g_santosHey, @krytarik's referred me here.16:47
g_santosI'm willing to help in any way I can. I believe mostly testing and maybe writing.16:48
g_santosHow can I?16:48
krytarikg_santos: Starting points for the two areas: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QATeam/Roles/Tester , https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio17:00
g_santosGetting the development release. Might take a while, since the internet in Brazil is funny. 2Mbytes here.17:05
g_santos50 times faster 5 Km from here.17:06
eylulthat didn't work :) 18:22
eylulok what am I doing wrong?18:22
krytarikWell, I think those only work within a meeting.18:23
* eylul sighs18:23
eylulwill start the meeting in a few min18:57
eylul Krytarik, Ovenwerks, Jlye, Sakrecoer, astraljava, trebmuh18:59
Jlyemeeting ?18:59
eylulok Krytarik it might be just you and me19:09
eylul(and Jlye)19:09
krytarikNot sure.  Just start the meeting, and ask for attendance - see who'll pop up.19:10
eylul#startmeeting "UbuntuStudio weekly check-in"19:10
meetingologyMeeting started Tue Dec 13 19:10:49 2016 UTC.  The chair is eylul. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.19:10
meetingologyAvailable commands: action commands idea info link nick19:10
eylul#chair krytarik19:11
meetingologyCurrent chairs: eylul krytarik19:11
eylulwho do we have here for meeting? 19:12
eylulI know OvenWerks and Rosco2 mentioned they might not make it this week. 19:12
eylulok well, I assume the silence does mean it is 2 of us this week :D19:15
eylulOk I suppose I should go through with the meeting items even through most will be not relevant. 19:18
eylul#topic: Welcome and Agenda19:18
eylul#subtopic: meetingology19:18
eylulWe are using meetingology this week. 19:19
eylulWhen giving updates please use #done: tasks completed e.g. "#done finished system tab for ubuntu-controls" 19:19
eylulWhen giving a summary of a situation or giving additional context use #info tag: e.g. "#info in last release we removed this package because of a bug19:19
eylulWhen putting an idea when discussing an item use: "#idea how about we make the icons blue"19:19
eylulIf there is a place where you need input/help from another team member: "#help ardour backport needs more testing before the release candidate is posted"19:19
eylul#subtopic Agenda19:19
* eylul fails at meetingology adding these for record19:20
eylul#topic Welcome and Agenda19:21
eylul#subtopic meetingology19:21
eylul#subtopic Agenda19:21
eylul * Team updates19:21
eylul * Active projects19:21
eylul ** Ubuntustudio-controls19:21
eylul ** website19:22
eylul ** Wallpaper contest19:22
eylul * Todo for next week and milestones19:22
eylulAny additions to the topic list before we continue?19:22
eylulok. well I assume we will only discuss website today. 19:24
eylul#topic Team updates19:24
eylulWhat has everybody worked on this week? (nothing is ok), please use #done when posting. post each task on its own line.19:24
eylul#info not much from me this week, just some UI brainstorming with OvenWerks on -controls. 19:26
eylul#info OvenWerks has been working on ubuntustudio-controls, see the ML for details of progress. 19:27
krytarikYep, that's mainly it - plus reminding that there are packages for it in the autobuilds PPA to test.19:28
krytarikMore specifically, for all Xenial, Yakkety, and Zesty now.19:29
eylullets get back to it in more detail in discussion19:29
eylul#info CFHowlett is working on a dry run of image uploads for the wallpaper contest19:32
eylulok anything else I am missing before we move on?19:32
eylulok then19:32
eylul#Active Projects19:32
eylul#topic Active Projects19:33
eylul#subtopic Ubuntustudio-controls19:33
eylulOk so Ovenwerks isn't here so just a summary of state of things19:36
krytarikWell, in addition to what I said earlier, here is the link to the PPA: https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntustudio-dev/+archive/ubuntu/autobuild19:38
eylulthanks Krytarik19:39
eylul#subtopic website19:39
eylulalright. so the internal deadline we gave ourselves is up. there is still no reply to the ticket right19:39
krytarikSo I was suggesting earlier to we call up the Community Council on this next - to try and get this forward someway.19:42
krytarikOf course, I'll nominate our project lead, Set, for this. >_>19:43
eylul*nods* I am not that familiar with the procedures, but it could be a solution. 19:43
eylul:D or you could do it? once we get the confirmation from him? 19:44
krytarikWell, I guess anyone of us could bring it up to them as well, yes.19:45
eylul#nick Sakrecoer; #action Sakrecoer Krytarik mailing Community Council about the issue of ignored ticket. (pending approval from Sakrecoer as project lead) 19:50
meetingologyRemoving item from minutes: SUBTOPIC19:50
eylul#subtopic website19:50
eylulok you write it correctly19:50
krytarikWell, I guess with that, we failed completely now anyway. >_>19:51
eylulI did put the subtopic back in :D19:51
* eylul is tempted to put meetingology hiccup as a subtopic 19:51
krytarikYeah, but it's counting from there again.19:52
eylulit just undid the subtopic. just add the action item back in?19:52
eylul#nick Sakrecoer19:54
eylul#action Sakrecoer or Krytarik will email Community Council about the issue of ignored ticket. (pending approval from Sakrecoer as project lead) 19:55
meetingologyACTION: Sakrecoer or Krytarik will email Community Council about the issue of ignored ticket. (pending approval from Sakrecoer as project lead)19:55
eylulok anything else on the website?19:56
eylul#subtopic Wallpaper contest19:56
eylulCFHowlett is working on having a small dry run contest on facebook if I understood correctly19:57
eylulanything else about that? 19:59
krytarikNot that I know of.19:59
eylulalright. 20:01
eylul#topic Todo for next week and milestones20:02
eylul#info Next meeting will be at 20 Dec 2016, 19:30UTC. (https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=Ubuntustudio+meeting&iso=20161220T1930&ah=1)20:02
eylulthat's all I have for this week20:03
krytarikYep, closure time.20:04
eylulok lets see what the output looks like :D20:04
eylulthis was a bit of a chaos. 20:04
meetingologyMeeting ended Tue Dec 13 20:04:45 2016 UTC.  20:04
meetingologyMinutes:        http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntustudio-devel/2016/ubuntustudio-devel.2016-12-13-19.10.moin.txt20:04
eylulok, that might be summarized as whoops. :D20:05
OvenWerks Read the back log, sorry I wasn't there. The only update on -controls is that it needs pretty much a rewrite  :P The GUI will stay much the same, but needs to run as part of the user's session to work right. Therefore system setup will move to it's own CLI utility that the GUI will call. The part of the utility that completes a ubuntustudio install for people who have installed from metas rather than an ISO. It will be a simple checkbox23:17
krytarikOvenWerks: Regarding the middle part, I was thinking later, you planning to do that as shell script or in Python too?23:21
OvenWerkskrytarik: bash23:21
OvenWerksIt is easier to get system info in bash23:22
OvenWerksit is easier to run commands in bash too.23:22
OvenWerksThere are more people who know how to maintain bash23:22
OvenWerksWriting system scripts in a secure way is better understood.23:24
krytarikWell, not opposed to it, of course - just later thought...23:25
OvenWerkskrytarik: if you have something I haven't thought of... it is not a big deal either way... I can do it in c++ if we really want, but I think that would make things much harder to change down the road as well as being harder to package.23:27
krytarikOvenWerks: Well no, I thought of (and expressed it) a shell script for this too - but considering the main script is in Python, I later thought if it'd be similarly easy to do in that, and potentially be more efficient..23:38
krytarikThought of shell script first, I mean.23:41
OvenWerksI may try both then... just to see.23:42
OvenWerksI will probably do a bash script first (cause I already have one on my system that does some of this stuff ;)23:43
krytarikOvenWerks: Do you actually mean Bash, or do you just use the two terms interchangably, and simple '/bin/sh' would do too?23:52
OvenWerksnot sure, I just normally put #!/bin/bash on top...23:53
krytarikWell, I try to not use it unless the code requires it.23:53
OvenWerksIt is hard to test just /bin/sh because that normally is a link to bash anyway.23:53
krytarikNo, it's not.23:54
OvenWerksyour right it is a link to dash23:54
OvenWerkslrwxrwxrwx 1 root root 4 Apr 22  2016 /bin/sh -> dash23:54
OvenWerksI can make it work with that. I don't think I would do anything fancy. The main thing is a case ... esac to deal with command line parameters23:58

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