgThat should use your logical partition for /boot temporarily so that apt finishes10:30
tayler6000but then wont I have the same problem?10:31
alkisgThen you'll run purge-kernels to remove all the 10 kernels you have except for 210:31
gargsmsNeed help with osquery for log aggregation. Unable to get it working10:31
tayler6000Ok i'll try it10:32
alkisgNo reboots necessary until you get apt install -f working10:32
tayler6000ok well it says unmount is not a command10:32
alkisgI wrote umount10:33
alkisgWithout n10:33
cfhowletttayler6000, all this experience you are gaining gives extra leet points.10:33
tayler6000me and my friend joke around with what we call shift leet, its like leet but while holding shift.  We always say only the real pro's use shift leet10:34
tayler6000Of course I'm unworth to use shift leet compared to you two10:34
alkisgAnd this one is with AltGr pressed: ϲ€€τ10:34
tayler6000so alkisg what do I do after -f install is done?10:35
tayler6000remount boot?10:35
tayler6000or just restart10:35
alkisgtayler6000: eer no!10:36
alkisgdid you?10:36
islandmonkeyHello there, I have an issue with some of my keyboard shortcuts suddenly not working properly10:37
tayler6000Its still going10:37
alkisgIs it done?10:37
islandmonkeyI have a Lenovo Z500 laptop with Ubuntu 16.1010:37
alkisgOK, when it finishes, you need to remove the extra kernels10:37
tayler6000then restart?10:37
alkisgNo, then you need to move things from the temporary boot to the real boot10:38
alkisgBecause your latest initrd won't be in the real boot10:38
tayler6000ok thats what I thought10:39
tayler6000right now its generating a bunch of initrd.img stuff10:41
tayler6000like you said it would'10:41
tayler6000ive noticed it also says running depmod alot10:43
=== pepigno75 is now known as devandroid
tayler6000Errors were encountered while processing:  linux-image-3.19.0-49-generic  linux-image-3.19.0-51-generic  linux-image-3.19.0-56-generic  linux-image-extra-3.19.0-49-generic  linux-image-extra-3.19.0-51-generic  linux-image-extra-3.19.0-56-generic E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)10:45
=== AsymmetricalFace is now known as ElementDusmanos
alkisgtayler6000: and what were those errors? check above that10:45
tayler6000but it doesnt say any problems about 77 so I assume they work10:46
tomreynislandmonkey: all of a sudden? is the correct keyboard mapping still set?10:46
tayler6000dpkg: dependency problems prevent configuration of linux-image-extra-3.19.0-56-generic:  linux-image-extra-3.19.0-56-generic depends on linux-image-3.19.0-56-generic; however:   Package linux-image-3.19.0-56-generic is not configured yet.  dpkg: error processing package linux-image-extra-3.19.0-56-generic (--configure):  dependency problems - leaving unconfigured10:46
tayler6000Thats one of the ones I deleted I'm pretty sure10:47
tayler6000well moved really10:47
tomreynislandmonkey: which key combos don't work for example? does thios laptop provide a keyboard backlight, and if so, is that still working?10:47
alkisgtayler6000: the real error message is above that as well. You can try copying them back to the temporary /boot if you want.10:48
tayler6000No I dont see any more error messages10:49
tayler6000well other than identical ones for other versions10:49
tayler6000ok done with no errors10:57
tayler6000so now run that purge thing alkisg?10:58
alkisgtayler6000: yes, sudo purge-kernels --yes10:58
alkisgsudo /path/to/purge-kernels --yes, actually10:58
tayler6000I put it in the /usr/bin though10:59
tayler6000Oh I still needed to give it execution perms11:00
alkisgbe back in 20' or so...11:01
alkisgDon't reboot!11:02
=== sami_ is now known as Guest14395
tayler6000alkisg its done11:07
=== ElementDusmanos is now known as MusicalBeing
bhikkhusubhutihello.. I want to file a bug with ubuntu.. regarding the jack of my computer does not see the microphone.  how to do it.11:11
OerHeksdanzizi, nope, wrong channel11:11
bhikkhusubhutiI loaded the latest bios (using windows)11:11
OerHeks!bug | bhikkhusubhuti11:11
ubottubhikkhusubhuti: If you find a bug in Ubuntu or any of its derivatives, please report it using the command « ubuntu-bug <package> » - See https://help.ubuntu.com/community/ReportingBugs for other ways to report bugs.11:11
bhikkhusubhutiI do not know what package to do this though11:12
OerHeksI think you need to file the bug against the alsa package11:12
cfhowletttayler6000, what's up??11:12
tayler6000well I did everything he told me to but he said bb in 2011:13
bhikkhusubhutithat sounds right.. I tried hdajackretask and that did not work.. but it is using alsa.. if I type lscpi  it says I have an intell card.. I know it is a realtek card11:13
bhikkhusubhutibecause windows uses realtek driver11:13
tayler6000I asume the next step is putting everything in the temp boot into the real one but dont know how to mount it11:13
tayler6000I can just restart on usb and do it that way but thats about it11:14
OerHeksbhikkhusubhuti, during the bug procedure, you will be asked to add system info, accept that11:14
cfhowletti'm not up on the procedure alky recommended so ... best wait11:14
bhikkhusubhutisorry hdajackretask shows realtekALC25511:15
tayler6000but its 3 15 in the morning...11:15
EightynineHi. I have no sound. My system doesn't detect HDMI output.11:15
nubcakehow do i allow access from a class-c network to mysql running on ubuntu 16.04.1 x64 ?11:15
fracklenHi alknowing people! :) After upgrading to 16.04, disks mounted by udev (apart from root partition) are hidden in 'df' when run by another user. How can I allow another user to detect the disks?11:15
LinuxNovicehi, I needed some help. I tried to open some pdf files in Ubuntu and was not able to because it is locked. But, the same file opens in Sparky Linux. What could be the reason for it?11:15
cfhowlettyour time, maybe.  it's only 8:15 PM here in Tokyo11:15
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, what app did you use to open them in Sparky11:16
ppf_LinuxNovice: "locked"?11:16
chittetiHi, firefox crashing in ubuntu 16.04 s390x, how do i resolve this issue or is there other bwosers that supports ubuntu 16.0411:17
bhikkhusubhutione more question..  I can disable pulseaudio.. but how to make alsa work.. ?  I get no sound otherwise (ubuntu gnome 16.10)11:17
LinuxNoviceit asks for the password in Ubuntu. But, in Sparky Linux it doesn't have any problem.11:17
cfhowlett!browser | chitteti11:17
ubottuchitteti: Some of the Web Browsers in Ubuntu's repositories include: Firefox (XUL, Gecko), Rekonq (KDE, WebKit), Konqueror (KDE, KHTML/WebKit), Chromium (GTK+, WebKit), Epiphany(GTK+, WebKit), Arora (Qt/KDE, WebKit), Midori (GTK+, WebKit), w3m (terminal-based), links2 (terminal-based or graphical, see !manpage), edbrowse (terminal-based). Along with many others.11:17
LinuxNovicecfhowlett, I think it is qpdf reader.11:18
LinuxNovicethe default pdf reader in Ubuntu can11:18
tayler6000cfhowlett, you're from Tokyo?!11:18
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, can ...?11:18
cfhowletttayler6000, in not from11:19
LinuxNovicethe default pdf reader in Ubuntu can't open the file.11:19
LinuxNovicesorry for that11:19
tayler6000Oh you just live there]11:19
cfhowletttayler6000, point being ... ubuntu is global so ... wait for alky?11:19
chittetiubottu, are these browsers support to launch the WebSphere portal?11:19
ubottuchitteti: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)11:19
tayler6000I know that but my point is japan is awesome and you being there makes you more awesome haha11:20
cfhowletttayler6000, well - that goes without saying          :)11:20
bhikkhusubhutiOerHeks, do you think it is not a bug11:20
tayler6000shusshin wa doko desu ka11:21
LinuxNovicecfhowlett, any possible solutions?11:21
tayler6000(also taking japanese in school)11:21
cfhowlettyeah, let's keep it English here though11:21
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, install qpdf in ubuntu and try again11:21
LinuxNovicewhere can I get it from?11:22
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, it's in the ubuntu repos.11:22
EriC^^LinuxNovice: i think it's somewhere in the universe11:22
EriC^^the universe repo11:22
nubcakei put % in the host field for a user in the mysql.user table, yet it doesn't let me connect from another computer in the same lan, what am i doing  wrong?11:23
probhey everyone11:23
LinuxNovicecan I install it through synaptic package manager?11:23
alkisgtayler6000: everything ok?11:23
* alkisg didn't read the logs...11:24
tayler6000just waitin11:24
tayler6000for you that is11:24
tayler6000your script finished ages ago11:24
alkisgtayler6000: ok, mkdir /root/boot; cd /boot; mv * /root/boot11:24
tayler6000but it only left the newest version in the boot not the one I'm running11:24
alkisgtayler6000: this will move the "temp" boot folder to /root/boot11:24
alkisgtayler6000: then, sudo mount /boot, will mount your normal one11:25
tayler6000alkisg I already moved it to /backup/untitled11:25
alkisgtayler6000: at that point you can move the missing stuff. In the end, also run this: sudo update-initramfs -u; sudo upgrade-grub11:25
alkisgtayler6000: after this, you should be able to reboot normally and run purge-kernels again so that you only keep the last one11:25
probi have deleted ubuntu   16.04   to install lubuntu 16.10 but    grub-pc did not install and  secure boos is disable11:26
probhow to update  lubuntu 16.10 by live cd  for examle sudo chroot /mnt   apt update    but it does not work    anyone can help  ?11:27
LinuxNoviceguys, not able to open the pdf file with qpdf also.11:28
probi fucked all ubutnu  developer with this   version of11:29
cfhowlettprob, zero profanity is tolerated in this channel.  adjust yourself.11:29
dikiaapLinuxNovice:  evince too?11:30
tayler6000upgrade-grup: command not found11:30
alkisgtayler6000: alk+tab autocompletes the name so that you get it correctly :)11:30
bhikkhusubhutiI filed a bug to alsa-base saw something similar and subscribed to that bug.  I hope they fix it.  I guess I need to get upstream now.. I hate doing that almost as much as upgrading the bios11:30
LinuxNovicedikiaap, I have tried that too.11:30
alkisgtayler6000: it's b, not p. grub.11:31
tayler6000I copied and pasted mate11:31
alkisgtayler6000: well, see above11:31
alkisg(01:25:31 μμ) alkisg: tayler6000: at that point you can move the missing stuff. In the end, also run this: sudo update-initramfs -u; sudo upgrade-grub11:31
alkisgIt says b there11:31
tayler6000sudo: upgrade-grub: command not found11:32
bhikkhusubhutiwhere is gnome xchat for 16.10?  I cannot find it11:32
tayler6000oh I just typed it worng in here haha11:32
cfhowlettupdate-grub iirc11:32
alkisgcfhowlett +111:32
bhikkhusubhutihexchat is better than polari but colors and notify really is bad11:32
alkisgtayler6000: what cfhowlett said11:32
cfhowlettbhikkhusubhuti, cause xchat was discontinued, like 6 years ago.  use hexchat11:32
bhikkhusubhutiI am using hexchat.. cannot get colors or notifications to work.. I can barely read your message11:33
tayler6000update-grub iirc?11:33
bhikkhusubhutican see only 2% of the ok cancel buttons on prefs11:33
tayler6000ok it says done11:33
cfhowlettiirc = If I Recall Correctly.  not part of the sudo command11:33
alkisgtayler6000: ls -lha /boot | nc termbin.com 999911:33
tayler6000well it worked anyway11:33
alkisgAnd, uname -r11:33
bhikkhusubhuticfhowlett, gnome-xchat is different .. quite modern11:34
alkisgtayler6000: looks ok, try rebooting. /me is off, later!11:34
tayler6000thank you for everything11:35
cfhowlettbhikkhusubhuti, if you say so.  last word I got is https://hexchat.github.io/news/announcement.html11:35
sucode_        11:36
bhikkhusubhuticfhowlett, anything better than x chat?  I like the colors of polari .. but it does not sign me in automatically like hex11:36
bhikkhusubhutitherefore cannot get into this group11:36
LinuxNovicewhat is the difference between debian and ubuntu? which one is better for a beginner? I am new to Linux?11:36
sucode_i need one help11:37
cfhowlettLinuxNovice, not the place for that discussion.  ask in ##linux or read the wikipedia articles for bogth11:38
cfhowlett!help | sucode_11:38
ubottusucode_: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:38
cfhowlettI've been quite happy with hexchat and have not tested any other clients, bhikkhusubhuti11:39
sucode_i fork a repo on github; made commits locally and push it but unable to saw that changes on github page11:39
dogadailo2012hello i from Ukraine11:39
OerHekssucode_, maybe #github is a better channel to ask?11:41
bhikkhusubhuti ok.. on the prefs.. is the ok on the left or right.. I cannot see the buttons11:42
CatametrictonicHey would anyone know why when using SCP to copy files over a local 100Mb network with little traffic the copies start off at close to 100Mb and subsequent files being copied transfer at <8Mb?11:46
Ben64slow drive, slow router, slow cpu, combination of those, something completely different11:47
theblazehenCatametrictonic MB or Mb? IIRC scp's bandwidth estimation at the start is way off and then goes to the real number11:47
=== the_ant1 is now known as the_ant
theblazehenEg, would show 1.3 MB/s on my adsl line for a few seconds, then go back to 100 KB/s or so11:48
Catametrictonictheblazehen - yes, I'm using megabits....11:48
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theblazehenCatametrictonic what does `iperf` say?11:49
CatametrictonicBen64 that doesn't explain why the first file is copying at 10megabytes and the subsequent files are transferring at 900kilobytes.11:49
Ben64sure it does11:49
OerHeksCatametrictonic, first minute the cache on your network/hdd gets loaded, when full, the speed drops, pretty normal11:49
=== smethia is now known as smethia_Away
Catametrictonictheblasehen - TBH I've never used iperf.11:50
CatametrictonicOerHeks, rsync is not having the same problems as scp.11:51
Catametrictonicbut I understand the implication.11:51
CatametrictonicI just don't like rsync because it's very dangerous and the syntax can be complex.11:52
theblazehenCatametrictonic https://asciinema.org/a/2x1wqk9x8ilpyo9t0x0tz54pl is it like that?11:52
Ben64rsync is dangerous?11:52
nubcakeanyone? :/11:52
OerHeksnubcake, anyone what?>11:53
Catametrictonictheblazehen, yep, starts fast, then tails off.11:53
CatametrictonicBen64, can be if you fuck up.11:53
Ben64so don't11:53
Ben64anything can be dangerous if you mess it up11:54
nubcakei'm having problems connecting from the same lan to my mysql server running ubuntu 16.04.1 x6411:54
CatametrictonicBen64, I'm a fuck up. I've accepted that long ago.11:54
OerHeksoh, with 'if' you can put Paris in an empty winebottle11:54
nubcaketried to set root's host to % didn't help11:54
Ben64watch the language here Catametrictonic11:54
OerHeksCatametrictonic, please watch your language, keep the channel family friendly, thanks11:54
Ben64scp is just as dangerous as rsync11:54
nubcakehashed the bind = so it's not used11:54
theblazehenCatametrictonic I've always experienced that. If you're taking the number scp gives, 8 MB/s is 64 mbit/s which isn't the best over ethernet but alright for wifi11:54
nubcakestill cannot connect (restarted mysql, restarted the whole box)11:54
Ben64nubcake: is it listening on the right ip11:55
theblazehenCatametrictonic sometimes scp feels like https://xkcd.com/612/11:56
Catametrictonictheblazehen, no, I've checked the speed with bmon on both ends. It's definitely slow and not a calculation issue. I've seen it work well. But lately it's doing this  first file fast, next files slow. It's probably what Ben64 said, a cache or memory issue. But I wouldn't know how to fix that.11:56
CatametrictonicIt's not that I just started using SCP. I've been using it for years with no weird issue like this.11:57
Ben64if rsync goes fast, then use it11:57
Exterminadorguys, any idea about this? http://paste.ubuntu.com/23623550/ -> Xubuntu x6411:57
CatametrictonicI am11:57
agent_whitetheblazehen: You have to tease a little bit. That's hardball.11:57
agent_white'scp, man of mystery'11:57
theblazehenCatametrictonic Alright. Install pv locally then `ssh theserver cat /dev/zero | pv >/dev/null` to see what you get11:58
OerHeksExterminador, 'All packages are up to date." duhhh11:58
agent_whiteyou should re-route scp to rsync anyway due to obvious benefits11:58
ExterminadorOerHeks, but the fail on AppStream11:58
theblazehenIf there's many files I like to pipe tar over ssh11:59
ExterminadorAppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors.11:59
theblazehenAvoids a round trip for each file11:59
Catametrictonictheblazehen, will have to try that later. I'm copying the files I need with rsync presently. Was hoping someone would say "Oh yeah man...I've had that problem too....here's what you do...."...you know the quick fix.11:59
OerHeksExterminador, oh ignore it, see http://askubuntu.com/questions/854168/how-i-can-fix-appstream-cache-update-completed-but-some-metadata-was-ignored-d12:00
theblazehenCatametrictonic yeah. Seems interesting that rsync is fine. Is it a lot of small files or few large files?12:00
OerHeksdon't enable backports, at least i would not12:00
Catametrictonictheblazehen, large files12:00
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1644498 in appstream (Ubuntu Xenial) "apt-get update returns "AppStream cache update completed, but some metadata was ignored due to errors." periodically" [Medium,Fix committed]12:01
theblazehenCatametrictonic hmm, alright. No idea then. Sorry12:01
fracklenI have a problem... When new disks (internal) are added, basic users can't see them (using mount or df). This was working fine in 14.04. How can I configure to let normal users see disks in 'mount' and 'df' ?12:01
theblazehenfracklen there should be a disk group that you can add users to iirc12:02
theblazehenWait, _see_ them? That's new..12:02
fracklenyep - new to me as well... 'sudo df' has very different view than 'df'12:03
EriC^^mount just displays /etc/mtab12:03
EriC^^it works here on 16.04, normal user can read mount and df12:04
EriC^^fracklen: which ubuntu?12:04
Catametrictonictheblazehen, I've come to accept that I generally don't ask the easy to answer questions when I come here.....that's a good thing I believe. But, I keep trying because you never know.12:04
fracklenEriC^^: /etc/mtab is a symlink to /proc/mounts - so something in the proc subsystem has been changed12:04
EriC^^is it a vps image?12:04
Catametrictonictheblazehen, what I'd really like to know is how you know to do the ssh to cat the pipe through pv to null shit.....12:04
EriC^^or the iso downloaded from the site?12:04
fracklen(server ofc)12:05
EriC^^what happens when you type mount or df12:05
ExterminadorOerHeks, fixed! thanks12:05
fracklenit displays root and tmpfs's12:06
theblazehenfracklen `strace mount | nc termbin.com 9999` as normal user12:06
EriC^^fracklen: does lsblk list the others?12:07
theblazehenOr `strace mount >/dev/tcp/termbin.com/9999` if you don't have netcat12:07
theblazehenSorry, `strace mount &>&1 | nc termbin.com 9999` to grab strace output12:08
hidirhi everybody12:10
kankushtgood morning12:11
kankushtI need to ask something12:11
kankushtHow can I cancel task in queue with my printer?12:12
kankushtI use Ubuntu bythe way12:12
NeoTheThird[m]Open your dash, search for "Printers" to open the utility12:15
NeoTheThird[m]then right click a printer12:15
NeoTheThird[m]and select the last element "View Print Queue"12:16
NeoTheThird[m]then select a job and klick cancel12:16
NeoTheThird[m]the red x in a circel12:16
kankushtThank you very much, you're awesome :D12:17
NeoTheThird[m]why thank you :)12:17
rizonzdoes someone know what the size of the 14.04 and 16.04 mirrors are ?12:19
fracklentheblazehen & Eric^^: thanks for the tip - strace revealed that the mount point was under a directory which had 0700 root.root12:23
fracklenso mount could see it, but 'df' got "Permission denied"12:24
theblazehenfracklen glad you solved it12:24
BluesKajrizonz, mirrors, don't you mean iso/images?12:25
rizonzBluesKaj: no mirror12:31
EriC^^fracklen: aha great12:32
EriC^^try strace on df12:32
EriC^^fracklen: seems to read from /proc/self/mountinfo12:33
ppf_i've chrooted into another ubuntu installation on another drive. now i can't unmount it:12:33
ppf_umount: /mnt/usb/sys/fs/cgroup/systemd: target is busy12:33
EriC^^ppf_: try umount with -R12:33
rommelppf cd out if your in it and try umount -lR /mnt/whatever12:33
EriC^^no, without -l12:34
ppf_yeah, did  that12:34
ppf_the process which keeps the folder busy is init12:35
ppf_any way to force it to unload this path?12:37
EriC^^try with -f12:39
EriC^^-l will pretend it unloaded it when it really didn't12:39
ppf_--force isn't forceful enough12:39
ppf_i know, i'd prefer to avoid that12:39
EriC^^what does lsof show?12:40
ppf_fuser -u says: /mnt/usb/sys/fs/cgroup/systemd:     1(root)12:41
ppf_mh, wait that's the wrong query.12:44
ppf_/mnt/usb/sys/fs/cgroup/systemd/user.slice/user-1000.slice/user@1000.service:  244112:46
ppf_that's the open file12:46
ppf_and 2441 is my user's systemd12:46
brickedHi, I tried repairing a corrupted hard drive with bad superblock, by restoring superblock from backup (mount -sb, then fsck -b). Nothing worked. Are there ways to recover data if superblock is still bad ?12:48
EriC^^!datarecovery | bricked12:49
EriC^^bricked: there's photorec and testdisk ( sudo apt-get install testdisk )12:49
EriC^^!recover | bricked12:49
ubottubricked: Some tools to recover lost data are listed and explained at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/DataRecovery12:49
brickedEriC^^: I read that page a couple of times. There's a reason I'm asking people and not google.12:51
ikoniabricked: have you tried any of the techniques in that page ?12:52
EriC^^bricked: yeah that page has a good source of info12:52
mascot66991Hi! Can anyone tell me what is wrong with my dpkg ?12:57
yocs0000mascot66991: are you connected to the internet?13:04
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mascot66991@yocs0000 yes I am13:04
GrandPa-GI would like a personal recommendation for a free backup/restore package that can be setup to run unattended. Not much data, but want to get system changes as well. Must be managed via command line (ssh).13:04
GrandPa-GThere are plenty of google answers, but would like a real person's idea.13:04
yocs0000try this: sudo apt-get -f install13:05
mascot66991yocs0000: I tried that but still http://dpaste.com/2RSQ81B13:06
ppf_is there a way to make systemd give up a user slice it holds inside and rbind-ed /sys?13:08
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yocs0000mascot66991: try sudo apt-get clean13:12
mascot66991yocs0000: Done but still  sudo dpkg --configure -a gives same error13:13
yocs0000and then restart the process .... can you explain how did you get where you are?13:13
yocs0000mascot66991: what did you try to do?13:13
OerHeksGrandPa-G, https://help.ubuntu.com/lts/serverguide/backup-shellscripts.html13:13
OerHeksGrandPa-G, and a good start with comparison list https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BackupYourSystem13:15
ppfoh well, i just rebooted ...13:15
mascot66991yocs0000: I was trying to install php7.0-soap and once I installed that I added extension=php_soap.dll which once I ran my script using SoapClient gave error so I reached back of instalation of php-soap that it said php was not properly installed so I tried installing php using13:17
mascot66991http://askubuntu.com/questions/803430/getting-errors-while-installing-php-on-ubuntu16-04/803436#803436 but it did not help13:17
mascot66991then i noticed that even installing anything did not work13:18
ppfokay, now let's talk about my actual problem: i've dd'ed a vbox image of ubuntu onto un usb stick. but i can't get it to boot. kernel panics with 'unable to mount root fs on unknown-block(0,0)'13:18
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yocs0000mascot66991: unfortunately I have to go .... but can I suggest you remove all of the newly installed packages using "sudo apt purge" and then start from scratch?13:26
mascot66991Its okay I am asking at askubuntu hopefully will get a solution.. http://askubuntu.com/questions/860228/unable-to-configure-dpkg13:27
rcw2hi using u16 and placed my harddrive into another machine temporarily.  I know ideally I'd want to install ubuntu over for the new machine but there are time constraints opposing that.  The audio works with the laptop but when i plug headphones in they dont trigger the select an audio function prompt nor work whatsoever... the sound continues from the laptop speakers.  is there a quick fix for this?13:29
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romain__hello guys13:36
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ad0ucgets 'metadata ignored' on update13:46
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quupwhy isn't chromium getting security updates in ubuntu 16.10?13:59
ad0ucGet:14 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/main amd64 DEP-11 Metadata [208 B]14:03
ad0ucGet:15 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/universe amd64 DEP-11 Metadata [212 B]14:03
ad0ucGet:16 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-backports/multiverse amd64 DEP-11 Metadata [212 B]14:03
ad0ucGet:17 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security/main amd64 DEP-11 Metadata [68.1 kB]14:03
ad0ucGet:18 http://us.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu xenial-security/main DEP-11 64x64 Icons [43.0 kB]14:03
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Sandeep_dubeychecking how such it works !14:28
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* MrTuxHdb is listening to Hanggai - Baifang (Back to You)14:34
PiciMrTuxHdb: please disable that here, or part the channel.14:34
srulii have a issue with a udev rule, its a simple rule to run when a particular usb device is connected/disconnected, for some reason it only works when i connect it "ACTION=="add", SUBSYSTEM=="usb", ATTR{idVendor}=="045e", ATTR{idProduct}=="0040", RUN+="path/to/sh" the exact smae line with "remove" instead of "add" does not work, anyone have any idea why?14:36
uskerinehi, I am new into ubuntu 14.04, not sure if there was something that changed, but what should I do to auto-install required package dependencies?14:37
uskerineI have tried to do apt-get install mypackage but it keeps raising erros due to unmet dependencies14:37
Picisruli: you may want to take a look at this: http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/linux-desktop-74/udev-not-doing-remove-rules-841733/14:38
sruliuskerine: try "sudo apt install -f"14:38
Piciuskerine: what package are you installing? is it from a PPA?14:38
xanguauskerine: and what are you trying to install?14:38
BluesKajuskerine,  have you updated and upgraded all your packages first?14:39
uskerinei did apt-get update14:39
uskerinewhat is the difference between update and upgrade14:39
uskerinewhat apt install -f is actually doing?14:39
BluesKajus you upgrade after updating14:39
uskerinedoes it move from LTS to something different?14:40
Piciuskerine: update merely refreshes the list of available packages, but doesn't actually install anything.14:40
uskerineok thanks14:40
sruliPici: thats link seems to be in the right direction, thanks14:40
BluesKajuskerine, updating merely sets up the packages that need to be upgraded14:40
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uskerinewhere are /etc/init.d startup scripts in ubuntu 14?14:50
ppfin /etc/init.d/?14:51
odfhw5bv9sHi everyone!14:54
pavan_i have R305 Finger print module14:54
pavan_i want to store my finger in my local directory in bmp formt14:55
odfhw5bv9sI have connected a webcam to my PC, but the picture is red.14:57
odfhw5bv9s045e:00f5 Microsoft Corp. LifeCam VX-300014:57
odfhw5bv9sWikis say it uses gspca drivers and that I need LD_PRELOAD some libs. I have done that, but it doesn't work, the picture is still red.14:57
ppfpavan_: that's most likely not how the reader works15:01
uioHi, trying to use LaTeX editor with gedit and am having some issues. Namely I installed gedit-latex-plugin but all I get is the highlighting functionality of LaTeX without the ability to compile, any suggestions ?15:03
Omnipotentis it possible to install Ubuntu 16.04 UEFI with GPT partitioning with Rufus tool?15:18
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OmnipotentI had windows 10 UEFI installed on my laptop, and when I installed Ubuntu 16.04 with GPT partition and UEFI selected in Rufus, I ended up with loading windows 10 only, no bootloader seems to be installed15:19
Omnipotentwhen I enabled my legacy mode, grub showed up15:19
Omnipotentwhy didn't my install end up being UEFI?15:19
BluesKajOmnipotent, does legacy mode/drubh show your windows entry and allow you to boot it?15:21
BluesKajlegacy mode/grub15:22
arrrghhhhey all, curious about setting up a USB key for 'all' the downloads.  I'm going to be updating a couple of machines from 14.04 to 16.04, and the internet access is atrocious.  I'd like to pre-download as much in the way of updates as I can so this doesn't take 3 days... I found AptGet/Offline and apt-medium but I'm a bit lost on the 'best' way for me...15:24
OmnipotentBluesKaj, I managed to nuke my windows an ubuntu while playing with it15:24
Omnipotentnow I installed ubuntu again after again using Rufus.. with GPT partitioning enabled15:25
Omnipotentand ended up installing legacy once more15:25
arrrghhhso I'll have the latest 16.04.1 or whatever version they are up to now, but there's usually a slew of updates past that as well...15:25
Omnipotentnow I do not have windows, So I do not know if it shows windows or not15:25
OmnipotentBluesKaj, I had legacy mode completely disabled, so I am sure my flash drive booted into UEFI when installing15:25
BluesKajOmnipotent, run sudo os-prober , then sudo update-grub15:26
gde33not sure where this question belongs: I've switched the theme, now the curved part of the firefox focused tab is the old color (left and right of it)15:27
nicomachusso (I think) I completely removed MATE from my system here, but I'm still getting this MATE splash screen and DM: http://i.imgur.com/ZOdf0n7.jpg         http://i.imgur.com/11Xv6Bm.jpg15:27
OmnipotentBluesKaj, currently booted to Legacy, so shows 2 Found entries15:28
OmnipotentDisabling legacy shows "No device found on HDD" so can't go into Ubuntu at all.15:28
BluesKajI use legacy mode , doen't nother me at all , UEFI is just new BIOS15:29
OmnipotentBluesKaj, yeah but why wouldn't it install on UEFI15:30
BluesKajdunno , in any case if you can boot windows too then it doen't matter15:31
OmnipotentBluesKaj, yeah well I suppose.15:34
OmnipotentUEFI had extremely fast boot times though15:34
Omnipotentfor windows15:35
Omnipotentit's like hitting button and starting to work within 4 seconds15:35
gstaniakIn the preseed repos settings (not the mirror ones), what is the location of the keys I need for the unattended install? What I mean is, if the repo's URL is http://uk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/, is the key for "apt-setup/local0/key" the one located at http://uk.archive.ubuntu.com/ubuntu/dists/xenial/Release.gpg?15:35
uioHi trying to install extra LaTeX packages.  I installed texlive with apt-get and then tried tlmgr install amsmath but got the message cannot setup TLPDB in /home/user/texmf at /usr/bin/tlmgr line 5604. Any thoughts?15:36
phos1Hi! For some reason when I try to load a page on my ubuntu server, I get an internal server error. i can’t find any error logs or messages anywhere. Memory etc seems fine, so i really need error messages..15:36
naccphos1: where are you looking for logs? all pages fail to load (even the one that is the root document)?15:38
sruliOmnipotent: i believe the reason for the fast boot with win+uefi is the system goes into a type of hibernation.. in win power settings the is an option to disbale fast boot, if i remember correctly with that option enabled you cannot run dualboot15:38
phos1nacc: Front end pages load fine, it’s just some admin functions fail (CMS). I am looking in var/log/apache215:38
naccuio: amsmath ships with texlive-latex-base, no?15:39
naccphos1: is the CMS its own application (i.e. apache is just basically serving as a proxy), or just documents served by apache? are you getting a 404?15:40
uionacc: I don't think so, but I'm sure I'll have to add other packages if not that one..15:40
naccuio: `apt-cache search amsmath` implies that it is15:41
naccuio: well tht and `apt-cache show amsmath`15:41
phos1nacc: No, it’s just drupal, a website CMS. It just comes up on the screen and says: An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.15:41
naccphos1: which version of ubuntu?15:41
phos1 14.04.5 LTS15:41
naccphos1: and has it ever worked?15:41
phos1Not that I have ever seen15:42
naccphos1: drupal7 from the archives?15:42
bmullanjoin #arctica15:42
phos1nacc: No, just installed as web files. It’s like it’s out of memory but i odn’t think it is. I can’t tell without error message/ logs though15:43
naccphos1: are you sure it's properly configured, etc.? Im fairly sure the package works and doing it on your own is harder to support (and not really an ubuntu issue potentially)15:44
phos1The site works fine on my server, and I just cloned it to this one, so I know it’s a configuration issue on this server I just can’t figure out what it is. I have no idea how to turn on error messages15:45
naccphos1: i'm guessing you don't have php installed or configured, maybe (so the php engine is failing to start?)15:46
phos1nacc: It loads most of the php pages, just some of the bigger things are crashing15:46
sruliis there a way to see the date of package release in "apt list"15:51
DomeMasterupgraded to 16.04, now cant boot up. Loading screen keeps going with screen tearing. HP Laptop with some kind of AMD graphics card15:53
DomeMasteranything I can do?15:53
nicomachussruli: try apt-cache show <package>15:53
thingythingHow can I make a folder "unwritable"? Like you (including yourself) can only read files, but not modify, delete or adding new files to the folder/existing files. How do I do that via CLI/Bash?15:54
srulinicomachus: forgot to specify, want to look at dates of --upgradable15:54
nicomachussruli: eh, i don't think that does it.15:54
BlauskaerMthingything: Just remove the write permisson from everyone?15:55
srulinicomachus: how do i just download upgradeable without installing?15:55
BlauskaerMchmod -w foder15:55
rcw2hi using u16 and placed my harddrive into another machine temporarily.  I know ideally I'd want to install ubuntu over for the new machine but there are time constraints opposing that.  The audio works with the laptop but when i plug headphones in they dont trigger the select an audio function prompt nor work whatsoever... the sound continues from the laptop speakers.  is there a quick fix for this?15:55
=== smethia_Away is now known as smethia
Omnipotentsruli, yeah tried thaqt15:56
thingythingBlauskaerM: Ok thanks, I'll try15:56
Omnipotentstill didn't work, somehow grub was only available in case of legacy15:56
Omnipotenteven though I installed it wit UEFI enabled15:56
DomeMasterany help at all?15:56
srulithingything: you might want to make it immutable, "sudo chattr +i /path/to/file" in this case even root cannot write/delete file15:57
zykotick9thingything: i'd change the owner/group to root with "sudo chown -R root:root /path/to/folder" then change so group and other have rx on the folder "sudo chmod go=rx /path/to/folder" then i'd go into the folder and change all the files to have read only "sudo chmod go=r *"15:57
sruliOmnipotent: have u verified you installation media is eufi ?15:57
zykotick9thingything: sruli might have a better suggestion!15:57
Omnipotentsruli, yep, I created installation media using Rufus GPT UEFI option, kept my legacy boot function off from BIOS settings15:58
Omnipotentflash drive booted I installed15:58
Omnipotentafter which, The Grub was not seen anywhere15:58
Omnipotentuntil I switched to Legacy15:59
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sruliOmnipotent: are you booted into ubuntu now?16:00
OmnipotentYes, Using legacy16:00
Omnipotentas if I turn the UEFI on, it doesn't detect Ubuntu16:00
BlauskaerMsruli: Nice tip, didnt know about chattr16:00
BlauskaerMIs that included in the standard package?16:00
sruliOmnipotent: paste output of lsblk to paste.ubuntu.com16:00
sruliBlauskaerM: i learnt it the hard way... deleted a directory of backing files for my VM's with a minor mistake in a bash script16:01
Omnipotentwait a sec, I am in Windows on another machine atm, let me just do that there16:01
Omnipotentdon't have IRC client installed on Ubuntu yet16:01
Omnipotentbecause I am not sure whether I would need to reinstall all this again16:02
sruliOmnipotent: paste it to paste.ubuntu.com and post link here16:02
sruliBlauskaerM: i believe its part of every linux disro.. didnt check but would be surprised if it not in ubuntu mini16:03
gstaniakphos1: place a php file with only <?php phpinfo(); ?> inside it in the document root and try to open it.16:04
BlauskaerMsruli: Will chekck it out :)16:04
phos1gstaniak: Yup that loads up fine16:05
gstaniakphos1: so the server config is basically ok, it's the drupal code that makes it choke16:05
sruliOmnipotent: have u installed as a dualboot?16:05
phos1Somewhere yes, but I am not getting any error messages which is what i’m trying to fix16:05
Omnipotentsruli, not at the moment, I screwed up my windows 10 installation earlier, so not anymore, I fresh installed Ubuntu 16.0416:06
gstaniakphos1: nothing in the apache error log?16:06
Omnipotentthe main problem now is that, if I disable legacy, UEFI doesn't show up.16:06
phos1gstaniak: Correct, totally empty16:06
Omnipotentif I disable legacy, Grub doesn't show up16:06
phos1I just get “Internal server error” running some tasks16:06
Omnipotentand hence ubuntu doesn't load, "No bootable device"16:07
nicomachusso (I think) I completely removed MATE from my system here, but I'm still getting this MATE splash screen and DM: http://i.imgur.com/ZOdf0n7.jpg         http://i.imgur.com/11Xv6Bm.jpg16:07
sruliOmnipotent: something is wrong there, i only see /boot/efi partition and no /boot partition, are you planning to have a dualboot on this machine?16:07
Omnipotentyes later on, currently there is only ubuntu installed16:07
gstaniakphos1: you could try running apache in the foreground (http://zroger.com/blog/apache-in-the-foreground/), perhaps it will print something in the terminal window16:08
OmnipotentShould I have made a /boot partition? I selected "something else" when installing ubuntu as fresh, since I didn't had Windows anymore on my machine there was no option on "along side windows"16:08
OmnipotentI selected something else and made mount points /   efi and swap and installed ubuntu, should I have not done that?16:08
sruliOmnipotent: i dont use windows but my only experience with dual install is having windows installed first, are u planning an encrypted install of ubuntu?16:09
OmnipotentI don't mind it being encrypted or not.. it's not a serious issue.16:09
Omnipotentsruli, I had windows installed first, but I screwed it up while fixing grub.16:10
sruliOmnipotent: instructions are completly different.. u have to make your choice before u start... which way are u going?16:10
Omnipotentnow I reformatted and installed ubuntu first.16:10
Omnipotentwhichever way is simpler...16:10
Omnipotentencrypted install of ubuntu means "Encryption of my home folder" ?16:10
Omnipotentthe checkbox that we select at time of install?16:11
srulino, encryption of /root partition, encryption of home folder is a simple checkbox as you saw16:11
Omnipotentyeah that's enough for me16:11
OmnipotentI don't need / encrypted16:11
DomeMasterevery upgrade of Ubuntu fails, yet you're meant to upgrade to keep your machine secure16:15
sruliOmnipotent: in your place i would start with installing windows first (if that what u want as an end result) just install it on the whole hard drive then in disk management shrink it (if it doesnt allow you to shirnk enough follow this guide http://tinyurl.com/z55z6or )16:16
sruliOmnipotent: i never tried a non encrypted install so i only ever used manual partitioning, but i beleive if you choose to "install alongside windowss" and if it asks where to install bootloader you should choose the actual name of the hard drive16:17
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phos1gstaniak: It’s a script that goes through and updates content, it only takes about 5 seconds to run. It runs fine on one server, but not this one. I am sure it will be a php.ini setting but without errors I have no idea what one16:23
Guest79929Hello I have a problem, I want to use kdevelop 5 development c However, the build correct click execute when there is no response16:24
gstaniakphos1: can't you run it with a -DFORGROUNDed apache to see what's printed in the console?16:24
Guest79929Click the execute window without any output16:26
phos1gstaniak: So I did http://koansys.com/news/run-apache-in-the-forground-on-ubuntu and got AH00526: Syntax error on line 74 of /etc/apache2/apache2.conf:16:27
phos1Invalid Mutex directory in argument file:${APACHE_LOCK_DIR}16:27
phos1That’s the path used everywhere for writting error logs16:28
phos1So if that path is undefined it wouldn’t know where to put the error logs16:28
gstaniakphos1: i think it has some hardcoded defaults. what happens if you comment out that line?16:31
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phos1That’s the full string, I commented that out and I get bad user name now16:33
naccphos1: it seems like whateer you are doing is not sourcing envvars?16:34
phos1nacc: That command i ran is suppose to make it run in forgroud, so I’m not sure if it’s just that command or a server issue.16:35
phos1If it’s a server issue it would explain why I get no error logs16:35
phos1but I know nothing about apache in forhtoupd or envvars..16:35
naccphos1: does your server have said file (/etc/apache2/envvars)?16:36
LinuxNovicehi, could anybody here tell me which is more lightweight and more suitable for old desktops Mate or XFCE?16:36
naccphos1: can you see if on your system taht file contains the strings the above log is complaining about?16:36
phos1nacc: Yes it does16:37
LinuxNoviceI am new to Linux and I need some help in choosing a suitable DE for my old laptop.16:37
naccphos1: ok, i would suggest doing this, instead of the suggested command: `sudo -s -H (switch to root with password)`. In that shell, run: `. /etc/apache2/envvars; apache2 -X`16:38
naccphos1: and then let us konw if it still complains16:38
Southern_GentlemLinuxNovice,  grab lives ofdifferent Desktop environments but them up on usbkeys and try them16:39
koroso● ssh.service - OpenBSD Secure Shell server16:39
koroso   Loaded: loaded (/lib/systemd/system/ssh.service; enabled; vendor preset: enabled)16:39
koroso   Active: failed (Result: exit-code) since mar. 2016-12-13 17:27:38 CET; 8min ago16:39
OerHeksLinuxNovice, lubuntu is more lightweight, xubuntu and mate are equal i guess16:39
Southern_Gentlemwhat one perosn may like someone else will not16:39
korososomeone can help me16:39
naccphos1: you're not typig the correct command16:40
Southern_Gentlemkoroso,  i dont think you are running ubuntu16:40
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LinuxNoviceI can do that, but, I might feel no difference between them. I want an objective comparison.16:40
naccphos1: '. /etc/apache2/envvars'16:40
naccphos1: you are sourcing the envvars file so they are defined in the env16:40
naccphos1: in your case, you are trying to execute a text file, which does nothing16:40
LinuxNoviceI want to choose between Mate and XFCE.16:40
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Southern_GentlemLinuxNovice, thats just it comes down to your personal perfernces16:40
OerHeksLinuxNovice, objective would be you testing both16:40
LinuxNovicewant to know which is more resource intensive.16:41
OerHekslet us know :-)16:41
Southern_Gentlemand your machine will tell you that16:41
phos1nacc: Ah ok, i missed the period, that ran without issues16:41
LinuxNoviceI don't have the means to test them.16:41
naccphos1: cool16:41
Southern_Gentlemyou dont have a dvd burner or a 2g usbkey?16:41
OerHeksSouthern_Gentlem, he just wants to chat about it16:42
LinuxNoviceI have an old laptop of Intel Celeron M single core processor of 1.5 Ghz and 2 GB RAM.16:42
phos1nacc: So that doesn’t put me any closer to why I am not getting any errors, only internal server error16:42
Southern_GentlemOerHeks,  yes16:42
OerHekssingle core.. lubuntu16:42
OerHeksdon't expect a youtube racemonster16:42
LinuxNoviceOK. Got it. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.16:43
naccphos1: now that you're running in the foreground, and then you load the page, you get nothing in the termial16:43
_030Hey guys! I'm having some trouble with my graphics card.. Installed the newest nVidia Driver, but I still can't use prime16:43
LinuxNoviceI think only LXDE DE will suit my laptop.16:43
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_030anywhere you could point me? google is not helping16:43
phos1nacc: I only have  /etc/apache2/envvars; apache2 -X16:44
phos1httpd (pid 1345) already running, I don’t think it will show anything16:44
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LinuxNoviceby the way, which is more lightweight between LXDE and LXQT?16:45
Southern_Gentlemtry them and see16:46
xanguaLinuxNovice: Lubuntu is nice for that old laptop, but if you're trying Linux for the first time xubuntu might be a better choice as it comes with all the features a modern desktop should have16:46
naccphos1: well yes, youll need to stop apache first16:47
LinuxNoviceok. xangua, that's the kind of advice I expected here in this community.16:47
phos1nacc: Ok that is loading, trying it now16:48
LinuxNovicefor someone who is entirely new to Linux, these issues are quite puzzling.16:48
ubuntu570Hi, my ubuntu 12.04 , jumps up from minimum to mid-high volume, if i want to access volume control in the panel...., is this a known bug ? any suggestions ?16:48
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phos1nacc: It’s crazy slow this way16:49
naccphos1: yes, only one thread16:49
phos1waiting for things to load / crash16:50
phos1ok it crashed, and i got no messages16:50
LinuxNoviceI will try Lubuntu.16:50
vfwnacc: What is phos1 trying to do?16:50
phos1nacc:It crashed on a page I’ve never had an issue on before16:50
naccvfw: debugging a failure to load drupal on a server without error messages16:50
vfwnacc: phos1 Is apache crashing?16:51
naccphos1: 'crash'?16:51
phos1vfw: My site is giving me internal server error, and i can’t find a log to see why. I’m sure it’s hitting a memory/ post or other limit but i don’t see any errors16:51
vfwnacc: phos1 systemctl status httpd16:51
phos1nacc: Just got “An internal server error occurred. Please try again later.”16:51
phos1But Apache is fine and shows no errors16:51
phos1This exact site works fine on another server (It’s Centos, with very high resource limits), I just need to figure out what needs changing on this server...16:52
vfwphos1: nacc Do you see any sort of errors in the output of systemctl status ?16:52
naccphos1: do you get anyting in journactl or dmesg (in the case of kills of processes due to memory)16:52
phos1Sorry I’ve never used any of those commands, just looking up how to use them..16:53
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vfwphos1: nacc What is http://pastebin.com/aMguLqeP ?  (It says "Permission denied")16:54
naccvfw: typo16:54
naccvfw: attemping to run a file that should be sourced16:54
vfwOh ok.  Well has he tested php?16:55
phos1vfw: I get command not found. systemctl status16:55
phos1systemctl: command not found16:55
naccvfw: oh this is 14.04.516:55
vfwphos1: What version of ... Oh ok nacc16:55
vfwI think 16.04.1 would be better for phos116:55
phos1I do have messages to do upgrades, it’s not a production server, I could update?16:55
odfhw5bv9sI have connected a webcam to my PC, but the picture is red.16:55
odfhw5bv9s045e:00f5 Microsoft Corp. LifeCam VX-300016:55
odfhw5bv9sWikis say it uses gspca drivers and that I need LD_PRELOAD some libs. I have done that, but it doesn't work, the picture is still red. How can I fix it?16:56
vfwnacc: Upgrade to 16.04.1 may solve problems16:56
nacci mean it shouldn't strictly be necessary, but it might, yeah16:56
phos1vfw: Do i just do: New release '16.04.1 LTS' available.Run 'do-release-upgrade' to upgrade to it. As it says?16:56
vfwphos1: I would do routine backups first.16:57
phos1It’s a staging server, so aside from the pain i would go through time wise trying to rebuild it has nothing on it.16:57
phos1thankfully :)16:57
phos1vfw: I’ll try the upgrade, hopwfully it sorts it out. It should probably be done either way so is probably a good place to start.17:00
vfwphos1: Before attempting version upgrade, make sure that last line of /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades says, "Prompt=lts"17:00
phos1vfw: Yes it does17:00
vfwphos1: Information you will be interested in:  https://wiki.ubuntu.com/XenialXerus/ReleaseNotes17:01
naccnote you will need a specific version of drupal7 if you switch to xenial, as it only has php717:01
vfwphos1: (There is also info about php in the link I just sent you.17:02
phos1nacc: Does it switch to xenial automatically if I do the upgrade?17:02
naccphos1: xenial the release name (16.04)17:03
vfwphos1: The choice is yours, I'm not saying the only way to fix your problems is to upgrade, but it is what I would do.17:03
vfw... If I were you....17:03
_030So, my nVidia driver works, but my intel dedicated GPU does not. When I first installed Ubuntu a few months ago (had to get rid of it for a while, unfortunately, just got it back now) prime-select worked like a charm - now nvidia-settings says prime is not supported - lspci -nn | grep '\[03'   also only detects my nvidia card, any clue how i could fix this?17:03
iconicschemaHey my colleague is having the weirdest issue, when using a secondary monitor with his laptop and his mouse cursor is not working properly, rendering on the guest monitor and the clicks register on the primary (except the toolbar)17:04
iconicschemaHe’s on 16.0417:05
iconicschemaAnyone have any advice on a direction to troubleshoot?17:05
phos1vfw: Annoying that only goes to php7, that could cause me site issues…17:06
vfwphos1: Choice is yours.  You can fix what you have.  It was just a suggestion.17:06
vfwphos1: ... an option ...17:06
phos1vfw: If we can fix what I have that would be ideal, but I have no idea what to do next on it17:06
vfwiconicschema: Fully updated?17:07
iconicschemaApparently he’s running some updates now17:07
vfwiconicschema: sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade && sudo apt-get dist-upgrade17:07
vfwiconicschema: ...may fix problems...17:07
iconicschemaOkay, thanks vfw.17:10
iconicschemaIt’s really weird in the display settings his primary monitor is rendering on top of the secondary display! lol grabbing a screenshot17:16
iconicschemathe behavior is the same17:16
vfwphos1: So you have a drupal site that doesn't load?17:17
iconicschemathat small portion of the larger display maps the mouse clicks to the smaller display17:17
vfwphos1: Are you going to try and fix it?  Or upgrade?17:17
phos1vfw: It loads 95% of the site, some pages / functions just come up with “Internal server Error” I refresh and some of them work after that and some don’t17:17
vfwphos1: I'll try to help if I can...17:17
phos1I want to try and fix it, upgrading to php7 would require a lot of testing, never used it on Drupal 717:18
iconicschemathats his settings page17:18
vfwphos1: and you find no errors in the log?  /var/log/httpd/error_log17:19
iconicschemahe can’t move the monitors off of eachother17:19
vfwphos1: /var/log/apache2/error.log17:19
vfwphos1: Anything?17:19
phos1I am the second one, and as of right now that file doesn’t exist. All the archive ones are here17:19
phos1I have been re-naming / deleting it. Some errors are logged to it, but nothing about this internal server error17:20
phos1As of right now the file doesn’t exist (and i have had several internal server errors since)17:20
jpmhI use the set -o vi option in bash in LXterminal - usually all works fine.  Sometimes the "editor" seems confused about where it is and so the cursor is misplaced.  Any ideas17:21
vfwphos1: Did you look at https://www.drupal.org/node/416906 ?17:22
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vfwphos1: Solution in that case was "I had to uncomment "RewriteBase /" in the .htaccess"17:23
vfwphos1: But if that does not apply, don't stop there.17:23
phos1This looks like the drupal internal server error message, my message isn’t from drupal. And it’s only on some pages not all of them17:24
Ludo38Hi everybody17:25
iconicschemaHello :D17:25
Ludo38I just bought a new external hard drive17:25
phos1vfw: I’ve tried max execution time, and memory limits17:26
Ludo38what format system do you recommend ? I use Ubuntu but sometimes I need to exchange files to a Mac or PC17:26
Ludo38FAT ? NTFS ?17:26
MonkeyDustLudo38  create a shared folder, NTFS is fine17:27
MonkeyDustLudo38  it's what i have17:27
poz2k4444Hi guys, I'm trying to use an already encrypted hard drive with luks/lvm, I know with debian I can boot into rescue mode and do everything from there, is there something similar with ubuntu?17:28
vfwphos1: I think you should try accessing the broken pages again and generate error.log17:29
tomreynpoz2k4444: yes, it's called rescue mode ;)17:29
pie3any german17:29
Pici!de | pie317:30
ubottupie3: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!17:30
phos1vfw: For some reason they are not generating error.log, that’s what totally has me stuck.17:30
poz2k4444tomreyn: but I don't see the option when I but with the standard image from the official ubuntu page17:30
vfwphos1: If that is so, it must be problems with the site.17:32
phos1vfw: same site on my Centos server works perfectly.17:33
vfwphos1: Look at the ones that error out, see if you find anything wrong with the content or where it's served from.17:33
vfwphos1: What is Centos running?  php and apache versions...17:33
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ash_workzsometimes my screen goes crazy and doesn't show letters on certain programs after showing up17:34
vfwphos1: (I don't know much about centos17:34
Ludo38Mmm looks like FAT and NTFS are equal17:34
ash_workzlike "Wo  d y u l ke t  upg  de ..."17:34
Ludo38Thank you <317:34
nullbyte_how can add parameters to grub for every linux os boot I mean, default nouveau.modeset=0 becouse when i add it to /etc/default/grub it adds it to current OS only?17:35
geniiLudo38: Consider usinf exfat17:35
ash_workzI have a loop running from an ssh that I don't want to break right now, can I just restart the "desktop" or w/e without killing my processes?17:35
phos1vfw: cpanel, php 5.5 (I can change php versions on it)17:36
Ludo38genii : is exfat compatible with any OS ? I use Ubuntu but need to plug to Win and Mac sometimes17:37
* ash_workz crosses fingres17:37
geniiLudo38: exfat has been supported in Windows since XP onwards, Mac Snow Leopard onwards.17:38
geniiLudo38: In Ubuntu you'll need to install exfat-utils17:39
geniiLudo38: exfat also supports drives up to 128 petabyte, and file sizes up to the same size17:41
Ludo38genii:interesting! So, it's a more powerful format ? Faster ? Will it be natively supported in Ubuntu soon ?17:43
=== Karunamon|2 is now known as Karunamon
OerHeksLudo38, when microsoft changes to a new filesystem, exfat might become reality, natively17:46
sevuhlQuit: Ex-Chat17:46
MonkeyDustsevuhl  it's    /quit17:47
ash_workz'ubuntu experienced an internal error'17:47
ash_workzit's been running pretty slow lately17:47
ash_workzmaybe Franz is messing everything up17:47
ash_workznot sure why but my missing letters problem has happened pretty often lately; especially when "waking up"17:47
yenclgj5nlwHi all! How to kill xorg and make it not to restart17:48
yenclgj5nlwHi all! How to kill xorg and make it not to restart17:48
wlp1s1yenclgj5nlw: sudo systemctl stop lightm17:48
wlp1s1yenclgj5nlw: so run sudo systemctl stop lightdm in a terminal17:49
yenclgj5nlwUnit lightdm.service is not loaded17:49
wlp1s1yenclgj5nlw: how did you start X?17:49
ash_workzI mean, you can kinda tell that when it happens something deep inside when awry17:50
yenclgj5nlwsystemd has done it I guess17:50
yenclgj5nlwI wanna create xorg configuration to enable additional mouse buttons17:50
wlp1s1<_< you should've asked that first17:51
yenclgj5nlwwhen I start 2 instances of xorg the screen is filled with garbage17:51
ash_workzbecause the text is like in gedit, window headings, prompts, the settings menu; but more elaborate programs are not effected (eg Firefox, Atom Editor, etc) and at least the terminals are not effected (except for the aformentioned window headings)17:51
srulihow can i change tty from terminal?17:51
yenclgj5nlwand consoles become unswitchable17:51
wlp1s1sruli: what do you mean change tty from terminal? try ctrl+alt+f<number>17:52
gwozthey guys i have a question17:52
wlp1s1gwozt: ask it17:52
gwoztive set autologin off17:52
sruliwlp1s1: using virtualbox, no way to exec c+t+f# in guest17:52
gwoztbut when the login screen appers when i boot up the computer17:53
gwozti can easily login by pressing enter17:53
wlp1s1sruli: hit the Host key (usually Ctrl)17:53
wlp1s1it should work17:53
gwoztit doesn't actually require a password17:53
wlp1s1right ctrl17:53
wlp1s1gwozt: then set a password...?17:53
gwozti already have17:54
BluesKajthen autologin is still in effect for some reason17:54
sruliwlp1s1: host + ctrl+alt+f# ?17:54
wlp1s1sruli: hit the Host key once, which should lock the keyboard17:54
wlp1s1then do the key combination17:55
wlp1s1it should turn green17:55
gwoztBluesKaj, how can it be fixed?17:55
gwozti already have a password17:55
sruliwlp1s1: no luck is there a command i can execute in terminal?17:56
wlp1s1sruli: no, i don't think so17:56
MonkeyDustsruli  to emulate key presses, you can use 'xdotool', or is that not what you mean17:57
sruliwlp1s1: do you know how i can add keyboard shortcuts for vbox input?17:57
MonkeyDustsruli  like 'xdotool key ctrl+alt+blah17:57
gwoztnothing happens when i set autologin on or off i always get prompted to enter a password but pressing enter gets me into my account17:57
sruliMonkeyDust: what is xdotool?17:57
wlp1s1you have to install it first17:58
BluesKajgwozt, http://askubuntu.com/questions/106428/how-to-disable-automatic-login-in-lightdm17:58
iconicschemaAfter updates, the issue with dual screen is still an issue17:58
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geniiLudo38: Apologies on lag, I had to go take care of some business here at work. ... it's unlikely that it will be natively supported in Ubuntu any time soon, for the same reason FAT and NTFS are not...it's a proprietary format that Microsoft owns.18:00
Guest68931I'm currently facing a serious issue. I'm working on Ubuntu Desktop 16.10 on a clean install. My computer has both an integrated graphics card (CPU) and an NVIDIA card (DVI). The integrated graphics is set as the primary device, however, installing Ubuntu, or booting an existing installation does only provide an output over the NVIDIA card. Why is is this not respected in Ubuntu or how can I force Ubunt18:01
Guest68931u to output over the graphics controller of my choice?18:01
flyzzxinto settings > updates > additionnals drivers18:02
sruliwlp1s1: MonkeyDust: found it, "sudo chvt <#>"18:03
Guest68931For NVIDIA, the Nouveau driver is installed, also the intel CPU driver(s) are installed.18:04
flyzzxu can choose which driver u want activate18:04
Guest68931Where should I do that? The NVIDIA has no option to disable it, only the proprietary drivers and the Nuoveau drivers. However, I can select "Do not use this device" for the intel chipset. I want to do this for NVIDIA...18:05
yeedwell, I can't get my GPU driver to run properly! installed nvidia-375, nvidia-settings, nvidia-prime - prime does not work, can't change display brightness... any suggestions?18:05
yenclgj5nlwso I have managed to stop xorg (systemctl stop display-manager), but I unable to create xorg config18:07
yenclgj5nlw*I'm unable to create Xorg config18:08
Guest68931After installing the NVIDIA proprietary driver, Ubuntu boots using the NVIDIA card, but still no signal on the integrated graphics. However, the card has been blacklisted (/etc/initramfs-tools/modules)18:08
rcw2hi iirc apt-get installed version 2 of python.  What's the *best* way to install v 3.x?18:11
naccrcw2: apt install python3 ?18:11
naccrcw2: python points at python2, but python3 is often lso installed18:11
Picircw2: also don't repoint python at python3, that will break things.18:12
naccPici: good point :)18:12
rcw2wait, when i run python -v it says v 2.x.  and apt-get install python3 says 'is already the newest version (3.5.1-3)'18:12
naccrcw2: right, so ruun `python3 -v`18:12
rcw2do i just need to point to 3?18:12
naccwell, python3 --version18:13
Picinacc, rcw2: its python3 -V18:13
naccPici: thanks :)18:13
iresfwhy lubuntu 16.10 can not  render  correctly  what is the problem  ?18:15
srulihow can i make a dir not write timestamp when making changes? noatime just effects access times18:16
naccsruli: why would you want that?18:19
srulinacc: i need it for when i mount a FS, chattr -R +A works for dir but i need the FS to be mounted with it18:20
Guest68931Any idea for my graphics problem?18:21
caviaIs anyone  there18:21
naccsruli: +A also only affects atime?18:21
srulinacc: correct, i need a way not to change timestamps at all18:21
naccsruli: yes, and I'm asking what your usecase is?18:22
srulinacc: hide last usage18:22
phos1vfs: My other ubuntu server that i thought was the same isn’t giving me any problems, it’s not erroring at all. It’s the same site / code as I cloned it....18:23
naccsruli: you want to hide when a file was last modified on the disk?18:24
srulinacc: yes, i want to be able to mount a FS and all file changes should not show in timestamp18:25
naccsruli: that seems contradictory to what most FS do18:26
darky16ya du monde ?18:26
darky16julian ? are you there ?18:27
srulinacc: i know ;-)18:27
naccsruli: as in, i think you'd break the fs itself if you did that18:27
=== Guest68931 is now known as ceunincksken
ceuninckskenI'm currently facing a serious issue. I'm working on Ubuntu Desktop 16.10 on a clean install. My computer has both an integrated graphics card (CPU) and an NVIDIA card (DVI). The integrated graphics is set as the primary device, however, installing Ubuntu, or booting an existing installation does only provide an output over the NVIDIA card. Why is is this not respected in Ubuntu or how can I force Ubu18:27
ceuninckskenntu to output over the graphics controller of my choice?18:27
ixem1erquelle est la ligne de commande avec SHUTDOWN pour rebooter sous windows en mutliboot (windows sous /dev/sd1 )18:28
vfwceunincksken: Did you install proprietary Nvidia driver software?18:29
kostkon!fr | ixem1er18:29
ubottuixem1er: Nous sommes desoles mais ce canal est en anglais uniquement. Si vous avez besoin d'aide ou voulez discuter en français, veuillez taper /join #ubuntu-fr ou /join #ubuntu-qc. Merci.18:29
ixem1erok merci18:30
ceunincksken@vfw Yes, I did. However, no output on the VGA channel.18:30
MibkaI installed ubuntu 16.04 and started using ZFS + NFS for setting up a file server. Now I'm getting 'lockd: cannot monitor <clientname>' warnings in dmesg every 10 minutes and after searching online it seems i need rpc.statd running. Which is not the case. I added NEED_STATD=YES to /etc/defaults/nfs-common and restart nfs with /etc/init.d/nfs-common restart but statd is still not running?18:30
ceuninckskenvfw: I also installed the intel tool to install my intel drivers, but still no use.18:32
tomreynMibka: service statd start18:34
Mibkatomreyn: Failed to start statd.service: Unit statd.service not found.18:35
tomreynoh thats old, sorry18:35
tomreynrpcbind maybe?18:35
srulinacc: do you know how i can chnage only date part of time stamp not time part?18:36
Mibkatomreyn: turns out the command was just 'start-statd' ;)18:37
tomreyngood to learn something new ;)18:37
=== robotrolll is now known as robotroll
naccsruli: i don't think that makes sense and isn't really possible (or would be very fs specific)18:40
ceuninckskenI'm currently facing a serious issue. I'm working on Ubuntu Desktop 16.10 on a clean install. My computer has both an integrated graphics card (CPU) and an NVIDIA card (DVI). The integrated graphics is set as the primary device, however, installing Ubuntu, or booting an existing installation does only provide an output over the NVIDIA card. Why is is this not respected in Ubuntu or how can I force Ubu18:41
ceuninckskenntu to output over the graphics controller of my choice?18:41
naccceunincksken: i would imagine you can control this in the BIOS? just disable the nvidia card there?18:42
ceuninckskennacc: Thats no options because I need it for VGA Passthrough.18:45
naccceunincksken: hopefully someone else can help, I'm not sure then18:46
yenclgj5nlwcan anyone explain what is /dev/input/mouse0 ? Can I get pressed buttons from it?18:46
=== Menzador is now known as SonikkuAmerica
ceuninckskennacc: Hmm, seems that if I enable Legacy Support in BIOS, that some things are changing.18:47
ceuninckskenKeep you posted.18:47
gamesterWhy does journalctl -b-1 not work? Are only the current logs stored?18:49
gamesternothing from last boot?18:49
ceuninckskennacc: So, enabling 'Legacy Support' in BIOS, outputs over the Integrated Graphics instead of NVIDIA.18:53
gamesternvm, fixed18:54
=== see_ is now known as see
imaginal_cellHas anyone used Landscape On-Premise (10 users) to manage off network computers? I am looking to spin a VPS to host landscape to help me manage my families computers (located in 4 different states). I have a domain name I wouldn't mind using but I'm not to sure if this is even a possibility. Anyone have 2 cents on how to accomplish this or a better way to manage multiple desktops?19:09
=== mojtaba1 is now known as mojtaba
SlownHi guys19:16
jamesmcAnyone familiar with installing http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/2016-11-22/ ?19:16
SlownI just want to know19:16
Slownis there a difference between installing ubuntu with uefi boot19:16
jamesmcI think you don't third party drivers may not be available for your hardware19:18
ubottuUEFI is a specification that defines a software interface between an operating system and platform firmware. It is meant as a replacement for the BIOS. For information on how to set up and install Ubuntu and its derivatives on UEFI machines please read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UEFI19:18
imaginal_cellSlown: http://www.techrepublic.com/blog/10-things/10-things-you-should-know-about-uefi/19:18
jamesmcI installed http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/2016-11-22/ to solve bug https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/linux/+bug/1348890 and it did in fact solve it - but I get errors relating to linux-headers-4.9.0-997-generic - where do I get these ?19:19
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1348890 in linux (Ubuntu) "Asus UX32LN: Brightness keys Fn+F5 and Fn+F6 don't generate evdev event" [Medium,Confirmed]19:19
=== mojtaba1 is now known as mojtaba
OerHekssame ppa, http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/drm-intel-next/2016-11-22/linux-headers-4.9.0-997-generic_4.9.0-997.201611212212_amd64.deb19:20
jamesmcYea I thought so but they won't install ? Tells me linux-headers-4.9.0-997-generic depends on linux-headers-4.9.0-997; however:19:21
jamesmc  Package linux-headers-4.9.0-997 is not installed.19:21
jamesmcWhen I try to install linux-headers-4.9.0-997-generic_4.9.0-997.201611212212_amd64.deb19:21
jamesmcJust sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-4.9.0-997-generic_4.9.0-997.201611212212_amd64.deb right ?19:21
=== SuperLag_ is now known as SuperLag
OerHeksjamesmc, no there is a trick, you should follow the order with headers and image https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/MainlineBuilds#Installing_upstream_kernels_.28manually.2919:23
dave0x6dHow can I get the list of all packages that http://apt.llvm.org/xenial/ can provide?19:24
OerHekslinux-headers~.deb linux-headers~all.deb linux-image~.deb19:25
jamesmcHmm ok let me give that another go19:25
KrimmHi all, anyone here with postfix / mailserver experience ? (the guys @ #postfix) don't answer :p )?19:26
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AmaraIs there a way to check if I get hit by CVE-2016-1252, latest apt bug? Like download new checksums, do the checksum and report? I guess not, the only way to replace the os but I wanted to ask it anyway.19:27
OerHeksdave0x6d, synaptic is a fine detailed softwaremanager, with filters19:27
OerHeks!info synaptic19:27
ubottusynaptic (source: synaptic): Graphical package manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.83+nmu1ubuntu1 (yakkety), package size 1332 kB, installed size 6933 kB19:27
omar__anyone there19:27
dave0x6dOerHeks: Huh? How would you add that to your sources.list?19:28
dave0x6dOerHeks: You don't know the distribution.19:28
dave0x6der, *component19:29
OerHeksdave0x6d, sunaptic is helpfull after you added that repo19:29
omar__hi anyone there ?19:29
omar__what is the nature of this app19:29
dave0x6dOerHeks: Okay, that's great, except I don't know which components are available. Hence my question.19:30
jamesmcAh my bad, I missed linux-headers-4.9.0-997_4.9.0-997.201611212212_all.deb - all set, thanks :) !19:30
energizerI have a new laptop and the Super+num doesn't open applications from the launcher. How can I fix this?19:30
omar__i like linux comunity all respect guys19:31
=== mojtaba1 is now known as mojtaba
jamesmcubuntu on asus ux305 is fantastic :)19:31
OerHeksllvm-toolchain-xenial-3.8 llvm-toolchain-xenial-3.9 main19:32
dave0x6dOerHeks: Where did you get that?19:35
ervawhat's up19:36
OerHeksdave0x6d, http://apt.llvm.org/19:36
dave0x6dOerHeks: Okay, now how would you do that if they didn't list the components there?19:36
OerHeksAmara, https://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-security/cve/2016/CVE-2016-1252.html19:37
dave0x6dOerHeks: I believe the page might be out of date and a couple things missing.19:37
ervai just want to make sure that you see me typing guys19:37
ervathe this app work19:37
Keystrokeis it worth it to upgrade to the new dist19:38
AmaraOerHeks, I know that page, I've read about the security report on launchpad, what I am asking is can I detect if I got hit by it? does apt logs its errors somewhere? Looks like exploit may need more than a few tries, so there may be logs about it.19:38
NoImNotNineVoltKeystroke: that's subjective.19:39
Mr_CyclopsHello All, I am running UM Xenial, and the nm-applet keeps crashing atleast 10 times a day, any solutions please?19:39
Mr_CyclopsUM = Ubuntu Mate19:40
Mr_CyclopsUbuntu Mate 16.04.119:40
OerHeksAmara, i must do some reading then, don't know. but this is released 2 hrs ago https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/apt/+bug/1647467/comments/2719:41
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1647467 in apt (Ubuntu Zesty) "InRelease file splitter treats getline() errors as EOF" [High,Fix committed]19:41
fooctrlwhy am I missing "Microsoft Exchange" under Online accounts on Unity? When this is available in GNOME online accounts?19:45
AmaraOerHeks, do it, it is quite scary, mitm root with with %25 success, its hardcore nightmare shit. Scary19:45
OerHeksAmara, true, but security updates are out now.19:46
xanguafooctrl: did you try setting it in evolution?19:46
OerHeksapt should log these actions, but then it could easily be wiped too.19:46
AmaraOerHeks, yeah but to get the security update, you gotta run the bugged software or install it offline.19:47
fooctrlxangua, no because I use in Thundebird, I just want to have it in my Calendar, and for that I would first need to add to online accounts19:47
fooctrlxangua, should I add it to evolution and then it should up?19:47
AmaraIt's like automatic root for millions of people.19:47
nicomachusso (I think) I completely removed MATE from my system here, but I'm still getting this MATE splash screen and DM: http://i.imgur.com/ZOdf0n7.jpg         http://i.imgur.com/11Xv6Bm.jpg19:48
xanguafooctrl: don't know, but as thunderbird is no part of gnome you Matt need add-ons for that19:49
Slownguys talk me abour btrfs19:50
Slownis that better to use it instead of ext4 ?19:50
nicomachusSlown: no.19:50
Slownwhy ?19:50
nicomachusSlown: not on-topic here. Ask in ##linux19:50
fooctrlxangua, I'd just want exchange to show up in my Calendar (which is basically Gnome Calendar), and for this to happen I need to have exchange added using Online accounts. But it's missing19:51
KingsQuestwhat is latest stable kernel in ubuntu 16.10 ?19:51
nicomachusKingsQuest: 4.8.0-3019:51
OerHeksnicomachus, sudo update-alternatives --config default.plymouth , apply the changes, sudo update-initramfs -u19:51
nicomachusOerHeks: thanks. what does that do?19:52
OerHeksyou want to get rid of that splash screen? this tool sets your choise19:52
xanguafooctrl: well the unity online accounts it's not exactly the same as gnome online accounts19:52
CoderEuropeWhat were the performance drawbacks of using 'Wubi' & why was it removed from LTS's ?19:53
nicomachusOerHeks: ok.19:53
fooctrlxangua, unfortunately, you're right19:53
CoderEuropeOerHeks: Hiya o/19:53
xanguafooctrl: that might explain why some features from a "pure gnome"desktop may be missing19:53
xanguaIt's also a few versions behind19:54
OerHeksgood thing wubi died. incompatible with uefi too.19:54
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Rihannajelly: suck it20:01
Rihanna8====D  {()}20:01
Rihannafuck it20:01
Slowncan someone tell me if I need 8 Gb of swap20:01
SlownIf I have 8 Gb of RAM20:01
fooctrlxangua, heh, actually adding it to Evolution, did end up adding it to Calendar :)20:02
tomreyn!language | Rihanna20:02
ubottuRihanna: Please avoid any language that may be considered offensive, including acronyms and obfuscation of such - also see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines || The main channels are English only, for other languages, see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList20:02
AmaraSlown, for desktop? no, 8gb with no swap will work fine20:02
xanguafooctrl: nice20:02
nicomachusSlown: this is not the channel to talk about theoretical questions. Please use ##linux for that. You have been warned several times about staying on topic here.20:02
fooctrlxangua, I'll just disable mail (as I'm doing that with Thunderbird), as I only want calendar20:02
fooctrlxangua, yep :)20:02
Slownit's not theoretical question20:02
Rihannaubottu: what?20:02
ubottuRihanna: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)20:02
Slownit's an installation question20:02
Rihannaubottu: sex20:02
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience20:03
ubottuThe linux terminal or command-line interface is very powerful. In Unity or GNOME, search the dash for "terminal" and press ENTER. Other desktops: Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal (MATE), K-menu -> System -> Konsole (KDE), or Menu -> Accessories -> LXTerminal (LXDE). Guide: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UsingTheTerminal20:03
xanguafooctrl: I'm reading you can add just gnome calendar and should work too20:03
ubottuRihanna: No warez here! This is not a file sharing channel (or network); read the channel topic. If you're looking for information about me, type « /msg ubottu !bot ». If you're looking for a channel, see « /msg ubottu !alis ».20:03
nicomachusRihanna: please stop.20:03
tomreynSlown: if you want to be able to suspend to disk, you'll need (up to) 8 gb of swap20:03
Rihannahow to use the bot?20:03
nicomachus!guidelines > Rihanna20:03
ubottuRihanna, please see my private message20:03
nicomachus!botabuse > Rihanna20:03
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ervawer spricht Deutsch ?20:03
Rihanna!ops | 8====D  {()}20:03
ubottu8====D  {()}: Help! Channel emergency! (ONLY use this trigger in emergencies) - Pici, Myrtti, jrib, Amaranth, tonyyarusso, Nalioth, lamont, CarlK, elky, mneptok, PriceChild, Tm_T, jpds, ikonia, Flannel, genii, wgrant, stdin, h00k, IdleOne, nhandler, Jordan_U, popey, Corey, ocean, cprofitt, djones, Madpilot, gnomefreak, lhavelund, k1l, rww, phunyguy, bazhang, chu20:03
fooctrlxangua, what do you mean? gnome calendar is "calendar"20:03
nicomachus!botspam > Rihanna20:03
tomreyn!de | erva20:03
ubottuerva: In den meisten Ubuntu-Kanälen wird nur Englisch gesprochen. Für deutschsprachige Hilfe besuche bitte #ubuntu-de, #kubuntu-de, #edubuntu-de oder #ubuntu-at. Einfach "/join #ubuntu-de" eingeben. Danke für Dein Verständnis!20:03
xanguafooctrl: gnome calendar is gnome standalone calendar20:04
xangua"gnome calendar"20:04
ervaok only english20:04
Bashing-omSlown: My take on swap : Do you intend to be able to hibernate the system ? With 8 Gigs of ram swap ordinarily will not be touched, however the system does expect that swap to exist, so a samll swap is cheap insurance .20:05
Slownok thanks for you answer20:06
ohemdevinI usually have at least 4 GB of space allocated to swap, even though my computer has 12 GB of RAM.20:06
SlownI think 2 GB is enough for swap20:06
ohemdevinI followed a guide from the Red Hat website when I was making that decision.20:06
NoImNotNineVolt64GB ram, 64GB swap here.20:07
Bashing-omSlown: I have 4 Gigs of ram .. and a 1 Gig swap partition .. my use case is light and I have never experienced a problem swap wise .20:08
Slownok thanks20:08
CodeMouse92Bashing-om: I'm coming in VERY late on this convo, but isn't the convention to make the swap equal to your RAM?20:11
CodeMouse92Or am I missing something more?20:12
Ben64if you want to hibernate, you need swap to equal ram or more20:14
Bashing-omCodeMouse92: Well, yes and no .. Got to realize that there are a lot of old docs around from the time of sparse ram . Now if you are to hybernate, then yes one needs a bit larger swap than that of installed ram .20:15
CodeMouse92Bashing-om: Hm, that does make sense. If you don't need to hibernate, the OS isn't very likely to swap off its entire contents.20:16
CodeMouse92(One more case of "WHY do we do this", eh?)20:16
Ben64i have 16GB ram and no swap20:17
Ben64if i had less ram, i'd enable some swap20:17
Bashing-omCodeMouse92: Uh Huh . 'buntu is a constantly evolving system and a contining learning process in and of it's self .20:18
=== yann is now known as Guest18021
bwmf-printercan anyone recommend me a HP laser printer manufactured in the last 2 years that prints only in black & white and can also copy and scan? It must be under 150 dollars20:39
Ben64wrong channel20:39
OerHeksbwmf-printer, for linux general, check openprinting.org20:43
OerHeksbut HP is well supported20:43
=== for{} is now known as aMuritBunicu
scalper_is there a program that can extend my ubuntu display to my ipad? so i can still work on the main display too21:03
scalper_so i make an external monitor with tcp/ip21:03
scalper_with an app or so21:03
Big-bossWhere can i get a openWRT lxc template?21:03
Big-bossUsing Ubuntu server 16.04.21:04
GrandPa-GMight be off topic, but I am being asked to manage rack mount ubuntu machine and am looking for articles/comments on how to best remotely manage it (web, mysql...)21:05
draeathI'm running CLI-only on xenial. When I plug in my power adapter, ^@ is taken on the current TTY as if it was a keystroke. How can I stop ACPI stuff from acting like input devices like this?21:05
MonkeyDustGrandPa-G  yes, that's for #ubuntu-offtopic21:05
GrandPa-GI will have ssh and possibly rdp (though don't want to use it), so I am looking for ideas on how to know when down, update apps, blah blah21:05
nicomachusGrandPa-G: or #ubuntu-discuss21:05
GrandPa-Goky-doky, will go there21:06
Big-bossAnybody information on a lxc template server?21:06
MonkeyDustBig-boss  there's also #lxcontainers21:09
Big-bossooh oke.. sorry.21:10
Big-bossThanks for referring me to that.21:10
arooniquestion:  is there a way to get display backlight adjustment working again on my lenovo t420 running ubuntu 16.04?  i used to be able to do function + brightness buttons; but they semeed not to work anymore.21:11
=== Trystam is now known as Tristam
bwmf-printerOerHeks, i know about HP and openprinting.org but the info found there is overwhelming and difficult to understand. Their  forum link is dead21:22
xanguaYou could ask HP21:23
anon_Hi guys21:44
anon_Does anybody of you use PGP?21:44
anon_And what do you think about it?21:44
jattGPG is goood man21:47
anon_I just read about it a few days ago21:47
anon_But haven't really tried it21:47
jattgood to encrypt files or send encrypted email21:47
anon_jatt, do you use PGP with some other stuff as Outlook, Thunderbird.... PGP has an application for that programs21:48
imaginal_cellHas anyone used Landscape On-Premise (10 users) to manage off network computers? I am looking to spin a VPS to host landscape to help me manage my families computers (located in 4 different states). I have a domain name I wouldn't mind using but I'm not to sure if this is even a possibility. Anyone have 2 cents on how to accomplish this or a better way to manage multiple desktops?21:48
egonsenhi! what is the difference between the several gtk engines out there? why isn't one engine enough, being customizable with themes?21:49
jattanon_: I use it with gnus and EasyPG https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_mono/epa.html21:49
anon_jatt : wow , that's awesome21:51
xanguaegonsen: supposedly gtk 3.20 will stabilize theming21:51
anon_It would be great , if I could try to use my PGP with somebody21:51
anon_Wanna try with me?21:51
egonsenxangua, what is the difference between the existing engines?21:52
=== PanicSkittle is now known as cholbot
=== cholbot is now known as PanicSkittle
xanguaegonsen: gtk 2 is for apps still using gtk221:56
egonsenxangua, actually i just want to understand the difference between a theme and an engine in gtk. i'm new to this topic21:57
MonkeyDustegonsen  a theme is how/what your desktop looks like, an engine is more a sort of underlying technolgy22:00
MonkeyDust(does that make sense?)22:01
egonsenMonkeyDust, it does, but that leads to my original question: why aren't themes enough?22:02
MonkeyDustegonsen  you mean lubuntu and kubuntu et al?22:04
egonsenMonkeyDust, rather clearlooks, equinox, lighthouseblue, ...22:05
iresfanyone can help to solve this problem : qemu could not load PC BIOS 'bios-256k.bin'22:06
squeakynebiresf: just sounds like you've not got the right path in the config or something. It means what it says. Can't load that file.22:08
wwalkerI want (need) to set LANG=en_US.UTF-8 _early_  . I've set /etc/default/locale but that only affects interactive sessions.  I need daemons to have the corect LANG value and prefer to not edit every daemon separately.  Any ideas?  (also already tried /etc/environment, no joy)22:09
iresfsqueakyneb :  i did :sudo ln -sf /usr/share/qemu/bios.bin /usr/share/qemu/bios-256k.bin      but it did not work22:11
=== anon is now known as Guest28285
wwalkeroops - I'm asking on ubuntu 14.04.  Also 16.04, but I just created /etc/systemd/system.conf.d/locale.conf with DefaultEnvironment=LANG=en_US.UTF-8 on 16.04 and one reboot later happiness...22:13
geniiegonsen: There's a more detailed explanantion of gtk engines here https://wiki.gnome.org/Attic/GnomeArt/Tutorials/GtkThemes#Engines22:15
kernellohello everyone, I get this error when I run update-upgrade: paste.ubuntu.com/23624965, and I also have this stop sign on the upper pane, which appears when there is a problem with an update-upgrade.22:15
kernellowhat does the error refer to?22:15
johnhay guys, whatsup22:22
=== john is now known as Guest2796
lucyfxim back. who was the guy that told me concat'd json was a bad idea?22:26
lucyfxim here with a stupid idea, y'all want to hear dis.22:27
=== NotSo1 is now known as NotSo
gwozthey guys i am trying to list all the available packages using "apt list" but it doesn't  work with some inputs22:28
gwoztlike *node*22:28
lucyfxnode doesnt exist in the ubuntu package manager anymore22:28
lucyfxmaybe nodejs exists?22:28
gwoztyeah but *node* nodejs also22:28
gwoztyeah but *node* means nodejs also*22:29
lucyfxyea, just tried. works for me22:29
lucyfx"apt list *node*"22:29
gwoztit works? u mean it lists nodejs22:29
lucyfxnodejs/xenial-updates,now 4.2.6~dfsg-1ubuntu4.1 amd64 [installed,automatic]22:29
egonsenthanks, genii22:29
lucyfxdoes *a* work for you ?22:29
geniiegonsen: You're welcome22:30
gwoztdamn it, is my apt somehow broken or something cuz i dont get the same output as you22:30
Knittelhello all, back again22:30
Jordan_Ulucyfx: Make sure that you quote your glob, like this apt list '*node*'22:30
geniigwozt: apt list \*node\*22:30
Knitteli installed a lot of desktop enbvironnements today22:30
gwoztgenii, thx mate22:30
gwoztnow it works22:30
lucyfxJordan_U, should be OK as long as i dont want whitespace?22:30
lucyfxi dont have *22:30
gwoztbut why does this happen?22:30
geniigwozt: No problemmo22:30
lucyfxapt list *node* works for me, no quotes22:31
geniigwozt: Because it's parsing the line, you have to escape the asterisks22:31
lucyfxand I dont?22:31
Knittelbetter said, a friend did22:31
gwoztgenii, yeah but why does it work on different inputs like *mysql*22:31
Jordan_Ulucyfx: Otherwise if you had a file named pumpkin_nodeule.txt in your current directory then "apt list *node*" would run "apt list pumpkin_nodeule.txt" because the shell would interpret the glob before apt even sees it.22:31
gwoztwhen i put in *mysql* as input it works just as expected22:32
lucyfxJordan_U, reminds me of the I accidently rm rf'd myself22:32
lucyfxof the time *22:32
lucyfxgwozt, so you have a file named node in that directory?22:32
lucyfxlike node_modules, so it searches for node_modules?22:32
gwoztin which directory?22:33
lucyfxyea, just checked. thats whats happening22:33
lucyfxrun "ls"22:33
le_piggwozt: which release are you on? 14.04, 16.04?22:33
lucyfxthe directory you are running the terminal in22:33
Jordan_Ugwozt: Make sure that you quote your glob, like this: apt list '*node*'22:33
gwozti am in home/user directory22:33
lucyfx"apt list *a*" becomes "abcdef" if you have a file named abcdef in that directory for example, as Jordan_U reminded us22:33
le_pigIsn't the "node" package in trusty/14.04 HAM radio software?22:34
lucyfxso in home/user, you have something that matches *node*22:34
lucyfxand apt list searches for that instead22:34
Jordan_Ugwozt: Otherwise if you had a file named pumpkin_nodeule.txt in your current directory then "apt list *node*" would run "apt list pumpkin_nodeule.txt" because the shell would interpret the glob before apt even sees it.22:34
gwoztoh i see thx lucyfx22:34
gwoztthx also Jordan_U i got it22:34
lucyfxand yea, I just paraphrased what Jordan said :p22:34
lucyfxsorry about that22:34
terabytehow do I check if a .deb file has a signature?22:35
gwoztu guys are the men22:35
terabyte(has been signed)22:35
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terabytear x deb, then look at the gpg file22:38
kernellohello everyone, I get this error when I run update-upgrade: paste.ubuntu.com/23624965, and I also have this stop sign on the upper pane, which appears when there is a problem with an update-upgrade.22:38
Jordan_Ukernello: Try a different apt mirror.22:40
kernelloJordan_U, how do I do that?22:41
Knittelsomebody can tell me why my ubu ntu stay on 16.04 and doesntgo trhough to .1?22:42
geniiAlternately, sudo rm /var/lib/apt/lists/partial/*     and then run sudo apt update   ..again to rebuild the list22:42
geniikernello: ^22:43
mkquist_kernello: have you tried apt-get -f?22:44
kernellogenii, thank you, I will try this..mkquist_, no, I haven't tried it22:44
_28_riahello, I've created forcefsck file on all the partitions, that I want to check for errors during reboot, but only the root partition got checked. How to check other partitions during reboot, then?22:48
luca_am i online?22:49
ohemdevinYou appear to be online, luca!22:49
luca_thank great22:49
luca_nobody says any?22:50
luca_ru all talking in private between u too?22:51
bazhangluca_, chit chat in #ubuntu-offtopic22:52
Trev_its weird being able to see everyone ip in IRC22:52
luca_join ubuntu-offtopic22:52
luca_how can i join it?22:52
lucyfx.join ubuntu-offtopic22:52
luca_what is command string?22:52
Trev_./join #ubuntu22:52
lucyfxreplace . with slash22:52
bazhang /j #ubuntu-offtopic22:52
Trev_./join #ubuntu-offtopic *22:52
lucyfxlets join it and see how many people also joins22:53
lucyfxso far none :(22:53
luca_./join #ubuntu-offtopic22:53
luca_it doesnt work22:54
luca_i typed "/j #ubuntu-offtopic"22:54
luca_without "22:54
luca_but im still here22:54
genii/join #ubuntu-offtopic22:54
luca_nope didnt work22:55
luca_"/join #ubuntu-offtopic"22:55
luca_without "22:55
luca_im still here22:55
lucyfxwhats your client?22:55
bazhangluca_, that's fine, please Stop chatting here22:55
kbegiHi all22:58
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guest1110101I'm experiencing a difficulty in getting Bluetooth on my laptop to detect other Bluetooth devices23:08
guest1110101I must running 16.04 gnome/ubuntu.. everything works except this23:08
guest1110101it's just sitting on "searching for devices"23:09
guest1110101I've used Bluetooth before so I'm certain it's not a user error..23:09
guest1110101I ran them all at the same time to get them to detect and I could get it to work when Windows was on here, but not ubuntu/gnome 3.023:10
guest1110101what can I do about this?23:11
linuxuser9logged into xubuntu and a window appears and asks me to choose session and name it. never had that window before. anyone have that before?23:15
SValkyrieGood evening, I am resuming my quest as a new Ubuntu user to install the OS onto my hard drive.  There is already a 50GB partition that has Win7 installed.  There is another partition that is storage, and a remainder 50GB block of unallocated space.  The difficulty is that Ubuntu Live does not see my hard drive at all, neither partition with data on it or the unallocated space.  Any help is...23:24
SValkyrie...appreciated.  I changed the hard drive from IDE to ACHI in the bios and this did not resolve the issue.  Thanks.23:24
Bashing-omSValkyrie: Still do not know . but a thought as gdisk and Gparted do not see that drive . is the system fully shut down in Windows - such that Windows is not holding that drive ?23:27
SValkyrieMy PC was turned off until I just arrived home moments ago.  I powered it on with the following boot priority: CD drive, Removable Media, HDD.  Because the Ubuntu volume was in the CD drive, it loaded me to Ubuntu live which is what we are chatting on now.  I do not believe that any Windows processes should be running currently.23:28
maddawg2if you are not runnign windows i think that would be a good bet23:29
SValkyrieOnce we determined last night that Ubuntu was not seeing my HDD at *all* I was able to do some more intelligible research today at work.  Is there any chance that the HDD needs to be plugged into a specific SATA connector on my motherboard for Ubuntu to see it?23:31
maddawg2that is possible23:31
maddawg2but you might want to check your bios and make sure the sata port it's plugged into is not disabled23:32
maddawg2it should see it on any sata port unless you have some weird storage controller23:32
SValkyrieI would have a hard time believing it is disabled, as I am able to shut down this live session and boot Win7 no problem.23:32
maddawg2or a RAID controller of sorts23:32
_28_riahello, I've created forcefsck file on all the partitions, that I want to check for errors during reboot, but only the root partition got checked. How to check other partitions during reboot, then?23:32
maddawg2SValkyrie, what are you using to try and see the hard drive?23:33
maddawg2are you trying to see it from the live cd?23:33
maddawg2because if so the reason you cant is cuz it's not mounted23:33
SValkyrieAnother user here walked me through gparted which should display all volumes for my system.23:33
SValkyrieat least, that was the intent that I gathered23:33
maddawg2and did it?23:33
SValkyrieIt displayed only the DVD medium @ 1.41GB23:34
maddawg2what kind of computer is this?23:34
maddawg2it's possible that the sata controller is different or custom23:34
SValkyrieI built it myself several years ago, so it's not really stock from any kind of factory23:34
tomreyn_28_ria: refer to the FSTAB(5) man page (run "man fstab") and its paragraph "The sixth field"23:36
_28_riatomreyn: I've already checked it. I have it set as 2, which means check after root partition.23:37
SValkyrieThis support query was the closest thing I could find resembling my situation: http://askubuntu.com/questions/99038/why-the-ubuntu-installer-does-not-detect-the-hard-drive-during-installation  Unfortunately I do not understand enough of the Ubuntu side to make any progress.23:38
SValkyrieIt is what gave me thought to perhaps having to plug the HDD into a different SATA connector for my motherboard though.23:38
tomreyn_28_ria: hmm, it's possible that the force_fsck only works on fs_passno=1 - but i'm just speculating there.23:38
_28_riatomreyn: but the forcefsck files remained on those partitions after reboot, but on the root (/) partition it got removed and during reboot, I saw, that only 1 partition got checked. I have 3: 1 for root (/), 1 for /home and 1 for /var23:38
_28_riatomreyn: OK, I will try to set other partitions to 1 temporarily and reboot to see if it helps.23:39
tomreyn_28_ria: you could check /home and /var either online or from a recovery shell.23:39
_28_riatomreyn: Well, I am kind of nervous of checking it online, but in the recovery shell, I will check, if check on reboot will not work.23:40
_28_riatomreyn: I am reading tune2fs doc, maybe it has ability to set some parameter in the file system itself, to mark it to check on boot.23:41
tomreyn_28_ria: that's correct, you can set the # of mounts to the # of max mounts before next check23:42
tomreynthat's if it's an ext 3 or 4 sile system (not sure about 2)23:42
tomreynthat's if it's an ext 3 or 4 file system (not sure about 2)23:43
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_28_riatomreyn: I have 4, ever since it got officially supported by Ubuntu.23:43
tomreyn_28_ria: "dumpe2fs -h /dev/XXX" to get the current state (# of mounts, configured max # of mounts before check is forced)23:45
tomreynMount count:              223:45
tomreynMaximum mount count:      2123:45
tomreyn^ for an example23:45
_28_riatomreyn: yes, I was thinking to get the current value, before changing23:45
tomreyn_28_ria: "tune2fs -C NNN /dev/XXX" to set the current mount count for ext* formatted block device XXX to the amount of NNN, which should should be >= "Maximum mount count"23:47
Knittelhello again23:49
tomreynSValkyrie: you could open a terminal and run this: sudo partprobe --summary ; sudo lsblk --all23:52
tomreynthis should list all known block devices and partitions.23:52
SValkyrietomreyn: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23626250/23:54
tomreynso this is a mac?23:55
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tomreynnot you Calgion ;)23:56
tomreynnot you Calgon ;)23:56
_28_riatomreyn: ok, I've set current mount count to the same as maximum and sent a comp to reboot.23:56
Calgonguys how i join offtopic?23:56
_28_riaI wonder, if I can do the same thing with the root (/) fs, instead of creating a forcefsck file on it.23:57
SValkyrietomreyn: the second command yields: http://paste.ubuntu.com/23626253/23:57
bobdobbsHi all. I'm setting up an ubuntu 14.04 VPS. I can't log in via SSH unless I'm logging in as root. Nonroot users get this feedback: http://hastebin.com/wilafekefe.vbs23:57
bobdobbsI replaced the hosts fingerprint in my nonroot users know_hosts file, but that didn't alter the outcome23:58
squintyCalgon, type  /join #ubuntu-offtopic23:58
Calgon /msg NickServ help23:58
SValkyrieCalgon: try /ns help23:59
Calgonjust i want see the commands23:59

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